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とりあえずあと4話。 @Un4v5s8bgsVk9Xp's photo on Taison
24 May, 06:32 AM UTC
Golden State Warriors
Steve Kerr on today's tragic shooting in Uvalde, Texas. @warriors's photo on Uvalde
24 May, 11:43 PM UTC
john martinez ❤️‍🔥
My tia did not make it, she sacrificed herself protecting the kids in her classroom, i beg of you to keep my family including all of her family in y’all’s prayers , IRMA GARCIA IS HER NAME and she died a HERO. she was loved by many and will truly be missed. @fuhknjo's photo on Irma
25 May, 03:09 AM UTC
Faith Mata
My precious angel you are loved so deeply. In my eyes you are not a victim but a survivor. I love you always and past forever baby sister, may your wings soar higher then you could ever dream. Till we meet again Tess Marie, love your big sissy🤍 @faithmataa's photo on Veronica
25 May, 05:24 AM UTC
Chris Evans
24 May, 09:36 PM UTC
Adalynn ✞💛
My sweet mommy , I will miss you forever. 🤍🕊
25 May, 01:38 PM UTC
26 school shootings this yr and they worried about abortions. Ridiculous
24 May, 09:47 PM UTC
Dylan O'Brien
republicans will force you to have your kid but will do absolutely fucking nothing to keep them safe
24 May, 09:26 PM UTC
Amanda Gorman
It takes a monster to kill children. But to watch monsters kill children again and again and do nothing isn’t just insanity—it’s inhumanity.
24 May, 10:01 PM UTC
Beto O'Rourke
Governor Abbott, if you have any decency, you will immediately withdraw from this weekend’s NRA convention and urge them to hold it anywhere but Texas.
25 May, 04:06 AM UTC
anne hathaway and zendaya… collapse of the century
24 May, 12:13 PM UTC
Jazmin Cazares
i hope you didn’t feel any pain. i hope you know how loved you are. i’m so sorry i forgot to say good morning today. I love you always and forever baby sister. @jazlikescheese's photo on lorde
25 May, 05:49 AM UTC
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
There is no such thing as being “pro-life” while supporting laws that let children be shot in their schools, elders in grocery stores, worshippers in their houses of faith, survivors by abusers, or anyone in a crowded place. It is an idolatry of violence. And it must end.
24 May, 11:10 PM UTC
Christian Christensen
26 years ago, a gunman entered Dunblane Primary School in Scotland, killing 16 kids and a teacher. The UK govt responded by enacting tight gun control legislation. In the 9400+ days since, there have been a total of 0 school shootings in the UK. #Uvalde
24 May, 10:30 PM UTC
Idk why SpongeBob is so pressed to get his driver's license. Bikini Bottom is a very walkable city, and he lives down the street from his job with his best friend just two doors down.
24 May, 10:26 AM UTC
Your Pal Billy!
It absolutely never fails.
24 May, 03:16 PM UTC
Rep. Dean Phillips 🇺🇸
I’m a gun owner. Do not tell me our Founders conceived of this carnage when they wrote the Constitution. Do not tell me they would have tolerated this madness. Do not tell me that teachers must be armed. And do not tell me your AR15 is worth more than another 14 children’s lives.
24 May, 09:05 PM UTC
Maggie Astor
After Sandy Hook, I read about how the group of parents waiting in a firehouse had dwindled until finally they were told that if they were still there, their children were dead. The reporters wrote that the screaming could be heard from the street. I will never forget that.
24 May, 09:46 PM UTC
Mike Majlak
24 May, 09:19 PM UTC
Corn ⚕
nigga that is a fuckin iphone 13
25 May, 02:16 PM UTC
Film Updates
Anne Hathaway and Zendaya for BVLGARI
24 May, 09:53 AM UTC
Natasha ⚯͛
This thread will be dedicated to the victims of the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas. As a parent, my heart is broken seeing these faces and their ages. My condolences to their families during this difficult time 🙏🏻 Xavier Lopez, 10. He was a 4th grader at Robb Elementary. @ndelriego's photo on Uvalde
25 May, 03:25 AM UTC
Stephen Curry
🙌🏽 watch this as much as you watch the game tonight….
25 May, 12:21 AM UTC
Taylor Swift
Filled with rage and grief, and so broken by the murders in Uvalde. By Buffalo, Laguna Woods and so many others. By the ways in which we, as a nation, have become conditioned to unfathomable and unbearable heartbreak. Steve’s words ring so true and cut so deep.
