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Scott Barrett
Last season, Austin Ekeler ranked: - 6th of 61 RBs in PFF Grade (83.6) - 7th of 56 RBs in Elusive Rating (67.6) - 6th of 56 RBs in Yards per Carry (5.23) - 7th of 31 RBs in Yards per Target (7.62) ... and was better than Melvin Gordon in each stat. Current ADP: RB42, Round 9
11 Jul, 02:11 PM UTC
IG: ChargersHype
Notable contracts expiring in 2019-20: Philip Rivers Hunter Henry Austin Ekeler Issac Rochell Derek Watt Mike Pouncey Jatavis Brown In 2020-21: Melvin Ingram Joey Bosa Keenan Allen Mike Williams Denzel Perryman Russell Okung Justin Jackson But a RB wants to get paid...
11 Jul, 04:52 PM UTC
Eric Williams
Gordon skipped most of the offseason but attended mandatory minicamp. Back in June, Gordon said "I don't know" when asked if he would report to training camp without a new deal. Chargers have solid depth at RB behind Gordon in Austin Ekeler, Justin Jackson and Detrez Newsome. https://t.co/KQk7GgPPpP
11 Jul, 02:06 PM UTC
Adam Rank
I'm pretty excited about my Austin Ekeler pick in #SFB9
11 Jul, 02:56 PM UTC
the podfather
because le'veon bell's holdout was viewed as a clusterfuck from all sides, it is actually less likely that melvin gordon will repeat it. but because le'veon bell's holdout happened, the instinct to avoid or dump gordon and rush to ekeler & jackson in fantasy will be much greater. https://t.co/wMT0KlHsEQ
11 Jul, 02:29 PM UTC
Adam Levitan
Austin Ekeler was PFF's No. 6 RB among 61 qualifiers last year. Was 4th in yards after contact per attempt. Also has 66 catches on just 543 career snaps. https://t.co/F0cpJ5hhZ2
11 Jul, 02:01 PM UTC
Eli Berkovits
@AdamSchefter Austin Ekeler right now #FantasyFootball #Chargers #NFL https://t.co/e5oL1jckEQ
11 Jul, 02:13 PM UTC
JetPack Galileo
Austin Ekeler is not James Conner. This could work. Melvin Gordon loses all leverage at the end of this season. Rolling the dice now to secure financial security is a big boy move. I'll respect it, even if it doesn't work out.
11 Jul, 02:35 PM UTC
The Fantasy Guru
La Chargers (Super Bowl Winner Record: 13-3 Fantasy Team MVP: Chargers Defense Players to Own: Austin Ekeler Players to avoid: Mike Williams and Hunter Henry Best win: Week 11 vs chiefs Worst loss: Week 14 at jaguars
11 Jul, 08:50 PM UTC
Keith Lott
8 owners have already drafted #Chargers RB Austin Ekeler in #SFB9 drafts and @daverichard has Justin Jackson on his roster already! 16.07 - 187 overall - RB61 https://t.co/sIvq80Lnwv
11 Jul, 02:16 PM UTC
@ChargersCountry Sign Ajayi and rotate him with Ekeler and Jackson. Similar to 2017 Eagles, who won the SB that year 🤭
11 Jul, 06:13 PM UTC
Baker 🇨🇦
Austin Ekeler (ADP112 RB26) When facing 10+ yards to go 69 ATT 404YDS 5.9Y/A with 13 1st downs ALSO averages 8.6 yards / target Monitor Gordon’s situation closely, if he sits out/ is traded look for Ekeler in a timeshare with Justin Jackson Could be a league winner at his ADP
11 Jul, 02:17 PM UTC
Adrian, Esq.
Me watching people tout Ekeler after the Melvin Gordon contract dispute news https://t.co/MrJ9wqlYSq
11 Jul, 06:35 PM UTC
Chargers Nation
Can we afford/do we want to sign MG to the kind of contract he wants (13-14M)? Phil, Ekeler, Henry, Pouncey, Watt and AP all set to be FA after this year 👀
11 Jul, 09:57 PM UTC
Adam Pfeifer
Over his first two seasons, Austin Ekeler is averaging 7.3 and 6.6 yards per touch. #Chargers
11 Jul, 08:32 PM UTC
On Point Fantasy
With the news of Melvin possibly holding out we have to do a second poll today! We think Ekeler should be a round 2 pick and an RB1 do you agree?
