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officer bill
mason ramsey will evolve into slim jesus after this young thug feature
13 Jul, 07:48 AM UTC
TONIGHT, history will be made when @WWNEVOLVE’s 10th Anniversary Celebration streams LIVE on @WWENetwork at 8 ET/5 PT! #EVOLVE131 https://t.co/6Im5NWf3kw
13 Jul, 05:01 PM UTC
matthew riddle
Tonight on the WWE Network the world will see what Evolve Wrestling is all about! GULAK VS RIDDLE #bro #ob #originalbro #kingofbros #brover #stallion #evolvewrestling #nxt #nxtuk #wwenetwork #catchpoint @SuperKingofBros's photo on Evolve
13 Jul, 12:44 PM UTC
EVOLVE Wrestling
It begins! See everybody at 8PM on the @WWENetwork for the EVOLVE 10th anniversary special. @WWENXT Championship @AdamColePro(c) v @TozawaAkira @SuperKingofBros v @DrewGulak Title vs Title - EVOLVE & WWN @austintheory1 v @RealJDDrake And much more! #EVOLVE10th https://t.co/uPbxIZeglo
13 Jul, 01:32 PM UTC
Tony Nese
Can't wait to watch @WWNEVOLVE killing it on the @WWENetwork tonight. If you love the passion, energy and hard work the #205Live roster puts into every match, then you will love EVOLVE and their talent as well. #PremierAthleteBrand #EVOLVE131
13 Jul, 07:09 PM UTC
With the amount of promotion @WWE has done for #EVOLVE131, it’s kind of sad and quite frankly pathetic that NO #NXTTakeover has ever received the amount promotion Evolve has had this week from WWE or on #Raw The #AEW “Effect” is absolutely real people. Get your heads straight
13 Jul, 07:30 PM UTC
somewhere along the way people think they know you and stop making an effort to learn you. we’re all evolving every day so it’s impossible to know all there is to know about someone. we have to love people in their wholeness and that means continuing to learn them as they evolve.
13 Jul, 06:10 PM UTC
Anonymous White House Official
I’m sick of people using the ideas of God and Country as excuses to hate other people. It is the worst side of humanity. It has been around forever, but seriously, I have to believe we can evolve and be better than this.
13 Jul, 06:58 PM UTC
Adoption , not abortion! ❤️ Adoptive Mom Kirstin : ..’our family isn’t a typical one, it’s mine, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s been a journey, but our journey, and I can’t wait to see what continues to evolve in our family’s future!”https://t.co/rwSOiroj19 https://t.co/Pb3I4FR4da
13 Jul, 02:19 PM UTC
Austin Theory
Getting right for Evolve 131 with the help of @maestrosclassic 💈 #evolve131 https://t.co/Cj1SV9fjH1
13 Jul, 09:01 PM UTC
We’ve got Fight for the Fallen and Evolve tonight and then Extreme Rules tomorrow! It’s a fun time to be a wrestling fan! 😁
13 Jul, 09:00 PM UTC
chun-luan 🌸
GRAMMY: entenda todo o racismo que evolve a premiação mais importante do mundo da música e veja quais artistas negros já foram injustiçados nos últimos anos - A THREAD https://t.co/F6XmKHCAXr
13 Jul, 11:38 PM UTC
Thee Oracle
As you evolve people will feel left out of your new life. Don’t allow them to guilt trip you. You’re doing what’s best for you and it’s not even about them. If they can’t genuinely wish you well and love you for you; then evolve without them. @TheeOracle7 ✨🔮✨🖤✨🔮✨
13 Jul, 09:21 PM UTC
Don't be that dude who goes onto WWE's tweet about Evolve, and say that you're watching #FightForTheFallen over Evolve and then put down anyone who is watching Evolve over AEW tonight. The same goes for anyone watching Evolve over Fight For The Fallen tonight.
