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Ricardo Hausmann
Gobierno de transición debe organizar elecciones libres, pero también asegurarse de q en el país aumente sustancialmente las calorías, proteinas, medicinas, kilovatios, litros de agua y seguridad para que los venezolanos no se mueran, no pierdan peso y no sigan emigrando. https://t.co/69Bn9Sg27d
18 Mar, 12:17 AM UTC
ESPN Stats & Info
Duke is shooting 30.2% from the 3-point line this season, which ranks last among major-conference teams and 339th in Division I. No team with a 3-point percentage that low has ever reached the Final Four. ESPN Stats & Info's photo on Duke
18 Mar, 01:40 AM UTC
Carolina Basketball
Carolina’s 1️⃣7️⃣th No. 1 Seed - most all-time Duke 14 Kansas 14 Kentucky 12 Let’s check out the first weekend #MarchMadness | #CarolinaSZN Carolina Basketball's photo on Duke
17 Mar, 10:37 PM UTC
Nelson Bocaranda S.
Dos buenas noticias= una es su excarcelación sin motivo alguno por 4 meses y la otra,MUY IMPORTANTE,que podrá contarle al mundo su testimonio de prison y torturas bajo la dictadura militar/civil/pranato venezolana.Será un best seller https://t.co/f2LtqA5zUS
17 Mar, 01:33 PM UTC
East Region: 1 Duke 16 Got 8 A 9 Nice 4 And 13 Easy 5 Walk 12 To 3 The 14 Final 6 Four 11 They 7 Better 10 Not 2 Blow 15 It #SelectionSunday
17 Mar, 10:17 PM UTC
Barstool Blue
Very smart move by coach Beilein to lose today to avoid being in Duke’s region. Incredibly heads up
17 Mar, 10:40 PM UTC
Michigan St. on BTN
Let's forget about the No. 2 seed, in top-overall seed Duke's region, for a second. After all, today, we learned this team is even easier to love than we thought. #brotherhood #B1GTourney x #MarchOnBTN Michigan St. on BTN's photo on Duke
17 Mar, 10:46 PM UTC
Duke Basketball
ACC Titles - Since 1999 Duke: 12 Other ACC Schools Combined: 9 🔵😈 All-Time: 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 Duke Basketball's photo on Duke
17 Mar, 05:45 PM UTC
29 schools made a bowl and the NCAA Tournament this year: • Big Ten: MICH, MSU, PUR, WISC, Iowa, OSU, MINN • SEC: UK, AUB, LSU, MSST, UF • ACC: UVA, Duke, VT, CUSE • AAC: HOU, CIN, UCF, TEM • Big 12: ISU, OU, BAY • Pac-12: ASU, ORE, WASH • MWC: NEV, USU • MAC: BUFF
18 Mar, 12:02 AM UTC
NCAA March Madness
The 1-seed in the East… DUKE! #SelectionSunday | @DukeMBB NCAA March Madness's photo on Duke
17 Mar, 10:02 PM UTC
March Madness TV
The No. 1 overall seed belongs to the Duke Blue Devils. March Madness TV's photo on Duke
17 Mar, 10:02 PM UTC
Jordan Howell
Duke had the #1 recruiting class BEFORE Zion even committed. They got smoked twice, with two lottery picks still playing, & then had to fight tooth & nail til the final seconds at full strength the third time. Stop discounting our wins because they weren’t the results you wanted. https://t.co/ODFvZegoE5
17 Mar, 02:17 PM UTC
Darren Rovell
"I don't want any part of playing Duke. Us playing against Duke would be like my 6-year-old son playing against me." --NC Central coach LeVelle Moton yesterday. NC Central, if they win their play-in game, will play...Duke and Zion Williamson.
17 Mar, 10:14 PM UTC
Not Jerry Tipton
UNC getting a 1 seed? They lost in their conference tourney (same as UK), they have a worse record in quadrant 1 games than UK does, & their best 2’wins came against Duke without Zion. And UK beat UNC. There’s ZERO reason to have UNC above UK. (So of course it will happen.)
