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SEC Network
THE DAWGS RUN THIS STATE! @HailStateFB wins the Egg Bowl 🥚🏆 @SECNetwork's photo on Egg Bowl
25 Nov, 03:53 AM UTC
Egg Bowl #TrashTalk @RedditCFB's photo on Egg Bowl
24 Nov, 07:03 PM UTC
Lane Kiffin's son asked Will Rogers for his towel before the Egg Bowl. Rogers kept his promise. @Wrogers__2 🤝 @Lane_Kiffin @espn's photo on Egg Bowl
25 Nov, 04:36 AM UTC
We've reached this stage of the Egg Bowl! @RedditCFB's photo on Egg Bowl
25 Nov, 03:26 AM UTC
Brad Logan
The 2022 Egg Bowl light show #OleMiss | @247Sports @BradLoganCOTE's photo on Egg Bowl
25 Nov, 12:07 AM UTC
PFF College
Happy Egg Bowl Gameday🥚 @PFF_College's photo on Egg Bowl
24 Nov, 02:37 PM UTC
FOX College Football
⚠️ UPSET ALERT ⚠️ Mississippi State defeats No. 20 Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl! @CFBONFOX's photo on Egg Bowl
25 Nov, 04:08 AM UTC
PFF College
Mississippi State has won the Egg Bowl! 🥚🥚🥚 @PFF_College's photo on Egg Bowl
25 Nov, 03:54 AM UTC
Grace Ybarra
POV you just won the Egg Bowl @gnybarra's photo on Egg Bowl
25 Nov, 04:04 AM UTC
Unnecessary Roughness
Lane Kiffin was asked after the Egg Bowl if he intends on coaching Ole Miss next year. His response: “Yes I do” via @BradLoganCOTE @UnnecRoughness's photo on Egg Bowl
25 Nov, 04:35 AM UTC
Bruce Feldman
Ole Miss entered tonight's Egg Bowl fourth in the nation in rushing average at 5.75 yards per carry. Miss State held them to 74 yards on 38 yards for just 1.9 ypc. Helluva job by DC Zach Arnett's crew that had 15 TFLs.
25 Nov, 04:38 AM UTC
Hail State Stool
Y’all remember earlier this week when ole miss Twitter acted like they didn’t really care abt the egg bowl, and now they are in absolute shambles, funny how that turned out…
25 Nov, 05:08 AM UTC
Ashley T. Rodgers ❤️🏆🖤
Watching the Egg Bowl and this beautiful stat appears. #GoDawgs https://t.co/4ioiLcVfpT
25 Nov, 01:37 AM UTC
Old Row MSU
How’d that egg bowl win feel @MalikHeath2 ? Oh wait
25 Nov, 04:01 AM UTC
War Blogle 🦃
Watching the Egg Bowl to check out Auburn’s new coach: Mike Leach. #wareagle
25 Nov, 12:34 AM UTC
Logan Booker
I don’t know if there’s a rivalry in all of sports that I give less sh**s who wins and enjoy half as much as I do the Egg Bowl. It’s just perfect.
25 Nov, 02:39 AM UTC
Robbie Faulk
MSU had 13 carries for 9 yards in the first half. The Bulldog running backs would carry the load in the second half with 22 carries for over 100 yards to help State pull out the Egg Bowl. https://t.co/xOQdvYToJb
25 Nov, 05:58 AM UTC
Gil Maneclang
Lane Kiffin Egg Bowl prep 1. Get in a Twitter war with a local tv guy ✅ 2. Be as distracting as possible ✅ 3. Wear a thin white hoodie ✅
25 Nov, 04:23 AM UTC
Nick Roush
The TE shovel pass NEVER works in college 2-point plays. That thing was DOA. Egg Bowl, you’re drunk.
25 Nov, 03:48 AM UTC
Sports Illustrated
This Egg Bowl always provides college football fans with some wacky moments on Thanksgiving, and the 2022 showdown was no different https://t.co/eOgN72fRVW
25 Nov, 05:10 AM UTC
Stefan Krajisnik
Ole Miss football markets itself as a Party in the 'Sip, but the smell of cigar smoke lingering outside Mississippi State's locker room Thursday suggests that party is headed east. On a crucial night for Mike Leach and MSU: https://t.co/8DBqW7xoFX
25 Nov, 06:36 AM UTC
AP Top 25
Will Rogers passed for 2 TDs and Mississippi State stopped a potential game-tying 2-point conversion with 1:25 remaining to preserve a 24-22 Egg Bowl win over No. 20 Mississippi and coach Lane Kiffin. https://t.co/JXzEMycUdb
25 Nov, 04:43 AM UTC
Jason Caldwell
The Egg Bowl usually delivers. Another good one tonight.
25 Nov, 03:53 AM UTC
The Rebel Walk
At his postgame press conference following the Rebels’ 24-22 Egg Bowl loss, Lane Kiffin says he expects to return as Ole Miss head coach. ⤵️ https://t.co/Ip5iSTf3Ea
25 Nov, 06:28 AM UTC
"If the Lane Train is indeed fueling up for the next leg of an unpredictable journey, his final contribution to Ole Miss will have been a flop," @btoppmeyer writes about head football coach Lane Kiffin. https://t.co/R4N8W6a2J4
25 Nov, 05:58 AM UTC
College Football Know-It-All
Time for the Egg Bowl. That one magical day of the year when fans across the country are reminded that Mississippi and Mississippi State are actually two different schools. #HailState #HottyToddy
24 Nov, 02:46 PM UTC
The Egg Bowl is going to Egg Bowl. https://t.co/SKj9FUliof
25 Nov, 04:14 AM UTC
Everything Mike Leach said after the Egg Bowl win for MSU. https://t.co/jHDFPdzIIv
25 Nov, 06:00 AM UTC
ICYMI: Mississippi State upset no. 20 Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl. 😧 https://t.co/ZQe5F7XcJI @theScore's photo on Egg Bowl
25 Nov, 05:30 AM UTC