25 May, 02:58 AM UTC
おもひで #ASAHI #아사히 #朝光
24 May, 08:56 AM UTC
emily makayla :)
I'm happy one of them made it 😭 @emiIydiaz's photo on Britt
25 May, 04:38 PM UTC
Corn ⚕
kanye’s boots keep gettin bigger as time progresses @luhblix's photo on Colin
24 May, 04:57 PM UTC
florida high school class president zander moricz was told by his school that they would cut his microphone if he said “gay” in his grad speech, so he replaced gay with “having curly hair.” i am in awe @mattxiv's photo on becca
24 May, 07:22 PM UTC
Unobtainium Daydreams
Japan's process for buying a gun requires an interview with the police about why you need a gun, a psych evaluation, 3 different permits and a background check that includes interviews of family and neighbors.
25 May, 12:42 AM UTC
Ben Rosen
listen, there are responsible gun owners who just enjoying hunting and I want to make it clear that I don’t care at all and they can find literally any other hobby
25 May, 02:18 AM UTC
[Episode] #BTS #방탄소년단 ‘My Universe’ 뮤직비디오 현장 비하인드 공개! (
25 May, 10:00 AM UTC
Clint Smith
These are elementary school children who woke up this morning. Who ate their favorite cereal. Who tied their shoes in double knots. Who laughed with friends on the bus. Now more than a dozen are dead. This isn’t normal. It doesn’t have to be this way. It can’t keep being this way
24 May, 09:21 PM UTC
Paige Cornwell
The teenagers who survived Columbine are in their late 30s and early 40s. They have kids in elementary schools.
24 May, 09:08 PM UTC
My tia did not make it, she sacrificed herself protecting the kids in her classroom, i beg of you to keep my family including all of her family in y’all’s prayers , IRMA GARCIA IS HER NAME and she died a HERO. she was loved by many and will truly be missed.❤️‍🔥 @Joeymtz4's photo on Irma
25 May, 03:18 AM UTC
Zara Rahim
insane how the only notable change since Sandy Hook is that kids are now formally trained to hide, barricade doors, fight, or run for their lives. that was the solution. to literally put the responsibility on them to figure it out and wish them luck.
24 May, 10:16 PM UTC
Stephen King
24 May, 09:13 PM UTC
お気に入りの場所で #マチカフェしよう ♪ / #マチカフェコーヒー無料 のチャンス! \ 1)このアカウントをフォロー 2)この投稿をリツイート 3)抽選で毎日1万名様に無料券!結果は自動でお知らせ(^^) #ローソン @akiko_lawson's photo on Misa
24 May, 11:00 PM UTC
HAPPY SEVENTEEN’s DAY! #HAPPY_SVT_DAY #SVT_7th_Anniversary #7Years_with_CARAT @pledis_17's photo on SEVENTEEN
25 May, 03:00 PM UTC

this sht is so devastating. those kids had their last day of school this week. they were probably all looking forward to going on vacation, visiting their relatives, playing outside with friends until the sun starts setting. now they’re gone.
24 May, 09:10 PM UTC
WE GET HIGH - 2 #JENO NCT DREAM The 2nd Album Repackage 〖Beatbox〗 ➫ 2022.05.30 #NCTDREAM #Beatbox #NCTDREAM_Beatbox
24 May, 03:01 PM UTC
Adam Best
Uvalde: AR-15 Buffalo: AR-15 Boulder: AR-15 Orlando: AR-15 Parkland: AR-15 Las Vegas: AR-15 Aurora, CO: AR-15 Sandy Hook: AR-15 Waffle House: AR-15 San Bernardino: AR-15 Midland/Odessa: AR-15 Poway synagogue: AR-15 Sutherland Springs: AR-15 Tree of Life Synagogue: AR-15
25 May, 03:02 AM UTC
Ohm Youngmisuk
A furious, emotional and fed up Steve Kerr pleaded with senators to do something about the mass shootings. @NotoriousOHM's photo on DO SOMETHING
24 May, 11:34 PM UTC
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Aren’t you slated to headline a speaking gig for the NRA in three days - in Houston, no less? You can do more than pray. Faith without works is dead.
24 May, 11:27 PM UTC
ARMY 여러분들이 뽑은 #MyBTSTracks 최종 3곡이 어메이징한 프로듀서 베니 블랑코의 도움으로 스페셜 리믹스로 재탄생 합니다! 많관부🥰 Are you ready?! #BTS X @ItsBennyBlanco are joining forces for a #MyBTSTracks special remix, made from songs chosen by ARMY!💜 @bts_bighit's photo on #MyBTSTracks
26 May, 03:00 AM UTC
Christopher Mathias
we just went through two years of parents storming school boards calling masks child abuse
25 May, 03:38 AM UTC
no damn reason a 18 year old regular citizen should have access to a fucking AR-15, a military grade weapon soldiers don’t even use.
