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Hoop Central
NBA MVP Ladder: 1.) Nikola Jokic 2.) Joel Embiid 3.) Giannis Antetokounmpo 4.) Chris Paul 5.) Luka Doncic 6.) Damian Lillard 7.) Stephen Curry 8.) Rudy Gobert 9.) Devin Booker 10.) Julius Randle (via https://t.co/cvLmznKTa5)
07 May, 03:36 PM UTC
🏀 FINAL SCORE THREAD 🏀 Joel Embiid (37 PTS, 13 REB) and the @sixers pick up their 7th win in a row! Tobias Harris: 17 PTS, 3 3PM Seth Curry: 16 PTS, 6 REB, 5 AST Ben Simmons: 8 PTS, 9 REB, 10 AST @NBA's photo on embiid
08 May, 01:44 AM UTC
NBA Central
Joel Embiid tonight: 37 points 13 rebounds 3 assists 2 blocks 11/20 FG 12/12 FT @TheNBACentral's photo on embiid
08 May, 01:27 AM UTC
Kendrick Perkins
Embiid with a casual 37 piece wing dinner lemon pepper style with a side of 13 biscuits with the W! Btw Philly is sitting at the top of the Eastern Conference. Carry on...
08 May, 01:41 AM UTC
Hoop Central
Joel Embiid tonight: 37 Points 13 Rebounds 55 % FG 3/4 3PM 12/12 FTM @TheHoopCentral's photo on embiid
08 May, 01:28 AM UTC
23 1st half PTS on just 8 shot attempts for Joel Embiid! @sixers in control on NBA LP @NBA's photo on embiid
08 May, 12:12 AM UTC
Anchorage Man
Embiid, Simmons, Covington, Richaun Holmes, McConnell, Noel, Jerami Grant, Dedmon, Tim Frazier, GR3, Jakarr Samplson and Christian Wood isn’t half bad for 3 years That Philly is where they are DESPITE the high profile misses illustrates the point almost better than the successes https://t.co/jOhMZaqxUS
07 May, 05:07 PM UTC
Andy Glockner
The NBA doesn't want people to talk about this, but it's *inarguable* that The Process worked. Embiid + Simmons (even tho they botched the Okafor and Fultz picks). Plus fliers panned out, like RoCo, McConnell, Jerami Grant, etc. Like, what's the argument it DIDN'T work? https://t.co/TYQ52eyumL
07 May, 04:58 PM UTC
Philadelphia 76ers
FINAL STATS 📊⤵️: Embiid 37 PTS | 13 REB | 2 BLK Harris 17 PTS | 2 AST | 1 STL Curry 16 PTS | 6 REB | 5 AST Hill 11 PTS | 2 REB Simmons 8 PTS | 10 AST | 2 STL
08 May, 01:45 AM UTC
Brock Landes
Lineups w Simmons, Embiid, Thybulle: • 125 Minutes • (+) 18.9 Net RTG • 51% FG x 38% 3P • 43% Opponent FG • 34% Opponent 3P Unforgiving lockdown defense.
07 May, 03:05 PM UTC
Joel Embiid's double-double of 37 PTS, 13 REB sends the @sixers to 7 wins in a row! #HereTheyCome @NBA's photo on embiid
08 May, 04:54 AM UTC
🚨 Joel Embiid's up to 35 PTS midway through the 3rd quarter on League Pass! 🚨 📱💻: https://t.co/34MvdiNckW
08 May, 12:34 AM UTC
@Ritcuh1 @nuggets @Giannis_An34 Nikola Jokic could average 0 PPG, 0 RPG, 0 APG and miss his next 125 shots and 25 threes in the last 6 games of the season and he would still have a better APG, FG%, 3P% than Embiid. He would still average 24/10/8 for the season.
07 May, 09:22 PM UTC
Juste 33 points en 22 minutes pour Embiid, à 10/14 au tir, 3/3 du parking et 10/10 aux lancers. Doit y avoir un truc dans le code pénal pour ce qu’il est en train de faire à la pauvre raquette des Pelicans.