13 Jul, 11:16 PM UTC
➶ Mike ➷
The people that are going to watch AEW and Evolve at the same time are idiots. You're just going to miss all the cool moments from each show. The smart idea is to just pick one and watch the other show later. #FightForTheFallen #AEW #EVOLVE131
13 Jul, 10:09 PM UTC
Dear Calgary: It’s time for the Stampede to evolve https://t.co/OLFtUbYSin #SaturdayVibes #animals #AnimalWelfare #CalgaryStampede #AnimalCruelty #deaths #tradition #change #timeforchange #GoodReads #share https://t.co/gwXdeAdmiQ
13 Jul, 08:37 PM UTC
🎤🎧The Backseat Bookers🎤🎧
We are gonna take a page out of Dave Meltzer’s book tonight. After each match we will tweet a poll. Rate each match from AEW: Fight For The Fallen and Evolve and we will break them down next week on episode 28! https://t.co/FEsYzR0pS8
13 Jul, 11:41 PM UTC
Ok. I give in. Let's fucking do this. #AEW #FightForTheFallen #WWE #Evolve https://t.co/dQlbbX4pHx
13 Jul, 11:39 PM UTC
Captain Van Vader
@ChrisManley2019 @DaveNotMeltzer You are the same type if I went to AEWs tweet and posted about evolve you'd get pissed. You're not edgy or hardcore, just lame. Watch AEW and enjoy it. Surprise, I'm gonna watch to but not go to a WWE tweet and post about it. You are what's wrong with wrestling fans
13 Jul, 09:42 PM UTC
This just highlights the gigantic ego "look at me, look at me" attitude of all hunters. #AnimalRights #AnimalCruelty #MentallyUnstable #PublicSafety #DangerousPeople #EVOLVE https://t.co/UFilV1x3uh
13 Jul, 11:26 PM UTC
“The more you experience, the more you evolve. All of your experiences lead you to this moment... Use what you’ve been through to keep you going. Congratulations graduates!” - Keynote Speaker @drberticeberry #CTUgrad @ctuniversity's photo on Evolve
13 Jul, 05:04 PM UTC
Prideflan 🏳️‍🌈
Adept, Evolve, OVERCOME >:V https://t.co/vz7Rgfl4pw
13 Jul, 11:38 PM UTC
EVOLVE 10th Anniversary Celebration Special Live Ongoing Recap (7/13) https://t.co/ia1Hgr5WH7 https://t.co/K7b9sTLFnC
13 Jul, 11:19 PM UTC
Something Witty Goes Here💗 33
The other big thing I've gotten from it is that the way a coping mechanism is used can often evolve. When this happens, it doesn't mean you fell short or did anything wrong. It just means you have to do things differently. And that is perfectly fine. You are perfectly fine.
13 Jul, 11:41 PM UTC
@AlexWillfd @WrestlingInc This is a great night for wrestling in general .Best of luck to both companies. Having said that , I can't help but wonder if Vince McMahon is strapped to a gurney somewhere screaming "What the hell is an EVOLVE?!? I made NONE of these people!?!...they wrestle in Gymanasiums!?! https://t.co/pXegbz0I59
13 Jul, 11:35 PM UTC
Doug Bleaney
@starvancouver @TorontoStar I have to say there is absolutely no way on this “green” earth that I would even consider visiting China right now! Regardless of how relations with China evolve it’s very unlikely that I will ever set foot on Chinese soil!🤔🇨🇦
13 Jul, 09:50 PM UTC
It’s so funny watching yourself grow and evolve, looking back like wow I used to be like that????
13 Jul, 11:37 PM UTC
Jason Solomon
@kepler_os99 Watching AEW live, then going back and catching at least part of the EVOLVE show
13 Jul, 11:45 PM UTC
adam cole
@jessithebuckeye evolve 10th anniversary - booked several months in advance aew fftf - booked quite recently and fans try making the argument that wwe should be afraid of aew, quite evident it's aew who are afraid of the competition
13 Jul, 11:44 PM UTC
I hope Evolve have a great show. I'll watch it during the week. @AEWrestling hasn't let me down yet, not missing a show regardless of the time difference in the UK. #FightForTheFallen
13 Jul, 11:43 PM UTC
Billy Hynes
Great watching Golden evolve in this Batman book. This strip, inked by PCR is full of wonky people but never boring. Then suddenly, bang, there's a Golden face! https://t.co/pPSvsQmF2Q
13 Jul, 11:41 PM UTC
Kayla Belle 🌸
@Th_BodyElectric I was gonna do both but then I realized I could just watch evolve later at any time 😂
13 Jul, 11:41 PM UTC
@_JenJenJennifer I agree, sometimes people find it easier to talk with someone they don't know but the expectation that the other person then has the responsibility, (or any responsibility) to shift through this needs to evolve. I think women need to be raised knowing its not their job to "fix"
13 Jul, 11:41 PM UTC
Got AEW and EVOLVE on the PC, NASCAR on the TV.
