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Tap Water Defender
Doing No Delete December, you gotta find other ways to fix your mistakes besides taking the cowards way out
02 Dec, 05:29 PM UTC
Remember when Eric Young was in SAnitY, and SAnitY was one of the most talked about factions in NXT? Feels so long ago, man.. #RAW
03 Dec, 02:23 AM UTC
Ryan Satin
How has Eric Young not been given a comedy storyline to sink his teeth into yet?! Even a run with the 24/7 title to let him do some fun stuff with it would be nice. #RAW
03 Dec, 02:27 AM UTC
Please use Eric Young more. That dude is so damn talented & so good at what he does. It seems absolutely criminal to not put him in a more prominent position on weekly TV. #RAW #WWERaw
03 Dec, 02:29 AM UTC
Taylor Lorenz
I love modern cinema @TaylorLorenz's photo on Eric Young
03 Dec, 03:31 AM UTC
Apple Music
The bad guy herself, Billie Eilish, takes the Steve Jobs theater by storm on 12/4 at 6:30 PM (PT). Watch the exclusive performance live. Only on Apple Music.
02 Dec, 09:58 PM UTC
Kayfabe News
Eric Young is a fantastic professional wrestler. His job was to make Andrade look like a superstar, and he succeeded. Eric Young deserves an Eric Young to put him over.
03 Dec, 02:27 AM UTC
Raj Giri
This is only Eric Young's second singles match on #RAW or #SmackDown. He's so underutilized @WrestlingInc
03 Dec, 02:26 AM UTC
Kayfabe News
Bob Holly is looking great with this new “Eric Young” gimmick.
03 Dec, 02:23 AM UTC
Samoa Joe giving Eric Young credibility on #RAW commentary 👏👏👏 @WrestlingInc
03 Dec, 02:24 AM UTC
.@AndradeCienWWE hits those deadly running knees to Eric Young #RAW
03 Dec, 02:41 AM UTC
Real One
In an alternative universe, Eric Young would be used as a serious crazy sadistic heel #WWERAW
03 Dec, 02:26 AM UTC
ᴅᴀᴠɪᴅ ᴘᴇʀᴇʟʟ ✌
Why living in cities is so expensive: 1) It’s hard to build new housing. Too many people have veto power. 2) Public transportation is too slow and too expensive to build, so commute times are getting longer. 3) Living in the city saves you time and makes you more productive.
03 Dec, 04:31 AM UTC
Jessi Davin
Eric Young looked like he got internally decapitated by Andrade wow #RAW
03 Dec, 02:30 AM UTC
Kayla Livin For Liv 💙
Viking Raiders vs Local jobbers Eric Rowen vs No Way Jose Drew McIntyre vs Akira Tozawa Andrade vs Eric Young Aleister Black vs Tony Nese What even is this show #RAW
03 Dec, 03:31 AM UTC
Cageside Seats
Raise your hand if you forgot Eric Young worked for this company. #RAW @cagesideseats's photo on Eric Young
03 Dec, 02:24 AM UTC
Más Lucha
En una buena lucha, Andrade derrota a Eric Young y continúa con buen paso desde que fue fue fichado por #WWERaw
03 Dec, 02:32 AM UTC
Zack Kanter
i think i ate too much twitter
03 Dec, 04:43 AM UTC
QuickTake by Bloomberg
The world's most-watched YouTube channel is from India. This is @TSeries @QuickTake's photo on Eric Young
03 Dec, 06:00 AM UTC
David de las luchas
¿Qué fue de SANITY 9 meses después de su disolución? -Kilian Dain: Relevante en NXT. -Alexander Wolfe: Dominando NXT UK con Imperium. -Nikki Cross: Ex campeona por parejas con Alexa Bliss en Smackdown. -Eric Young: Jobber en RAW. El líder fue el que acabó peor parado. 😅
03 Dec, 07:11 AM UTC
Aaron Oster
Samoa Joe is doing more to put over Eric Young than WWE has done in years. #RAW
03 Dec, 02:25 AM UTC
As much as I like Drew, Black and Andrade, I feel bad for Tozawa, Nese and Eric Young. At least they are getting TV time, especially Young. But, they do deserve good feuds and booking. 🤗😊👍
03 Dec, 02:40 AM UTC
Facebook unveils photo transfer tool, letting users transfer their photos and videos directly to other services starting with Google Photos, starting in Ireland (@stevesatter / About Facebook)
02 Dec, 09:11 AM UTC
Sean Ross Sapp of
Our Fightful WWE Raw Review for December 2. - No Becky Lynch - Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, AOP - WWE music - Kabuki Warriors vs. Charlotte - Nothing happens - We answer your questions - Squash matches galore - Eric Young appears @SeanRossSapp's photo on Eric Young
03 Dec, 07:40 AM UTC
Garrett Kidney
Eric Young was pitch perfect in everything he did in that Andrade match. Timing, intensity, fire, bumps - he’s about as good a hand as you could possibly ask for and he’s completely benched in that company.
03 Dec, 04:54 AM UTC
Chris Messina
Decided to pick up a new Samsung 1TB SSD HD and tried to launch the bundled software on the drive... NOPE! Certificate expired Sep 27, 2019. How did @SamsungUS screw that up? 🤔
03 Dec, 06:04 AM UTC
Les Gaulois du Catch
[Résultats] #RAW Andrade bat Eric Young par tombé. Après le match, le champion NASCAR Eric Busch fait le tombé sur R-Truth et devient le nouveau champion 24/7.
03 Dec, 02:35 AM UTC
Justin Davis [High Level Grift Master]
damn eric young was goin OFF against andrade
03 Dec, 05:27 AM UTC
🍇Alex Pawlowski 🍇
4. Buddy Murphy is Tony Nese's training partner. (This is 205 Live canon.) Buddy attacks Black after the match, beatdown ➡️BUDDY MURPHY vs ALEISTER BLACK (no stip) 5. Andrade beats Eric Young, Zelina calls out Drew. "If Randy won't fight you, Andrade will." ➡️ANDRADE vs DREW
03 Dec, 06:47 AM UTC

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