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Ling Ling
We told you dyckman is canceled & you STILL went out there. I can’t feel sorry for you. Not one pinch of sorry. https://t.co/ZHGIdVngV5
28 Jun, 03:01 AM UTC
This nigga went to Dyckman, paid $115 for a Henny Mojito pitcher and it came in a Bud Light mug. Jesus wept.
28 Jun, 05:28 AM UTC
Maserati Maine 🕊
This what the T-Mobile employees in Dyckman look like. 😂😂 https://t.co/9W0jshMK6j
28 Jun, 05:01 AM UTC
Breonna, Toyin, Na'kia, Shana, Tete should b here
#dyckman is trending. Sign this petition. Dominique Alexander was hung near Dyckman in Fort Tryon Park on June 9th. https://t.co/vEJcrSnuhr
28 Jun, 05:52 AM UTC
Keep it 2 Virgils 🏁🏁
Niggas when Dyckman opened while forgetting COVID exists lol https://t.co/8Xdw2Dpjwp
28 Jun, 03:32 AM UTC
Dyckman is tending again so I'm gonna remind y'all that this is the Domincians in Dyckman. https://t.co/T0dl2ELDhq
28 Jun, 06:29 AM UTC
Have ya EVER been somewhere In dyckman and genuinely received good service??? From start to finish??? Lmfaooooo people are deadass ready to die for terrible food, service & hookah across the street from a BP gas station 😭😭
27 Jun, 06:51 PM UTC
🇩🇴 AllBlackLivesMatter
Saw Dyckman trending and thought my fellow Dominicans were being trash again, but they’re just overpaying for corona-infested drinks. https://t.co/1aDT3nuxUs
28 Jun, 05:35 AM UTC
wait a sec.... I know y’all not talking about dyckman...... the same Dyckman that stressed y’all out 4-5 weeks ago???? THAT DYCKMAN ?
28 Jun, 05:04 AM UTC
If you say you like going to Dyckman I’m gonna look at you like you’re stupid and a 🤡 The food sucks, the hookah is shitty, they overcharge like no other.....and I didn’t even mention the fact that they’re racist as fuck. https://t.co/ArvmBUwaVj
28 Jun, 05:19 AM UTC
Dyckman should not be getting ya money at all with they nasty ass service and mediocre food
28 Jun, 05:01 AM UTC
no matter how much ppl “hate” dyckman on this app... they still gonna go y’all trust me lmaoooooo
28 Jun, 05:03 AM UTC
I don’t judge anyone who still goes to dyckman, at all, but if you were on here fake outraged a couple weeks ago and outdoor seating yourself, I am looking at you funny
28 Jun, 06:29 AM UTC
Idgaf how much dyckman spots has lost during this pandemic no pitcher should be 90 cash plus gratuity
28 Jun, 03:54 AM UTC
Bodega Sage⁶𓅓🇩🇴🇵🇷
This what the T-Mobile employees in Dyckman look like. https://t.co/ud54GAKnyX
28 Jun, 04:46 AM UTC
Breonna, Toyin, Na'kia, Shana, Tete should b here
#DYCKMAN get #justicefordomo trending for Dominique Alexander. A young man was lynched in Inwood. The 34th precinct needs to be held accountable.
28 Jun, 06:09 AM UTC
A Black Socialist 🌹🏴‍☠️
The word Dyckman always reminds me of this😂 https://t.co/t1adVHsNwS
28 Jun, 11:06 AM UTC
Bro if those dyckman spots need to charge $115 for a mojito pitcher to stay afloat they can just DIE and go bankrupt fuck that
28 Jun, 02:40 AM UTC
Riley Writts
After all that, some of y'all still going to Dyckman for hookas and Dominican women? .....ok.
28 Jun, 05:59 AM UTC
la hija del mar y el sol
Someone called Dyckman the Mangu-packing District 😂
28 Jun, 11:30 AM UTC
I thought ya’ll canceled Dyckman...
28 Jun, 11:37 AM UTC
la hija del mar y el sol
That overpriced drink story is funny because I thought Dyckman was canceled lol
28 Jun, 11:29 AM UTC
Vernon Wes
The way Dominicans in Dyckman treat other races is equivalent to racist Mexicans who thinks they’re White. This racist bullshit has to stop bro! It’s disgusting
28 Jun, 11:21 AM UTC
Dyckman se pasó. They be swearing they’re SoHo ...and THEY don’t even do you this dirty. https://t.co/Tc4nbxxdAs
28 Jun, 11:38 AM UTC
Jeffrey Powers
@Sherlsz Of course it’s il sole. How Dyckman be more expensive than downtown? Shit makes 0 sense.
28 Jun, 11:38 AM UTC
Black Wall Street
I don’t wanna hear shit from Dyckman if reparations are approved https://t.co/7bNd2cx7Ip
28 Jun, 11:31 AM UTC
Maserati Maine 🕊
Live from Dyckman jose in the T-Mobile store who doesn’t speak a lick of English asking you if he can help you with something https://t.co/IShv9LSoDf
28 Jun, 11:30 AM UTC
viper, driven by a spirit of antichrist. ♊️
@MakotoRen_ @OqckNYC @973brokeboi “they said” 🙄 it’s still fuck dyckman & I hope every business out there gets shut the fuck down. https://t.co/AC8or0K8Rn
28 Jun, 11:21 AM UTC
Vernon Wes
I quit going to Dyckman after 2 failed attempts. Both times I’ve damn near had to mop the bouncer or the server once they realized I wasn’t Dominican.
28 Jun, 11:19 AM UTC
Carlos Palomino
Fools that overpay to chill in overrated #dyckman are like the same city heads that think Staten Island is some kind of suburb.
28 Jun, 11:17 AM UTC

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