13 Jul, 11:40 PM UTC
Adam Shinder
What a weekend of wrestling. Two G1 Climax shows, Fight for the Fallen, EVOLVE's 10th anniversary show on the WWE Network. Also Extreme Rules, but I could not care less about that show.
13 Jul, 11:39 PM UTC
Jeff J. ”Baba Yaga” “Straw Hat Luffy Jr.”🎧🎙
AEW Fight For The Fallen on deck with IPad Evolve 10th Anniversary will be on tv.....this should be interesting🤷🏾‍♂️🤣
13 Jul, 11:38 PM UTC
Striker will be seeing you
I hope Fight for the Fallen is good. I think I'm going with Evolve tonight because I've never seen it though.
13 Jul, 11:38 PM UTC
ᴄʜᴇʏ ᴍᴇᴛ ᴄᴏʀᴀᴢᴏɴ 7/9 ❤
@battytwist You should never evolve shinx is meant to be baby
13 Jul, 11:38 PM UTC
what about GAY omens 😳
do i evolve. im shinx. im a level 97 shinx and noby can stop me from staying baby forever
13 Jul, 11:37 PM UTC
Kevin Schwarz
@LanceStorm These issues are why I decided to watch Evolve live and catch up on AEW afterwards.
13 Jul, 11:45 PM UTC
Puse el evento de aew y la wea es demasiado cuma, que empiece luego EVOLVE!
13 Jul, 11:45 PM UTC
Join 411’s Live EVOLVE 10th Anniversary Coverage https://t.co/y8jDbuKSW0
13 Jul, 11:45 PM UTC
Majin Vegeta the God
@HennyOmega AEW now. EVOLVE, G1 and Extreme Rules tomorrow!
13 Jul, 11:45 PM UTC
Allan Albert
Watching the preshow on YouTube. Hopefully BR Live is better for the main show. If not, I’ll be watching Evolve I guess #FightForTheFallen
13 Jul, 11:45 PM UTC
@andyhmurray Wanna try #EVOLVE? 🤣
13 Jul, 11:44 PM UTC
'The Fellrunner' This one has taken a little putting together and I wasn't sure it was going to work at first. It's not quite the direction I envisaged but these things evolve in their own way so I'm happy with where it's ended up. https://t.co/yvW5DrLhcT
13 Jul, 11:44 PM UTC
AEW,UFC and evolve all at the same time!!! 😵😵😵😵😵
13 Jul, 11:44 PM UTC
Void Evolve
@VoidTonee @jo_godly @Kwan16k Wanna run up some games wit me?
13 Jul, 11:44 PM UTC
goth queen io shirai appreciator
I'm gonna watch EVOLVE because admittedly I haven't seen a show of theirs yet
13 Jul, 11:44 PM UTC
Dustin Meyer ⭐️
Gonna watch AEW Fight For the Fallen then Evolve tonight
13 Jul, 11:43 PM UTC
Carmen Patino
As you evolve you will make a lot of people uncomfortable. Evolve anyway 😘👸🦸‍♀️👩‍💻
13 Jul, 11:43 PM UTC
#PublicEnemyNo1 Bullet Adams #AmberPrice❤️
Me attempting to watch 3 streams at once #FightForTheFallen #Evolve
13 Jul, 11:42 PM UTC
Business of Esports
With logic and management like this, @GameStop is even more doomed than I thought. 65 million email addresses won't save your garbage fire of a business. -P GameStop Isn’t Worried About the Move to Digital Gaming, Says They’ll Evolve Alongside Industry https://t.co/dO5ezxWFuq
13 Jul, 11:42 PM UTC
The Mad Queen Slayer
Just remembered I have Evolve, Fight for the Fallen, and Extreme Rules all this weekend. And entire weekend of wrestling. I'm excited and already exhausted. https://t.co/3TyJiq0xed
13 Jul, 11:41 PM UTC
Empty ⓞ Vessel
@tracyharms I took it to be stereotype, as devices evolve to predict what we are saying the human brain evolves to translate the mistakes. English is my first language but I also speak 'autocomplete' ;)
13 Jul, 11:41 PM UTC
From the days of following the blog to today live streaming the conference. @SJakesRoberts I’m glad you evolved and got out of your own way to help many other women evolve. Bruised heels still crushes the serpent’s head indeed. #WomanEvolve19
13 Jul, 11:41 PM UTC
slave marcel
@rosextonix Yes of course so we can trade to evolve Them or fight against each other
13 Jul, 11:41 PM UTC
🐲King Ghidora’s left head🐲
@GMGigi I feel like I’d need to walk around in a hazmat suit if I ever went there, I know they aren’t airborne but all that mixing with other diseases could make them evolve
13 Jul, 11:40 PM UTC
And The Tweet Goes On
@brat2381 @psycho4ensics1 @Tysheenb1 The white working class simply doesn't want to do now what they've told black people forever which is to evolve and pull yourselves up by your bootstraps. It's good enough for others but not them.
