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Ricky Davila
Well, Rafael @tedcruz made a racist ass of himself by talking about Eric Holder during the Senate hearing of Merrick Garland. Guess he has to try anything to distract from him trying to abandon a freezing Texas for a Cancun vacation. Rotten seditious scumbag.
22 Feb, 05:42 PM UTC
Charles P. Pierce
Cruz is now ripping Eric Holder. What a bunch of unserious clowns.
22 Feb, 04:49 PM UTC
David Simon
Ted Cruz is back in America and targeting someone named Eric Holder at the confirmation hearings for Merrick Garland. This is a clown's clown.
22 Feb, 04:58 PM UTC
Mrs. Honeybunny 🌊
Leave it to Cruz to make Merrick Garland's hearing all about AG Eric Holder. What about AG Barrr? Why is Cruz even allowed to speak?
22 Feb, 04:54 PM UTC
Darlene McDonald
For the record, Eric Holder and The Obama Administration did turn over documents. So, as usual. Ted Cruz is lying.
22 Feb, 04:53 PM UTC
Washington Examiner
.@TedCruz: "Eric Holder described his role as attorney general as being the wingman for President Obama." Merrick Garland: "I can assure you I do not regard myself as anything other than the lawyer for the people of the United States. I'm not the president's lawyer." @dcexaminer's photo on Eric Holder
22 Feb, 05:06 PM UTC
Brian J. Karem
The man who is up for confirmation is Merrick Garland. This isn't about Eric Holder - or a Cancun vacation.
22 Feb, 05:29 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
Why are these MAGA terrorists still in Congress??? Expel them all. NOW. #TrumpTaxReturns #TrumpTaxes Merrick Garland Eric Holder Steele Dossier John McCain Al Capone Meghan McCain Neera Tanden Barr Tom Cotton President Donald Trump Dominion Justice Department Elijah McClain
22 Feb, 06:00 PM UTC
Dennis of Texas JD, B.S.E.E.
Cancun Cruz at Garland hearing: "Obama's DOJ was politicized and weaponized". Said "Eric Holder was wingman for Obama". Asks if Garland will be wingman for Biden. No Question about Barr being Trump's whore. Seems Cruz is still under the influence of margaritas.
22 Feb, 04:51 PM UTC
Sarah Reese Jones
Ted Cruz tries to change the subject from his Cancun vacation by ranting about Eric Holder and pushing years old debunked conspiracy theories and Merrick Garland's confirmation hearing. @PoliticusSarah's photo on Eric Holder
22 Feb, 05:09 PM UTC
Rabbi Jill Zimmerman
One of the main reasons we got trump was because of the right wing’s racism. Exhibit A & B - their disdain of everything Obama & Eric Holder.
22 Feb, 04:56 PM UTC
Jake Lobin
The Senators from Texas are focused on everything but their people... Ted Cruz & John Cornyn asking Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland about Eric Holder & the Steele Dossier are distractions from the fact that dozens of Texans just died and they didn't do ANYTHING to help.
22 Feb, 06:50 PM UTC
Tom. Joe knows how to President! Finally a CinC!
Cruz laments about Eric Holder politicizing the office of the Attorney general on behalf of Obama. Not a word about Bill Barr actually defending civil actions against Trump.
22 Feb, 04:51 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
The GOP is preaching about unity now??? To hell with unity. Those traitors were ALL complicit in Trump's rampage against democracy. For 4 damn years. #TrumpTaxReturns #TrumpTaxes Merrick Garland Eric Holder Steele Dossier John McCain Al Capone Meghan McCain Neera Tanden
22 Feb, 05:41 PM UTC
Lesley Abravanel
Where's Ted Cruz's sombrero? So rich he is worried that #MerrickGarland would politicize his position and is coming down on Eric Holder when Turd Reich henchman Bill Barr served solely to protect Trump. #TedCruzResign #MerrickGarlandHearing
22 Feb, 04:50 PM UTC
Colorado Audrey🔥🦂😷
So ted cruz thinks Eric Holder brought shame to the AG? Guess he never met bill barr😂😂 What a jackass!
22 Feb, 05:25 PM UTC
Letting Rafael Cruz criticize Eric Holder without bringing up Bill Barr is stupid PLUS It doesn't work Playing nice with these hypocritical FUCKERS don't work GOP just voted for a guy who tried to MURDER Congress and actually MURDERED a police officer
22 Feb, 05:03 PM UTC
Sorry Charlie 🍀🍀🍀🍀
Ted Cruz jumps in his Hot Tub Time Dumpster & starts asking Merrick Garland questions about AG Eric Holder? Did the last disgraceful years at Sessions & Barr’s DOJ not even occur? GOP Senators have nothing left to offer citizens of the USA but callous partisan memories. #TedCruz
22 Feb, 05:01 PM UTC
Ed Urbanowski
Ted Cruz has been in Cancun’s sun too long if he takes issue with Eric Holder but gives a pass to the corrupt AGs under T-Rump.
22 Feb, 05:43 PM UTC
Doc Zombie 2021💥 King of I Told You So💥
Ted Cruz attacked Eric Holder because American has *FAILED* to arrest Ted Cruz for treason. There is a completely broken circuit going purposefully unrepaired right now and it should be repaired by force ASAP. So many republicans need to be held totally accountable immediately.
22 Feb, 07:27 PM UTC
Martin Cody
What I don’t understand why the RNC has not hired attorneys to challenge all these EO’s in court like the Dems did to Trump. The Dems had Eric Holder in the wings challenging every Trump EO before the ink dried. Wake up and start playing to win. @seanhannity @DonaldJTrumpJr
22 Feb, 06:54 PM UTC
Tell me again how Blue Lives Matter
I think @SenTedCruz is confusing Eric Holder with Bill Barr. Also, it didn't make us forget about Snowflake. Nice try, Senator.
22 Feb, 06:51 PM UTC
James McPartland
I didn't know until Ted Cruz talked to Merrick Garland that Eric Holder has been the Attorney General for the last 12 years? How did I miss that, and who was Bill Barr?
22 Feb, 07:37 PM UTC
Lisa Lauren
@alfranken Ted Cruz also had the nerve to talk about Eric Holder, as if Bill Barr and his asshattery never existed.
22 Feb, 07:33 PM UTC
When you see Eric Holder trending the day Merrick Garland is supposed to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate, you know the GOP once again said something stupid.... Yep I was correct, Ted Cruz just popped up on my screen.
22 Feb, 07:13 PM UTC
Tom, Suddenly
Why are we talking about Eric Holder? We know why. @tedcruz is a shameless partisan hack. And he really doesn't like people of color.
22 Feb, 04:53 PM UTC
In the Merrick Garland hearing, Ted Cruz accused Obama’s AG Eric Holder of politicizing the DOJ. That was Barr you silly f*cker.
22 Feb, 07:59 PM UTC
The Masked Avenger
@texasvoter817 “I’m still the Presidents wingman, so I’m still in with my boy” -Eric Holder, 2013
22 Feb, 07:58 PM UTC
™Sam Moore✒
@SenTedCruz is worthless 🤦🏾‍♂️ Eric holder withheld documents and politicized the DOJ. Because trump hadn’t suppressed documents, people, or the truth. Trump didn’t have the DOJ defend in a civil suit or fire 3 AG who wouldn’t do his bidding what happened to truth & accountability
22 Feb, 07:58 PM UTC

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