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Adam Schiff
The bald eagle is the proud symbol of our nation. Should it become extinct, it will be a tragic symbol of our selfishness and greed. The Endangered Species Act helped rescue the eagle from its plight, but now that law is being weakened. For Trump’s donors and allies. For money. https://t.co/RHLsP30uxC
13 Aug, 12:11 AM UTC
Senator Jeff Merkley
The Endangered Species Act saved the bald eagle and was signed into law by a Republican president. This has nothing to do with conservative politics, and everything to do with giving handouts to special interests and rich pals. https://t.co/WapOIQz1NR
12 Aug, 06:11 PM UTC
Ted Lieu
Today is Monday. That means the @realDonaldTrump Administration is doing harm. This time it is to the Endangered Species Act, which helps protect God's creations. https://t.co/bf7VXohIE1
12 Aug, 09:59 PM UTC
The New York Times
Breaking News: The Trump administration announced plans to significantly weaken the Endangered Species Act, the nation’s bedrock conservation law https://t.co/jZYwFeVdxP
12 Aug, 03:11 PM UTC
Dan Rather
News that the Trump Administration will weaken the Endangered Species Act. Our planet and its natural balance takes another hit. Stewardship of the environment will also be on the ballot in 2020.
13 Aug, 01:29 AM UTC
Kamala Harris
Trump's Interior Secretary is a former lobbyist for the oil and gas industry. Weakening the Endangered Species Act and clearing the way for new mining and drilling is incredibly harmful. We should be protecting our environment, not selling it off to the highest bidder. https://t.co/YUn7jBuahh
12 Aug, 07:59 PM UTC
AP Politics
BREAKING: The Trump administration is overhauling the way it enforces the Endangered Species Act, saying the changes will make the law less burdensome. Critics call it a major rollback and promise legal action. https://t.co/69ONuMIiit
12 Aug, 03:13 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
The Trump admin has announced that it would change the way the Endangered Species Act is applied, significantly weakening the nation's bedrock conservation law credited with rescuing the bald eagle, grizzly bear and American alligator from extinction. https://t.co/QyAT5yD4bs
12 Aug, 03:15 PM UTC
Joe Biden
For decades, the Endangered Species Act has protected our most vulnerable wildlife from extinction. Now, President Trump wants to throw it all away. At a time when climate change is pushing our planet to the brink, we should strengthen protections — not weaken them. https://t.co/64O12QaWwM
12 Aug, 09:02 PM UTC
Donald J. Trump          ᵖᵃʳᵒᵈʸ
Today, I ended some protections of the Endangered Species Act. The law NEVER worked! Obama FAILED when he tryed to use the law to save species like the Alaskan Panda Bear and the Great American Teddy Bear! Now there TOTALLY EXTINCT! The ONLY ones left live in zoos or are stuffed!
12 Aug, 10:16 PM UTC
Senator Mazie Hirono
72 hours after scientists warn we’re at risk of losing two more endangered Hawaiian forest birds, the administration weakens the Endangered Species Act. Protecting our more than 400 endangered species in Hawaii demands attention, not the padding around industry’s pockets. https://t.co/GwDO5aylVW
12 Aug, 08:42 PM UTC
Alexandra Petri
in a groundbreaking effort to streamline government we are removing the “ed” from the Endangered Species Act
12 Aug, 05:19 PM UTC
Amee Vanderpool
Trump unveiled a proposal to strip key provisions of the Endangered Species Act that protects plants and animals from extinction, because he gets off cruelty and destruction and only cares about deregulation so that he and his friends can make more money. https://t.co/4v0uP5h5Ne
12 Aug, 03:18 PM UTC
Richard Blumenthal
Until Trump, protecting wildlife from extinction was a bedrock bipartisan cause. Now no more. Trump’s gutting this historic environmental safeguard is a gift to polluters—at incalculable cost. https://t.co/NyLVc6kPSB
