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Avril Lavigne
(1/2) It’s out!!!! #DumbBlonde with the legendary Nicki Minaj!! Nicki is such a talented, strong woman and driving force. I listen to Fly, Starships and Bed all the time. Having her on the song is so special to me. Avril Lavigne's photo on #DumbBlonde
12 Feb, 05:07 PM UTC
Avril Lavigne
(2/2) We wrote Dumb Blonde as an anthem for anyone who has been stereotyped or talked down to. Keep your confidence up and don’t let anyone tell you how to be. I hope you love it! Stream and watch the lyric video for #DumbBlonde here https://t.co/w9q7XQpD1B 💕💕💕 #HeadAboveWater
12 Feb, 05:07 PM UTC
Avril Lavigne
Thank you @youtubemusic for adding #DumbBlonde ft @nickiminaj on your New This Week Playlist 💕 check it out here https://t.co/8y1R3C5nPX
12 Feb, 11:13 PM UTC
Apple Music
.@AvrilLavigne x @NICKIMINAJ link up on #DumbBlonde. Listen now. https://t.co/6I44bB3Ez2
12 Feb, 08:21 PM UTC
Pop Crave
.@AvrilLavigne has released her collaboration with @NickiMinaj, #DumbBlonde. Stream: https://t.co/PWgCvlc9Jg
12 Feb, 05:21 PM UTC
Music News Facts
#DumbBlonde the new single by @AvrilLavigne feat. @NickiMinaj is out now! 🍭👱‍♀️ https://t.co/IaYWLUrgRf https://t.co/M7yX4bDf6q
12 Feb, 05:00 PM UTC
Get up, play it loud 🔊 @AvrilLavigne's new single with @NICKIMINAJ off her upcoming album is here. #DumbBlonde https://t.co/n3393A4HzU
13 Feb, 12:34 AM UTC
Bonnie McKee
I am thrilled to have co-written this @avrillavigne ft @nickiminaj BOP!This is an anthem for anyone who ever felt marginalized, oppressed, or underestimated. GO GET EM GIRLS!! #avrillavigne #nickiminaj #DumbBlonde https://t.co/QPoS54wHtH Bonnie McKee's photo on #DumbBlonde
12 Feb, 05:33 PM UTC
The love between @NickiMinaj and @AvrilLavigne is the 2019 energy we need. #DumbBlonde https://t.co/70rY2WHLpT
12 Feb, 05:26 PM UTC
eu depois desse hino de música #DumbBlonde maju 🍭 DUMB BLONDE's photo on #DumbBlonde
12 Feb, 05:29 PM UTC
Mike Adam
8-time Grammy nominee #AvrilLavigne dropped #DumbBlonde ft. #NickiMinaj. The single is off her "Head Above Water" album, out this Friday. Upcoming TV performances include... • "Fallon" on Feb. 13th • "GMA" on Feb. 15th • "Kelly & Ryan" on Feb. 18th https://t.co/kcT6ZnAclB
12 Feb, 07:18 PM UTC
Listen to @AvrilLavigne and @NICKIMINAJ team up on #DumbBlonde! https://t.co/cIm6qE8Vlx
12 Feb, 06:02 PM UTC
New single from @AvrilLavigne ‘Dumb Blonde’ featuring @NICKIMINAJ out now! New album coming this Friday…listen here: https://t.co/M8AnxquUQh #avrillavigne #nickiminaj #dumbblonde #teambmg BMG US's photo on #DumbBlonde
12 Feb, 06:15 PM UTC
aline. 🍭
" tudo que o pop precisa pra 2019 " - billboard  #DumbBlonde #JFCAvrilLavigne aline. 🍭's photo on #DumbBlonde
12 Feb, 05:30 PM UTC
103.3 AMP Radio
YES LADIES!! 💥 @AvrilLavigne & @NICKIMINAJ flip to boss mode for #DumbBlonde collab Listen here: https://t.co/5YXCRhUC6E
12 Feb, 08:09 PM UTC
Miley Cyrus Charts
Smilers, @AvrilLavigne’s new single “#DumbBlonde” featuring @NICKIMINAJ is out now! Stream It, and follow @chartsnm, @NickiOnChart & @ARLchart for more updates. https://t.co/2cKGZqSPYq