24 May, 09:13 PM UTC
All these Robb Elementary kids are STILL missing from the #Uvalde, TX shooting today #StopGunViolence pls stop scrolling and retweet this! @MISKEENNGGA's photo on #Uvalde
25 May, 12:11 AM UTC
Rachel Shukert
The teachers sacrificed their lives for the kids but the cops wouldn’t. Think about that the next time your city is talking about what to fund.
25 May, 03:01 PM UTC
hearing so many people say this elementary school shooting in uvalde texas is unimaginable when it's the most imaginable thing in america.
24 May, 08:42 PM UTC
Chase Strangio
“Protecting” kids from masks, from LGBTQ people, from history, from getting health care but not from getting shot and killed at school. Got it.
25 May, 12:26 AM UTC
Biden is always tweeting shit like “who the hell is the president I’d like to have a word with him”
25 May, 07:10 PM UTC
Cecília Ramos
eu juro!! @cartumante's photo on Loris
25 May, 03:06 PM UTC
John Pavlovitz
Wait, so gun control laws aren’t going to help prevent shootings but laws against abortion are supposed to stop abortions?
25 May, 12:48 AM UTC
My town has announced that in light of yesterday's tragedy there will be an increased police presence at the schools. As a black father I now have two potential threats to be concerned over.
25 May, 12:16 PM UTC
Min Jin Lee
Our bodies are not designed to absorb and process this much violence, loss, and grief.
24 May, 10:07 PM UTC
Beto O'Rourke
We have the power to change this and we will.
25 May, 03:12 PM UTC
saint laurent donna
the shooter has an ethnic name so it’s about to get ugly. im sure his citizenship will be questioned and people are going to blame everything and everyone BUT the lack of gun control in this country
24 May, 09:25 PM UTC
Alice Hamilton
when I asked my pro life mom about the 3000 children who die every year from gun violence she rolled her eyes and said “that’s not that many.” we cannot work with republicans. we have to work around them.
24 May, 10:46 PM UTC
24 May, 11:04 AM UTC
WE GET HIGH - 2 #CHENLE NCT DREAM The 2nd Album Repackage 〖Beatbox〗 ➫ 2022.05.30 #NCTDREAM #Beatbox #NCTDREAM_Beatbox
24 May, 03:01 PM UTC
항상 응원해줘서 고맙고 콘서트 준비 열심히 할게용!!! 연주니즈의 활약 앞으로도 많이 기대해주세용>3<♡♡♡ #휴닝카이 #HUENINGKAI #연준 #YEONJUN
25 May, 12:49 PM UTC
Meena Harris
easier to get a gun than baby formula
24 May, 09:42 PM UTC
Beto O'Rourke
The moment to stop Uvalde was right after Sandy Hook. After Santa Fe High. After El Paso. Instead, Abbott made it easier to carry guns in public. The moment to stop the next slaughter is right now.
24 May, 11:30 PM UTC
if they ask...who's BamBam!? show them this😏 @BamBam1A's photo on Tina
25 May, 08:12 AM UTC
No Lie with Brian Tyler Cohen
In 2022, more children have been killed in school shootings than police officers have been shot in the line of duty.
24 May, 11:10 PM UTC
Burgess Everett
“Spare me the bullshit of mental illness,” says Sen. Murphy of the United States. “We’re not an outlier on mental illness, we’re an outlier on firearms”
24 May, 09:35 PM UTC
thought I was having a bad day, 14 parents gotta bury they kids 💔💔 forgive me Lord
24 May, 10:16 PM UTC
George Takei
Ban assault rifles, not books. Regulate firearms, not women’s bodies. Protect kids, not lobbyists.
25 May, 01:12 PM UTC
Tú no eres bebesita ✨ERES BEBESOTA✨
24 May, 09:15 PM UTC
Me parece muy bien que axozer haga face reveal sus motivos tendrá y me alegro por él, pero no me presionéis a mi para hacerlo, aún no estoy preparado para dar ese paso, respetad mi decisión por favor es lo único que pido: RESPETO.
25 May, 05:54 PM UTC
Kareem Rifai 🌐
Black people trying to buy groceries, Taiwanese Christians trying to worship, and elementary school kids trying to go to class. One week.
24 May, 08:51 PM UTC
24 May, 09:03 PM UTC
Jo 🌻
Texas. Where the Governor was more concerned about keeping masks out of schools than guns.
