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Shams Charania
Sources: Kevin Durant is monitoring the Brooklyn Nets’ situation and considering options with his future. This now opens the path for Kyrie Irving to proceed on finding a new home via opt-in and trade.
23 Jun, 08:07 PM UTC
Legion Hoops
The trade package for Kevin Durant, if he is traded, would likely be “the biggest package in NBA history”, says @BobbyMarks42. https://t.co/SLFB6dBxnh
23 Jun, 09:12 PM UTC
Bleacher Report
Kevin Durant hasn’t told the Nets he would ask for a trade if Kyrie leaves, per @wojespn @BleacherReport's photo on Durant
23 Jun, 10:27 PM UTC
Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz
BREAKING: Heat in talks to acquire Durant, Kyrie, Lillard, Anthony Davis, Zion, Donovan Mitchell and Beal for Omer Yurtseven and a second-round pick. — Dan
23 Jun, 09:58 PM UTC
Legion Hoops
BREAKING: Kevin Durant is “monitoring” his future with the Nets and considering other options, via The Athletic. The path has opened for Kyrie Irving to seek a sign-and-trade deal. WOW. https://t.co/v95aq1Ht2i
23 Jun, 08:09 PM UTC
Shams Charania
On the Nets, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving: @ShamsCharania's photo on Durant
23 Jun, 11:44 PM UTC
Bleacher Report
Kevin Durant is 'seriously mulling' his future with the Nets, per @ShamsCharania There's an expectation Kyrie Irving will find a new home this offseason @BleacherReport's photo on Durant
23 Jun, 11:50 PM UTC
Jaden Ivey
24 Jun, 01:57 AM UTC
Hoop Central
If Kevin Durant is traded, where do you want to see him end up? https://t.co/7hgCByDvUd
23 Jun, 10:01 PM UTC
lamanieducinema 🍿
Enfin, cette histoire sort. J’ai vu mes amies dévastées, des années durant, à cause de cet homme. Enfin, vous le savez. Vous ne fermerez plus les yeux. Je soutiens les victimes. https://t.co/n5g6ZdDoR4
23 Jun, 10:49 AM UTC
23 Jun, 08:09 PM UTC
De niños, Curry y LeBron le sacaban 1 anillo a Durant, que llegó a Nets, le llevaron a Nash, fue dos veces MVP, llegó Harden que es barbudo y Kyrie Irving, que además es budista y macumbero. El mejor talento ofensivo que jamás ha visto el básquet. Pues ahora le sacan 2. https://t.co/eGU02ZOlFB
23 Jun, 08:48 PM UTC
Kevin Durant is monitoring the Brooklyn Nets’ situation and considering options with his future, via @ShamsCharania @NBATV's photo on Durant
23 Jun, 08:12 PM UTC
The Liberty Line
“He’s really unstoppable.” — Kevin Durant on Joel Embiid 👀 #PhilaUnite | #DoTheDeal https://t.co/1ci8RRf0nt
23 Jun, 09:02 PM UTC
Kevin Durant praising the Toronto Raptors https://t.co/gN5TXJNetb
23 Jun, 09:45 PM UTC
Alex // TrashTalk & TBNL
Les Lakers, please. Un bon vieux trade autour d'une Westbrook-Irving 😇 Kyrie qui retrouve LeBron. Russ' qui retrouve Durant. La boucle qui se boucle. https://t.co/uCMpQMBEPk
23 Jun, 08:40 PM UTC
Brooklyn Guy Brasil 🏀
Imagina mandar o Durant de volta pro OKC por picks kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
23 Jun, 10:27 PM UTC
Jacob Infante
I don’t care if it’s unrealistic and don’t even know if it’s financially possible. I’ll worship Arturas Karnisovas if the #Bulls can somehow land Kevin Durant. That’s a slam-dunk move they makes this team a title contender.
23 Jun, 08:35 PM UTC
It’s crazy that the Nets who had Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James harden at one point, may only win 1 playoff series in 3 years.
23 Jun, 08:14 PM UTC
Johnny Venerable
What time can we expect a Kevin Durant trade to the Suns, @GeraldBourguet?
23 Jun, 03:41 PM UTC
Jean-Lin Lacapelle
📹 J'ai rappelé à @oliviagregoire, la coupe-parole du gouvernement, qui disait au sujet de @MLP_officiel qu'elle était « l'ennemie raciste à abattre », à quel point les Français ont été méprisés et insultés durant 5 ans. Aujourd'hui, ils entrent enfin à l'Assemblée nationale ! @jllacapelle's photo on Durant
23 Jun, 08:00 AM UTC
Anthony Puccio
Julius Erving. Jason Kidd. Kevin Durant. What are they doing? https://t.co/vWurRriX0U
23 Jun, 08:37 PM UTC
Steph Curry getting credit for Kevin Durant making these shots is hilarious. https://t.co/aOY6jU7O1u
23 Jun, 01:46 PM UTC
Woj: Kevin Durant told Nets he won’t ask for a trade if Kyrie Irving exits Brooklyn https://t.co/in6Z8NNrVf @NetsDaily's photo on Durant
23 Jun, 11:12 PM UTC
NBA - Jordi de Mas
Mucho Draft... pero sigo muy nervioso por la que se puede liar en Brooklyn con Irving y Durant 😬
24 Jun, 01:07 AM UTC
Sochan says his favorite player is Durant, his favorite color is lavender, says he's glad he is staying in Texas, says San Antonio is beautiful #porvida #nba75
24 Jun, 01:40 AM UTC
Alex Schiffer
While Kevin Durant reportedly thinks over his options with the Nets, his agent/business manager, Rich Kleiman just walked onto the floor at Barclays Center.
23 Jun, 11:56 PM UTC
Internet Explorer da NBA
O FUTURO ESTÁ EM BOAS MÃOS! 👶🏀 James Harden, Russell Westbrook e Kevin Durant pontuaram, juntos, 70 PONTOS na derrota contra o Miami Heat O título não veio para Oklahoma esse ano, mas o trio voltará com tudo em breve!!! LeBron & CIA que se cuidem... https://t.co/KuVs2o05mb
23 Jun, 08:05 PM UTC
CelticsForum ⚡ 🍀
Confirmed: Kevin Durant has spoke to Jayson Tatum about playing in Boston.
24 Jun, 01:33 AM UTC
I remember them times when the Pelicans had Etwuan Moore guarding Durant
24 Jun, 01:48 AM UTC