13 Jul, 11:40 PM UTC
Putting Fight for the Fallen on, along with Evolve.
13 Jul, 11:40 PM UTC
@jhagg719 Evolve in the morning during cardio...
13 Jul, 11:39 PM UTC
@jtmac21 @AXSTV I have to find time for A-block, AEW, Evolve before WWE tomorrow night 😂 won't be home until ~3am mst
13 Jul, 11:39 PM UTC
Richard reynolds
https://t.co/PSUYEGgVLd that's a great question when did we have the ability to reason that separates us from other species. In today's world and politics you can see arguments diversity it's nothing new. Will continue the people make the choice.
13 Jul, 11:39 PM UTC
@jessithebuckeye Lol me too! I'll be watching Evolve after AEW goes off (or if the br live feed screws up) I love both wwe & aew. I just want a good product. But hey people can pick whichever one they like
13 Jul, 11:39 PM UTC
Cody B
Too much good stuff tonight. Evolve, AEW, Urijah Faber fighting. Don’t know how I’ll choose.
13 Jul, 11:39 PM UTC
@Krystina_Death I used to hate him years ago, but he won me over in Evolve
13 Jul, 11:39 PM UTC
>> that way you can alert for better causes, and choose metric that better reflect the state of your system rather than some hard number which will change over time. this makes for alerts that evolve with your system and might save you a nights sleep, unlike mine Good night folks
13 Jul, 11:38 PM UTC
Philo Beddoe
@FlamingTP @LogoCentrifuge As to rape. Pay attention. I didn't just ask if it's wrong. I asked WHY? What grounds your belief? Social opinion? If 51% say it's ok, is it then ok? Did I evolve to think it's wrong? But wait, you said my evolutionary drive is to screw anything that moves. Uh oh...stuck.
13 Jul, 11:38 PM UTC
All-Star Amy beats ICE officers with a bat🏳️‍⚧️🤠
Honestly when G sides was a mixed bag, Demon Days was hit and miss, D-Sides was trash and Plastic Beach made my ears throw up, I just assumed that Gorillaz have evolved into bad music, which it's perfectly fine for bands to evolve, better than stagnate. So I wasn't as obsessed.
13 Jul, 11:38 PM UTC
I’m convinced Russo is behind AEWs pre shows. I shouldn’t ruin this by watching this pre show. Evolve on yet?
13 Jul, 11:38 PM UTC
@pduh10 Yeah I'm missing both this and the Evolve show on the Network so I'll have to catch up on both either late tonight or tomorrow before Extreme Rules
13 Jul, 11:38 PM UTC
Gage Johnson
#FightForTheFallen > #EVOLVE
13 Jul, 11:38 PM UTC
EVOLVE News: Paul Heyman Comments On EVOLVE’s 10th Anniversary, Triple H Not Backstage At Event, WWE Production Is On https://t.co/rIOsvs0Nhm
13 Jul, 11:37 PM UTC
Adam Tickner
Evolve tonight live, AEW on demand 2moz \m/
13 Jul, 11:37 PM UTC
Brady Livingston
Home just in time for AEW and following that up with Evolve.
13 Jul, 11:37 PM UTC