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Alpha A.
I have been paying/investing into EI and CPP for over 35 years. I have never taken EI, and I will receive a lowered CPP as I contribute to a pension plan. I don't mind paying to ensure that my elderly neighbours have a pension or that a young person who has lost a job has food.
24 Sep, 12:29 AM UTC
Lorrie Goldstein
Good grief: The ... federal ... government ... says ... EI ... and ... CPP ... are ... taxes. https://t.co/lExD45rkLt
24 Sep, 02:13 AM UTC
Lorrie Goldstein
It's amazing how some simply refuse to accept the federal government's own definition of EI and CPP premiums as taxes, isn't it? Even when you show them this weblink. What taxes you pay: https://t.co/20UZCovVoh https://t.co/xC7o0ga5mQ
24 Sep, 02:40 AM UTC
G.M. Forbes
@TomPark1n This coming from a guy claiming increases to EI and CPP "contributions" aren't taxes. The Financial Consumer Agency Canada, a federal government of Canada agency, seems to disagree with you. You are terrified of Poilievre and it is hilarious. https://t.co/Nc5o7ydIgp https://t.co/cWJfgmQRlL
23 Sep, 08:52 PM UTC
Lorrie Goldstein
That's just the four provinces with the federally imposed carbon tax, not other tax hikes including increases in EI and CPP taxes in the new year which the feds themselves define as a tax. Government of Canada: What taxes you pay: https://t.co/20UZCovVoh
24 Sep, 01:21 AM UTC
@PierrePoilievre “This idiot, Pierre keeps saying that EI and CPP are a tax, they’re not.” “Pierre is trying to get you to defund the programs that you need because it will give a tax break to the wealthy.” “Don’t listen to Pierre, he’s an idiot.” #PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou #cdnpoli https://t.co/TqTDXdY3vJ
24 Sep, 12:29 AM UTC
Saeed Khan
@Frizz461 @JeffRybak The worst part IMHO is the MSM is not calling out this 💩. Eg. PP calling EI and CPP ‘taxes’ is total 💩. These are their new angle in attacking our social safety nets. And the media is silent. Some people are falling for it. The attacks go on, unabated. That worries me.
23 Sep, 10:28 PM UTC
G.M. Forbes
@XelaRavens @sunlorrie TruAnon: EI and CPP contributions aren't taxes Reality: Yes they are. The government even acknowledges this on their website. TruAnon: The government is wrong.
24 Sep, 02:40 AM UTC
@TO_Resident That never happens and would be criminal. PeePee is projecting because that’s the conservative wet dream. To get their hands on EI and CPP surpluses.
23 Sep, 03:08 PM UTC
Heard With Trevor
Liberals keep falsely claiming that EI and CPP are not taxes. The government of Canada and the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada call EI and CPP taxes. https://t.co/P4fvoP1zqR EI is a tax. CPP is a tax. #TrudeauMustGo #FreelandMustGo https://t.co/fYHIYlf7ie
24 Sep, 07:01 AM UTC
@sunlorrie EXCEPT, Liberals were there for Canadians when they needed them to be the most. ALSO, nobody's taxes are going up, unless they are buying yachts or private planes. LASTLY, Conservatives want to take EI AND CPP away from Canadians, while we pay for their gold plated pensions.
24 Sep, 03:19 AM UTC
Paulitical Eye
In Canada, #Conservative leader #PierrePoilievre is trying to end EI and CPP (unemployment and pension benefits plans already paid into by Canadians. Do NOT trust these right-wing conmen to represent your best interests! They represent the have-yachts, not the have-nots! #cdnpoli https://t.co/Kb66zKdEzp
23 Sep, 09:24 PM UTC
Sweet G AkA unused bootstraps
@DanAlbas The fact you and your party are attacking EI and CPP should tell Canadians all we need to know about your commitment to the actual working class of Canada
23 Sep, 03:52 PM UTC
Melvin Argue
@sunlorrie EI and CPP are good.
