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Dr. Jason Johnson
Alot of people out there auditioning to be the next Jason Whitlock https://t.co/Ozr5cdizdf
21 Jul, 03:33 AM UTC
Emmanuel Acho in the running for cornball brother of the year https://t.co/RLzBKDycep
21 Jul, 12:38 AM UTC
Not That Kinda Atty
I don't like Emmanuel Acho and I want to say that officially. https://t.co/EjXfWayWUn
21 Jul, 01:07 PM UTC
Comorienne 🇰🇲
Once I found out that Emmanuel Acho comes from a missionary family everything made sense.
21 Jul, 02:27 PM UTC
Don’t let Emmanuel Acho see this https://t.co/aIlmtdKsY4
21 Jul, 01:33 PM UTC
That Emmanuel Acho guy only exists to make racist people comfortable. If you closed your eyes every one of his quotes would sound like it’s coming from a white man in his 60s.
21 Jul, 02:30 PM UTC
Dan Emack
Sports Fans: "Wow, Stephen A. Smith just said the most xenophobic stuff about an athlete I have ever heard." Emmanuel Acho: "Hold my beer..." https://t.co/RlrrEq0VYG
21 Jul, 02:09 PM UTC
Emmanuel Acho is an idiot, but we knew that already
21 Jul, 02:18 PM UTC
Kevin Gray Jr.
Giannis Antetokounmpo can’t be the or a face of the NBA because he’s not relatable…😂 Emmanuel Acho do better here my guy https://t.co/cPDK4YMiCA
21 Jul, 03:25 PM UTC
Corky McBricks ✨
@SFY @EmmanuelAcho I've never seen a person so consistently think they're right about something yet always be wrong more than Emmanuel Acho
21 Jul, 01:43 AM UTC
I’m stepping into sports business to say that Emmanuel Acho is an embarrassment. At his big age, getting on a huge platform like that to say that a fellow Nigerian shouldn’t be the face of the NBA because people are too “lazy” to learn about his background. Embarrassment.
21 Jul, 02:58 PM UTC
psedoali 🧔🏾🏀✊🏾 mask back on (dont trust yall)
Emmanuel Acho 🤝 Van Jones Same MEDIA cornball Energy https://t.co/s4BybD0bVz
21 Jul, 03:51 PM UTC
Blake Garman
Emmanuel Acho saying Giannis is not the face of the league https://t.co/ucPLCaBNEY
21 Jul, 03:48 PM UTC
Laci Jordan
Every time I see Emmanuel Acho on my TL he's saying some bs.
21 Jul, 03:33 PM UTC
B L E S S I N G 🌻
Emmanuel Acho stay chatting nonsense, wallahi
21 Jul, 03:21 PM UTC
Tim Verghese
Emmanuel Acho is on an insane bad take speed-run https://t.co/lbjiI24J4w
21 Jul, 03:55 PM UTC
904 SAD
Emmanuel Acho got the one show about having a conversation and has been going downhill ever since.
21 Jul, 03:50 PM UTC
Chris Paul Thompson
Deplatform Emmanuel Acho. He literally says something ignorant and anti black every two days stop sharing his shitty takes.
21 Jul, 03:45 PM UTC
Emmanuel Acho has been on historic run of stupid ass takes..
21 Jul, 04:13 PM UTC
Shea Jordan Smith
Emmanuel Acho being from Dallas makes sense… 🤡💀 https://t.co/Y6ztVLWti2
21 Jul, 03:12 PM UTC
lang daddi kane
Man oh man Emmanuel Acho STINKS. FOH with that BS man. https://t.co/mxQeM9ezXj
21 Jul, 04:04 PM UTC
Breannah R Alexander Oppenhuizen
Emmanuel Acho is DEI in a nutshell; you know the terminology but you’re oblivious to the practice. Do better and stop hiring people like him to “do work.” https://t.co/KGVtU5mT6T
21 Jul, 04:03 PM UTC
That Ford Boy ™
Who tf is this Emmanuel acho bruh this nigga nfl career was trash and ass 😂 https://t.co/ARjkKL4cBe
21 Jul, 04:00 PM UTC
Emmanuel Acho is a clown, he reminds of RG3 cornys ass 🥴 https://t.co/3ZZpEz3H6W
21 Jul, 03:49 PM UTC
Poppa Juan Foggy
Fair warning, I’m throwing hands with the next one of you idiots that puts Emmanuel Acho on my timeline. His dumb ass isn’t even worth trying to dunk on.
21 Jul, 03:42 PM UTC
8 24
Get Emmanuel Acho out of here man lol
21 Jul, 03:41 PM UTC
Edward Gilliard
@brandonkscott Man I lost so much respect for Emmanuel Acho.
21 Jul, 03:41 PM UTC
Brent Goldman
@MattHambidge Are we allowed to say Emmanuel Acho is overexposed as hell and off base on many takes? Or do we get shamed about that because of all the good stuff he does around race?
21 Jul, 03:41 PM UTC
R 🇬🇭
Ahhh so that’s why Emmanuel Acho is getting cooked https://t.co/1iCHxas2Uw
21 Jul, 04:15 PM UTC