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Scott Dworkin
BREAKING: GOP Rep Duncan Hunter will no longer plead not guilty. Spoiler Alert: Because he’s guilty.
02 Dec, 07:26 PM UTC
Josh Campbell
Rep. Duncan Hunter, who previously called the case against him an organized “witch hunt” by the Justice Department, will now plead guilty https://t.co/ywgheap9nf
02 Dec, 08:26 PM UTC
Orin Kerr
Some are saying that Duncan Hunter, who will be pleading guilty to criminal charges tomorrow, was the first Congressman to endorse Trump. Not so. The first was Chris Collins, who pled guilty to his criminal charges two months ago. Hunter was second. https://t.co/iY9Q3843VZ
02 Dec, 09:07 PM UTC
Jeff Tiedrich
recap— Duncan Hunter: guilty plea Cohen: 3 yrs in prison Manafort: 4 yrs in prison Stone: GUILTY AS FUCK Flynn: awaiting sentencing Individual-1: getting his dipshit ass impeached Hillary: enjoying a nice walk in the woods, probably me: laughing at all you "lock her up" morons
02 Dec, 07:35 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
SAN DIEGO (AP) -- California U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter says he will plead guilty to misusing campaign funds.
02 Dec, 08:10 PM UTC
Palmer Report
Donald Trump’s day so far: - Misspells two letter word - Superseding indictments coming against Lev & Igor - Rudy is hosed - Trump goes berserk about Lisa Page - Trump GOP pal Duncan Hunter pleading guilty - They’re all going down - Trump is going to prison - It’s still only 4pm
02 Dec, 09:26 PM UTC
Citizens for Ethics
Duncan Hunter has shown a blatant disregard for the law & engaged in one of the most egregious spending scandals we've ever seen. We're glad he'll finally face consequences for his actions. Now that he'll be convicted for criminally abusing his office, he must resign immediately.
02 Dec, 07:18 PM UTC
Dr. Dena Grayson
🚨BREAKING: @GOP @Rep_Hunter pleads GUILTY to using campaign funds ILLEGALLY to bankroll his lavish lifestyle. Hunter previously threw his own wife under the bus, blaming her after she flipped and cooperated with prosecutors. Hunter now faces PRISON.🔥 https://t.co/fY7N3VEq6x
02 Dec, 08:17 PM UTC
Joshua Holland 🔥
Duncan Hunter used campaign funds to finance his fancy lifestyle and pay for affairs with at least five women-- three lobbyists and two Congressional staffers--and will serve out the remainder of his term while Katie Hill quit after being the victim of revenge porn by RW media.
02 Dec, 06:58 PM UTC
Adam Goldman
Rep. Duncan Hunter to abandon 'not guilty' plea in campaign finance scandal https://t.co/MljpgQ5oGr
02 Dec, 06:43 PM UTC
Oh, ANOTHER Republican who called Obama and Clinton criminals pleads guilty to being a criminal himself. https://t.co/jTsfZIfQw2 I also enjoy the part where the Marine Corps sent him a Cease and Desist order to stop using their logo in his adds. Party of Law & Order, riiight
02 Dec, 10:10 PM UTC
Chris Lu
First two congressmen to endorse Trump in 2016: Chris Collins: pleaded guilty and resigned seat Duncan Hunter: about to change his guilty plea And let's remember that Trump criticized both prosecutions. Kudos to the career DOJ officials who didn't bow to the pressure https://t.co/NMODOS6XJh @ChrisLu44's photo on Duncan Hunter
02 Dec, 07:25 PM UTC
Robert Maguire
In October, Chris Collins—the 1st member of Congress to endorse Trump in 2016—pleaded guilty to felony crimes related to insider trading. Tomorrow, Duncan Hunter—the 2nd member of Congress to endorse Trump—will reportedly plead guilty to an array of felonies related all this 👇 https://t.co/C64c7zblGW
02 Dec, 08:13 PM UTC
Aaron Blake
Both Reps. Chris Collins (R-N.Y.) and Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) will now have pleaded guilty. When they were charged in mid-2018, Trump called them "very popular Republican Congressmen" and criticized Sessions for the timing of the indictments. @AaronBlake's photo on Duncan Hunter
02 Dec, 08:15 PM UTC
Steve Benen
Trump's first US House endorsements from 2016: 1. Chris Collins: indicted, pleaded guilty 2. Duncan Hunter: indicted, poised to plead guilty 3. Scott DesJarlais: still in Congress, career plagued by scandal 4. Tom Marino: career derailed by controversy, resigned from Congress
02 Dec, 09:27 PM UTC
Richard W. Painter
Some “witch hunt.” Off to the slammer with him. GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter, after claiming 'witch hunt,' to plead guilty to misusing campaign funds https://t.co/NYVmZX4a7L
03 Dec, 12:26 AM UTC
Adam Best
Duncan Hunter is about to be a felon. So the right-wing mob will push him out of Congress like they did Katie Hill — who did far, far less than he did — correct? Oh who am I kidding, these hypocrites don’t care about consistency, they only care about power.