12 Feb, 06:39 PM UTC
.@AvrilLavigne and @NICKIMINAJ are just two "bombshells raising hell" on the fiery #DumbBlonde https://t.co/fqe4hKeaCS
13 Feb, 12:47 AM UTC
"Keep your confidence up and don’t let anyone tell you how to be." Preach, @AvrilLavigne! #DumbBlonde https://t.co/Jk85K58Y9w
12 Feb, 07:19 PM UTC
Nicki Minaj segue tendo mais um verso icônico DUMB BLONDE TODAY #DumbBlonde #JFCAvrilLavigne HARD WHITE/ VIDEO's photo on #DumbBlonde
12 Feb, 05:12 PM UTC
Aí o Pin aqui tá de boa na timeline e PÁ A Avril Lavigne e a Nicki Minaj fazem esse feat 😱😍❤ #DumbBlonde
12 Feb, 09:00 PM UTC
#DumbBlonde @AvrilLavigne ft @NICKIMINAJ... ¡más que solo chicas guapas!👱‍♀️💅 Ponle PLAY ▶👇 https://t.co/TGAwvXvE4w
12 Feb, 06:03 PM UTC
.@AvrilLavigne and @NICKIMINAJ's new bop #DumbBlonde is a new feminist pep rally anthem https://t.co/6YNAjiVpJ1 NYLON's photo on #DumbBlonde
13 Feb, 12:55 AM UTC
“It was me, young @AvrilLavigne, security tucked (Okay). 💯 #nickiminaj #dumbblonde Edit: @Nitascornerr 💓 Clip: @ItsBarbiTingz 🤪 Barb®'s photo on #DumbBlonde
12 Feb, 09:59 PM UTC
#DumbBlonde has now entered the Top 30 of US iTunes 🇺🇸 https://t.co/U3AB9Wnuvr
13 Feb, 01:03 AM UTC
Nicki Minaj Thailand
Nicki และ Avril ได้ออกมาชื่นชมกันและกัน💕 ตอนนี้มีข่าวมาว่าเพลง #DumbBlonde จะปล่อยเวลาเที่ยงคืนของวันนี้ (เวลาไทย) รวมถึงเนื้อหาจะเกี่ยวข้องกับข่าวที่ผ่านมาของตัว Avril ที่โดนกล่าวหาว่าตัวจริงของเธอนั้นเสียชีวิตแล้วแต่ทางค่ายก็ได้สร้างผู้หญิงอีกคนมาสวมบทแทนเธอนั่นเองค่ะ Nicki Minaj Thailand's photo on #DumbBlonde
12 Feb, 02:12 PM UTC
Avril Lavigne Daily
The full photo of @AvrilLavigne on the single cover of #DumbBlonde ft @NickiMinaj! 🍭😍 Avril Lavigne Daily's photo on #DumbBlonde
13 Feb, 07:14 AM UTC
Warner Music México
⚡️ @AvrilLavigne x @NICKIMINAJ ⚡️ Chequen esta increíble colaboración en @AppleMusicES, play ahora a #DumbBlonde ▶️ https://t.co/b1SLx5zkNs Warner Music México's photo on #DumbBlonde
13 Feb, 01:05 AM UTC
#DumbBlonde está em #2 no iTunes BR! Garanta já sua cópia e vamos conquistar o topo para Avril Lavigne e Nicki Minaj. https://t.co/B9ECs08FTw
12 Feb, 09:22 PM UTC
"Um hino de auto-aceitação que funciona para pessoas com qualquer cor de cabelo, #DumbBlonde possui a sensibilidade pop/rock do início dos anos 90, com um apoio contagiante de bateria e um refrão que está implorando para explodir nas rádios." (Much) https://t.co/TJ9K4QTDzS
13 Feb, 12:54 AM UTC
Avril Lavigne Philippines
Avril's full photo for #DumbBlonde's single cover taken by @David_Needleman . Oh so stunning!! 😍 #HeadAboveWater #JFCAvrilLavigne Avril Lavigne Philippines's photo on #DumbBlonde
13 Feb, 06:29 AM UTC
Além de #DumbBlonde, "Avril Lavigne" também está agora entre os assuntos mais comentados no Brasil! https://t.co/TJ9K4QTDzS
12 Feb, 08:05 PM UTC
This is the original picture used for the #DumbBlonde single cover. Do you like it, LBS? #DumbBlondeOutNow 🖤🍭🍭 AVRIL LAVIGNE NEWS's photo on #DumbBlonde
13 Feb, 06:45 AM UTC
Team Avril
Black Stars e Barbz comemorando o lançamento de #DumbBlonde Team Avril's photo on #DumbBlonde
