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Barron Von Crow
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts. Helped create an atmosphere at the football at Adelaide Oval that I never felt at Footy Park. He'd get the ball and you'd just instantly feel the electricity in the crowd with everyone knowing you might see something no other football player could do. #AFL360
21 May, 06:16 AM UTC
21 May, 06:34 AM UTC
Martin Flanagan
I was at an Adelaide match a couple of weeks ago. Umpire gave a free against Eddie Betts. Young woman behind me (Crows supporter) yelled out to the umpire: "You hate footy!" How good is Eddie Betts? So good he is not infrequently the game at its best.
21 May, 08:29 AM UTC
Jake Lambert
@FOXFOOTY Has to be Eddie Betts. He started at Carlton when I was 12 and after a tough few years, all of a sudden he brought this buzz, energy and magic to Carlton games I hadn’t ever seen. Universally loved and respected around the competition. #AFL360
21 May, 06:04 AM UTC
@97981920N @jimmyconway79 If it wasn't for the Adelaide Football club and Eddie Betts he would be playing for the Mt Isa seahorses collecting trolleys mon to Fri
21 May, 07:52 AM UTC
Bob Schieler
@BronwynCarlson @smh What a load of rot! The same fans who booed Goodes continually cheer other indigenous players such as Eddie Betts. Race didn’t ever factor as a reason.
21 May, 07:44 AM UTC
Bailey Saunders
@FOXFOOTY Eddie betts. Doing freakish things on top of shoulders and in forward pockets all around the country for over 300 games. #AFL360 Bailey Saunders's photo on eddie betts
21 May, 06:12 AM UTC
@FOXFOOTY Bulldogs member but my fave indigenous player of all time is Eddie betts. A few years ago now a Ballarat family lost there son to cancer. Eddie turned up to there house unannounced one Christmas to spend some time with them and to comfort them with no media attention. #AFL360
21 May, 09:51 AM UTC
Josh Coombe
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts! His freakish goal scoring ability, his ability to create something out of nothing and the way he has united us all against racism are standout features. Most important of all, he just such a ripper bloke and a role model to us all. #AFL360
21 May, 09:26 AM UTC
Eddie Betts. Simply the best goal sneak ever, and nothing brings kids to game like great goals. #AFL360
21 May, 10:07 AM UTC
Natalie Harkins
As a Carlton supporter, Eddie Betts is the best Indigenous player ever. Not only is he a great footballer, but when he left us for Adelaide we couldn't not like him. He has shown integrity, fairness and incredible skill. A champion on and off the field! #afl360
21 May, 10:07 AM UTC
Michelle Williams
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts slick skills, entertains me with exciting thrills. Loveable guy with team and family values, who’s adored by all afl fans. #AFL360
21 May, 09:51 AM UTC
Jeremiah Brown
@FOXFOOTY #AFL360 Eddie Betts is an absolute star of the competition, and is the kind of player you go along to a game just to watch play. Some of the goals he has kicked are truly amazing and make you wanna go to a park and have a go at it yourself.
21 May, 07:25 AM UTC
Hamish Mckie
Nobody has been such an irresistible source of joy like Eddie Betts is. Even as an opposition supporter you just lean back and smile when he does his thing. It's made even more better by the grin he has on his face, you can tell he's loving it as much as you are. #AFL360
21 May, 09:48 AM UTC
Kristian Brancaleone
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts! Small guy on the field that always looks the biggest. Plays with so much heart and effort. He’s the one player I’ll always admire whether he plays for the blues or not 🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️ #AFL360
21 May, 07:06 AM UTC
Tanya Williams
@AFL360 Eddie Betts is my favourite gives me goosebumps watching him get the ball in the corner just magic when he kicks and plays to the crowd makes me smile
21 May, 10:04 AM UTC
Kristian Tzama
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts. Helped create an atmosphere at the football at Adelaide Oval that I never felt at Footy Park. He'd get the ball and you'd just instantly feel the electricity in the crowd with everyone knowing you might see something no other football player could do. #AFL360
21 May, 09:28 AM UTC
Sean L Grech
@FOXFOOTY McLeod and or Eddie Betts 😍
21 May, 08:22 AM UTC
Eoin O’Mahony
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts- Has stood tall in the face of racism and other adversities life has thrown at him (almost spending time in prison). He also plays the game with an excitement matched only by his fellow indigenous superstars and has brought the AFL enough highlights for a lifetime
21 May, 08:03 AM UTC
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts and his Adelaide Oval magic. He returned to Adelaide in 2014, the same year football returned to the Adelaide Oval.. Adelaide’s passion for footy was back - thanks to an impressive stadium, and in no small part, the magic of Eddie Betts.
