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Rex the TV terrier
George is back #EvilCBS https://t.co/F53gfqgCDW
08 Nov, 03:08 AM UTC
#ThursdayThoughts #DisneyPlus is #Evil #DisneyCruise is #Evil #EvilCBS > kills #Epstein Story #PIZZAGATEISREAL #EpsteinCoverup #pedosatanists #pedophelia #Whistleblower Atty ⤵️ https://t.co/6tISH65jze
07 Nov, 03:53 PM UTC
Rex the TV terrier
Kristen is a badass, but her mother is an idiot #EvilCBS https://t.co/GkbFUZKNjs
08 Nov, 03:44 AM UTC
Graham Rowat
Excited to make my debut on @evil tonight (10pm EDT CBS/Global). A genuinely creepy show. #creepin #creepinitreal #EvilCBS https://t.co/FX8j6tWClx
07 Nov, 04:08 PM UTC
Katja Herbers
An all new episode of @evil tonight 👻 10PM #EVIL #EvilCBS @cbs @katjaherbers's photo on #EvilCBS
08 Nov, 02:01 AM UTC
Rex the TV terrier
As much as I love @ChristineALahti as an actress, I can't stand her character on this show @evil #EvilCBS https://t.co/LQjlJcAFFA
08 Nov, 03:56 AM UTC
Don't f-with her family. #Evil #EvilCBS
08 Nov, 03:40 AM UTC
#EvilCBS just asked God the Epstein question and He said that Epstein was killed with a pillow cuz he could hurt powerful men 😵😂 #thisshowman
08 Nov, 03:06 AM UTC
Mikki Crow
I'm watching the show #EvilCBS. A prophet was asked if Epstein died by suicide. She answered no, he was killed with a pillow because he could have taken down some very powerful men. Bravo to the writers!
08 Nov, 04:07 AM UTC
Laurice Fattal
George bites! He pees on the floor. He's basically her pet demon. Bad George! No! 😅 #EvilCBS #Evil
08 Nov, 03:27 AM UTC
Of course the guard is a dick. #EvilCBS #EVIL
08 Nov, 03:55 AM UTC
Bec Heim🦇
The one red thing hanging so ominously in her closet. And then the credits turn red. Of course. #Evil #EvilCBS
08 Nov, 03:58 AM UTC
Kristen's Mom looks possessed #Evil #EvilCBS https://t.co/c0hmHWiYmL
08 Nov, 03:55 AM UTC
lauren ashlee
This episode is so trippy #EvilCBS #EVIL https://t.co/wuniT5A1Wy
08 Nov, 03:33 AM UTC
Throw the blueprints for the apocalypse in the trash. Humans. #Evil #EvilCBS
08 Nov, 03:55 AM UTC
Walter Maze
"Hey mom there was a accident and Leland had to go to the hospital" 🤣🤣🤣🤣#evilcbs
08 Nov, 03:41 AM UTC
Husky Vegetarian
Now George is messing up wet dreams... #Evil #EvilCBS https://t.co/RPKP4Dhnbi
08 Nov, 03:10 AM UTC
Avoid the color red for the next 7 days. #EvilCBS #EVIL https://t.co/Y11ZQokj9P
08 Nov, 03:05 AM UTC
lauren ashlee
Can I just say again how aesthetically pleasing this show is. The colors and shots are so soothing even when creepy #EvilCBS #EVIL
08 Nov, 03:30 AM UTC
Lia || #soulmates
#EvilCBS ahaha shit is about to hit the fan https://t.co/UHAXvPh3li
08 Nov, 03:34 AM UTC
Eldon Tyrell Dreams of Electric Sheep
@evil This is why you don't touch grandma's thermostat. #EvilCBS
08 Nov, 04:02 AM UTC
J.S. Bella
Dang! She really cut a bitch!!! 👏🏻👏🏻 #evilcbs
08 Nov, 03:40 AM UTC
Danny Raye
@aasif I absolutely love your character in #EvilCBS. Ben is such a vital part in the investigative aspect behind exorcisms and church-related debates. His perspective always provides comfort, and you play him so well. Thank you so much for bringing Ben to life!
08 Nov, 04:11 AM UTC
Melissa Jo 🦊🐥
@katjaherbers is my hero. That was bad ass. #Evil #EvilCBS
08 Nov, 03:42 AM UTC
Anna's Gift Hatch: EVIL Fans (CBS) Edition
@evil What would Mary Winchester have to say about all of this?!? @Jokool12 @evil @ChristineALahti @MichaelEmerson #Evil #EvilCBS #Supernatural #EpicCrossover https://t.co/dUsN1ktSHE
08 Nov, 04:07 AM UTC
Anna's Gift Hatch: EVIL Fans (CBS) Edition
Join us over on FB with the fandom at https://t.co/FncpPF8p3W for fun & weekly episode chats! #Evil #EvilCBS https://t.co/voAEdgRAym
08 Nov, 04:10 AM UTC
Vivian Wong
I’ve been putting off @evil CBS’s “Evil” for a while and waited for the reviews to roll in. Now that I’ve started, of course it’s extremely my shit. Even the century gothic-ky title font. #EvilCBS #thursdayvibes https://t.co/H91MAeODhe
08 Nov, 02:53 AM UTC
Roseann's Artisan Studio
@MichaelEmerson is creeping me out tonight on #Evil Nicely done. #EvilCBS
08 Nov, 03:43 AM UTC
@evil Dumb, dumb, Sheryl. ( Cheryl? ) #EVIL #evilcbs There's a song/saying about sleeping with the devil, isn't there?
08 Nov, 04:04 AM UTC
Dizzy Chick
#EvilCBS tonight's episode has been the best one so far.
08 Nov, 04:02 AM UTC

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