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Requiesta de Silencia
#every20minutes this somehow becomes more relevant @RequiestaGaming's photo on #every20minutes
14 Jan, 02:40 PM UTC
Bleeding Heart Liberal Marine
#every20minutes Donald #Trump lowers the prestige & influence of U.S. by Tweeting: Something racist National security secrets Lies, lies, & more lies Attacks on 13-year-old girls Threats against patriot witnesses Incoherent rants Compliments to brutal dictators or war criminals
14 Jan, 03:25 PM UTC
Matt Johnson
#every20minutes, Ivanka shows up somewhere to pretend to do something she's wholly unqualified to do. https://t.co/8LVcqh6zLq
14 Jan, 06:08 PM UTC
U.S. Attorneys
#Every20minutes an estimated 2 people are newly trafficked into the U.S., 50k/year. As many as 24.9 million people are trapped in modern slavery around the world. Report info to the National #HumanTrafficking Hotline: 888-373-7888. #HumanTraffickingAwarenessMonth
14 Jan, 03:34 PM UTC
Kimberley Johnson
#every20minutes Russian troll tweets out disinformation to divide US voters. Sadly, Democrats are taking the bait. Stop it.
14 Jan, 03:10 PM UTC
Manatee Max
#every20minutes approximately 42,000 people choose to suck all the joy out of life with their political bull shit. https://t.co/wPnGqPicdd
14 Jan, 03:01 PM UTC
🎶💙 ᕼOᒪᒪY'ᔕ GOT TᕼE ᗷᒪᑌEᔕ
#every20minutes I again try to wrap my head around conservative thinking. "I will take everything from you. Your subsistence, your job, your food, your healthcare, your roads, your child's school, your very self respect. And you will bow before me, and thank me for doing it.
14 Jan, 05:07 PM UTC
#every20minutes Trump lies, downs a well done cheeseburger, breaks the law, retweets something offensive, watches t.v., puts on orange makeup, recombs his ridiculous hair, destroys lives, sniffs loudly, misspells a word.
14 Jan, 02:46 PM UTC
🙏PrayForOurTroops & ImpeachmentWithRemoval
#every20minutes a child incarcerated by Trump breaks down and cries. #TrumpChildTortureProgram
14 Jan, 02:49 PM UTC
Justin Miner
I think poor Melania is dreaming #every20minutes about Trump's impeachment to divorce this douchbag. https://t.co/WQV1OBOFXx
14 Jan, 05:11 PM UTC
Damian [sample text]
#every20minutes A child has been abducted in Lego City! https://t.co/VOPQs0nCTF
14 Jan, 03:26 PM UTC
Rod Ryan Show
Here is your chance to win the last four-pack of @MonsterJam tix with Pit Passes to the Feb 8th show with #every20minutes. To qualify, all you have to do is retweet this tweet using #rodryanshow. @rodryanshow's photo on #every20minutes
14 Jan, 03:40 PM UTC
Matt Johnson
According to Donald Trump, #every20minutes another person is sadly taken down by windmill cancer. https://t.co/NmqbVyG70a
14 Jan, 06:15 PM UTC
Rod Ryan Show
It's #every20minutes time. For your opportunity to win a four-pack of @MonsterJam tix with Pit Passes to the Feb 8th show at NRG Stadium to qualify to win retweet this tweet using #rodryanshow. @rodryanshow's photo on #every20minutes
14 Jan, 12:20 PM UTC
Matt Johnson
#every20minutes someone in the Trump family attaches their name to some crappy product to make quick money. https://t.co/Bwtdk9c2ln
14 Jan, 06:52 PM UTC
J. Lang Wood
@cybermom1999 #Every20Minutes....Republicans think up a new way to cut programs that help disadvantaged children & mothers.
14 Jan, 03:59 PM UTC
Matt Johnson
#every20minutes Ivanka tries to insert herself into history as someone important. https://t.co/evR6ht489A
14 Jan, 07:41 PM UTC
D. Earl Stephens
Trump aspires to lie #every20minutes and is actually getting terrifyingly close ... https://t.co/Ls1jEspYcG
14 Jan, 07:24 PM UTC
Alexander Pain
#every20minutes someone squanders the time they need to #read my #shortstory "Neither Seen nor Heard" On #Amazon - #USA https://t.co/X0UR5GIrXI #canada https://t.co/QDCLNHccqp #UnitedKingdom https://t.co/V234BqEBd3 #Australia https://t.co/0gPXWRVHSz #zombie #horror #shortreads https://t.co/aJDcp5VART
14 Jan, 05:54 PM UTC
The Great Deplorable Henry ♿
#every20minutes a future female POTUS of color is murdered in the womb of a democrat.
14 Jan, 07:44 PM UTC
Chocolate Milk Residue Woman
A multimillionaire attacks Bernie Sanders supporters like me who just want healthcare for everybody #every20minutes @TheView https://t.co/crgJbaSEpe
14 Jan, 06:04 PM UTC
#every20minutes Trump lies https://t.co/ghCnyoGTqJ
14 Jan, 07:46 PM UTC
Julie Levine
If you find yourself in a relationship with a cheater, a liar, or abuser, your job isn't to get them to stop cheating, lying, or abusing. Your job is to LEAVE! #sociopath #narcissisticabuse #Narcissist #DV . #thesociopathnextdoor #saveyourass #GetOut #every20minutes #
14 Jan, 06:53 PM UTC
Jocelyne 🥁🥁
#every20minutes he does another line of adderall.
14 Jan, 07:31 PM UTC
Kathryn Cobb
#every20minutes there’s a reminder that our President #Trump is not the sharpest tool in the toolbox!⚒🔧🧰 #AmericaFirst🇺🇸 #America #ImpeachedForever #Congress #TrumpCrimeFamily #embarrassment @realDonaldTrump #IvotedforHillaryClinton https://t.co/sNQ1xsvsar
14 Jan, 07:27 PM UTC
🌪Forlorn Hope 🌊StopTrumpWar🌪
@overrhypocrissy #every20minutes an incarcerated child gasps for breath between sobs of grief. #TrumpCagesChildren #TrumpCrimesAgainstHumanity https://t.co/BVUeX0dmQf
14 Jan, 07:22 PM UTC
Blue Zone Nation - #BIDEN2020
@TeaPainUSA Trending in California #every20minutes 3,590 Tweets Politics · Trending #DemocraticDebate 7,230 Tweets Politics · Trending #WomenForBernie 6,087 Tweets Eat Shit Bot is Tweeting about this https://t.co/LdmF5w0jx1
14 Jan, 08:12 PM UTC
#every20minutes A woman finds out she has breast cancer.
14 Jan, 07:42 PM UTC
Sarah Geringer
#every20minutes Take your eyes off your screen and focus on a faraway object for a few minutes. Helps preserve your sight so you can read more books! #thewritinglife #amwriting https://t.co/COfgucjfJY
14 Jan, 07:53 PM UTC
#every20minutes a judge has another drink coz he couldn't pass the bar. https://t.co/VPipv8knDO
14 Jan, 07:07 PM UTC

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