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Fr. Jeff Fasching
The Holy Rosary gives us victory over all our enemies… Pray the rosary! https://t.co/JQKKbFoaUs
05 Aug, 10:17 AM UTC
ya 📖: caraval / corrupt
eu quando o assunto é livros com enemies to lovers: https://t.co/2yXZVdZzhx
05 Aug, 12:24 AM UTC
Sanjay Jha
Once BJP and Congress were opponents. Now the BJP treats all Opposition, particularly the Congress as enemies. Hence, the political culture of crude vendetta. It is a destruction of democracy.
05 Aug, 11:57 AM UTC
Nao sei vcs mas eu amo dorama enemies to love com contrato de casamento
05 Aug, 12:35 AM UTC
Senator Ted Cruz
Since Biden took office, he's been ideologically committed to alienating our allies & empowering enemies. Biden has abandoned our friends in Israel, Ukraine, Hong Kong, & Taiwan. In Russia, Iran, Venezuela, China, and Cuba those who want to harm Americans have gained strength. @SenTedCruz's photo on Enemies
05 Aug, 09:32 PM UTC
Fernanda | clary's wife 🍂
no les pasa que: 🗡 ❤ ❤ 🗡 ❤ 🗡 ❤ 🗡 enemies 🗡 ❤ to lovers ❤ 🗡 🗡 ❤
05 Aug, 05:15 PM UTC
Sri Lanka is a refuelling expert. It always refuels Bharat’s enemies. During 1971 war they refuelled Pakistani jets to bomb Bharat…while Bharat refuels them with supplies and cash. #VishwaGoru #GlobalCow https://t.co/4TIxdVFrcu
05 Aug, 01:51 AM UTC
Liv 🔥
nao adianta booktok, um enemies to lovers hetero nunca vai chegar aos pés de um com duas mulheres ou com dois homens
05 Aug, 11:44 AM UTC
It’s turning into an unhealthy game o! And it’s not even a flex anymore. 😂 They are turning to serious enemies o! Ok!
05 Aug, 08:25 PM UTC
John Perry
“But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,”Matthew 5:44
05 Aug, 01:41 AM UTC
hailie i adrien to enemies to lovers które ma taki potencjał, że naprawdę jestem mega podekscytowana tym jak się to rozwinie #rodzinamonet
04 Aug, 11:06 PM UTC
lover lyrics bot
all of my enemies started out friends
05 Aug, 09:45 PM UTC
Studio Heartbreak
THE LOVERS sushi chef x mermaid WLW enemies to lovers animated short 🎣❤️😈 https://t.co/GdopdEBbxm
05 Aug, 05:07 PM UTC
Chris Caldwell
This bears repeating: "Canada’s Ukrainian employees had to crowdfund their evacuation so they wouldn’t face likely detention, torture or death. With allies like us, who even needs enemies? " https://t.co/JyOcnWWQPJ
05 Aug, 08:11 PM UTC
hunting for what and whom, bestie? you fighting peer and near peer enemies up there or are you dropping guided munitions on weddings? just wondering. https://t.co/zqe2rvhzfB
05 Aug, 09:07 PM UTC
To think THIS is the beautiful culture our enemies are trying so hard to erase. Kindezi do yetselea, Tigraway mkuaney? https://t.co/EIT5n5rw0O
05 Aug, 09:12 PM UTC
Hero Forge
If you’re going to be an adventurer, that means you’ll be delving into dungeons. And where there’s dungeons, there’s plenty of nasty enemies looking to protect the treasures within. These are the types of foes new heroes cut their teeth on, or tragically TPK to. https://t.co/4G6nBt4SxH
05 Aug, 10:17 PM UTC
bia a mesma do rg🐝
catarina e petruchio o primeiro e maior casal enemies to lovers #OCravoEaRosa https://t.co/xUhP437P5G
05 Aug, 10:22 AM UTC
Aamna Tehreem rizvi
Imam Hussain (as) said: "By Allah! It is hard for your uncle that you called him for help, he can't answer you and if he answers it won't benefit you, you called your uncle on the day when he has so many enemies but no friend" 2/2 #شہزادہ_قاسمؑ_ابن_حسنؑ
05 Aug, 06:54 PM UTC
jahren gng 😤🦩
Drake is the type of gentleman to summon the ancient demon ማሞን upon his enemies so that they can be dragged in to the deepest pits of hell and be tortured for all eternity. May drake’s mercy be upon you and woe betide all those who incur his wrath. https://t.co/PQo6XLhF0A
05 Aug, 10:10 PM UTC
☮️☮️☮️ Dr. Mike Davis 🌊🌊🌊
@DashDobrofsky HOW tRUMP CONTROLS MINIONS: 1. Create an Enemy who is Attacking their Freedom: Socialist DEMS 2. Rallies for Uneducated Base reinforce tRump is ONLY man to protect them 3. Fear of Enemies turns into Anger, then to Hate 4. Community of Hate is easily incited to do tRump's bidding https://t.co/NSfQb9hemj
05 Aug, 04:04 PM UTC
cam mac 🇺🇦
"This bears repeating: Canada’s Ukrainian employees had to crowdfund their evacuation so they wouldn’t face likely detention, torture or death. With allies like us, who even needs enemies? " https://t.co/WueQMxMhhV
05 Aug, 10:21 PM UTC
gli enemies to lovers sono il mio pane quotidiano, io vivo per questo #PurpleHearts https://t.co/owdvWi0OfE
05 Aug, 10:19 PM UTC
Dr Shireen Bangash
@ArifAlvi @mimrankhanpouri In these high-times we need to closely watch the evil role of #GeoNews. How this TV, Print & Social Media conglomerate wickedly working to destroy the very basics of our culture & religion by raising fabricated stories one after another while pocketing millions from our enemies.
05 Aug, 09:23 PM UTC
If #PakArmy has stooped this low then no one can save Pakistan from enemies. How shameful. Where were they when #MaryamNawaz, #NawazSharif & PDM were barking against Army? #شیطان_کے_چیلے #لیڈر_صرف_عمران_خان #ام_حریم #BajwaTraitor #BajwaHasToGo #BajwaSoldTheNation #BajwaSurrender https://t.co/WYYtcSFhM9
05 Aug, 05:52 PM UTC
amo a amizade da revy e da eda, amo mais ainda por ser baseada em enemies to friends https://t.co/zOS1JxYdWy
05 Aug, 10:29 PM UTC
rae / arlo
i need season 2 for the margot talia enemies to frenemies plotline #SaveFirstKill
05 Aug, 09:37 PM UTC
“I hope nobody think we’re enemies….idgaf about you” 😭 #forevermood
05 Aug, 10:29 PM UTC
Phoenix Tiberius
@Prius_Patrol @AndrewHilaryUS I don't know, Biden might not want a bike. They are mortal enemies
05 Aug, 10:29 PM UTC
Baseball is Back
@RpsAgainstTrump They only like the cops who go after their enemies and look the other way to their crimes
05 Aug, 10:31 PM UTC