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E! News
Louis Tomlinson's younger sister Félicité has been found dead at the age of 18 just two years after losing their mom. https://t.co/3r6GHUw7va https://t.co/DfWXhzgMwz
14 Mar, 10:57 PM UTC
Dan Wootton
BREAKING The most devastating news. Louis Tomlinson's sister Félicité - a social media influencer - has been found dead at her home in London after a suspected heart attack. She was just 18-years-old https://t.co/3qGLRgbzx6 Dan Wootton's photo on Félicité
14 Mar, 10:30 PM UTC
My heart is broken. For Louis. For Lottie. For Daisy. For Phoebe. For Ernest. For Doris. For Felicite. The Tomlinson family has been hurt too much. They have gone through too much. My heart is with them. Always. I pray for their strength in this time & forever on.
14 Mar, 11:30 PM UTC
Pop Crave
Louis Tomlinson's younger sister, Félicité Tomlinson, has been found dead at the age of 18. We give our condolences to the Tomlinson family during this hard time. Pop Crave's photo on Félicité
14 Mar, 11:12 PM UTC
Olly Murs
Absolutely heartbreaking hearing the news of Louis sister Félicité 💔sending my love to him & all his family right now! Awful news 😢😞
15 Mar, 12:12 AM UTC
One Direction's Louis Tomlinson's Sister Dead From Heart Attack at 18 https://t.co/g9kyKCc6tI
14 Mar, 11:11 PM UTC
Such horrible news, our thoughts are with Louis Tomlinson and his family 💙 https://t.co/r24fsSxfOZ
14 Mar, 10:56 PM UTC
E! News
Thinking of Louis Tomlinson and his family after losing their mom and sister Fizzy. ❤️ https://t.co/uhBWsLKJEj https://t.co/BMxkUXicnI
15 Mar, 12:46 AM UTC
remember fizzy as felicite 'fizzy' tomlinson. a sister. a daughter. a fashion designer. a friend. a PERSON. SHE HAS A NAME. she is not louis' sister. she is and always will be felicite tomlinson
14 Mar, 11:44 PM UTC
King Updates
Our love and prayers are with Louis and his family at this unimaginably difficult time. Felicite was an amazing woman and we are absolutely devastated by the news of her passing. Rest In Peace Felicite 🥀
14 Mar, 10:41 PM UTC
Dan Wootton
Félicité collapsed at her fourth floor studio apartment in Earl’s Court, West London, on Wednesday lunchtime. Two ambulance crews raced to the address but she was pronounced dead at the scene. Her death is being treated as "unexplained”
14 Mar, 10:34 PM UTC
One Direction fans send Louis Tomlinson messages of support and love after the tragic death of his sister Felicité https://t.co/9VLaaiCPQN
14 Mar, 11:41 PM UTC
Hits 93 Toronto
I'm in tears reading about Louis' 18-year-old sister, Félicité, passing away. This must be so, so hard for, Louis -- we owe it to him to show how much we appreciate and love him. From all the staff here at Hits 93 Toronto: stay strong, Louis, we're here for you and LOVE you. ❤️
15 Mar, 02:38 AM UTC
Félicité Tomlinson, irmã de Louis, é encontrada morta em casa aos 18 anos. Ao que parece, ela sofreu um ataque cardíaco. https://t.co/PQqEi19fGg https://t.co/2WeoGsue6J
14 Mar, 11:14 PM UTC
𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐱 // ia
this beautiful angel has returned to heaven R.I.P Felicite Tomlinson 💔 𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐱 // ia's photo on Félicité
15 Mar, 01:30 AM UTC
Louis Tomlinson’s 18-year-old sister Félicité has reportedly passed away ‘after a heart attack’. Our thoughts are with the family 💔 MTV UK's photo on Félicité
14 Mar, 11:03 PM UTC
The fact that she posted this a few years ago...... Rest In Peace Félicité Tomlinson. https://t.co/cpRgU2dC94
15 Mar, 02:53 AM UTC
Central Louis Tomlinson
Infelizmente perdemos uma mulher incrível, Félicité, que só tinha apenas 18 anos. Oramos para que ela descanse em paz e que esteja em um lugar melhor. Perdemos uma pessoa muito querida, que era uma grande influência para outras mulheres. Estamos em luto, por Félicité Tomlinson. Central Louis Tomlinson's photo on Félicité
15 Mar, 12:22 AM UTC
Karlee ✨ #RIPFizzy
Felicite 'Fizzy' Tomlinson 👼🏻 2001 - 2019 ❤️ Karlee ✨ #RIPFizzy's photo on Félicité
15 Mar, 03:54 AM UTC
𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐦 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐬 𝐥𝐨𝐮𝐢𝐬
félicité tomlinson is not “louis’ from 1d sister” she’s a person. she’s a daughter. she’s a sister. she’s a friend. she’s a fashion designer. she’s a p e r s o n. félicité “fizzy” tomlinson was a kind, caring, beautiful soul that the world will miss, not just “louis’ sister”
15 Mar, 02:06 AM UTC
sofi ◟̽◞̽ #TwoOfUs
Rest in peace Fizzy, the world should know this amazing woman. Felicite Grace was much more than Louis Tomlinson’s sister, she was a powerful woman, wrote poems, had a clothing store, was such a inspiration for millions of people and helped so many people with their confidence ! https://t.co/MnGE6RuUrg
15 Mar, 03:44 AM UTC
I can’t stop crying right now & it pisses me off because nobody is as heart broken as Felicite’s family. I’ll never know what it’s like to lose your mother & your sister in such a short time. Nobody should live to see their 18 year old sister leave this world. Nobody.
