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NTT IndyCar Series
📍 @iowaspeedway 📆 June 25, 2011 🗣️ "Look at the fans on their feet!" P1: @TakumaSatoRacer P2: @DanicaPatrick We're throwing it back to The Fastest Short Track on The Planet to get ready for the #Iowa300 this weekend 🌽🏎️💯 #INDYCAR // #TBT @IndyCar's photo on #Iowa300
18 Jul, 08:59 PM UTC


Heather Brandt
I’m deeply saddened for #UofSC. We deserved a better process - and a president with a terminal degree, with R1 experience, and with a greater understanding of higher education. Instead, we get governor intervention to elect his guy - and some of the BoT’s guy too.
19 Jul, 05:38 PM UTC


Sumerian Records
. @SWStheband just dropped another new track #BreakMeDown off their upcoming album #HowItFeelsToBeLost (out 9/6)! Let us know what you think: #sleepingwithsirens #newmusicfriday #sumerianrecords @SumerianRecords's photo on #NewMusicFriday
19 Jul, 04:04 AM UTC


skye ☽
the literal embodiment of unamused #phanniefriday
19 Jul, 04:45 PM UTC


GIVEAWAY ALERT ⚠️ Tweet the @spotify link to #TAP for a chance to win exclusive merch !! Hashtag #BadHabits n I’ll RT the winners …
19 Jul, 05:48 PM UTC


Cruise Norwegian
#NorwegiansSummerFridays is here! We’re giving away a FREE CRUISE every Friday this summer. This week, to enter, tweet a picture of the Norwegian ship you'd like to cruise on next & use #NorwegiansSummerFridays! Full rules 👉: @CruiseNorwegian's photo on #NorwegiansSummerFridays
19 Jul, 03:04 PM UTC


Olamide Adedeji
If ever you are in doubt, remember what mama told you. ##BrownSkinGirl
19 Jul, 06:03 PM UTC


Jib Kodi
I audished for weather forecast doggo this #FursuitFriday Tho I didn't make the cut... I was too green for their screen XD But boi, its gonnnna be hot! Everybody stay cool this weekend~ ☀️ @JibKodi's photo on #FursuitFriday
19 Jul, 05:37 PM UTC


ITS #KNJFRIDAY ! It feels like forever since I’ve said that 🥺 I’m so excited for the new series it’s unREAL - @KianAndJc @KianLawley @jccaylen
19 Jul, 01:29 PM UTC


#ImTooOldToBe worried about what other people think about me. @TokesAshlee's photo on #ImTooOldToBe
19 Jul, 02:37 PM UTC


Ted Lieu
From my ROTC days. #FlashbackFriday @tedlieu's photo on #FlashbackFriday
19 Jul, 03:25 PM UTC


Scott Dworkin
Republicans don’t know the difference between the word socialist and communist. They use the words interchangeably as if they’re the same, because the intent is to smear Democrats. Nothing else. I’m sick of their nonsense. Retweet if you are too. #GOPCommunists
19 Jul, 12:27 PM UTC


Alex Aiono
You know what time it is #AskAlex
19 Jul, 07:14 PM UTC


Jeffree Star
The #JeffreeStarCosmetics team & I are on our way to @VansWarpedTour! 🔥 See you this weekend! @JeffreeStar's photo on #JeffreeStarCosmetics
19 Jul, 03:01 AM UTC


Queer Eye
Y-A-S!📣 Your personal pep rally is here. #QueerEye4 is now streaming! 🤸‍♀️🌈 @QueerEye's photo on #QueerEye4
19 Jul, 11:00 AM UTC


Sen. Mike Gravel #DropOutDelaney
No one: Absolutely nobody: @JohnDelaney: ok but here's why "poor people don't deserve healthcare" is a winning message #DropOutDelaney
19 Jul, 06:30 PM UTC