11 Jul, 05:08 PM UTC
60-32 Dodgers 💙
@ChargersCountry We’d be running a committee by Newsome, Ekeler and Jackson
11 Jul, 06:14 PM UTC
Jordan Woodson
I hope you took my advice and scooped up Austin Ekeler for cheap while you could. His ADP is about to skyrocket. https://t.co/BWMUNqej5T
11 Jul, 08:51 PM UTC
RJ Szn
@Harden2x They don’t have an RB to replace him tho, Ekeler wasn’t that special in the games Gordon was hurt
11 Jul, 06:41 PM UTC
Too much money= let him go, J. Jackson x Ekeler straight. Trade for another RB + draft picks https://t.co/FzZe1tTzeq
11 Jul, 06:38 PM UTC
Matt Williams
Since it’s a topic... If Gordon leaves Chargers, let’s say, I dont feel this will have much of a positive inpact on Ekeler He thrives in his current role and when given more in 2018 (w/ MG out) he struggled J.Jackson could benefit, but overall I’m not too excited either way https://t.co/duv8W5KsEf
11 Jul, 06:23 PM UTC
⚡⚡⚡East LA Bolts⚡⚡⚡
@BoltsSquad Justin Jackson and ekeler can carry the load along with Newsome
11 Jul, 06:16 PM UTC
The Dynasty Draft Room #TDDR
How do you feel about Melvin Gordon for your dynasty team? Do you believe he holds out? Does Ekeler/Jackson step up in his place and produce? Does Gordon get his money? Lots of question surrounding this speculation. https://t.co/3lbl2Zwaxg
11 Jul, 06:12 PM UTC
Jason Balliet II
@ChargersCountry Jackson, with Ekeler in the same role he’s in now.
11 Jul, 06:12 PM UTC
Golden Gate Fantasy Football
Jumping on the Melvin Gordon news Austin Ekeler snap rates and touches w/o Gordon: Week 7: 95%- 17 Week 13: 78%- 18 Week 14: 68%- 17 Avg 3.23 YPC, 6.33 YPR, both below league avg 2018 Fun Fact: Lead all RBs with min. 50 Targets in YAC/R @ 10.61 https://t.co/CXX45o6KQX
11 Jul, 06:07 PM UTC
@BetOnJimmy Ekeler will be perfect for a 5-11 chargers team that isn’t going anywhere.
11 Jul, 10:21 PM UTC
Federico Martínez
@AnaSias @NFLLive_esp @cprocuna @espnsutcliffe @maicopasquel Dudo que lleguen a un acuerdo, teniendo a Ekeler y a Justin Jackson y sobretodo a Joey Bosa que tiene que firmar y a Rivers
11 Jul, 10:15 PM UTC
Everyone is talking about Austin Ekeler but what about Justin Jackson? He's the more durable back over Ekeler coming out of college. 3 down back for Northwestern and at his ADP can't be ignored.
11 Jul, 10:02 PM UTC
Cersei Lannister Stan 😩🙏
@CJohnsonCastro @BB_Chargers I REALLY like JJ! He showed up big against Pittsburgh and he earned my trust there. Ekeler has also proven himself to be a huge weapon.
11 Jul, 08:38 PM UTC
QB Mahomes WR Hill WR AB WR Allen TE Kelce RB Ekeler C Pouncey CB Heyward CB Harris JR N Fuller LB Frank Clark LB V Miller SS Derwin FS Mathieu https://t.co/M1RZGZh3bV
11 Jul, 08:18 PM UTC
Juan Rosa
@RosterWatch Ekeler was the better back in a limited role last year. Wouldn't take much to get another back to take a few carries and use Ekeler for first and third down and even goalline in 11 personnel.
11 Jul, 08:07 PM UTC
Andrew Fleischer
11 Jul, 08:06 PM UTC
@ChargersCountry Def can’t be Ekeler we saw what happened last year,
11 Jul, 06:46 PM UTC
Daenerys Ainge
@liftbrah @hollowpoint357 @Schultz_Report @AdamSchefter @Melvingordon25 Can start getting into the discussion of formations, opponents, etc again but Ekeler starting to put together a large sample size.
