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Jason Schreier
Can't believe dunkey started a video game publisher with no experience instead of taking the normal approach: getting a Harvard MBA, working at McKinsey for five years, and then failing upward between C-suites for the rest of your life
22 Sep, 01:52 PM UTC
Hard Drive
Dunkey Announces He Wants to Become Game Developer, Just Needs Coders and Idea Guys https://t.co/3ZT71dRB6L
22 Sep, 07:36 PM UTC
Dunkey giving himself praise because he promoted 'niche indie games' like Hades, Undertale and Cuphead gives off the same vibes as people who proclaim themselves as cinephiles for watching a single A24 film a year
22 Sep, 02:32 PM UTC
Josh Sawyer
Yeah dunkey probably doesn’t know anything about making games but that doesn’t stop publishers and a lot of devs so go for it I guess.
22 Sep, 03:47 PM UTC
It's extremely weird to me that so many people hate Dunkey so much for his video game opinions, that they'd wish for the downfall of a company that solely wants to shed light on indie games and help smaller creators grow. Bigmode is also anti-NFT/blockchain which is nice.
22 Sep, 04:01 PM UTC
Dunkey starting a publisher is very cool imo
22 Sep, 07:47 PM UTC
my take on dunkey is that i cannot stand his content and that if his publishing company allows one (1) single indie game to get published that otherwise wouldnt exist, it'll be a very respectable success in my eyes idc if i dont like him, if he gets indie devs some $$$ thats raw
22 Sep, 09:44 PM UTC
Jungle Jim
Dunkey should publish the DPW game where it is just WCW revenge but also with Andrew Everett
22 Sep, 08:38 PM UTC
Andrew 'Steiner' Hodgson
I wish Dunkey well but even as a person who worked in the games industry for years, it was only this year that I got a grasp on how much goes into publishing behind the scenes. I've looked over two game releases since I started my new role, and it felt like a miracle both times.
22 Sep, 03:24 PM UTC
swear everyone just rages over dunkey because he has the right opinion and hates xenoblade chronicles
23 Sep, 02:57 AM UTC
Chris "mw2 enjoyer" Pollock 死神
we all said 'there isnt a job in video games where you just get to be the ideas guy' and dunkey took that personally
22 Sep, 04:56 PM UTC
Jek 🆖 | CLOSED TILL NOV 15th
Im looking through all this shit about dunkey and I seriously am seeing no mature reason for yall to wish that his dream fails
23 Sep, 04:50 AM UTC
❤🏳️‍⚧️ Stephie 🏳️‍⚧️❤
Dunkey has done a lot of things that are easy to clown on, but I do wish him the best with Bigmode. He does seem genuinely excited and passionate about it and I hope things turn out well for him.
22 Sep, 07:04 PM UTC
Nintendo Life
Video Game YouTuber Dunkey Launches His Own Indie Publishing Company https://t.co/GLpxLObiZk #Repost #Random #YouTube #Industry #Indies @nintendolife's photo on Dunkey
23 Sep, 10:55 AM UTC
Glass Moon
I don't like Dunkey Annoying person and honestly low quality content
23 Sep, 11:41 AM UTC
Jess Reyes
Ok so I know Dunkey launching his own indie game company is kind of a controversial thing But I'm vaguely entertained at the thought of The Videogamedunkey showing up in my inbox with gaming press releases and codes 🤣🤣 https://t.co/cvgadaPctb
23 Sep, 12:56 AM UTC
We always need more indie publishers, but does playing video games mean you know how to sell them? https://t.co/pRgd9Rb21G
23 Sep, 11:54 AM UTC
Croton 🍞
@NayruYT People just want something to be mad about nowadays, twitter thrives off that. Dunkey is one of the most genuine and intelligent people on the platform, I'm super excited for what he wants to bring to the table!
23 Sep, 12:42 PM UTC
my dunkey take: the dude has always been funny but his game analysis has been pretty shallow at best. I always thought he knew this and was playing things up for the joke but I think he's finally bought his own hype and is gonna crash and burn when it turns out games are hard.
23 Sep, 11:45 AM UTC
@EntidadFenecida Muzska era como Dunkey pero patinando más y aún así aportaba más que este último y cualquiera de youtube videojuegos españa actual
23 Sep, 12:58 PM UTC
would be funny if somehow dunkey would actually only publish good games
23 Sep, 12:52 PM UTC
https://t.co/Yp4y4ubTyp i am live #400hours #TwitchStreamers #dunkey
23 Sep, 12:31 PM UTC
Dunkey is to Hades as Christopher Columbus is to America
23 Sep, 01:00 PM UTC
I find it funny that Dunkey is like "I'm good at discovering games" and then he shows a screenshot of Untitled Goose Game or Hades https://t.co/leZbVDFGXG
23 Sep, 01:00 PM UTC
Jack N. Watkins
Yahtzee Croshaw: Games developer to critical analysis Mark Brown: Critical analysis of games to developer Dunkey: make laff at gaem now i publish :)
23 Sep, 12:57 PM UTC
@OhJamOne @HardDriveMag Y’all rly think Dunkey hates every RPG just cause he doesn’t like Xenoblade Octopath Traveler or FF7 Remake
23 Sep, 12:56 PM UTC
Bomb Mage (lv 5)
What I actually think about Dunkey and Bigmode: I think its gonna be fun tbh. No guarantee itll go smooth but itll be nice to have a fresh pair of eyes contributing to the gaming landscape. Like, outside of scams, its never a bad thing to have more enthusiastic agents at play
23 Sep, 12:56 PM UTC
every time I'm on hold I think of dunkey's fucking prank call hold music
23 Sep, 12:56 PM UTC
@bowsersbigtoe @MrPeguin @TapeManX2 @HardDriveMag Dunkey committed the cardinal sin of not liking Xenoblade or Octopath Traveler
23 Sep, 12:53 PM UTC