21 May, 07:12 AM UTC
Kirsten Bedggood
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts: game changer both on and off the field. His leadership behind the scenes in working for other indigenous players is inspirational. And as a bomber fan, I have some amazing Aboriginal players to pick from, if I was going to be biased. #AFL360
21 May, 06:57 AM UTC
@FOXFOOTY So many to pick. Eddie Betts is a genius who in an often turbulent AFL, inspires everyone to come together, forget about the dramas and simply watch his magic.
21 May, 10:17 AM UTC
Miles Guthmann
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts. When he gets the ball and does his magic, it just makes me smile and love footy even more.
21 May, 09:45 AM UTC
Big Safron!
#afl360 Eddie Betts! I don't think it needs much explanation
21 May, 09:34 AM UTC
Napping Corgi
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts is my favourite mens player not just because of his amazing GOTY efforts but his commitment to young players, indigenous players, @crows_rainbow, @CrowsAFLW and @aflwomens genuinely amazing player and superstar person. #AFL360
21 May, 09:27 AM UTC
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts. Unbelievable nearly every week. Pure genius & by all accounts a cracking bloke & mentor! Love watching him (except against the Cats) 😳
21 May, 09:01 AM UTC
Callum Thomas
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts. Loved him at my blues for many years and has be sensational at Adelaide. From afar he looks to have built an amazing culture amounts the indigenous boys at the Crows. Not many players leave for money and are still loved by their previous club! #AFL360
21 May, 08:23 AM UTC
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts ... if there were more than four pockets at the Adelaide oval he’d have goals of the year in them as well #AFL360
21 May, 08:21 AM UTC
michelle vigar
@FOXFOOTY Boy this is hard i absolutely love Andrew McLeod what a star and Eddie Betts the things that both these boys can and could do are sensational. #AFL360
21 May, 08:07 AM UTC
Tracey Enn
@FOXFOOTY Definitely Eddie Betts. Such a magic player. I was sad when he left Carlton but it was the best decision for him - his game just keeps going to different levels. #AFL360
21 May, 07:29 AM UTC
Nick Tape
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts - The best small forward of all time, created many memorable moments and brings massive crowds to watch him. Owns his own pocket, and makes the spectacular look easy.
21 May, 07:11 AM UTC
Jamie Craker
@jakelambert23 @FOXFOOTY Very active today jake I like it. But wrong again. Robbie Ahmat > Eddie Betts
21 May, 06:50 AM UTC
Mark Younes
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts, he has the ability to make something out of nothing any time on any day #AFL360
21 May, 06:29 AM UTC
@FOXFOOTY For pure enjoyment, with one of the best highlight reels we're ever likely to see I have to say Eddie Betts. Goals, marks, celebrations - a little bit of everything! Remarkable talent, and genuine 'good guy' to go with it. (apologies to Long, Wanganeen and McLeod!) #afl360
21 May, 08:55 PM UTC
@FOXFOOTY For pure enjoyment, with one of the best highlight reels we're ever likely to see I have to say Eddie Betts. Goals, marks, celebrations - a little bit of everything! Remarkable talent, and genuine 'good guy' to go with it. (apologies to Long, Wanganeen and McLeod!)