24 May, 08:48 PM UTC
isaiah rodriguez
Will forever be with me❤️ Ik you’re balling up in heaven rn I love you so much❤️ @isaiah_rdz23's photo on becca
25 May, 02:13 PM UTC
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Why even be in Congress if you don’t believe in doing your job? Just quit and let someone who actually gives a damn do it instead of acting like a useless piece of furniture when babies are shot with AR15s that we let teen boys impulse buy before they can legally have a beer.
25 May, 02:56 PM UTC
Khassie 🤍
A student from that elementary told a news reporter “he turned 9 years old today and didn’t think he’d make it home alive for his cake” WHAT THE HELL 💔💔
25 May, 12:22 AM UTC
Barack Obama
Across the country, parents are putting their children to bed, reading stories, singing lullabies—and in the back of their minds, they’re worried about what might happen tomorrow after they drop their kids off at school, or take them to a grocery store or any other public space.
25 May, 12:55 AM UTC
El Guarromántico
Yo: ¿Por que no sonó la alarma? La alarma: @Guarromantico_'s photo on Guti
24 May, 12:02 PM UTC
Gabrielle Perry, MPH
University in California did a comprehensive study of school/mass/spree shooters of all ages & found that the common link between them ALL is a vehement hatred of women (80% had a history of domestic violence). Most killed a female relative/gf/wife immediately prior to the event
24 May, 10:04 PM UTC
皆さんご要望の63歳の連打力です(w)。 これでは5.16秒が出てます。が、指先とゲーム画面が逆で、5.13秒も出ているので、頑張ればたたき連打で5秒切れるかもしれません。 @meijin_16shot's photo on Toto
25 May, 11:59 AM UTC
WE GET HIGH - 3 #JAEMIN NCT DREAM The 2nd Album Repackage 〖Beatbox〗 ➫ 2022.05.30 #NCTDREAM #Beatbox #NCTDREAM_Beatbox
25 May, 03:01 PM UTC
Peter Frampton
26 years ago, a gunman entered Dunblane Primary School in Scotland, killing 16 kids and a teacher. The UK govt responded by enacting tight gun control legislation. In the 9400+ days since, there have been a total of O school shootings in the UK. #Uvalde
24 May, 11:52 PM UTC
George Takei
If Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott really cared about the children who were killed in Texas today, they would CANCEL their speaking gigs at the NRA conference in Houston this coming Friday.
24 May, 11:38 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
NBC News: Senator Murphy spoke to reporters as he walked off the Senate floor, saying, "spare me the bullshit about mental illness. We don't have any more mental illness than any other country in the world."
24 May, 10:15 PM UTC
cats being weird little guys
MY kiwi @weirdlilguys's photo on Alyssa
25 May, 02:50 PM UTC
Hampton Yount
Republicans are going to be like “Okay enough is enough, let’s get rid of schools”
25 May, 04:14 PM UTC
カメラに向かってピースしてるハムスター可愛すぎる…✌️ @tyomateee2's photo on Charo
24 May, 02:32 PM UTC
Karim Benzema
Hala Madrid 🙌🏼🤍 @Benzema's photo on LINO
24 May, 02:04 PM UTC
LeBron James
My thoughts and prayers goes out to the families of love ones loss & injured at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX! Like when is enough enough man!!! These are kids and we keep putting them in harms way at school. Like seriously "AT SCHOOL" where it's suppose to be the safest!
24 May, 08:44 PM UTC

when u thought u were special to someone🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
24 May, 11:37 AM UTC
Dionne Grant
Remembering George Floyd today 🕊 (October 14, 1973 - May 25, 2020) @DionneGrant's photo on George Floyd
25 May, 10:40 AM UTC
President Biden
These kinds of mass shootings rarely happen elsewhere in the world. Why are we willing to live with this carnage? Why do we keep letting this happen? Where in God’s name is our backbone to have the courage to deal with it? It’s time to turn this pain into action.
25 May, 12:58 AM UTC
Mark Tuan
ITS BEEN A WHILE THAILAND! SEE YOU GUYS SOON💜 @marktuan's photo on Mintzy
25 May, 09:50 AM UTC
Noah ✵
“are you ok?” no i want a tattoo
24 May, 08:46 PM UTC
Read Wobblies and Zapatistas
I can't get over how cops confronted the shooter at the door, let him get by them, then made up a story about body armor. While a teacher gave her life trying to defend her kids. The difference could not be clearer.