17 Mar, 09:57 PM UTC
TJ Lang
A lot of people are complaining about MSU bracket... You think you are the best? Good. Beat Duke.
18 Mar, 01:12 AM UTC
Rocky Top Insider
Dick Vitale picks the Vols to make it to the NCAA Tournament Finals and has them losing to Duke. Andy Katz has the Vols getting there as well and losing to Gonzaga.
18 Mar, 01:00 AM UTC
The University of Virginia has the 5th most #1 seeds in NCAA tournament history behind UNC, Duke, Kansas, and Kentucky. That's a real thing. #WePlayBasketball
17 Mar, 10:22 PM UTC
ESPN Stats & Info
3 of the 4 winningest teams in NCAA Tournament history are in the Midwest region: Most NCAA Tournament Wins All-Time 2019 Seed Kentucky 126 2 in Midwest UNC 124 1 in Midwest Duke 111 1 in East Kansas 107 4 in Midwest
17 Mar, 10:53 PM UTC
Todd Fuhrman
So my biggest question in seeding the field... Michigan St wins the conference, beats Michigan 3x, and ends up with a lower seed in the same bracket as the #1 overall in Duke? Committee clearly doing their homework
17 Mar, 10:59 PM UTC
Brandon Justice
Jay Bilas has #Michigan in his Final Four, playing Duke.
18 Mar, 12:59 AM UTC
Nate Silver
So, yeah, this is a *very* chalky bracket this year, which reflects the fact that (1) the committee did a good job and (2) There are three *very* strong 1 seeds (Duke, UVA, Gonzaga) and for some reason the most vulnerable 1 seed (UNC) wasn't paired with one of the better 2 seeds.
18 Mar, 02:34 AM UTC
「休むことへのためらい」なども、その気持ちを書き出してまず「可視化」することで、自分がどこに抵抗を感じているかが見えてくるんですよね。 悩みを解決するには、まず「可視化」からはじめよう|とくさん @nori76 |こころを使いこなす技術 https://t.co/PJjVKBhFY5
17 Mar, 11:51 PM UTC
Jason Marcum
Duke AD had some interesting comments on who was in contention for 1 seed at beginning of week: Jason Marcum's photo on Duke
18 Mar, 02:45 AM UTC
Bracket Battles
NCAA TOURNAMENT 📍 EAST Region My predictions: Winner - Duke Runner up - Michigan State Sleeper Team - Virginia Tech Round 1 Upset - Minnesota over Louisville Can someone beat Duke in this region? Drop a comment below and let me know what you think! https://t.co/aKpx22aaWm
18 Mar, 01:39 AM UTC
The Associated Press
Among #10ThingstoKnow: New Zealand gun shop sold rifles online to accused shooter; R. Kelly case spotlights abuse of girls in the era of #MeToo; Top overall seed Duke favored to win NCAA Tournament. https://t.co/D7yRYvHjzu
18 Mar, 10:18 AM UTC
Xmas Eileen₋official
【neXt livE】 3/24(日) 「SANUKI ROCK COLOSSEUM 2019」 -MONSTER baSH × I♥RADIO786- 🔥Xmas Eileenは19:10~🔥 DIMEのトリで出演します!! ▪️SANUKI ROCK COLOSSEUM オフィシャルサイト↓ https://t.co/YFLIwnKlHu #XmasEileen #クリスマスアイリーン #サヌキロック #高松DIME https://t.co/5O6xLFN1SU
18 Mar, 10:22 AM UTC
jes keith 🌈
Gon see #dreamcatcher soon!🌙✨ #DreamcatcherInManila #dreamcatcherPH #piri https://t.co/uIIcowwHHU
18 Mar, 11:02 AM UTC
It’s March Madness! The top seeds are Duke, Gonzaga, UVA, & UNC. Who will win it all? Fill out your bracket NOW to win the 3rd Annual Playbook Pool Bracket Challenge! https://t.co/Tq5zI85Vei POLITICO Press's photo on Duke
18 Mar, 12:30 AM UTC
18 Mar, 08:03 AM UTC
TM Lighting
We‘re proud to work with @BADA1918 and #deLaszlo Archive Trust to present Philip de László: An Anniversary Celebration. TM Goodwood #PictureLights ensure excellent colour rendition, even light distribution, no UV or infrared light, as seen @WaddesdonManor https://t.co/8E9BxULltV https://t.co/TomCVvodPj
18 Mar, 10:28 AM UTC
I'll PayPal $5 To Everyone Who Retweets If Duke Doesn't Make It To The Final 4!!!👀💯
18 Mar, 04:02 AM UTC
@andrewkohl2 Yeah it’s a joke on people ragging on them for wearing “family” warm up jerseys before Duke UNC and saying Zion doesn’t care about Duke, just his NBA career. People hate a good story with a likable player
18 Mar, 11:16 AM UTC
@Stephanienoel41 Possible... Duke with a hot Zion is tough!!
