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ms. cellophane
I love that little kid drug dealer, tattoo artist, economist and whateverelse from Euphoria. #EuphoriaHBO @trashyrley's photo on #EuphoriaHBO
15 Jul, 02:53 AM UTC
euphoria stans
Rue on her way to Jules house knowing she don’t love her like she love her #EuphoriaHBO @demsforthewin's photo on #EuphoriaHBO
15 Jul, 02:54 AM UTC
Alexss Yunique
Me coming to the realization that I’ve been shipping a toxic relationship this whole time and maybe Rue and Jules aren’t meant to be together #Euphoria #euphoriahbo @Lexiyunique's photo on #EuphoriaHBO
15 Jul, 03:10 AM UTC
i know she did not just blow off her depressed friend to suck some musty ass mall dick #EuphoriaHBO @ihatescorpios's photo on #EuphoriaHBO
15 Jul, 02:54 AM UTC
me when Maddy runs right back to Nate after everything he’s done #EuphoriaHBO #feelEUPHORIA #Euphoria @Cloud9ineDreams's photo on #EuphoriaHBO
15 Jul, 02:57 AM UTC
Jay Breeze
Maddy: “I really need you right now! 😫” KittenKween: #EuphoriaHBO https://t.co/mREXI1QB5G
15 Jul, 02:44 AM UTC
Mari 🥤
when Maddy got back with Nate #Euphoria #feelEUPHORIA #euphoriahbo @versaceshowers's photo on #EuphoriaHBO
15 Jul, 02:57 AM UTC
I like Kat ...But being mean to Ethan And not being there for ya friend to go give a 5 sec BJ Not looking good hun #EuphoriaHBO @brokekneecappie's photo on #EuphoriaHBO
15 Jul, 03:40 AM UTC

Manny santos ran so maddy could walk #euphoriahbo https://t.co/6Wkb2WLIgk
15 Jul, 04:17 AM UTC
ok so #euphoriaHBO i started this season shipping Rue and Jules and now i don’t want them together at all. it’s an unhealthy codependency and it’s not fair to Jules at all. i have so many conflicted thoughts on their relationship ugh it’s not black and white it’s VERY complex
15 Jul, 09:51 PM UTC
These fictional kids stressing me out.. #feelEUPHORIA #euphoriahbo @ThisIsAsha's photo on #EuphoriaHBO
15 Jul, 05:16 AM UTC
Christian Hall
Euphoria don’t come back on till next Sunday #Euphoria #EuphoriaHBO #feelEUPHORIA @SpazzLion's photo on #EuphoriaHBO
15 Jul, 03:01 AM UTC
Ade ✨
“you look like you came really hard” 😂😂#EuphoriaHBO @omgitsdebola's photo on #EuphoriaHBO
15 Jul, 02:31 AM UTC
Me to all the boys in euphoria except Fez and Ashtray 🙌🏾 #Euphoria #EuphoriaHBO @legendmaryan's photo on #EuphoriaHBO
15 Jul, 02:31 AM UTC
jules is under so much pressure. like imagine being responsible for someone being clean. this is a great representation of how being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t love themselves first can affect everyone around them. #feelEUPHORIA #Euphoria #euphoriahbo
15 Jul, 03:01 AM UTC
Everytime Nate shows up on the screen #EuphoriaHBO @alexrayne03's photo on #EuphoriaHBO
15 Jul, 04:06 AM UTC
this right here!! #EuphoriaHBO https://t.co/ht8txq51yU
15 Jul, 11:42 PM UTC
TV Time
