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Drew Corrigan
can’t talk basketball people who think jokic better than embiid
17 Oct, 10:21 PM UTC
Jokic is not better than Joel Embiid.
17 Oct, 09:34 PM UTC
in what world is jokic better than embiid https://t.co/cnImqxDk97
17 Oct, 07:58 PM UTC
OUU 🦖🏆
@MWright1313 @PhilaUniteBR @DerekCh97027150 @NBAYoungDude345 @ESPNNBA "Embiid is a better scorer" Wrong. 2019 playoffs: Jokic: 25.1p, 13a, 9.1r Hi Score Games: 43, 37, 33, 29, 29, 29, 25, 22, 21, 21, 21 Embiid: 20.2p, 3.4a, 10.5r Hi Score Games: 33, 31, 23, 23, 22, 21, 17, 16, 13, 12, 11 Mind you, Jokic plays in the West. Can space the floor.
17 Oct, 07:35 PM UTC
Danny Dimes
Potential doesn't make you better. Last season, Jokic showed up when it mattered, and DOMINATED post-season, with a very young supporting cast. Embiid had tummy aches/conditioning issues and couldn't play big games down the stretch. Jokic > Embiid until further notice.. https://t.co/sl11a8bVbD
17 Oct, 10:23 PM UTC
Charlotte Wilder
Few coaches have survived a tank and gone on to win a championship. But Brett Brown could do it with one of the biggest and most talented rosters we’ve ever seen. My story on the coach from Maine (!!) and what might be his last chance to end The Process https://t.co/3op4td1tuh
17 Oct, 12:58 PM UTC
@OctavianSixers @ESPNNBA Jokic passed Embiid last year, had a better regular season and a WAY BETTER playoff run. Jokic showed up every game in the post season, Embiid disappeared multiple games.
17 Oct, 07:49 PM UTC
I think it’s ridiculous to even compare Embiid and Jokic. Both are phenomenal players with their own unique skill set that transcends the position of center. They are the driving force for their teams and hold the power of how far they can ultimately go. Also, Embiid is better
18 Oct, 12:03 AM UTC
@ESPNNBA Nikola Jokic avg in offs vs Spurs/Blazers: 25.1 PPG 13.0 RPG 8.4 APG 1.1 SPG 0.9 BPG .84 FT% .39 3P% .50 FG% 14 GP 39.8 MPG Joel Embiid avg in offs vs Nets/Raptors: 20.2 PPG 10.5 RPG 3.4 APG 0.7 SPG 2.3 BPG .82 FT% .30 3P% .42 FG% 11 GP 30.4 MPG Hard to argue against Jokic.
17 Oct, 07:01 PM UTC
If you think Jokic is better than AD or Embiid I have to question your “expertise” in basketball https://t.co/dCoGamnpia
17 Oct, 10:47 PM UTC
Stephen Murphy
Embiid Fans: You are crazy if you think Jokic is better than Embiid NBA GM's: https://t.co/o9mdvlEqAJ
17 Oct, 02:33 PM UTC
(0-5) Dolphins Tank Lieutenant [tank bowl champs]
@Dcorrigan50 Was just in a half an hour argument with some guy tryna tell me gobert is the better ALL AROUND player over embiid
17 Oct, 10:22 PM UTC
Klay Thompson > Bradley Beal Joel Embiid > Nikola Jokić Enjoy the rest of your evening
18 Oct, 12:09 AM UTC
Isaac Kron
People who say Joel Embiid is better than Jokic obviously don’t watch basketball
17 Oct, 11:10 PM UTC
Yashua Trent
Embiid is the best big man in the league https://t.co/QvZSGixJ5I
17 Oct, 11:03 PM UTC
Ikechukwu 🇳🇬
@_GCSC I agree with you on this. If Embiid can stay healthy then he’d definitely be the better Center.
18 Oct, 12:36 AM UTC
Lol the fact that Joel Embiid, Legoat James, and Kevin Durant’s snake ass aren’t on here has GOTTA be a joke. https://t.co/4vB1WZ3yi7
18 Oct, 12:34 AM UTC
@Killafied_ Lebron the best player in the league and kd better than kawhi I don’t why the succn and jokic over embiid what are they smoking 😂😂😂
18 Oct, 12:38 AM UTC
Tommy B
@metalheadballer @RobbieRunsFast @MWright1313 @PhilaUniteBR @DerekCh97027150 @NBAYoungDude345 @ESPNNBA Lol, the defense is the telling stat, as embiid is the second best defender in the nba to Rudy gobert
18 Oct, 12:37 AM UTC
Someone is wrong on the internet
@Augiedamous its not really close. Harden's better than Embiid too.
18 Oct, 12:44 AM UTC
S E N S E I H U N C H O. 🏁
Kawhi is not better than Bron, Giannis is not better than Anthony Davis & Jokic is not better than Embiid. Y’all gotta do better. https://t.co/JDHPXHqWtL
18 Oct, 12:44 AM UTC
@deucepop It's not an opinion it was all over ESPN, the people who do this for a living is picking Jokic over Embiid
18 Oct, 12:44 AM UTC
@ESPNNBA Only thing wrong is center because embiid is better
18 Oct, 12:44 AM UTC
Klay Simmons
Lmfaoooo they said hes bette than embiid https://t.co/PeCXTmkUZQ
18 Oct, 12:43 AM UTC
ahmad black
@DaPrinceRicky Bro Embiid shoot 3’s too 😂😂
18 Oct, 12:43 AM UTC
Brandon Ramirez
I’ve been one of Joel Embiid’s biggest critics over the years, but to say Nikola Jokic is better than him is ridiculous. The only thing Jokic is better than Embiid at is hitting up Krispy Kreme after the game.
18 Oct, 12:43 AM UTC
If you had the choice to pick Jokic or Embiid to build around who would you pick?
18 Oct, 12:43 AM UTC

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