18 Mar, 11:15 AM UTC
tori ✵ saw cm×2
winston duke hugged me in my dream last night so now I really wanna hug winston duke tori ✵ saw cm×2's photo on Duke
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
“You have poor and working-class black people who would like to get to better employment in another location, and a whole community collaborating to make this happen, and you have Duke with veto power.” https://t.co/zIfYcPAvHs
18 Mar, 11:08 AM UTC
本日も出勤っ DUKEで待ってます✨ #クラブデューク #ホスト #歌舞伎町 #新規店 #イケメン #集中 #デューク #キャバ #せんちょさん #インスタ #お酒 #新宿 #メンズ #モデル #求人募集 #ノンアル #アニメ #ゲーム #メンヘラ #めんへら #バンギャ #ダーツ 常に眠たい葵's photo on Duke
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
Cullen Rooney
6.) Duke/BoCo
18 Mar, 11:17 AM UTC
Tony Lee
@MattBrownCFB NDSU over Duke... darn Right... and UCF would have their hands full.
18 Mar, 11:17 AM UTC
Big Boof 🌬🌬
This how we knew he was a right fit for DUKE NATION https://t.co/dKr2pMh0v2
18 Mar, 11:17 AM UTC
Teron N. Briggs
Duke-North Carolina delivers huge TV ratings https://t.co/xNrOfsadRH
18 Mar, 11:17 AM UTC
Duke University OIT
[Duke IT Status] Scheduled (Mar 21, 2019, 01:00 EDT): API Healthcare (Time and Attendance and Scheduling) will be unavailable for regularly scheduled maintenance. Employees will be able to use the badge readers during the maintenance but… https://t.co/qdFGfeMV0L
18 Mar, 11:17 AM UTC
Dj Tadgue (Taj)
@donny_duke @OptaHos @OsamaOtero @Oaksupreme @njauwamahugu Btw yukua kubwa hio kitu😂😂😂😂
18 Mar, 11:16 AM UTC
Duke Dumont - Ocean Drive (Official Music Video) https://t.co/XwTPKdazir
18 Mar, 11:16 AM UTC
Mike Holland
07:10, and good morning, @BillStanley? What a show at breakfast, but on to the headlines? Moving forward, @SenThomTillis, @MittRomney, through the Lawsuits? $400 Million, your BS, $16 Billion w/ @POTUS? "Winners mind," Duke.https://t.co/wNFw1D10EL Mike Holland's photo on Duke
18 Mar, 11:16 AM UTC
Disco Rhythm
Now Playing: Dukey Stick - Bootsy Collins & George Duke Listen Live: https://t.co/819vB4p34b Disco Rhythm's photo on Duke
18 Mar, 11:16 AM UTC
@tadgue @OptaHos @OsamaOtero @Oaksupreme @njauwamahugu Don't forget kumuambia iko above 16GB
18 Mar, 11:16 AM UTC
@Wolf__Duke 이런 그림체 원했습니다!!!!!!