11 Jul, 06:26 PM UTC
bawb from online dot com.
@dwest9cubs I have the oddest dreams I’ve been trying to trade for Austin Ekeler in my one dynasty league and I was flipping out that I didn’t get him cheap when I had the chance. 🤣🤣
11 Jul, 06:21 PM UTC
Patrick W
@TheCigarStud @BallBlastEm I think i would take Ekeler because his ceiling is just as high as jackson in #SFB9, and he has a usable floor if Gordon stays in LA. I didn't get the chance to take ekeler at all, @TheFFBallers nabbed them in our 10th 😭
11 Jul, 06:16 PM UTC
@SituationaLefty But that's the point. There are special RBs out there. #RBsDontMatter presupposes that Melvin Gordon is expendable because you can just plug in Austin Ekeler. Which, to me, is faulty logic.
11 Jul, 06:16 PM UTC
your pops
@BravoTheMan @Melvingordon25 @Chargers y’all got ekeler !! don’t need him lmao
11 Jul, 06:16 PM UTC
J⚡(T.i.C in my former life)
@SDFox619 Yea Ekeler and Jackson arent big enough
11 Jul, 06:10 PM UTC
Art Vargas
I think Melvin Gordon will get traded for O-line and a 4th-5th round pick and Austin Ekeler will start. @Chargers
11 Jul, 10:26 PM UTC
@Jayoh30 Jackson is everydown back and Ekeler is change of pace back that has some everydown back attributes 70-30 Ekeler-Jackson
11 Jul, 10:23 PM UTC
@LASDChargersFan I really don’t think they will!!! And it sux cuz this year he showed ❤️ but Bosa/Allen/Henry/ekeler/King/Rivers/Pouncey all are up next year and can’t sign them all!!! Then Ingram Mike Williams among others after that
11 Jul, 10:16 PM UTC
victor t
@chuenaldo Naw ekeler and Jackson are actually really good
11 Jul, 10:04 PM UTC
@MyFantasyLeague 14 Team PPR Dynasty. I have Gordon and Ekeler, and am worried by the holdout rumors. Would you try to do this trade? Tyreek Hill & Nick Chubb for Melvin Gordon, Austin Ekeler, and Dante Pettis?
11 Jul, 10:03 PM UTC
Anybody doubt that Austin Ekeler can go for 1000 yards and 15 total TDs next year? He absolutely can. We came back from down 16 at Pitt last year without Melvin. This team is poised, loaded, and ready for a Lombardi run with or without him. He’s gotta do him. We’ll be ok. #BoltUp
11 Jul, 09:59 PM UTC
Undisclosed Miz
Austin Ekeler szn
11 Jul, 09:55 PM UTC
@mspie1994 @rydunleavy The 5th year option is collectively bargained as a team option. Great players who weren't top 10 picks get short-changed a bit; but Gordon isn't a great player. He's getting 5.6M; what's he worth, 6.5M? It's a joke. Let him sit out and give the job to Ekeler #Chargers #NYGiants
11 Jul, 09:49 PM UTC
XXXale KKKbaer
Let Ekeler be 5400 week 1. I'll play him in 70% of lineups and dont think I wont
11 Jul, 09:47 PM UTC
@scott_pianowski @A_Zelinski I mean didn't we have this blueprint already laid out last year? Ekeler could not handle being a full time, between-the-tackles runner so they pivoted to Jackson and they ended up both being flex-level guys for the most part
11 Jul, 09:17 PM UTC
Honestly @Melvingordon25 shouldn’t get anything from the @Chargers I mean he is injury prone and you already have Austin Ekeler, who already has proven he can put up similar or better numbers than Melvin. Stop acting like you aren’t replaceable. This goes for all players.
