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therapy eddie munson's smile ❌ ✅ https://t.co/fIkJcwD1sb
08 Aug, 02:59 PM UTC
PAUSE. dustin and eddie play fighting wasn’t part of the script https://t.co/1L0AxMJ7SU
08 Aug, 03:54 PM UTC
Kari Lake for AZ Governor
Our Government, originally created of the people, by the people and for the people has now turned Against We the People. No one is safe. I am praying not only for President Trump, but for the entire Nation.
09 Aug, 12:39 AM UTC
eddie munson supremacy
so the script said “awkward” and joseph and gaten took that and made it into the most adorable sentimental scene with dustin and eddie wow i LOVE them https://t.co/sMdoagFMKE
08 Aug, 04:15 PM UTC
“i always took you for a queer” steve, why does eddie munson call you big boy?
08 Aug, 03:52 AM UTC
steve cooks eddie his first home-cooked meal in like 10 years and eddie starts crying into the plate
08 Aug, 05:26 AM UTC
i'm going to be very normal about things
imagine if eddie munson wasnt an edward like what if he was like. edgar. or edison. or edmund. edwin.
08 Aug, 05:18 AM UTC
Ronan Burtenshaw
“It’s time everyone in this country who’s got a rotten landlord, who’s got a low wage, who’s got in-work benefits, who’s going to a food bank, stood up together and said enough is enough.” - @RMTunion’s Eddie Dempsey https://t.co/PWdRXYmhfU @ronanburtenshaw's photo on Eddie
08 Aug, 08:37 AM UTC
itzy 🦇🌙
08 Aug, 07:22 PM UTC
eddie munson’s rings and their meaning <3 https://t.co/xaaIIwpU7p
08 Aug, 06:33 PM UTC
eddie munson supremacy
the only “rivalry” steve and eddie had was trying to compliment each other harder https://t.co/kUggqXw0Ek
08 Aug, 06:51 PM UTC
eddie munson supremacy
bruh 💀 eddie and argyle https://t.co/qB5pR3Umbz
08 Aug, 09:25 PM UTC
i'm going to be very normal about things
this is really what those mechanic eddie customer steve aus are looking like https://t.co/OIUJtIPAFU
08 Aug, 06:58 AM UTC
🌲little feral thing🌳
(8/?) 💓💝“STEVE”💕💖the Eddie panels were inspired by @CrazyComet107 ‘s amazing work! #steddie #steveharrington #steddiefanart #steddiecomic #EDDIEMUNSON #st4 #StrangerThings https://t.co/giakD26n0B
08 Aug, 10:41 PM UTC
sooo... kas!eddie amiright.......... #eddiemunson https://t.co/WunrVVywjB
08 Aug, 06:54 PM UTC
leviathan vamp eddie creature https://t.co/ibI33wbS8A
08 Aug, 05:14 PM UTC
wip update, since ill have no wifi at home and will be in radio silence for context: steve and eddie lived together in the band au, before they popped off individually https://t.co/DtXICvIz4B
08 Aug, 11:34 AM UTC
mia. 🦇
08 Aug, 02:44 PM UTC
i don’t say it enough but gosh im so thankful that the role of eddie munson fell into the hands of joseph
08 Aug, 04:27 PM UTC
i love you eddie munson ur so weird and off putting
09 Aug, 12:37 AM UTC
chia ☾ 🫧 -41|ia
Buck saw Maddie Bobby Chim fighting for their lives, and yes he was anxious as fuck and wished he could do anything but when it came to Chris and Eddie it was like the whole world collapsed on him AND he stopped breathing only to start again once he knew they were SAFE
08 Aug, 02:33 PM UTC
petition to release joseph quinn’s audition for eddie munson? https://t.co/vbF60QYJQr
08 Aug, 10:40 PM UTC
comunidade eddie munson
eddie em fotos com o hellfire!! e as expressões que ele faz em todas as fotos https://t.co/x0u3UDNdnq
09 Aug, 12:53 AM UTC
bibi eddie's gf
quem nao gosta do eddie eh feio
08 Aug, 08:18 PM UTC
5’5” billy hargrove truther
eddie is gross and would love how billy smells after a workout just saying.
08 Aug, 02:31 PM UTC
sam | sweetie ( she/they ) 🔞💚
Eddie getting tipsy at the Jade and admitting he's jerked off to Richie's stand-up before. Immediately realizing what he's just said, and just "Well. It's been great. Bye." And just leaving before they even get to the fortune cookies.
08 Aug, 08:22 PM UTC
eddie guerrero seeing heels hit three amigos and do frog splashes every rey mysterio match #WWERaw https://t.co/B6nLz92QRv
09 Aug, 01:09 AM UTC
mari loves grace van dien ♡
hello #hellcheer / #eddissy nation 🫶 I present: a mini one-shot / hc thread thingy (whatever u wanna call it) where Eddie and Chrissy dance at their middle school snowball 💪 I haven’t written anything in so long so I am ridiculously rusty el oh el
08 Aug, 09:49 PM UTC