25 May, 05:21 PM UTC
Cliff Schecter
As a reminder we have zero proof—ZERO—gun laws work. You know, if you don’t include Japan, U.K., Belgium, Canada, Iceland, Romania, Norway, Austria, Argentina, Netherlands, South Korea, Italy, Greece, Chile, France, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, Portugal, Israel, Czechia, Denmark,
24 May, 11:38 PM UTC
all these TEENAGERS going on shooting sprees yet 4chan, reddit, and all these incel breeding websites aren't being questioned?? at all???
24 May, 11:29 PM UTC
Read Wobblies and Zapatistas
To ask teachers to be on the front line of mass shootings, the front line of a pandemic, and the front line of the struggle against inequality all while underpaying them and systematically underfunding the education system is both cruel and a recipe for societal collapse.
24 May, 11:15 PM UTC
Dillon Collier
Xavier Lopez, 10. He was a 4th grader at Robb Elementary. His family confirms he died in today’s school shooting. @dilloncollier's photo on Xavier Lopez
25 May, 03:11 AM UTC
Takato Honda(本田崇人)
中学の人権作文で「いじめを無くす方法」について書かされ、「いじめは無くならないので、絵空事を語るより人権教育と、発生時の対応を検討した方が良い」みたいなこと書いたら先生にいじめられたことある ほらいじめ無くならないじゃん
25 May, 06:23 AM UTC
Animals with Captions 🏳️‍⚧️
@AnimalsCaption's photo on Tommy
24 May, 06:42 PM UTC
Chain-saw girls @some1else45's photo on Tyrone
24 May, 10:43 PM UTC
Joana 🫶🏻
Fav y te pasa @Joanaaa__18's photo on Hugo
24 May, 01:29 PM UTC
Remember the school shooter didn't act alone. He was assisted by 50 Senators, 210 House members, and the NRA.
25 May, 12:11 AM UTC
uberでマック頼んだんだけど、10分後にとんでもないサイコパスが来る。 @alc_9olo's photo on Schwarzwald
24 May, 11:59 AM UTC
Coway Global
Hello everyone, here's the revised version of the previous photo. There was a mistake while editing the skin tone and there was no intention to disrespect the artist. As we promised, this kind of mistake won't take place again. We always respect our brand ambassador, @BTS_twt💜 @Coway_Global's photo on mistake
24 May, 12:25 PM UTC
Great Goats
Never felt more GOATISH 🤘 10 WL Spots 🐐 | Follow, RT & Like 💞 @GreatGoatsNFT's photo on Malcolm
25 May, 12:51 AM UTC
ABC News
“Why are you here?!" A furious Sen. Chris Murphy demands answers from senators following Texas school shooting. “Why do you spend all this time running for the United States Senate...if your answer, is as the slaughter increases, as our kids run for their lives—we do nothing?” @ABC's photo on Senate
24 May, 09:54 PM UTC
Hunter x Hunter is coming back. This is not a drill. @whimsydearest's photo on Hunter x Hunter
24 May, 12:59 PM UTC
Kaitlin Ruiz
remember how fast they worked when people stood outside Kavanaugh’s house with cardboard
25 May, 01:20 AM UTC
Fabrizio Romano
He did it again. José Mourinho has won all five European finals he has competed in. 🏆🟡🔴 #Mourinho …and he shows the number 5 with his hand 🖐🏻 @FabrizioRomano's photo on Mourinho
25 May, 08:57 PM UTC
Kim Mangone
Retweet if you want to see Beto O’Rourke crush Greg Abbott
24 May, 09:49 PM UTC
Zlatan Ibrahimović
#NewProfilePic @Ibra_official's photo on Ibra
24 May, 08:30 AM UTC
quinta brunson
wild how many people have asked for a school shooting episode of the show I write. people are that deeply removed from demanding more from the politicians they've elected and are instead demanding "entertainment." I can't ask "are yall ok" anymore because the answer is "no."
25 May, 07:22 PM UTC
Elon Musk
USA birth rate has been below min sustainable levels for ~50 years @elonmusk's photo on Michi
24 May, 01:51 PM UTC
Jill Biden
Lord, enough. Little children and their teacher. Stunned. Angry. Heartbroken.
24 May, 11:25 PM UTC
the 10th anniversary of sandy hook is this year and there is quite literally nothing of substance to show for it. just asleep at the wheel for a decade
24 May, 09:10 PM UTC
e a gente rindo da Emily do bbb que disse que queria ganhar pra pagar a faculdade pública dela, a gata estava muito à frente do seu tempo
24 May, 04:56 PM UTC