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Kyle Tucker
Memphis at least showed a little fight there at the end against Ole Miss, but the Tigers have now lost three straight. Emoni Bates was 1 for 10 from the floor. Jalen Duren had two points. Penny Hardaway looks like he wants to be anywhere else.
04 Dec, 07:35 PM UTC
Rob Lewis
Who do you think is getting better coaching Emoni Bates or Kennedy Chandler? (asking for a friend)
04 Dec, 08:36 PM UTC
Mike Ceide
Emoni Bates having words with Rebel fans, having to be restrained by teammates as the Tigers lose a third straight, 67-63. @MCeide_WREG3's photo on Emoni Bates
04 Dec, 07:37 PM UTC
Ron Quixote
So Michigan State kinda dodged a bullet with this whole Emoni Bates thing didn’t they… @Sheehan_Sports
04 Dec, 07:14 PM UTC
Dan Wolken
Turned it to Memphis-Ole Miss basketball just in time to see Emoni Bates, who is 1 for 8, kill two straight possessions with step back jumpers. Brutal.
04 Dec, 06:59 PM UTC
Kennedy Chandler > Emoni Bates
04 Dec, 08:46 PM UTC
Michael Beard
The lack of a PG is really hurting Durens draft stock. Also, it’s a good thing Emoni Bates has another year. But at this rate, probably safe to say it won’t be in Memphis. Penny is another NIT appearance away from being fired. DeAndre Williams is playing like the best player.
04 Dec, 07:59 PM UTC
S. Johnson
Penny says Emoni Bates is under a lot of pressure from his teammates, his own fans and opposing fans. Says Bates is the hardest worker in practice.
04 Dec, 08:15 PM UTC
Mark Giannotto
Penny Hardaway said on pregame radio interview that Emoni Bates asked to come off the bench following Wednesday's loss at Georgia. Felt more comfortable playing with Alex Lomax. https://t.co/G5DhvAiNLz
04 Dec, 04:54 PM UTC
Bearcat Mac 🔴⚫️
Emoni Bates was 12 years old when Nysier Brooks played for the University of Cincinnati… https://t.co/4TtxsE8gjY
04 Dec, 08:16 PM UTC
Hoops Alley
Is Emoni Bates still figuring it out or is he overrated? Today against Ole Miss 7 points 4 Rebounds 1-10 FG 0-4 3P https://t.co/bVCL6GWhUT
04 Dec, 08:19 PM UTC
Rodrigo Lazarini
Emoni Bates teve que ser contido pelos companheiros quando entrou em uma discussão com fãs de Ole Miss. Papelão de um futuro astro da NBA https://t.co/dhU8a2o7dr
04 Dec, 08:09 PM UTC
TipTop Magoo #2
Emoni Bates looks like he could play on the And 1 circuit. Organized basketball? Not so much but glorified aau... he's your guy
04 Dec, 06:59 PM UTC
Tyler McGuirk
Emoni bates is 17 he’s a child, he will be a top 5 pick in 2 years relax
04 Dec, 08:55 PM UTC
Crazy to think Michigan State dodged a bullet with Emoni Bates. He doesn’t even look like a top 100 player
04 Dec, 07:56 PM UTC
Stu Hammer
Hey @Memphis_MBB you gonna let us know when Emoni Bates and Jalen Duren decide to opt out of the season?
04 Dec, 08:34 PM UTC
I think Emoni Bates will be a great nba player one day, I never thought Penny was the coach for him. But all the people complaining about Penny better be careful. If you lose Penny, U Of Memphis falls off the map.
04 Dec, 08:11 PM UTC
Looking like Emoni Bates should’ve stayed in highschool one more year
04 Dec, 07:24 PM UTC
Chris Roberts
In Oxford for Ole Miss Vs. Memphis to scout Emoni Bates. https://t.co/SlYdg6QDeS
04 Dec, 08:07 PM UTC
Kiffin’s Wingman
emoni bates gonna be playing overseas. that man is boo boo
04 Dec, 07:13 PM UTC
Sam Vecenie
Unfortunately, this video of @matt_pennie and I running through why Emoni bates has struggled so far is still very relevant after he shot 1-10 tonight. https://t.co/dBrLobfvhn
04 Dec, 09:27 PM UTC
❄️ Timbuk (14-9) (5-6) (14-4-6)
I speak for all of us when I say Emoni Bates and Penny fell off
04 Dec, 08:25 PM UTC
People who are watching Emoni Bates struggles should now realize how SPECIAL LeBron James was at that age and how he handled the pressure that came along with being a prodigy........Its not easy
04 Dec, 09:00 PM UTC
Austin Campbell
@Volquest_Rob Is Emoni Bates getting coached at all???
04 Dec, 08:55 PM UTC
Rich Forever Paul
@CBBonFOX Emoni Bates is doing more harm than good to his draft stock, if he intends to be OAD. Clearly not ready for the physicality of the college game.
04 Dec, 07:39 PM UTC
Tyler Davis
Love to see this burst from Frankie Collins. He flashed the speed and vision when I saw him in person at the beginning of the year. https://t.co/OpdTmdZzy3
04 Dec, 07:47 PM UTC
Sometimes a little humble pie is not a bad thing. Emoni Bates is just getting his share of that. Everybody telling you you’re all world. These humbling moments will either motivate you to work on your deficiencies or make you bitter…
04 Dec, 07:50 PM UTC
I thank the Lord Emoni Bates did not go to MSU. What a garbage team
04 Dec, 08:05 PM UTC
Emoni bates needs to save his prime years and get away from Penny Loseaway. This dude sucks at coaching. God awful. It’s no wonder the Magic didn’t want him. https://t.co/fccBktvcfX
04 Dec, 08:03 PM UTC