18 Mar, 11:16 AM UTC
Dominik Nosiwoda
@kubaqzn Duke po tytuł :)
18 Mar, 11:16 AM UTC
isaiah livers is the goat
@WolverineCorner Refs ruin every game at least the committee gave us zagas region and not duke but i mean it would of been 63-63 going into OT isaiah livers is the goat's photo on Duke
18 Mar, 11:16 AM UTC
Jeff modzelewski
@tastytrade I lost all my money because of duke and duke investing .frozen orange juice my a@#!
18 Mar, 11:15 AM UTC
Has the high price tag of the Yamaha MT-15 put you off? What about investing in a used KTM 390 Duke instead? Find out all the pros and cons here: https://t.co/3wXB3owllE
18 Mar, 11:15 AM UTC
I picked #Duke to cut down the nets! Who's in your bracket? #bracket https://t.co/y1AA0hMgzu
18 Mar, 11:15 AM UTC
Mark Kendrick
@TJWalkerRadio I know. Does the committee honestly believe MSU would rather be closer to home even if they have to be in Duke’s bracket??? It makes no sense. No way could they possibly believe that.
18 Mar, 11:15 AM UTC
Matt Carter
@TBoneWFNZ @macwfnz what conclusions would you draw I’d uva won the regular season, duke wins the acc tourney and unc wins natl title?
18 Mar, 11:15 AM UTC
Scott Jaschik
Who would win NCAA men's basketball championship, if academics mattered the most? Find out in the exclusive bracket of @insidehighered (Hint: Duke is not the winner) https://t.co/oS5y3HXluK
18 Mar, 11:15 AM UTC
ヘアサロン・美容院 ナビ (関東・東京)
ご近所でよく行きます - 渋谷 ヘアサロン 美容院 DUKE デューク (東京 関東) - 直近にあるcocoti(ショッピングモール)&METRO PLAZAの13番出入り口から、宮下公園駐
18 Mar, 11:15 AM UTC
@yamatya_duke キミガツヨカッタトコロ ミタコトナイ いつもオシリツカテレル
18 Mar, 11:15 AM UTC
March madness really messed up😒, all they had to do was switch UNC and Michigan st. And this shit would be amazing, Michigan st. Gets their rightfully deserved 1 seed and we get a Duke/UNC IV in the elite 8
18 Mar, 11:15 AM UTC
New poll finds 47 million Americans will place bets, many taking Duke | CLOSE SportsPulse: The madness is finally here. USA TODAY's Trysta Krick breaks down everything you need to know about... | https://t.co/VndsB07DC2 Rocketnews's photo on Duke
18 Mar, 11:15 AM UTC
I picked Duke to win the National Championship. Who will you pick? #bracket https://t.co/wxYe1EObqc kimroc1's photo on Duke
18 Mar, 11:15 AM UTC
The Athletic
Breaking down the East bracket: Duke is No. 1, of course. But how difficult could the Blue Devils' path get? https://t.co/2abrJZFzF6
18 Mar, 11:15 AM UTC
Darlin' Nikki
@EliteExcellente So she can punch the Dutch Duke in the Fucking face.
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
March Madness is here! Kuy yang mau ikutan Bracket Challenge khusus Indonesia, kita ada grup nya lho. NCAA Men's Basketball musim ini, semua mata tertuju pada Duke dengan Zion Williamson. Are they going to win it all? CLICK to JOIN 👉 https://t.co/VrjqwSvusF
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
Chipp Viers
@SeanPBali All the bellyaching always cracks me up. MSU may not even play Duke. Plenty of potential pitfalls along the way. Get to the Elite 8 and play Duke. Then bellyache. To me, neither one gets to Elite 8.
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
@primesteelcity W Duke owns Michigan State
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
Duke, Nat King Cole and his wife Maria Cole (both sitting, left) at Keyhole Club, San Antonio, November 1955. https://t.co/dhScS0m5DC
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
House of Cards®
New #poll finds 47 million #Americans will place #bets, many taking #Duke https://t.co/FeFCmW0OV8 via @usatoday
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
Horsetronaut (((🐎)))
@eclecticbrotha Oh, he means in the general. Not convincing. Is he going to argue we should put up David Duke, because he can beat Trump?
