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Tom Brake MP
The most hopeless and hapless Transport Secretary ever, failing Grayling, blames everyone but himself for the Seaborne ferry #Brexit shambles. It is the Irish to blame for pulling the ships and his officials and Treasury for the legal advice Time @theresa_may issued him his P45
11 Feb, 04:09 PM UTC
Andrew Adonis
‘A figure of such great incompetence is usually only found in cartoons. The only talent Grayling has ever displayed in any of his government jobs is for doing them badly’
11 Feb, 11:02 PM UTC
Our government is professionally incompetent. I don't mean they're incompetent at being professional. I mean they're so incompetent that they could probably earn a living off their incompetence if they advertised it as performance art. "Failing Grayling"
12 Feb, 08:44 AM UTC
Our Future, Our Choice
A Transport minister who doesn't know you need ferries to ferry stuff. "Failing Grayling" A former Brexit sec who didn't know the importance of Dover & Calais to EU trade. A former foreign sec who called other world leaders nazis. A Prime Minister who keeps losing her ministers.
12 Feb, 08:41 AM UTC
Lib Dem Press Office
.@thomasbrake: "Fox is competing with failing Grayling in the incompetence stakes. Fox’s promise of rolling over 40 trade deals by the 29th March was a sham. He should come before MPs, apologise for his casual acquaintance with the truth and report the real impact of his failure"
11 Feb, 07:40 PM UTC
Richard Corbett
The scale of the incompetence of leading #brexit supporter Grayling imakes him a laughingstock in Commons - amusing yet alarming report by @JohnJCrace :
12 Feb, 07:13 AM UTC
The next #Brexit Minister Failing Grayling HS2 #Dispatches #C4 #channel4 #FailingGrayling Zane's photo on Failing Grayling
11 Feb, 08:15 PM UTC
Bath Labour Party
Failing Grayling personifies this Conservative Government’s incompetence. And now that he is also in breach of the Ministerial Code for misleading Parliament, he must be dismissed or have the integrity to resign. #BritainDeservesBetter
12 Feb, 07:02 AM UTC
Trevor Stables 🔶️#FBPE🇬🇧🇫🇷🇪🇺 🔶️
Failing #Grayling Transport secretary refuses to reveal no-deal Brexit ferry contract cancellation fee that is funded by taxpayers!
11 Feb, 07:24 PM UTC
Failing Grayling HS2 #Dispatches. #C4 #channel4 #FailingGrayling Zane's photo on Failing Grayling
11 Feb, 08:17 PM UTC
As R4 Wato charts his career crashes it is Pretty obvious why serial disaster Failing (“no ships”) Grayling keeps his job: he’s a pro Brexit cabinet minister who is (belatedly) backs May. Even so, No 10 keeps voicing “complete confidence,” so the end is finally near
11 Feb, 01:30 PM UTC
Neil Coyle
There are no ships, only hardships under 'one man walking disaster zone' Grayling who would be out of office if the UK had a Prime Minister in control
12 Feb, 07:38 AM UTC
Ron Moore MP
Liam ‘disgraced’ Fox - a man so incompetent he frequently gets called Failing Grayling by mistake by civil servants.
11 Feb, 06:12 PM UTC
Sue Wilson #FBPE
Commons pummelling leaves Failing Grayling seeing ships | John Crace
12 Feb, 07:58 AM UTC
Flag Blyth 🌹👵 #DemocraticSocialist #JC4PM2019
@AndyMcDonaldMP More urgent questions to raise in HOC please - why Failing Grayling lied in Parliament more than once! Grayling urged to quit as spending on Brexit ferry deal consultants revealed
12 Feb, 03:55 AM UTC
Helen Pidd
“We haven’t spent any money,” insisted Grayling. An answer that didn’t entirely square with a National Audit Office report which concluded that the department had spent £800,000 on consultants on Seaborne, the ferry co with no ferries 🤦🏼‍♀️
12 Feb, 09:15 AM UTC
Alex O'Henley
How is Chris ‘Failing’ Grayling still Transport Secretary after this memo from National Audit Office which repeatedly warned against giving a Brexit contract to a ferry company without any ships? Alex O'Henley's photo on Failing Grayling
12 Feb, 08:56 AM UTC
Yasmin Ali
“A figure of such great incompetence is usually only found in cartoons.”
12 Feb, 08:38 AM UTC
Irene Short
Commons pummelling leaves Failing Grayling seeing ships Not only that, the Government is being sued for his incompetence Can’t be long before MSN blame Corbyn, as ever
12 Feb, 08:06 AM UTC
Jan Bingh
Usual chaos on thameslink. Trains cancelled or severe delays. I am lucky as managed to get seat on slow train which started from Luton at 8.30. 2nd stop train was full standing, more stops to go driver is asking people to move down - where? Failing Grayling.
12 Feb, 08:54 AM UTC
Commons pummelling leaves Failing Grayling seeing ships
12 Feb, 09:02 AM UTC
How is it that failing Grayling continues to stay in cabinet. His incompetence is staggering.
12 Feb, 09:00 AM UTC
LCD Views
Chris Grayling wins inaugural Grayling award for failing at everything in government
12 Feb, 08:54 AM UTC
Marie Coleman
@paolohughes Well I suppose if there was a reshuffle they could move failing Grayling to Defence and he wouldn't be able to mobilise a troop of scouts, let alone the defence forces, so that might work.
12 Feb, 09:16 AM UTC
Daniel J. Harris
It’s like a sketch from Spitting Image or The Day Today. Have a shopping contract to someone without ships. Then cancelled it and said it didn’t cost anything but tender processes are not simple.
12 Feb, 09:13 AM UTC
lez perry
@Rachael_Swindon @THemingford Hunt comes close but failing Grayling wins hands down for me 😉
12 Feb, 09:10 AM UTC
Commons pummelling leaves Failing Grayling seeing ships
12 Feb, 09:06 AM UTC
John Cogan
"We are failing, we are Grayling, home again across the sea...."
12 Feb, 09:06 AM UTC
Dr Guy Woolnough
“Labour’s Andy McDonald was spoiled for choice in his reply. Being shadow transport secretary to Grayling is any MP’s dream job. All you have to do is stand up and talk in coherent sentences to be ahead of the game. “ how much more failing to come?
12 Feb, 09:00 AM UTC
Mark Wallace
"Grayling: People accuse me of incompetence Williamson: Hold my beer.Grayling: *drops beer*"
12 Feb, 08:59 AM UTC
Huw Morgan
Commons pummelling leaves Failing Grayling seeing ships | John Crace
12 Feb, 08:59 AM UTC
Mark Wallace
Commons pummelling leaves Failing Grayling seeing ships | John Crace
12 Feb, 08:57 AM UTC
@BeyondChains Failing Grayling is a waste of space. He looks utterly miserable.
12 Feb, 08:56 AM UTC
Mike McCartney
Failing Grayling says no money has been spent on the failure of the ferry contract Ramsgate. Of course taxpayers money has been spent - how about the civil servants used, they do all the work, time and money has been spent - everything has a cost! Resign Grayling Resign man....
11 Feb, 06:09 PM UTC

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