02 Dec, 07:57 PM UTC
Ryan J. Reilly
Tomorrow, Duncan Hunter will become the second Trump-supporting congressman to run an extensive campaign claiming they were the target of a witch hunt and then subsequently admit to doing crimes. https://t.co/f1bZv1opbR
02 Dec, 07:30 PM UTC
Busted Flush
Duncan Hunter and Chris Collins screamed they were innocent and victims of a Dem witch hunt … now both plead guilty. When the pressure is on the GOP candy asses fold … the same will happen with @realDonaldTrump. https://t.co/rRYdNhmFAZ
02 Dec, 08:30 PM UTC
The Associated Press
Rep. Duncan Hunter says he will change his plea to guilty on a federal charge of misusing campaign funds. The California Republican is accused of using the money to finance vacations, golf outings and other personal expenses. https://t.co/DV6Y5Y9Gj5
02 Dec, 07:55 PM UTC
Citizens for Ethics
Given that Congressman Duncan Hunter will now be a convicted criminal for abusing his office, he must resign immediately. https://t.co/HG5heYbEQU
02 Dec, 11:30 PM UTC
Stephanie Kennedy
Rep. Duncan Hunter to plead guilty in campaign finance scandal, leave Congress Never forget Duncan Hunter’s monstrous past. This villain’s infamous for war crimes too. Hunter killed civilians & posed w/their dead bodies while serving as a Marine in Iraq https://t.co/Zj2P3HQiCi
02 Dec, 09:38 PM UTC
Red T Raccoon
Rep. Duncan Hunter to plead guilty in campaign finance scandal, leave Congress. Where is the resignation? https://t.co/VsSTqca9tz
02 Dec, 08:52 PM UTC
GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter will plead guilty to swiping $250K from campaign 😐 Now tell me that don’t get you pissed. All the Democrats who stole, not 1 went to jail🤬🤬 https://t.co/kT5wipesKv via @nypost
02 Dec, 09:41 PM UTC
Well, well, looky here. Good old Dunc just outed himself as a witch. He has a change of plea hearing tomorrow on the campaign finance charges brought last year that he had, of course, called a witch hunt. Get him a pointy hat and broom. #OneVoice1 https://t.co/c3Fyj6IxLO
02 Dec, 07:17 PM UTC
Venture Capital
Will Duncan Hunter Do Time In Jail⁉️Duncan Pleads Guilty In The Campaign Finance Case He Called A 'Witch Hunt'🤣 https://t.co/Ijst88TOAY
02 Dec, 07:27 PM UTC
Grant Stern
I guess Duncan Hunter got sick of claiming that paying for his five extramarital affairs from campaign funds was a "legislative act" before his wife testified against him. So, he decided to take one of those great #CyberMondayDeals and plea guilty. https://t.co/B0Evm9hD2r
02 Dec, 06:55 PM UTC
Ammar Campa-Najjar
Today is a sad day for this district, no constituent hopes to see their congressman plead guilty to corruption. But today is also a day filled with opportunity because it’s the first time in years people, not political scandals, will come first again. https://t.co/fp9FE2QTAn
03 Dec, 12:31 AM UTC
Elizabeth C. McLaughlin
Five affairs, three with campaign officials and two with Congressional staffers, and he used campaign money to cover it up. If he doesn’t resign when we lost ⁦@KatieHill4CA⁩, we should throw everything we can behind his opponent, stat. https://t.co/hwcKPi5rGn
02 Dec, 11:51 PM UTC
Los Angeles Times
Rep. Duncan Hunter is scheduled to appear in federal court to change his plea of not guilty to charges stemming from a sweeping campaign finance investigation. https://t.co/tBYsOnpl7E
02 Dec, 06:56 PM UTC

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