24 Sep, 04:30 AM UTC
Brooke Fairplay. 💜💛☮💙💛
#Cdnpoli #PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou EI and CPP is not a tax, I did the quiz https://t.co/3129cLlBwh
24 Sep, 04:03 AM UTC
@MikeBarrettON You meant to say cancel EI and CPP didn't you? We all know the Conservative plan. Good luck running on that one. Conservatives trying to run our social safety net like its a fucking cellular service. Pay as you go? FFS!
24 Sep, 03:14 AM UTC
Political Skunk
Heard: EI and CPP are taxes in Canada, showing Liberals lied again in QP - Heard With Trevor https://t.co/qFrbiXVi8K
24 Sep, 07:18 AM UTC
Brooke Fairplay. 💜💛☮💙💛
#Cdnpoli Thanks Dale for this article, really explains what is happening with EI and CPP and why contributions are being raised. Makes sense. please read for your next encounter with #PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou https://t.co/aUOIUghPrP
24 Sep, 06:06 AM UTC
Political Skunk
Heard: EI and CPP are taxes, insurance, benefits, premiums, rates, fees and still TAXES - Heard With Trevor https://t.co/9KOkZy8qI6
24 Sep, 04:58 AM UTC
Heard With Trevor
👍 EI and CPP are taxes, insurance, benefits, premiums, rates, fees and still TAXES - Heard With Trevor EI and CPP are taxes. 🤯 If it quacks like a duck. 🦆 Taxes are mandatory payments by individuals and corporations to government. Liberals refuse to… https://t.co/ti3wzkwHal
24 Sep, 04:57 AM UTC
@sunlorrie I am old enough to remember Jean Chretien and Paul Martin using surplus EI and CPP to pay off Canada's deficit.
24 Sep, 04:05 AM UTC
Nick Chamchuk
@Yup_its_Holly @Papaschase2 @Pepperfire EI and CPP are deducted from profit, this the company AND the individual PAYS LESS TAXES. #PierrePoilievreIsLyingToYou
24 Sep, 08:07 AM UTC
@globeandmail Food prices soaring ! Housing unattainable ! Taxes up on everything now Ei and CPP Trudeau is raising ! Gas prices crazy as Trudeau try’s to kill oil and gas as the world pivots
24 Sep, 08:01 AM UTC
@Derricktgoat @MitchLaliberte @BBunnyBlair @sunlorrie I've collected both EI and CPP before the age of 40.
24 Sep, 07:39 AM UTC
Nick Leaf
@MitchLaliberte @BBunnyBlair @sunlorrie Taxes, just like your EI and CPP. If you are lucky to collect CPP, then you won’t need EI or a Hospital, or if you don’t get to collect CPP, you will need a Hospital 🏥. Taxes either way.
24 Sep, 06:55 AM UTC
Justin Janke
@PierrePoilievre How would you help my family Pierre? Get rid of EI and CPP? Please tell me, I am listening.
24 Sep, 05:54 AM UTC
@stoptweetingdon @sunlorrie I think your TruAnon detector is stuck on EI and CPP increases. Try and keep up man.
24 Sep, 05:22 AM UTC
Bill Bott
@JohnBarlowMP Food is not taxed other than prepared meals and snack food. EI and CPP premiums are not a tax. You are contributing to programs where you receive a benefit the first mentioned when you are unemployed and the later provides you with an income when you are a senior.
24 Sep, 05:20 AM UTC
Marius Fortuna_2
@sunlorrie I'm reading EI and CPP described as "contributions," which is what I've always understood them to be. But what do I know? In early 2020 I believed, from my reading, that coronavirus was going to be very serious and could kill thousands of Canadians. Boy, was I wrong on that one!
24 Sep, 05:06 AM UTC
Teellen 🍁🇨🇦🍁 🌻🇺🇦🌻
@Kennypj84 @TIGERxxSTYLE @PierrePoilievre First QP Skippy pretends he doesn't know that EI and CPP are not a "tax". Better save your crypto because PP will be after your CPP and EI (see Harper playbook). "We are conservatives, we don't believe in that" says the "regular" guy who has been fully pensioned since he was 31
24 Sep, 03:51 AM UTC