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ShiinaBR - Fortnite Leaks
Epic Games has confirmed that the Battle Pass of Season 8 was free to compete with Apex Legends.
03 May, 04:31 PM UTC
Geoff Keighley
Tomorrow the Epic Games, Inc. v. Apple Inc. trial will commence at 8:30 AM PT in the courtroom of judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers in Oakland. There will be a live audio feed of all the proceedings.
02 May, 07:39 PM UTC
According to Epic Games' Stipulated Exhibits Documents, the map that i tweeted about a week ago is apparently for an Open World Simulation Sandbox Mode! https://t.co/pS0uKbocTQ
03 May, 06:16 PM UTC
ICYMI: Epic Games were planning to collab with Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande for a Party Royale event last year but it didn't happen yet! @HYPEX's photo on Epic Games
03 May, 05:53 PM UTC
Jake Lucky
Today marks the start of the trial between Epic Games and Apple Two companies who make boat loads of money that want to make more money amen to that
03 May, 02:34 PM UTC
Tom Warren
this is an email from Sony to Epic Games in 2018, dismissing the idea of cross-play for Fortnite. Epic Games had pitched cross-play announce with Sony where "Epic goes out of its way to make Sony look like heroes." https://t.co/Xx0HM4awsM
03 May, 04:45 PM UTC
Today is Day 1 of EPIC GAMES vs APPLE INC. The next few weeks will have hours of Epic and Apple presenting their arguments in court! Don't expect to hear the results today, we have a long way to go before that happens! #FreeFortnite @Top5Gamingx's photo on Epic Games
03 May, 01:15 PM UTC
all these leaks just prove how iconic Fortnite / Epic Games truly is 🤯
03 May, 05:07 PM UTC
The Associated Press
Apple faces one of its most serious legal threats in recent years in a federal trial that begins today. Epic Games, maker of the video game Fortnite, says Apple's app store is an illegal monopoly that squeezes mobile apps for a slice of their earnings. https://t.co/33fbZrudcl
03 May, 01:45 PM UTC
Geoff Keighley
Live courtroom audio of Epic Games Inc. vs Apple Inc. Trial https://t.co/DhoaohbgEw
03 May, 03:44 PM UTC
✨El Zetastico
Hoy comienza el juicio de Epic Games vs Apple, el juicio final. #FreeFortnite https://t.co/srZu7CEfaq
03 May, 03:00 PM UTC
Tom Warren
Sony really hated PS4 crossplay, new confidential documents and emails reveal. These provide a rare glimpse at how Sony fought to block crossplay a few years ago. Details here: https://t.co/8ZZYjUsNwk @tomwarren's photo on Epic Games
03 May, 06:07 PM UTC
MSF Happy Power
I think it's safe to say, Epic games are really trying with Fortnite. These leaks are Insane and seeing how much goes on behind the scenes and how many active players there are. It's amazing.🔥
03 May, 06:24 PM UTC
Fortnite News
Here's a thread of every collab that has been scrapped or postponed for unknown reasons as per the court documents from the Epic Games vs. Apple trial https://t.co/07ZvqcSlIe
03 May, 05:15 PM UTC
MSF Happy Power
Epic Games plan with Apple If IOS returns! #Fortnite https://t.co/wk0WtWq1fk
03 May, 06:35 PM UTC
Franck Jonesy
Todos viendo a Epic Games en el juicio de #FreeFortnite toda la información demostrando que nos quieren traer solo lo mejor de lo mejor. https://t.co/lcFp01v9S6
03 May, 05:21 PM UTC
Tom Warren
here's my story on these confidential Sony documents and emails: https://t.co/8ZZYjUsNwk
03 May, 06:05 PM UTC
EPIC GAMES ACABA DE CONFIRMAR lo que les dije en el video anterior: Están trabajando en un Modo de MUNDO ABIERTO!! https://t.co/265Ihg0z9F
03 May, 06:18 PM UTC
The Verge
Fortnite made more than $9 billion in revenue in its first two years https://t.co/Tj767AZyHO @verge's photo on Epic Games
03 May, 06:04 PM UTC
Fun Fact: This is the email from Sony replying to Epic Games when they first offered them the idea to Cross-play and they refused. Epic offered to move out of the way and make Sony look like the Heroes and offer Exclusive stuff for PS plus users https://t.co/ua8AE87BAZ
03 May, 06:36 PM UTC
Epic Games after seeing literally everything get leaked https://t.co/nYxJdytF7w
03 May, 05:33 PM UTC
سعودي اندرويد
دأ الاكشن الحقيقي بين ابل و Epic Games في محكمة كاليفورنيا هذه اللحظات. شركة Epic Games تقول للقاضي ان اللي تسويه ابل في احتكار متجر التطبيقات يشبه معرض سيارات يبيع لك السيارة ولكن يستمر بأخذ رسوم في كل مرة السيارة تعبي بنزين. #Apple #EpicGames https://t.co/9xBivnhlSr
03 May, 05:27 PM UTC
Tom Warren
here's co-founder of Epic Games, @MarkRein, discussing his thoughts on Google Stadia, Nvidia's GeForce Now, and Walmart's cloud game streaming service in 2019. Rein says cloud gaming services "could act as a user acquisition funnel and amplify our marketing and reach." @tomwarren's photo on Epic Games
03 May, 06:37 PM UTC
Apple Vs Epic Games Eu quero que ambas as empresas percam muito dinheiro nessa briga nos tribunais, que tudo termine num empate, e para salvar a imagem queimada com o publico que as duas empresas dêem um monte de coisas gratuitas pros seus usuários pelos próximos anos em silencio
03 May, 06:09 PM UTC
Fortnite Tracker
Court case between Apple and Epic Games reveals lengths Epic went through to enable cross-platform play with Sony https://t.co/ihoDtE8UL1
03 May, 06:41 PM UTC
سعودي اندرويد
ممثل Epic Games يتهم ابل انها تجبر المطورين على نظام الدفع الخاص بها. ممثل ابل يرد ان نظام الدفع مش منتج منفصل ويعتبر جزء من متجر اب ستور.
03 May, 06:24 PM UTC
Agente John Jones 🦋 (CÓD. AGENTEJONHJONES)
El Pase de Batalla más vendido de la Historia fue el de la Temporada 2 Capítulo 2, joer al final Midas si le trajo oro literalmente a Epic Games #Fortnite
03 May, 06:29 PM UTC
Espero que ganemos esta guerra del 2021 nosotros los trabajadores de epic games estamos haciendo todo lo pocible por salvar la empresa #FreeFortnite #Fortnite juntos lo lograremos https://t.co/QwoU6jKyIA
03 May, 06:12 PM UTC
El canal de Twitch de los Game Awards está retransmitiendo en vivo el juicio de Epic Games contra Apple. La simulación se ha roto. UN JUICIO EN DIRECTO EN TWITCH
03 May, 06:23 PM UTC
سعودي اندرويد
ممثل Epic Games يقول ليش آبل ماتسمح للناس بتحميل التطبيقات من مكان آخر مثل مايحدث في اندرويد؟ ممثل ابل يجيب ان هذه سياسة الشركة ونحن نعتبرها ميزة تنافسية بالنسبة لنا، ويضيف ان شركة Epic تريدنا ان نفعل شيء لانريد فعله ولايريده عملائنا.
03 May, 06:38 PM UTC