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Rep. Eric Swalwell
The House just passed the #ERA, bringing us one step closer to true equality under the law. Now it's time for @senatemajldr to do his job & hold a vote on this critical legislation to ensure that women can no longer be discriminated against simply for being who they are. #ERANow
13 Feb, 04:51 PM UTC
Alyssa Milano
“When women succeed, America succeeds.” -Nancy Pelosi #ERANow @Alyssa_Milano's photo on #eranow
13 Feb, 12:48 AM UTC
Jackie Speier
Women are sick and tired of being second-class citizens in their own country. The absence of the ERA has meant that women can be paid less for their work, violated with impunity, and discriminated against simply for being who they are. We are done! We need the #ERANow! @RepSpeier's photo on #eranow
13 Feb, 02:51 PM UTC
Rep. Val Demings
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal." Isn't it about time for that to be all women too? #ERANow https://t.co/sXYMozBX79
13 Feb, 04:31 PM UTC
Rashida Tlaib
I can't believe how obsessed some of my colleagues are in controlling women. The folks voting no on #ERANow are just condoning oppression of women in America. It's sick!
13 Feb, 04:39 PM UTC
Kamala Harris
When you lift up women, you lift up children, families, communities and all of society. That's why it's so critical that we finally—in 2020—pass the Equal Rights Amendment. Today, the House passed a resolution to make this happen. The Senate must do its job and pass it. #ERANow
13 Feb, 08:52 PM UTC
BREAKING: The House just voted to remove the deadline from the Equal Rights Amendment. After 97 years, this vote could help ensure that the ERA can finally become a part of our Constitution. #ERANow Best #GalentinesDay present ever. https://t.co/92PZ0e2Euy
13 Feb, 04:27 PM UTC
Rep. Pramila Jayapal
What a glorious day! Today, the House voted to remove the arbitrary deadline to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Because equality of the sexes is not debatable. It has no expiration date. We won’t rest until & women & men are finally equal under the eyes of the law! #ERANow @RepJayapal's photo on #eranow
13 Feb, 05:06 PM UTC
Katherine Clark
How do we celebrate #GalentinesDay in the House? Voting for equal rights for women!! #ERA #ERAVote #ERANow #WomenofCongress https://t.co/xY59C4O5D7
13 Feb, 03:02 PM UTC
Rep. Joe Kennedy III
Women have waited far too long, fought far too hard & sacrificed far too much to be denied legal & constitutional equality. We just voted to remove ERA deadline because inequity and injustice cannot remain the law of this land. #ERANow
13 Feb, 05:06 PM UTC
Jackie Speier
My bill to ratify the #ERANow PASSED! Thx to @HouseDemocrats @SpeakerPelosi @LeaderHoyer @RepJerryNadler @HouseJudiciary @HouseDemWomen @ERACoalition @ACLU @YWCAUSA @NationalNOW @nwlc @NPWF. It's time for the Archivist to certify the ERA and the Senate to vote for equality!
13 Feb, 04:46 PM UTC
(((Rep. Nadler)))
I couldn't be prouder to have guided the #ERA through @HouseJudiciary and managed the debate on the House floor this morning as we took the historic step to enshrine equal rights for women in the Constitution. #ERANow @RepJerryNadler's photo on #eranow
13 Feb, 08:25 PM UTC
Carolyn B. Maloney
I first introduced the Equal Rights Amendment (#ERA) 20+ years ago – and it’s as needed today as it was then. Women’s equality WILL be spelled out in the Constitution. And we will spell it E-R-A. #ERANow My full floor speech in support of #HJRes79: @RepMaloney's photo on #eranow
13 Feb, 03:25 PM UTC
Mark Warner
Earlier this year, @vademocrats made Virginia the final state needed to ratify the ERA – and today, the House voted to remove the ERA's arbitrary deadline. Now it's up to Senate to act. Let's vote to guarantee full and equal protection for women under the Constitution. #ERANow
13 Feb, 04:33 PM UTC
#DontMessWithNancy 💪💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿
On a historic day when the House passed #ERANow for #CA12 and for all America – and the week the #TrumpBudget reared its ugly head, Speaker Pelosi also tackled the lawlessness of Trump and his henchman Bill Barr. Beyond Romney, it's time for Republicans in Congress to speak out! https://t.co/PDS3nUqoQy
13 Feb, 06:18 PM UTC
Mark Takano
182 Republicans voted against a resolution to facilitate timely ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 182 Republicans voted against equal rights for women. #ERANow @RepMarkTakano's photo on #eranow
13 Feb, 04:24 PM UTC
Rep. Sylvia Garcia
This morning, I spoke on the House Floor about why we need the #ERANow. It's time for the GOP to stop playing political games and instead choose to immediately enshrine women's equality in the Constitution. ¡Ya es hora de aprobar el ERA! It is time to approve the ERA! @RepSylviaGarcia's photo on #eranow
13 Feb, 04:02 PM UTC
Katherine Clark
“Girls just want to be equal” — yes, we do! And today we voted! #ERANow #ERAVote #ERA @RepKClark's photo on #eranow
13 Feb, 05:31 PM UTC
Senator Jon Tester
The House just voted to remove the deadline for ratifying the #EqualRightsAmendment, guaranteeing equality for women under the Constitution once and for all. There shouldn't be a deadline on equality. Now it's the Senate's turn. It's time for #ERANow.