Happy Birthday Shane thanks for making us laugh during our darkest times and for your dedication to making the best content you could possibly make 🐷 #happybirthdayshane @honeymoonswtner's photo on #happybirthdayshane
19 Jul, 02:35 PM UTC

Mitch Petrus

AP Central U.S.
Former New York Giants offensive lineman Mitch Petrus dies of heat stroke at age 32. Officials say he had been working outside at his Arkansas family business during the heat wave the day he died.
19 Jul, 02:21 PM UTC


Jamie Lee Curtis
“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” Well, my friends and fans....I’m just WARMING UP🔥🔪 Happy Halloween 🎃2020/2021 @halloweenmovie #halloweenkills #halloweenends @jamieleecurtis's photo on #HalloweenKills
19 Jul, 05:37 PM UTC

The Race

Rick Wilson
Trump Readies His Mob For A Race War. by me.
19 Jul, 12:13 AM UTC


University of South Carolina
Introducing the 29th president of the University of South Carolina, Robert L. “Bob” Caslen Jr. Learn more: @UofSC's photo on Caslen
19 Jul, 06:09 PM UTC

Tom Welling

Cameron Kasky
@DEADLINE Get Tom Welling get Brandon Routh to sing SOMEBODY SAAAAAAAAVE ME at full volume and we will have Superman’s spirit fully embodied. And get Henry Cavill. He’d probably take any chance he can get at playing a Superman that isn’t written like trash
19 Jul, 05:17 PM UTC


Sam Roberts
Tyreek Hill: *beats the shit out of his girlfriend and kid* Roger Goodell: “Meh.” Josh Gordon: *smokes weed* Roger Goodell: @RealSamRoberts's photo on Goodell
19 Jul, 03:08 PM UTC

Battle of the Planets

DiscussingFilm @ SDCC
The Russo Brothers are developing a feature film adaption of ‘BATTLE OF THE PLANETS’ which they also may direct. #SDCC #SDCC2019
19 Jul, 06:50 PM UTC

Stena Impero

UK Defence Journal
BREAKING: The British flagged 'Stena Impero' has taken a very sudden turn into Iranian waters despite her original destination being Saudi Arabia, according to data relayed by maritime tracking services.
19 Jul, 05:01 PM UTC


BBC Breaking News
British-flagged oil tanker has been seized in the Gulf by Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Iran media say
19 Jul, 06:09 PM UTC

Jonah Keri

The Athletic HQ
Our statement regarding Jonah Keri. @TheAthletic's photo on Jonah Keri
19 Jul, 04:19 PM UTC

Last Chance U

Last Chance U
WAKE UP! Season 4 of Last Chance U is now on Netflix @LastChanceUAlum's photo on Last Chance U
19 Jul, 07:02 AM UTC


@DestinyTheGame Defeating Crota for the first time. Had a lot of great memories in this Raid
19 Jul, 06:54 PM UTC


Alexander Basara🇵🇱🐺🦅
Aaron Rodgers: The most talented QB in the history of the NFL: A video thread @Basaraski's photo on The NFL
18 Jul, 10:52 PM UTC

George Nader

Palmer Report
Donald Trump’s campaign contact George Nader has been charged with sex trafficking of a minor, just two weeks after Donald Trump’s friend Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for sex trafficking of minors. There’s a pattern here, and it’s sick as hell.
19 Jul, 04:50 PM UTC

Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott would've turned 54 today. We look back at some of his best This is SportsCenter moments. @SportsCenter's photo on Stuart Scott
19 Jul, 02:40 PM UTC


CIA Headquarters is feeling the heat during this #heatwave … but we’re used to staying cool under pressure. #FridayThoughts @CIA's photo on #heatwave
19 Jul, 01:31 PM UTC


UEFA Champions League
🌞 De Ligt has got that #FridayFeeling! #UCL @ChampionsLeague's photo on #FridayFeeling
19 Jul, 12:03 PM UTC