11 Jul, 09:09 PM UTC
Watch them release Gordon & fire up Ekeler 💀
11 Jul, 09:02 PM UTC
@Sweendog1215 Bro Ekeler is better than all the Skins’ RBs 😂😂😂
11 Jul, 08:43 PM UTC
Jaime Jovel
Melvin Gordan, Austin Ekeler, Justin Jackson, and Joey Bosa have been trending all day on twitter today. Can the season please get here already! ⚡️
11 Jul, 08:41 PM UTC
So what are some Ekeler trades you’ve seen done today? #dynasty #dynastytrades
11 Jul, 08:40 PM UTC
@xvrandombsxx @BB_Chargers I definitely understand that. JJ has shown that he’s special and I absolutely love Ekeler but still.... MELVIN GORDON 😭😭
11 Jul, 08:40 PM UTC
@SPW_Aaron I dont think its possible either. But we could have expected this. And if we dont have Gordon this year than im certain Telesco feels that JJ and Ekeler are sufficient. And if they are not will he get accused of mishandling the situation? Rivers with a run game is just better.
11 Jul, 08:35 PM UTC
@xvrandombsxx @BB_Chargers You make a really good point, I just don’t wanna lose Gordon. There’s gotta be a way to keep all of these guys. However, do Ekeler and Jackson make up for losing Gordon?
11 Jul, 08:30 PM UTC
Granola Jeremy
Well well well. This certainly makes me happier about #SFB9 Austin Ekeler pick. https://t.co/EFJOXvVGXR
11 Jul, 08:27 PM UTC
🔥🔥Hot take of the DAY 🔥🔥 Melvin Gordon resigns with the Chargers (However give me JJ over Ekeler)
11 Jul, 08:15 PM UTC
DK Abroad
@WilliamsonNFL Yinz, USC fancy? Nice! Question: where are you drafting Ekeler now?
11 Jul, 08:13 PM UTC
Chris Cobain 🃏
@ChargersNdChill So when fournette gets injured after probably some medicore games we are just supposed to count on jackson and ekeler.....nah im good
11 Jul, 08:11 PM UTC
Tyler Strain
Well I suppose Austin Ekeler is trending up now if MG3 doesn’t get a big contract signed by the start of the season.
11 Jul, 08:08 PM UTC
Daenerys Ainge
@UraJabroniTBH @liftbrah @Schultz_Report @AdamSchefter @Melvingordon25 Am I reading this wrong? This either says Ekeler has like an inch more per carry or a total of 1inch more In 15 fewer?
11 Jul, 06:53 PM UTC
Spencer Aguiar
Austin Ekeler & Justin Jackson would form a formidable 1-2 punch in the Chargers backfield if Gordon either holds out or gets traded. However, I am not a huge believe that Ekeler receives a role substantially bigger than he has now. I'll take both, but Jackson is who you want.
11 Jul, 06:47 PM UTC
Gods Speed🍉⚡🇰🇪
Ekeler Paul Ryan #7ElevenDay One More Minute #TwitterBotPickUpLines https://t.co/oRw4rATLxH
11 Jul, 06:44 PM UTC
RJ Szn
@Harden2x He wasn’t a rookie he was a second year player, ekeler is good just not a starting quality RB,
11 Jul, 06:43 PM UTC
dan gilliam
How does Google Docs know how to spell Austin Ekeler?
11 Jul, 06:42 PM UTC
@FFQuickTakes Like it. I almost like him better as a stash than Ekeler..
11 Jul, 06:41 PM UTC
The Fantasy Football Moose
They will, however, cut into each other's values a bit unfortunately. If it was one without the other, we could have been looking at a strong RB2 (e.g. Ekeler's hot start to the season in 2018, even with Gordon present).
11 Jul, 06:35 PM UTC
Connor Donald
@TheUnis86 @Killerkoala1223 @MyFantasyLeague @DynastyTradesHQ Ekeler isn't a sexy option but he may squeeze into flex spots with the right match up. The picks are big here you can get ok talent in round 3 this year and next year's first having two will be big for a rebuild. Take the package Kupp isn't enough to help your team.
11 Jul, 06:34 PM UTC
Jarred D. Riccadonna
@GeoffLambert77 Do you like Ekeler? He hasnt shined well as a starter. Or you referring to JJax?
11 Jul, 06:34 PM UTC
The Fantasy Football Moose
If Melvin Gordon does indeed hold out, I'm guessing Justin Jackson would be the more "traditional replacement," with Austin Ekeler obviously being the pass-catching back. For PPR purposes, I'd rather have Ekeler for those receptions. In non-PPR, think I would go Jackson. https://t.co/myZtzqZOJw
11 Jul, 06:32 PM UTC
Kevin Gammell
@2A4T3T I'm thinking more along the lines of price. Everyone freaking out about Ekeler and Jackson has workhorse resume and is cheaper.