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
Danny Dworkin
@StevieH_30 I agree. Beat UM 3 times and still get stuck in a bracket with Duke.
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
Rajesh A Rathod
@ndtvindia Kichad me janese pap duke to koi ganga ghat kyo jata
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
Hon Kuria CBS
@donny_duke @tadgue @OsamaOtero @Oaksupreme @njauwamahugu naweza download na another machine then i install?
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
@torikonyak @814xxx @_oisiokome_ えっっ!と思って見に行ったけどやっぱなかった( ◜◡◝ )アレぇ?関西結構公演数多いなって思ってたけど空目なのお?:( ´ω` ):DUKE様は4月号でご案内って来てたよおお?
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
Astro Radio Traffic
#kltu JALAN KUCHING: WAZERS report of accident after Segambut R’bout - DUKE exit causing 30 min jam from Sg Besi Roundabout & 30 min jam on Jln Sultan Ismail #PetronTrafficUpdate #Waze
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
@duk3y_ I care, happy bday Duke!!🥳❣️
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
Alan Nishihara
March Madness 2019: Every Team's Odds to Win NCAA Tournament https://t.co/fyzbqdkgc1
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
Eddie Wooten
https://t.co/lepOn78YLw: An East Region analysis of @DukeMBB from award-winning @NewsandRecord staff writer @BrantGNR. https://t.co/VXDvd4z4Bd
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
@bobwojnowski Don't lose to IU twice. Beat a 1 seed by double digits. Don't have any bad losses. This isn't complicated math. I'd want to avoid Duke too. Karma is a bitch Mr. Winston. Enjoy your bracket.
18 Mar, 11:14 AM UTC
this is it...this is the year. We're gunna get a DUKE v Unc championship game.
18 Mar, 11:13 AM UTC
I know I’m a Duke fan, & I’m gonna stand by my boys 100% in any situation. But I’m not gonna lie, I wouldn’t be too upset about it the next day, if UNC wins this all. They’re both the top 2 teams in the country to me. I actually love both teams & that matchup can go either way.
18 Mar, 11:13 AM UTC
Nicholas Huba
Duke gets top billing in NCAA tourney; NC, Virginia, Zags also 1s https://t.co/NtfpSeE0jy #MarchMadness
18 Mar, 11:13 AM UTC
Nat King Cole, Duke, Sarah Vaughan and radio DJ Eddie Saunders, circa 1950. https://t.co/Jl61FDd1cZ
18 Mar, 11:13 AM UTC
I picked Duke to win the National Championship. Who will you pick? #bracket https://t.co/n2VhJNKAUh TDK's photo on Duke
18 Mar, 11:13 AM UTC
Zion puts down the dunks, Tre Jones applies Duke's glue https://t.co/MC0vYgrekp written by @shanny4055
18 Mar, 11:13 AM UTC
@TimHill1075 Zion is no longer son of South Carolina. If you spend money to go watch you support the corrupt system that led him to a Duke. You can't say he isn't when his dad or step-dad is auctioning his services to Kansas.
18 Mar, 11:13 AM UTC
@OptaHos @tadgue @OsamaOtero @Oaksupreme @njauwamahugu Software flani hukuwa na all drivers na some softwares
18 Mar, 11:13 AM UTC
Jack Pine Express
@CuseHockey Here’s a play from that kid at the State Title game. He’ll be at Duke in two years. Watch. https://t.co/yDx4vxIThL
18 Mar, 11:13 AM UTC
Droopy is... Last Man Standing
@DohBill @KDKA You're a deplorable, racist shithead David Duke fan with no sense of decency. Your morality is flawed beyond repair. Droopy is... Last Man Standing's photo on Duke
18 Mar, 11:13 AM UTC
@djflo32 @SportsCenter @CollegeGameDay Lmao, Duke is far from invulnerable. Terrible 3 point shooting team. They only really rely on their freshman driving and scoring, and Michigan State has one of the best inside defenses in the country.
18 Mar, 11:13 AM UTC

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