14 Mar, 11:33 PM UTC
The likes of @JKCorden and @charlieputh have sent their friend, @Louis_Tomlinson, love and support following the tragic news he's received. 💙 https://t.co/kDlGydHm9S
15 Mar, 07:54 AM UTC
Louis Tomlinson ITA ◟̽◞̽
È stato riportato che Felicitè, la sorella di Louis, sia mancata a causa di un attacco cardiaco. I nostri cuori e le nostre preghiere vanno a lei e a tutta la sua famiglia. Rest In Peace sweet angel.
14 Mar, 10:50 PM UTC
1D Thailand Official
ขอแสดงความเสียใจกับครอบครัวเฮียลู ที่สูญเสียน้องสาวอันเป็นที่รัก Felicite Tomlinson ส่งกำลังใจไปให้ครอบครัว Tomlinson และเฮียมากๆเลยนะ 🖤😞 1D Thailand Official's photo on Félicité
15 Mar, 02:01 AM UTC
P // RIP my angel
Felicite was a model, an influencer, an idol to 1M+ people, a sister, a daughter, but overall she was her own person and NOT just Louis's sister and we need to make sure we leave the Tomlinson family alone & not show up at the funeral or ask or tag Louis and respect their privacy
15 Mar, 12:03 AM UTC
Maissa 🌸 TWO OF US
Rest in peace Felicite Grace Tomlinson. You will be missed. We love you. All my prayers go to the Tomlinson family. ❤️ https://t.co/uc4qnTigB4
14 Mar, 11:24 PM UTC
1D Updates ✨
Felicite ‘Fizzy’ Tomlinson. 2001-2019❤️ 1D Updates ✨'s photo on Félicité
15 Mar, 01:52 AM UTC
BBC News (UK)
Felicite Tomlinson: Instagram influencer dies aged 18 https://t.co/SsbS2FpQJk
15 Mar, 01:03 AM UTC
Félicité Tomlinson was planning on visiting her sister Lottie in Bali 💔https://t.co/bW8aazswVO
15 Mar, 10:26 AM UTC
Fizzy è sempre stata una persona gentile, rispettosa e intelligente, che ha sempre detto la sua. Sono sconvolta e amareggiata da quanto è successo. Il mio cuore va alla famiglia Tomlinson. Riposa in pace, bellissimo angelo di nome Félicité. #RIPFizzy https://t.co/bybUAG7WXQ
15 Mar, 06:27 AM UTC
Louis Tomlinson Korea
루이의 동생 Félicité가 심장마비로 세상을 떠났다고 합니다. 내일 있을 Comic Relief 공연을 포함한 프로모가 모두 중단됩니다. 삼가 고인의 명복을 빕니다. Rest In Peace Fizzy 🌹
14 Mar, 11:10 PM UTC
#RIPFIZZY | ℋail 🐝
15 Mar, 08:15 AM UTC
Incredibly sad news. RIP Félicité. 💔💔💔 MTV UK's photo on Félicité
15 Mar, 10:49 AM UTC
15 Mar, 10:45 AM UTC
ℳari ||-//
Ho pianto tutta la notte. Ho sperato fino all'ultimo che fosse un incubo. I tomlinson non meritano tutto questo schifo. Ho paura per loro. Félicité e Johanna possono riabbracciarsi e sono sicura che proteggeranno Louis, Lottie e i gemelli nel miglior modo possibile #RIPfizzy
15 Mar, 07:09 AM UTC
Ainhoa Ortega
Louis hace 1 semana con #Twoofus nos reveló que finalmente pudo aceptar, 2 años después, la muerte de Jay. No quiero ni imaginar ahora como se ha de sentir por lo de Felicite. Alguien tan parecida a su madre y teniendo toda una vida por delante. Por favor oremos por ellos... 💔 https://t.co/3C1StX5Ywd
15 Mar, 02:24 AM UTC
Imagine tu décèdes d’une crise cardiaque à 18 ans mais les articles qui relatent ton décès sont focalisés sur ta pop star de frangin Déso Félicité Tomlinson, t’étais moins connue que ton frère 🤷🏻‍♀️ (a vomir en vrai) https://t.co/CTBJFuOixC
14 Mar, 11:07 PM UTC
mey adores ashton ♡