11 Jul, 06:30 PM UTC
Bryan McWethy
@fbgwood I think MG3 comes back EVENTUALLY, but given that he's made significantly more over his career as a former top 10 pick, I think there's a bigger holdout risk here. And if MG3 comes back in week 3/4 and Ekeler has been just as effective, MG3's workload very well may be decreased.
11 Jul, 06:30 PM UTC
@MissIveryMonet @Chargers Honestly we can do without him. Injury prone and Ekeler can basically do everything Melvin can do. Not saying we couldn’t use him but we definitely don’t NEED him
11 Jul, 06:29 PM UTC
Chargers Country
@Syntari13 Ekeler can’t be our starter. It’s JJ or a vet for cheap.
11 Jul, 06:28 PM UTC
Fantasy Expert Summit
RT - Matt Williams - Since it’s a topic... If Gordon leaves Chargers, let’s say, I dont feel this will have much of a positive inpact on Ekeler He thrives in his current role and when given more in 2018 (w/ MG out) he struggled J.Jackson could benefit, but overall I’m not too
11 Jul, 06:28 PM UTC
Past My Prime
@ANobody83 @KhalJoeJoe @hogan93_john @Coffeesnob65T @AroundTheNFL @RapSheet Ekeler did not play better than Gordon last year. I love Ekeler but he is mostly a misdirection and open space guy that can't run half the plays gordon does. See the games where gordon was out and ekeler was asked to run gordon's plays between the tackles
11 Jul, 06:27 PM UTC
⚡⚡⚡East LA Bolts⚡⚡⚡
@Lights83 Paying RBs is just not worth it. The rams are fucked with Gurley falling apart for a couple seasons. Trade Gordon for a good young RT and a draft pick..role with Jackson, ekeler and Newsome
11 Jul, 06:23 PM UTC
Matthew M. Stevens
So I have Ekeler and could have had Jackson, too. Am I an idiot for passing him up? There’s still a lot of offseason left so maybe they work something out with Gordon. Also IMO Ekeler is the guy to roster here. #SFB9
11 Jul, 06:19 PM UTC
Victor Robledo Jr
@Daddygodinez @AdamSchefter @Cantguardmike Not really sure how I feel about this I like Melvin Gordon but he's not always 100% healthy. If he gets paid good for him if he doesn't I'm cool with Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson
11 Jul, 06:19 PM UTC
kyle drizzle
I feel like more people want J.Jackson than Ekeler. @andyholloway @jasonffl @FFHitman I know I'm down with JJ.
11 Jul, 06:17 PM UTC
Rupan Sambasivam
I mean letting Melvin Gordon walk would suck but we do have 3 capable backs in Jackson, Ekeler & Newsome. Gordon could also be used to get a quality O-lineman via trade & make a run for a ring. I would just hate to see MG leave. #Chargers
11 Jul, 06:17 PM UTC
Hawk Dawg
Ekeler now looking like a great fantasy option https://t.co/OcFQkOHLhm
11 Jul, 06:08 PM UTC
Federico Martínez
@ChargersMX @Chargers @Melvingordon25 Trade, obtenemos un buen trato para el próximo draft o mejoramos la línea ofensiva y sabemos que tenemos a Ekeler y a Jackson
11 Jul, 06:05 PM UTC
British Bolt 🇬🇧⚡️
Ekeler won't be an RB1 buuuut that being said if MG leaves he will see a lot more touches in compliment to Justin and that duo could be good. Still hope Melvin stays tho 🤟
11 Jul, 06:04 PM UTC
Cody Nelson
@ScottBarrettDFB Ekeler is not a starting back
11 Jul, 06:03 PM UTC
Federico Martínez
@chuysanchez_ Viniendo de un fan a muerte de los chargers la mejor situación como equipo es un trade, contratos para Rivers y Bosa pronto y sobretodo Justin Jackson jugó muy bien cuando se lesionó Gordon y también Ekeler lo ha hecho, un buen deal para Tom Telesco
11 Jul, 06:02 PM UTC