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Jhonen Vasquez
No, my friend whom I am texting with , “I want to duck you” was NOT a typo. I have the ducks right here and I’m waiting.
08 Jun, 10:41 PM UTC
80s VIDEO GAME of the Day: Duck Hunt (1984) LOVE the 1980s? Visit THE Biggest 80s Website of All Time! #DuckHunt #Nintendo #NES #VideoGames #VideoGame #Gaming #Games #Game #Retro #OldSchool #OldSkool #Ducks #Dogs #Dog #Animals #1980s #80s #80sThen80sNow
08 Jun, 07:44 PM UTC
Andrew Nemec
Faaope Laloulu, 6-foot-7, 390-pound OL, commits to Oregon Ducks over USC, Washington, others
09 Jun, 02:08 AM UTC
Oregon Recruiting
Ducks gain commitment from 6-6, 390 lb offensive linemen out of Hawaii...
09 Jun, 02:06 AM UTC
Christine Mitchell
Nice weather for ducks in St Ives, Cambridgeshire today. An entry to #ballsphotos
08 Jun, 03:46 PM UTC
Ethan Wyss
Massive human being right here. 6-6.5, 390 pound offensive lineman. He is the epitome of what Mario Cristobal wants on his offensive line. Big get for the Ducks.
09 Jun, 01:54 AM UTC
Steve Mims
Oregon picked up its first offensive lineman in the 2020 recruiting class which comes after the Ducks will graduate 7 seniors on the line.
09 Jun, 03:42 AM UTC
hadeh onok ae rek
09 Jun, 03:28 AM UTC
Jeff Siegel
Draft profiles on @peachtreehoops as well. Grant Williams: Bol Bol: Nickeil Alexander-Walker: Keldon Johnson: Talen Horton-Tucker:
08 Jun, 07:17 PM UTC
ジャックブライト人事局長とサイモングラス心理学部長 ブライト博士の人事ファイル by TheDuckman…… グラス博士の人事ファイル by Pair Of Ducks……
09 Jun, 05:40 AM UTC
Cheeky Nai (aka Moxee) 😏
@Soozr1 @ImmaculateLoo @mtnmady @roxydavis99 @GeorgieRabbits Now the cookies are at the shed and I’m in bed. I can’t seem to get my stoner ducks in a row🤣🤣
09 Jun, 05:40 AM UTC
Ruby ❤️ Commissions Open
@Sw1tchUp Same!!! I also remember being incredibly disappointed when I saw the similarly titled the mighty ducks movie and realizing it wasn’t about the cartoon 😂
09 Jun, 05:40 AM UTC
Don Mureness
@HamillHimself Um...I actually have one of the ducks sitting on a shelf above my desk :D
09 Jun, 05:44 AM UTC
@RubyTheDyke Hahahha, that damn cartoon and the movies made me a fan of the Ducks hockey team for a while. Same for the Angels and that, “Angels in the Outfield” movie.
09 Jun, 05:44 AM UTC
you know you live in farmlands when you hear ducks quacking in the morning instead of birds tweeting 😩
09 Jun, 05:43 AM UTC
Almost broke the tv more than once cause of thos dam ducks LoL
09 Jun, 05:43 AM UTC
@CrazySteveC So the Ducks actually take on term and salary. Genius trade.
09 Jun, 05:42 AM UTC
News SummedUp Canada
Corey Perry's Ducks dynasty could soon end with trade or buyout: Report
09 Jun, 05:42 AM UTC
upon the ducks that swam rather lazily in the pond before him. This park was familiar, almost a secondary home to him at this point. Though he had to admit it was considerably odd to be standing here alone this time. His light gaze fell momentarily though the flutter of //
09 Jun, 05:40 AM UTC
@MikeDrucker @Chryolain Um, I know this was a joke but ducks killed my family. So maybe you should take that in to account. Ducks are MONSTERS!!!!😅😅😅
09 Jun, 05:40 AM UTC
bella thorne
i think ducks created the word wack
09 Jun, 05:40 AM UTC