i just learnt the news, and i'm destroyed i'm really sorry louis. prayers go to him and his family, please you all respect his privacy in these horrible moments, he was rebuilding everything and relost everything. all my love goes to their families and friends. rip felicite 😔❤️
15 Mar, 10:55 AM UTC
A ◟̽◞̽ ❯❯❯❯ ☔
I'm heartbroken she was just my age. This is just so sad and devastating I don't know how Lou's family is holding up themselves RIP to a beautiful angel fly high félicité 🙏♥️ I can't believe this😞
15 Mar, 01:39 AM UTC
Erika Kronemberger
acordei e a ficha não caiu sobre a Felicite. tô muito preocupada com o Louis, tenho uma irmã da idade dela e não sei o que eu faria se acontecesse o mesmo com ela. meu deus, é muita tristeza, muita angústia, e nada que eu possa fazer... foda. 😩
15 Mar, 10:44 AM UTC
Independent Music
Celebrities pay tribute to Félicité Tomlinson, Louis Tomlinson's sister https://t.co/p3Y3K4LMRT
15 Mar, 10:50 AM UTC
dün hiçbirimiz felicite'in fotoğraflarını atıp üstüne rest in peace yazacağımızı bilemezdi
15 Mar, 10:59 AM UTC
Ogromna tragedia #RIPfelicitetomlinson Siostra @Louis_Tomlinson nie żyje. Miała tylko 18 lat 😢https://t.co/GoUmJSXTq8
15 Mar, 08:02 AM UTC
Sophie ◟̽◞̽
@JuADS Félicité, une des sœurs de Louis, est décédée.
15 Mar, 11:00 AM UTC
RT velvetgh0st: my heart is BROKEN for félicité and the tomlinson family. she was such a beautiful, kind and courageous girl. sending all…
15 Mar, 11:00 AM UTC
Vevo UK
Our hearts go out to Louis and the family of Félicité Tomlinson today ❤️ Vevo UK's photo on Félicité
15 Mar, 11:00 AM UTC
lagi uptweet unfoll aja
ethereaIIIIRT NLiddle16: Félicité Tomlinson seemed to have been such an amazing person. My heart breaks for Louis and his family. 18 years old. Pleas…
15 Mar, 11:00 AM UTC
15 Mar, 11:00 AM UTC
♥Barbara C. S.♥(This phone don't do call phone!)♥♥
@Louis_Tomlinson #RIPFelicitéTomlinson Que Deus esteja com você. #Amen Félicité, irmã de Louis Tomlinson, morre aos 18 anos https://t.co/ZVZOVJOYuY
15 Mar, 10:59 AM UTC
Andres M Novelo Mena
No puedo negar que Marisol Bolayna es una amiga que aprecio y quiero mucho. En el estadio Salvador Alvarado la felicité y me tomé mi selfie con ella por el.Dia Internacional de la Mujer Andres M Novelo Mena's photo on Félicité
15 Mar, 10:59 AM UTC
Liana Stylinson
@OfficialMrX Had you seen felicite ?
15 Mar, 10:59 AM UTC
rosine Simon
Je viens d'écouter madame Sylvie. Elle est claire, nette convaincue bien sympathique et je la félicite surtout pour exposer ses propres idées et maintenant je comprends mieux aussi que ce soit difficile de sortir d'un parti où on a milité. Bon vent à elle à l'UPR.
15 Mar, 10:59 AM UTC
Tive que entrar aqui depois de anos pra cair a ficha que a Felicite morreu... eu to mt mal, como assim? Ainda não dá pra acreditar, imagino como eles devem estar 😞😔
15 Mar, 10:59 AM UTC
Chris Addicoat
BBC News - Felicite Tomlinson: Louis Tomlinson's sister dies aged 18 https://t.co/I0LK2NCudY
15 Mar, 10:59 AM UTC
i am so sad for felicite
15 Mar, 10:59 AM UTC

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