21 May, 08:54 PM UTC
James Miller
@FOXFOOTY for me, it has to be eddie betts! seeing him first hand at crows games and feeling the excitement build whenever he goes near the ball is truely something else! also his involvement and love for the community is a testament to how much he’s done for the game #AFL360
21 May, 02:40 PM UTC
Gresh Prince 👑
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts: The most impossible player that does things no one can. An incredible role model. #AFL360
21 May, 01:52 PM UTC
Jock Cattanach
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts for sure, the things he can do with the footy are unbelievable #AFL360
21 May, 01:08 PM UTC
@FOXFOOTY Eddie betts a great foward champion
21 May, 01:04 PM UTC
Gillies McDonald
@FOXFOOTY Eddie betts! I shouldnt have to give a reason why
21 May, 11:38 AM UTC
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts has always been an exciting player to watch, even moreso at Adelaide #AFL360
21 May, 11:19 AM UTC
@AGissara @CarltonFC We need a big mid (coniglio) and winter, one solid Backman and an Eddie betts forward crumber
21 May, 11:13 AM UTC
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts is my favourite. Does so much to encourage and show the way for fellow indigenous players, especially in the crows and port teams. Plus, he gets you jumping off your seat with a highlight reel that goes for hours! #afl360
21 May, 09:54 AM UTC
@FOXFOOTY @FOXFOOTY member of the dogs but my fav indigenous player and moment would be Eddie betts for what he did for a ballarat family who lost there son to cancer. Done this himself with no media attention. Legend!
21 May, 09:42 AM UTC
@FOXFOOTY Still shed a tear as a Carlton supporter to see him running around in another jumper. Greatest indigenous player, Eddie Betts #AFL360
21 May, 09:42 AM UTC
Tate Dimech
Eddie Betts, because no one can light up Adelaide Oval like the little master 🔥🔥@FOXFOOTY #afl360
21 May, 09:36 AM UTC
Take The Piss Geelong
Eddie Betts. The bloke can do unnatural things with the Sherrin. When he has the ball in hand, we all hold our breaths and watch in awe #AFL360
21 May, 09:35 AM UTC
#afl360 - Eddie Betts. When I moved here in 2011 he was the reason I fell in love with the game. But also the reason I chose Carlton... and I don’t hold it against him
21 May, 09:34 AM UTC
Beau storm austen
@FOXFOOTY Eddie betts because he is just a gun he always puts in effort every week and his ability in front of goals is just at an amazing level and especially from the pockets. @FOXFOOTY #AFL360
21 May, 09:27 AM UTC
Frank Zammit
@FOXFOOTY Favourite indigenous player in my generation would have to be Eddie Betts, I loved watching him play for @CarltonFC since he started at the age of 18 back in 2004 then was devastated when he went to @Adelaide_FC, but never the less, such and exciting player to watch, so humble.
21 May, 09:23 AM UTC
Phil K
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts. You get a magic show every week. Want a speccy, impossible goal, some shake’n’bake? Just watch Eddie. Loved him @Blues as part of 3 Amigos. Sad he’s in Adelaide, still marvel at the sheer joy he brings to all, regardless of the team you follow. #Eddiemagic #AFL360
21 May, 09:02 AM UTC
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts, career at a crossroads when he came over and ended up brining the city to life- everyone knows who he is. Whenever he’s near it the Eddie chant fires up and the entire stadium know something’s about to happen. Won’t find a more humble bloke either. #AFL360
21 May, 08:37 AM UTC
Four Months of Kayo
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts because of his mentoring of young indigenous players such as @Charles__23 and Wayne Milera Jr. Oh, and because of this: #AFL360 https://t.co/rNsTRJ6FYw
21 May, 08:35 AM UTC
Kim Pitt
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts for me, such an inspiring bloke on and off the field. #AFL360
21 May, 08:31 AM UTC
Jake Lang
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts! Has had me turn on Fox Footy many a time just to watch the magic show! #AFL360
21 May, 08:31 AM UTC
Stephen Dooley
@timmyhodges @JDESTOOP80_FOX @FOXFOOTY Any other vision of the Eddie Betts shot for goal with 25 seconds to go... The one which wasn't reviewed..