Tyreek Hill

Adam Schefter
NFL will not discipline Chiefs’ WR Tyreek Hill, who was accused of assaulting his son. League could not find evidence he did; it will leave open case if further evidence emerges, but Hill is free to report to camp, practice and play this season.
19 Jul, 02:02 PM UTC

Tay K

DJ Akademiks
BREAKING: Tay K Found Guilty by a Jury of his Peers after 4 hours of Deliberation. He will be sentenced at a later date to between 5-99 years in Prison.
19 Jul, 05:10 PM UTC


Miss Know It All 🍑🌊
Don't boo, VOTE! #InsteadOfDissingTrump @GayleErmadean's photo on #InsteadOfDissingTrump
19 Jul, 03:59 PM UTC


Jeffree Star
There is an exclusive new liquid lip shade called ‘?’ 😇 ONLY available in tomorrow’s premium and deluxe mystery boxes!!! It will never be made again... ❓hint: it’s very wearable and stunning, not a crazy color @JeffreeStar's photo on Deluxe
18 Jul, 10:30 PM UTC


Riley Reid
Yo @Twitch @peta can we do anything about this fucking chick?? This is not okay. Alinity Twitch this shit isn’t cool. There is other videos of her also throwing her cat across the room. I’m sorry I’m just really fucking bothered by this girl treating her cats like this
19 Jul, 05:03 PM UTC


Mehdi Hasan
Nadia Murad tells the president of the United States her heartbreaking story of having to survive genocide and mass rape and violence but Trump shows no compassion, interest or empathy, and only wants to know how and why she won a Nobel Prize. Sigh.
19 Jul, 05:24 AM UTC


The Toy Insider
Welcome to our #BowserBash with @JAKKStoys! Learn more about the new line of #SuperMario-themed toys here! #JAKKSToys
19 Jul, 03:00 PM UTC


National Air and Space Museum
"We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard." Spaceflight groundbreakers from the Apollo-era to today celebrate John F. Kennedy's iconic Moon speech. #Apollo11at50 @airandspace's photo on #Apollo11at50
19 Jul, 03:30 PM UTC


Irene vuvu Bokoloshe
A picture of Nas in the studio 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #TheLostTapes2 #LostTapes2 #nas
19 Jul, 11:58 AM UTC


Jia | #0011 손동표
Kim Nayoung Kim Jonghyun Lee Gaeun Lee Jinhyuk Leaders who dont deserve what happened to them. Are leader lee's and kim's have to be cursed like this? #PRODUCEX101
19 Jul, 03:01 PM UTC


Antoine Mensah
Bruh!! @shattawalegh @Beyonce @GuiltyBeatz 🔥🔥🔥🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭 #Already #LionKingTheGift @antoine_mensah's photo on #LionKingTheGift
19 Jul, 05:37 AM UTC


Look who made it to @comic_con Come visit the Creep at the @Shudder booth and get some free stuff! Also check out the #Creepshow panel Friday afternoon #Sdcc #comiccon @CreepshowTv's photo on #Creepshow
18 Jul, 05:50 PM UTC


The Highwomen
The Highwomen are HERE, and we want to chat with you all! Use #HighwomenChat to tweet your questions and comments, and we’ll all be here to chat in 1 hour!
19 Jul, 02:45 PM UTC


Retweet if you're looking forward to watching this man on our screens again! #LastChanceU #CoachJason @NFLUK's photo on #LastChanceU
19 Jul, 04:01 PM UTC

But Zeke

Swaim’s Main Mane 🙈
@AdamSchefter But Zeke got 6 games
19 Jul, 02:04 PM UTC

Brown Skin Girl

Beyonce's producer: 'Wizkid is a dope artist, he should be on the album' Beyonce: 'Okay let's see what he's got' Wizkid on Brown Skin Girl: @rommy_idgaff's photo on Brown Skin Girl
19 Jul, 07:14 AM UTC