08 May, 12:32 AM UTC
NBC Sports Philadelphia
give Embiid *33* already, making all three of his shots from deep: @NBCSPhilly's photo on embiid
08 May, 12:30 AM UTC
NBA Latam
7⃣ triunfos consecutivos para los @sixers, con otro partidazo de @JoelEmbiid 😮 #HereTheyCome 109 #WontBowDown 107 🔥 Embiid 37 PTS | 13 REB | 3 AST 🔥 @NBALatam's photo on embiid
08 May, 01:46 AM UTC
TrashTalk Fantasy Lab
Best picks en #TTFL cette nuit : - Bojan Bogdanovic : 77 pts - Joel Embiid : 68 pts - Damian Lillard : 63 pts #NBA https://t.co/DY4dbOBiBB
08 May, 04:40 AM UTC
Vol au-dessus d’un nid de Pélicans : 37 points de Joel Embiid et la victoire pour Philly, le trône n’est plus très loin https://t.co/MhifYN5dm7
08 May, 02:39 AM UTC
NBA Spain
7 victorias seguidas de los Sixers Embiid: 37 puntos y 13 rebotes @NBAspain's photo on embiid
08 May, 05:54 AM UTC
[🎞️RESUME] 🏀 #NBA 👊💥 Un énorme Joel Embiid (37pts, 13rbds) fait très mal à des Pelicans privés de Zion Williamson #NBAextra https://t.co/eLokUQvU61
08 May, 06:17 AM UTC
lily 🌈
neither joel embiid nor ben simmons are in this video ..? https://t.co/r8jL6VwSV1
08 May, 04:00 AM UTC
NBA do Povo 🏀🇧🇷
Encerrado: Philadelphia 76ers (46-21) 109 x 107 (30-37) New Orleans Pelicans PHI 📊 Joel Embiid: 37PTS/13REB/3AST/2BLK Tobias Harris: 17PTS/3REB/2AST/1STL NOP 📊 Jaxson Hayes: 19PTS/8REB/3AST/1STL/3BLK Lonzo Ball: 18PTS/7REB/3AST/2STL #NBA https://t.co/HahpCmByOu
08 May, 04:40 AM UTC
Austin Krell
“I learned a long time ago, if you overreact, you get yourself in trouble, so I’m not that concerned at all,” Rivers said after another unnecessarily chaotic victory. There are valid concerns. But, the Sixers are 3 wins from clinching #1. Observations: https://t.co/mIHtYTHKlO
08 May, 03:20 AM UTC
Basket USA
En mode MVP, Joel Embiid fait plier les Pelicans https://t.co/9JljxUQ1hr @basketusa's photo on embiid
08 May, 06:00 AM UTC
All Baller Zone
Watch the Big man from Cameroon! Joel Embiid's 37 points helped Philadelphia 76ers to a seventh straight win in the #NBA https://t.co/wXz3vIMWMc
08 May, 06:00 AM UTC
#NBA | Philadelphia 109-107 New Orleans 🌟 Joel Embiid 🏀 37 sayı 🅰️ 3 asist 🙌 13 ribaund @mackolik's photo on embiid
08 May, 06:19 AM UTC
#NBA Results 🏀 Joel Embiid (37 PTS, 13 REB) powers the Sixers to their 7th straight win! Tobias Harris: 17 PTS, 3 3PM Seth Curry: 16 PTS, 6 REB, 5 AST Ben Simmons: 8 PTS, 9 REB, 10 AST @INQUIRERSports's photo on embiid
08 May, 04:06 AM UTC
PickKnicks #TTFL
De base on avait 6 Embiid et 1 Butler Mais avec leur injury report de merde et les infos qui tombent 10-30min après la fermeture bah on se fait avoir. Ça nous plombe clairement ce sprint final. Se faire chier toute la saison pour une nuit comme ça franchement...🤬 #TTFL
08 May, 06:23 AM UTC
Marco A. Munno
37 punti + 13 rimbalzi per Joel Embiid nella vittoria contro i Pelicans: é la sua terza doppia doppia da 30 punti nelle ultime quattro partite. #HereTheyCome #NbaTipo https://t.co/pc41YOyEMB
08 May, 06:19 AM UTC
#SilverSports @FancyDiMaria_ @okt_ranking @figo_anane Embiid performance against Pelicans was amazing
08 May, 06:53 AM UTC