12 Feb, 07:48 PM UTC
MTV Italia
Avril Lavigne + Nicki Minaj = 💣💣💣 #DumbBlonde https://t.co/1DuX4wierG
13 Feb, 09:00 AM UTC
Estreno sorpresa de #AvrilLavigne #DumbBlonde // @AvrilLavigne mostró su sorpresivo nuevo sencillo con colaboración @NICKIMINAJ #DumbBlondeOutNow 👉https://t.co/x4VO69txxe CMTV.com.ar's photo on #DumbBlonde
12 Feb, 08:04 PM UTC
AvrilSweden 🍭
#DumbBlonde is #2 on the official @Spotify New Music Wednesday playlist. Stream the song on the playlist here! https://t.co/tdRHlTIhDd
13 Feb, 12:32 AM UTC
Rivelata l’intera foto della copertina di Dumb Blonde 💕 #avrillavigne #headabovewater #dumbblonde AvrilBandaidsItalia's photo on #DumbBlonde
13 Feb, 09:16 AM UTC
Avril Lavigne Charts
3 Days to #HeadAboveWater by @AvrilLavigne #DumbBlonde #JFCAvrilLavigne RT if you love her Avril Lavigne Charts's photo on #DumbBlonde
12 Feb, 10:57 PM UTC
Avril FanClub México
Foto completa de @AvrilLavigne usada para la portada del sencillo #DumbBlonde 🍭🍭 Avril FanClub México's photo on #DumbBlonde
13 Feb, 06:16 AM UTC
Rádio Transamérica
Avril Lavigne libera #DumbBlonde, sua parceria com Nicki Minaj https://t.co/buw7lQlC0m Rádio Transamérica's photo on #DumbBlonde
13 Feb, 10:05 AM UTC
🍭 #DumbBlonde 🍭
Use the new hashtag #AvrilxNicki! #DumbBlonde #JFCAvrilLavigne 🍭 #DumbBlonde 🍭's photo on #DumbBlonde
13 Feb, 10:32 AM UTC
🍭 #DumbBlonde 🍭
I am the prototype the pink print No I don’t want no frauds, wink wink #DumbBlonde #NickiMinaj #AvrilLavigne #HeadAboveWater https://t.co/2vcRokk2ko
12 Feb, 05:59 PM UTC
I hope avril's label do whatever takes to make #DumbBlonde a hit! We didn't have had a pop rock anthem in years, it'll be a great comeback for pop rock to the radios
12 Feb, 06:09 PM UTC
this powerful shoe is gonna hook you off the cliff if you bully her! SHES RIGHT SHE ISNT A DUMB BLONDE! #DumbBlonde (New Photo) AVRILPromotions's photo on #DumbBlonde
13 Feb, 08:37 AM UTC
let’s increase the views for #DumbBlonde let’s try and make it too 1M Views! watch here: https://t.co/EU7OB68fET
13 Feb, 08:29 AM UTC
ivan cuzic
Stand up everybody get up say it loud we're bombshells raising hell now! #DumbBlonde #JFCAvrilLavigne #AvrilxNicki #HeadAboveWater
13 Feb, 10:41 AM UTC
🍭 #DumbBlonde 🍭
@VABVOX @avrilmidia I hope that this song will help all women to fight against these stereotypes, but above all make men understand how offensive and oppressive it's to spread these horrible prejudices! #AvrilxNicki #DumbBlonde
13 Feb, 10:53 AM UTC
ivan cuzic
https://t.co/Sy11OmbnLI STAND UP EVERYBODY #JFCAvrilLavigne #DumbBlonde #HeadAboveWater #AvrilxNicki
13 Feb, 11:15 AM UTC
Weh lagu Avril yg bru tu best nak mampossss #DumbBlonde
13 Feb, 11:08 AM UTC
I'm diggin it! #DumbBlonde #ScottPinaZ1035 https://t.co/vkfAkq1vg2
13 Feb, 11:08 AM UTC
It feels to me like we're back to 'The Best Damn Thing' album w/this song. Love it!! #DumbBlonde ;) https://t.co/cbCLCwd6mP
13 Feb, 11:03 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from Brazil.

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