Kookie Crumbles 💜
We’re channeling frustration into action! Let’s join the #ARMYCYPHERPARTY! Tag @BTS_twt & buy any versions of any BTS cypher. Here is the Spotify playlist for this party! Other platforms to follow (Note: This is NOT a chill playlist)— #MGMAVOTE #BTS
19 Jul, 03:59 PM UTC

Maxo Kream

New music dropping at midnight: Nas - The Lost Tapes 2 xxxtentacion - Royalty NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow 3 Maxo Kream - Brandon Banks Tory Lanez - Forever Lil Durk - Bougie ft. Meek Mill Young Dolph - Baby Joker ft. Key Glock Chase B - MAYDAY ft. Young Thug & Sheck Wes
18 Jul, 06:07 PM UTC


"Why would you try me? Why would you bother? I am Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter" —Beyoncé #MOOD4EVA 👑🦁 @RapUp's photo on #MOOD4EVA
19 Jul, 04:42 AM UTC

Colegio de Abogados

José Ramón Cossío D.
Comparto este importante y oportuno pronunciamiento de la Barra Mexicana-Colegio de Abogados, respecto a la lamentable pretensión de extender el mandato gubernativo en Baja California.
18 Jul, 06:38 PM UTC

The Chin

Donald J. Trump
Thomas “the Chin” Friedman, a weak and pathetic sort of guy, writes columns for The New York Times in between rounds of his favorite game, golf. Two weeks ago, while speaking to a friend on his cell phone, I unfortunately ended up speaking to Friedman. We spoke for a while and...
19 Jul, 12:34 PM UTC


면토끼 '^'
Junmyeon's back Tattoo has all of EXO Members name.. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #EXO #EXplOrationinSeoulDay1 #SUHO @weareoneEXO @BUNNYMYE0N's photo on #EXplOrationinSeoulDay1
19 Jul, 12:29 PM UTC


Kodak Wild Again
My black ass thought J. Cole’s #PowerTrip was trending 😂
19 Jul, 03:19 PM UTC


Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas
Bom dia a todos. A caminho de Ipatinga (MG), onde seguimos para liberar 15km de pista duplicada feita em pavimento rígido (concreto) e 2 novos túneis na BR-381/MG, entre Governador Valadares e BH. Quem passa pela região sabe: é uma das rodovias com mais acidentes no país
19 Jul, 11:24 AM UTC


navoj ➐
if tom holland told me eat his cum from a cracker id tell him make it two
19 Jul, 07:33 AM UTC

Mecole Hardman

Radi Nabulsi
We hear young bucks say, "I want to buy my mama a house," all the time. Well, Mecole Hardman did it. And I never doubted he would.
18 Jul, 06:54 PM UTC


International Baccalaureate
BREAKING NEWS from #IBNOLA2019 Dr. Siva Kumari @Siva_Kumari announces the Candidate Registration Fee for exams will be eliminated effective immediately! ❤️ if this will help your school and students #generationIB #agility @iborganization's photo on #IBNOLA2019
18 Jul, 11:11 PM UTC


Browns Rally Possum
I have a new found respect for #DanLebatard ✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿
19 Jul, 11:02 AM UTC


TOMORROW: Watch @KaceyMusgraves take the Citi Concert Series stage on the @TODAYShow! #KaceyMusgravesTODAY @Citibank's photo on #KaceyMusgravesTODAY
18 Jul, 04:44 PM UTC

Roger Goodell

Adam Best
This is nuts. Even many of us Chiefs fans thought Tyreek Hill should've faced a suspension. Roger Goodell still seems to take domestic violence situations less seriously than weed and deflated footballs.
19 Jul, 03:23 PM UTC

Josh Gordon

gil faizon™️
tyreek hill: *assaults his kid* nfl: josh gordon: *smokes a joint* nfl: @olive_molester's photo on Josh Gordon
19 Jul, 02:14 PM UTC

JB Holmes

Matt Jones
Congrats to Cat JB Holmes!!! Currently the leader in the Clubhouse at the British Open
18 Jul, 07:09 PM UTC