12 Aug, 10:23 PM UTC
Democratic Coalition
"We will not let the Administration attack our most rare animals and plants," Attorney General @Maura_Healey said. "We are suing." #ShitholePresident https://t.co/rzIdILcQRZ
13 Aug, 01:31 AM UTC
Luna Lovegood ✨💥✨
The World 🌍 Cannot sustain us Unless we sustain it This is all for Short term profit Over long term Sustainability #SaveTheEndangeredSpeciesAct https://t.co/zblvWwKCJ9
12 Aug, 07:16 PM UTC
Catherine Rampell
Three months after UN report warned that 1m species face extinction because of human activity, Trump admin finalized rule changes to the Endangered Species Act that make it harder to protect plants and animals whose populations are in serious decline https://t.co/Ij7wEEXhOp
12 Aug, 04:56 PM UTC
Wolf Conservation Center
BREAKING The federal govt just finalized regulations to eviscerate the Endangered Species Act-- our most effective law for protecting wildlife in danger of extinction. #StopExtinction https://t.co/CdtHT6eWjr
12 Aug, 03:46 PM UTC
Sierra Club
BAD NEWS: The Trump admin has issued a tragic rollback of the nation's bedrock environmental law. "The Endangered Species Act, passed in 1973, is considered a success globally, surpassing protections for flora and fauna in many countries." #StopExtinction https://t.co/14La6pH7AE
12 Aug, 03:53 PM UTC
Ron Wyden
Our national symbol, the bald eagle, would be a distant memory without the Endangered Species Act. The Trump administration is trying to take us back to the bad old days of dirty streams and vanishing wildlife. Make America Polluted Again? https://t.co/EtFQp6Lga0
12 Aug, 08:23 PM UTC
Senator McCollister
The Republican Party has deserted their concern for the environment. Today it was announced that the Trump administration weakened the Endangered Species Act. Actions like this are common with Republicans of late but our party wasn’t always like this....
13 Aug, 02:20 AM UTC
A million species are threatened worldwide. This is how Trump responds. https://t.co/uvHSRl3Jy0
12 Aug, 06:20 PM UTC
Victoria Brownworth 🏳️‍🌈
"We will not let the Administration attack our most rare animals and plants," Attorney General @Maura_Healey said. "We are suing." https://t.co/FISDoO00QF
13 Aug, 02:02 AM UTC
Maddow Blog
"The new rules are expected to go into effect next month." https://t.co/K9MaAmGm2w
13 Aug, 02:29 AM UTC
Nick Knudsen 🇺🇸
UN: #ClimateChange is putting over a million species in the cross-hairs for extinction. Trump Admin: Let's water down the Endangered Species Act and kill wildlife more efficiently! These rule changes will push vulnerable species closer to extinction. https://t.co/iWM1AQSCeo
13 Aug, 04:34 AM UTC
Citizens for Ethics
This weakens protections under the Endangered Species Act, clearing the way for new mining, and oil and gas drilling. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt is a former oil lobbyist. Zinke is now a gold mining lobbyist. Go figure. https://t.co/9sp7soxDPV
13 Aug, 02:00 AM UTC
In one day, the Trump admin. announced it would weaken the Endangered Species Act and set new standards for immigrants to meet, such as having a good credit score. @maddow:"On the same day, targeting bald eagles and the Statue of Liberty, because America." https://t.co/WgHyUK9vAh
13 Aug, 10:11 AM UTC
Peter Kalmus
In a time of accelerating climate breakdown and mass extinction, this is beyond shortsighted. It is evil. https://t.co/zdKAfXKpQZ
13 Aug, 12:19 AM UTC
Mystery Solvent
Let’s hope the Endangered Species Act cuts are a distraction from guns.. which are a distraction from kids in cages, which are a distraction from tariffs, which are a distraction from Epstein, which is a distraction from rape, which is a distraction from Trump being racist....
13 Aug, 01:34 AM UTC
Andrew Knight 🇪🇺🇬🇧🇩🇪🇦🇺
This guy genuinely wants to kill the Earth on purpose. https://t.co/LXyQ5080Hv
13 Aug, 05:53 AM UTC