"That smile, that damn smile" 😪❤️ #EuphoriaHBO @tvshowtime's photo on #EuphoriaHBO
15 Jul, 06:45 PM UTC

Next episode of Euphoria and I’m already fucking deceased. #EuphoriaHBO #feelEUPHORIA https://t.co/godpcJ3cUC
15 Jul, 03:54 AM UTC
Madison 🏳️‍🌈
#EuphoriaHBO Nobody: Kat: https://t.co/taslLmaduj
15 Jul, 05:50 AM UTC
ayotee [ah-your-tee]
A word from body positivity queen mother Kat #EuphoriaHBO https://t.co/oSk6XS79eW
15 Jul, 04:33 AM UTC
Tais Ami ♀️🆗
Post admiração Deusa fanfic Kat Hernandez ♥️ #EuphoriaHBO https://t.co/5EMrXxHDG4
15 Jul, 03:23 AM UTC
Clarkisha Kent
I was told I might be doing too much with this piece but after this episode....lol https://t.co/MTrjt202NX #EuphoriaHBO
15 Jul, 05:24 AM UTC
Eleanora Morrison
CONGRATS @jenmorrisonlive on @euphoriaHBO episode 5 !!!! Sisters watch party with @JuliaMoSum tonight 💗 #DirectorMorrison #EuphoriaHBO https://t.co/OiAPoxVn2h
15 Jul, 06:59 AM UTC
Mary Louise Nate 🤝 being the most hateful people on sunday's nights #BigLittleLies #EuphoriaHBO https://t.co/HFfY9pYeae
15 Jul, 10:42 AM UTC
spot the difference #EuphoriaHBO #Euphoria https://t.co/DzfQ4GhemK
15 Jul, 01:15 PM UTC
Me realizing Rue about to spiral after Jules breaks her heart #EuphoriaHBO https://t.co/A641RETUWf
15 Jul, 08:14 PM UTC
WERKit4Z - Fan Account
Zendaya said gay rights. We love an intellectual. #EuphoriaHBO https://t.co/BEKj9o3q8r
15 Jul, 10:59 AM UTC
La vaca, mu 🇵🇷
#EuphoriaHBO gets better every Sunday, y’all need to get on it, cus it’s so good. Periodt
15 Jul, 10:34 PM UTC
ah pronto 🇧🇷|| euphoria| HBO
seja você homem ou mulher, JAMAIS tolere um RELACIONAMENTO ABUSIVO! ele pode deixar marcas (não apenas físicas) que talvez nunca sejam apagadas... *imagens da série #euphoria 1x05 #EuphoriaHBO #feelEUPHORIA https://t.co/CNBoBByGCe
15 Jul, 07:48 PM UTC
Nery with an Y | EUPHORIA
Depois desse ep eu só tive certeza de que "Rules" não é saudável. A Rue é frágil, e a Jules não pode ser responsável pelas recaídas da Rue se elas brigarem e a Rue recorrer às drogas novamente. Eu amo elas, infelizmente é muito fodido. #EuphoriaHBO https://t.co/H2iSu0vdJ4
15 Jul, 03:52 AM UTC
A y a n a
At first I was all for Kat’s newly discovered confidence, now I’m like #EuphoriaHBO https://t.co/q5dMm2yvEJ
15 Jul, 09:35 PM UTC
Euphoria Brasil
Mais emocionado que eu ? Só a Jules ea Rue mesmo. #feelEUPHORIA #Euphoria #euphoriahbo https://t.co/GwzPrs3HST
15 Jul, 03:51 AM UTC
Euphoria News
Barbara: Nate is gay! Principal: ... #Euphoria #EuphoriaHBO https://t.co/2E7Q4e1Zdd
16 Jul, 12:39 AM UTC
Fan Screening
#TrendingTV daily trending scripted: 1. #EuphoriaHBO 2. #BigLittleLies 3. #StrangerThings 4. #GoodOmens 5. #TheFlash 6. #StrangerThings3 7. #FearTWD 8. #Shadowhunters ➰ 9. #ClawsTNT 10. #SaveShadowhunters ➰ chat https://t.co/89CHyaN2cg like, RT & follow https://t.co/Qc8waC9L4E
16 Jul, 12:05 AM UTC
Chaun The Cynical. ✊🏿🇺🇸