Kirk Ferentz

Chad Leistikow
Even with that schedule, the program that was hardly mentioned Thursday is the sensible pick to win the Big Ten West.
18 Jul, 10:42 PM UTC

Don't Jealous Me

Yemi Alade NEVER DISAPPOINTS !!!!! As Usual Her verse on 'Don't Jealous Me'-Beyonce ft Tekno, Yemi Alade & Mr. Eazi
19 Jul, 10:59 AM UTC

Happy FriYAY

Shu Calleja
Gandang umaga po. 😁 Happy FriYAY! #shucalleja #TEAMSUPER
19 Jul, 02:39 AM UTC


Be a Wincest 🇲🇽
Happy Beerthday, @jarpad! The great man is he who does not lose his child's-heart. And you are a real great man! Cheers to you! #HappyBirthdayJared #HappyBirthdayJaredPadalecki
19 Jul, 03:22 AM UTC


King N●-N● 🌟
Brown Skin Girl Ft Wizkid & Blue Ivy is on another level man. Do you see how smooth Wizkid & Beyonce blended like Tomatoes? My Goodness. Do not compare GOAT's to Kids 🐐🐐 #TheGiftAlbum
19 Jul, 05:42 AM UTC


The dummy, Gaelic style, from McKenna! ☘️ #AFLCrowsDons @AFL's photo on #AFLCrowsDons
19 Jul, 12:09 PM UTC

Watch Fox News

Brian Stelter
Pretty awkward for @RandPaul, watching him tell @NY1's reporter to "watch Fox News" and "tell your viewers to tune into Fox" to hear his answers to perfectly legitimate questions
19 Jul, 03:57 AM UTC


Nieto ™
Gigi no solo se tiró el #RickyRenuncia, sino el #ArrestenAELiasSanchez Si le sumamos que guisa sus habichuelas y sus tostones son frescos y no congelados, Gigi es más boricua que muchos aquí.
19 Jul, 12:10 PM UTC


Elvis Trump
@AP_Images @AnnCoulter Surprisingly, AP fails to mention that Kennedy was driving drunk, that he left Mary Jo Kopechne to drown, did not call the police for help and didn't report the accident until the following day.
18 Jul, 05:11 PM UTC


Rohit Vertex Goswami 🚩🇮🇳
Pic Of The Day #FridayThoughts @rohit_vertex's photo on #FridayThoughts
19 Jul, 03:32 AM UTC


#Tügva yaz okulunu ziyaret ettim. Gençlerle güzel bir diyalog kurduk. Okula girerken öğrencilerin "Koşun Kaymakam amca geldi" diye karşılaması ve program bitiminde uğurlaması hoş bir anı olarak kaldı. #FridayVibes
19 Jul, 11:45 AM UTC


Julio Sanchez Cristo
#MandoALaLuna a todos los expresidentes
19 Jul, 10:09 AM UTC

Laquan McDonald

Chip Mitchell
BREAKING: Nearly five years after Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke shot 16 rounds into teenager Laquan McDonald, a city panel votes to fire a sergeant and three other veteran officers, accusing them of betraying their duty to cover up for Van Dyke.
19 Jul, 12:45 AM UTC


You know you have common sense when you listen to Brown Skin Girl and commend Beyoncé and Wizkid without bringing Davido into it #CommonSense @KeefayahQ's photo on Davido
19 Jul, 08:29 AM UTC


No Laying Up
Borderline malpractice on the Spieth coverage. HE'S LEADING THE TOURNAMENT.
19 Jul, 09:40 AM UTC

Seneca Falls

Michael Beschloss
Seneca Falls Convention for women’s rights started today 1848—commemorated by centennial postage stamp: @BeschlossDC's photo on Seneca Falls
19 Jul, 12:05 PM UTC

Safe Deposit Boxes Aren't Safe

Yashar Ali 🐘
Safe Deposit Boxes Aren’t Safe An excellent report by @StacyCowley
19 Jul, 10:02 AM UTC

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