13 Feb, 06:14 PM UTC
Joyce Beatty
When women succeed, America succeeds. That's why @HouseDemocrats are voting TODAY to revive the Equal Rights Amendment! #ERANow @RepBeatty's photo on #eranow
13 Feb, 04:08 PM UTC
🌹Shahid Buttar for Congress
The Equal Rights Amendment is long overdue. It will go a long way towards ensuring gender equity and I’m eager to see it ratified by the remaining states. #ERANow https://t.co/m5hvccKm1Y
13 Feb, 08:42 PM UTC
Rep. Ro Khanna
Every American should be equal in the eyes of the law. #ERANow https://t.co/1hkOmN4Rqa
13 Feb, 06:29 PM UTC
Minh Ngo
There should not be an expiration date on equality! The House voted (232-183) today to remove a 1982 deadline for states to ratify the ERA. A similar resolution has been introduced in the Senate. Tell @senatemajldr to do his job & hold a vote. #ERANow https://t.co/7wiMo2CJLv
13 Feb, 05:16 PM UTC
Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell
Happy #GalentinesDay! I'm celebrating with my fellow Congresswomen by voting to facilitate the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. It's past time we include women’s equality in our Constitution. #ERANow https://t.co/cDIbdnLxlt
13 Feb, 04:22 PM UTC
Carolyn B. Maloney
How long have I been working to pass the #ERA? Here's an article from my FIRST DAY on Capitol Hill after flipping my district from Red to Blue in 1992. Check out the last line! #ERANow #ERAYes #EqualRightsAmendment #ERA #TBT #ThrowbackThursday https://t.co/7OduEHKkZy
13 Feb, 07:29 PM UTC
Rep. Jason Crow
Our kids should grow up in a world without the stain of systemic discrimination. Standing on the shoulders of generations of activists, the House just voted to pave the way to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Equality has no deadline. #ERANow
13 Feb, 09:25 PM UTC
The House of Representatives voted earlier today to remove the ratification deadline for the #EqualRightsAmendment! This is a huge step towards officially ratifying the ERA. 🎉🎉🎉 #ERANow https://t.co/vVq1VHL2Zo
13 Feb, 08:59 PM UTC
Lacy Clay MO1st
#ERA2020 #ERANow #WomenMatter https://t.co/4kBabO64Xq
13 Feb, 07:26 PM UTC
Alaina Shearer for Congress
That face you make when you realize your opponent voted against the Equal Rights Amendment. Honestly ... what is @RepBalderson thinking? #ERAYes #ERANow Please donate to my campaign so we can say #byebyebalderson in November. https://t.co/o0obOCV1Bn https://t.co/1xJVLsWebp
13 Feb, 08:38 PM UTC
Xavier Becerra
NEWS: The U.S. House of Reps. passed H.J. Res. 79, clearing the path for the #EqualRightsAmendment's adoption. Now, it's the Senate's turn to act. #ERANow https://t.co/TCMB67G2sw
13 Feb, 10:49 PM UTC