21 May, 08:26 AM UTC
Fave Aboriginal Player of all time is Eddie Betts, the guy is a superstar on and, more importantly, off the field #AFL360
21 May, 07:29 AM UTC
Steve aka Dirko
@FOXFOOTY From my time of watching footy Andrew McLeod. Smooth and skillful. Just delightful to watch. Love Eddie Betts especially when at Carlton. A freak. Syd Jackson before my time but a pioneer for the indigenous boys in the 70's. #AFL360
21 May, 07:25 AM UTC
Tommi Wesley
@FOXFOOTY Eddie betts at Carlton gave us a reason to go to the footy every week and stick with the mighty baggers. Kicked unbelievable goals and took hangers
21 May, 07:11 AM UTC
Emily Johnson
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts. Who doesn’t love him? Showing that footy can be fun and electrifying. He has spoke about his personal growth and childhood troubles to show how far he’s come. Plus elite skills and class act sportsmanship. All around great footballer #AFL360
21 May, 07:09 AM UTC
louise lawrie
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts he's a true leader and great teacher for the kids to look up to! #AFL360
21 May, 07:00 AM UTC
@FOXFOOTY Eddie betts, the way he goes about the game, give him one opportunity and he can change the game from any where on the ground. Seems like doesnt take it all to seriously but knows when to. You watch him play and you know something good is going to happen. #AFL360
21 May, 06:50 AM UTC
Nathan Glover
@FOXFOOTY Eddie betts - how he comes kicks some of his goals from the pocket is unbelievable! @AFL360 #afl360
21 May, 06:45 AM UTC
@FOXFOOTY For me, it can only be Eddie Betts. Doesn’t even matter if he’s playing against my team, can’t help but feel like something exciting is about to happen whenever the ball is in Eddie’s vicinity. And he’s an even better bloke off the ground #AFL360
21 May, 06:43 AM UTC
Craig Morgan
@FOXFOOTY Has To Be Eddie Betts, Came To My Work In his first year for a footy clinic and as a Carlton member looked him over and said to my old man “this guy will be a champion” 300 plus games later he hasn’t let me down, True class on and off the field. #afl360
21 May, 06:41 AM UTC
Nick|Kingdom Hearts 3 Broke me
@FOXFOOTY Eddie betts as a carlton fan i still love him he is a freak and his ability to kick literally impossible goals always amaze me and i love the way he gets the crowd involved! #AFL360
21 May, 06:39 AM UTC
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts. He made me fall even more in love with Carlton growing up. Eddie is still the most exciting player to watch & he will kick goals from anywhere. He’s also handled some tough situations incredibly well over the year. A real role model #AFL360
21 May, 06:38 AM UTC
Daniel Hitchcock
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts. He can kick goals from anywhere and makes it all look easy. #AFL360
21 May, 06:34 AM UTC
Charlie Roberts
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts. Just a brilliant player, full of class! He thrills the crowd every time he gets the ball and just love watching him on a weekly basis! #AFL360
21 May, 06:20 AM UTC
Harrison Hymans
@FOXFOOTY Eddie Betts- arguably the greatest pure small forward of all time, has gotten better with age, still prone to miracle goals, livewire, one of the rare players who brings genuine electricity to the football. A human highlights reel #AFL360
21 May, 06:18 AM UTC
Neil Gray
@FOXFOOTY As a relative newcomer to footy I can’t look past Eddie Betts! The guy not only seems like a fabulous teammate but the fun, enjoyment and skill level he brings to every week just draws people to the game #AFL360
21 May, 06:04 AM UTC
@QueerGirlEmilie Eddie Betts
21 May, 03:03 AM UTC
@MitchRobinson05 Me too. As a highlights editor indigenous players give me 60 percent of the material I work with (Actually Eddie Betts accounts for about a 1/4 of all highlights he is a legend in my book
20 May, 10:02 PM UTC