This how dudes be tossing Katt on #EuphoriaHBO https://t.co/P7EHlDKuvf
16 Jul, 01:49 AM UTC
I was holding my breath during the whole Nate and Jules scene. I’m thinking pls don’t let Nate kill her #EuphoriaHBO
16 Jul, 01:59 AM UTC
Ari LaBeija
Nate daddy when he found out his son only choked a girl and not that his underaged trans side chick dimed him out #euphoriahbo https://t.co/s2xw3JMXDv
16 Jul, 01:52 AM UTC
ninguém: absolutamente ninguem: nenhum ser humano na terra: Rue: #Euphoria #EuphoriaHBO (achei pesado porem ri kkkkkk) https://t.co/Jlw9GTtneE
16 Jul, 01:56 AM UTC
Aquela frase "corpo perfeito é aquele que existe uma pessoa alegre e confiante dentro dele" #EuphoriaHBO #Euphoria https://t.co/BOjc2VoAmb
16 Jul, 01:55 AM UTC
Jesse IFB/SDV quickly
Check this out windmill #BachelorNation #TheBachlorette #TheBachelorette #RacistPresident #TheLionKing #PrimeDayAmazon #TheSquad #BBNaija #TrumpIsARacist #Area51 #EuphoriaHBO #RickyRenuncia #PBB8TheBlindMaze #RacistGOP #AmazonPrimeDay #bitcoin #Apollo11 windmill https://t.co/U5DpBTWehN
16 Jul, 01:54 AM UTC
Mathias Lulu Pennington
These sex history is like funny but like sad #EuphoriaHBO
16 Jul, 02:01 AM UTC
When Maddy was driving around and cryin I felt that #EuphoriaHBO
16 Jul, 02:01 AM UTC
Christiane D
Nates dad needs to talking to a therapist not a hooker #EuphoriaHBO
16 Jul, 02:01 AM UTC
Rt if you still love Jules and think is not her faul that she doesn’t want to be 100% in with rue and it’s ok if she is scared because having the pressure of rue being clean because of her is too much #euphoriahbo
16 Jul, 01:58 AM UTC
Marwan Senpai
Quand j’ai découvert Euphoria sur HBO 😱🤩 #EuphoriaHBO https://t.co/6ouYrBlLUz
16 Jul, 01:58 AM UTC
Mathias Lulu Pennington
This whole walk out thing wasn’t as intense as they made it seem #EuphoriaHBO
16 Jul, 01:57 AM UTC
Ari LaBeija
Somebody need to love me like rue loves Jules #EuphoriaHBO
16 Jul, 01:56 AM UTC
@JacobElordi is so fucking good as Nate every time he’s on screen I literally get chills LIKE ACTUAL CHILLS #EuphoriaHBO
16 Jul, 01:56 AM UTC
♥🦇☆ 𝐣𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐲𝐧 ☆🦇♥
Made a Playlist today of songs that remind me of Rue & Jules. A few of the songs are heard on the show, most are not. Hope you all enjoy it! #EuphoriaHBO #Euphoria #FEELeuphoria  #RULES #RueandJules https://t.co/F9PEJgggOo
16 Jul, 01:53 AM UTC
Did it take anyone else till episode 4 to realize Jules had a dick? Or is it just me #EuphoriaHBO
16 Jul, 01:52 AM UTC
Mathias Lulu Pennington
I’m glad that jags finding her power #EuphoriaHBO
16 Jul, 01:52 AM UTC
Meat Mail Man
After episode 2 #EuphoriaHBO got me HOOKED!
16 Jul, 01:52 AM UTC
I didn't know Jules is trans-fem. #EuphoriaHBO
16 Jul, 01:52 AM UTC
the southern pansy
então, eu assisti o piloto de #EuphoriaHBO https://t.co/6o9htzeotp
16 Jul, 01:51 AM UTC