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Karl Turner MP
Absolutely true. I honestly cannot understand how this Minister is allowed anywhere near Govt. He has failed in every dept. I can disagree with Ministers politically (and mostly do) but most are capable (just wrong in my opinion) but #FailingGrayling is both wrong and useless. https://t.co/zkG89SqYiu
13 Jan, 12:20 AM UTC
Labour Press Team
Reminder: Season tickets have risen by over £500 since 2010 in Chris Grayling’s constituency #FailingGrayling #Ridge
13 Jan, 09:25 AM UTC
#FailingGrayling under fire as serious crimes soar by 50% https://t.co/udy4IbPYot
13 Jan, 10:54 AM UTC
George Eccles
Appalling that #FailingGrayling should advocate May’s rotten deal as a way of pacifying the unruly Far Right who hounded @anna_soubry outside Parliament. To give in to their intimidation would be cowardly and undemocratic. #ridge
13 Jan, 09:14 AM UTC
Mark Ovenden
#FailingGrayling just said on @SkyNews “We’ve given [bus] franchising power back to mayoral authorities” Errrrr... not quite! They can start a process (takes about 4 years @MayorofGM ?) but bus operators are fighting it. So: no, that hasn’t worked either Mr Grayling
13 Jan, 09:22 AM UTC
roger kline
Hard to know if this is utter incompetence or downright corruption but the hand of #FailingGrayling is all over this one. Watch in wonder https://t.co/TEl0hGGTN4
12 Jan, 09:12 PM UTC
Philip C James [Schweize Ocean Ferries GmbH]
The way to shoot #FailingGrayling's fox is of course to offer those 17.4 million people a #PeoplesVote on May's actual #Brexit deal. If we find the People choose to reject it and #remain, democracy will be seen to have been exercised - no excuse for civil unrest. #Ridge #Tories https://t.co/a21Mr5dgPH
13 Jan, 09:38 AM UTC
tommy parry
#FailingGrayling Along With #KillerKhan @SadiqKhan HAS TO GO https://t.co/HTgVZ4yxoc
13 Jan, 09:22 AM UTC
Justin Williams
#Ridge #FailingGrayling talking about defence systems that should have been in place but weren't, to defend Gatwick against #drones that should have existed but probably didn't. Glad he cleared that up.
13 Jan, 09:15 AM UTC
@frankofarrell @JamesSorah Come on now, He's not that talented #FailingGrayling
13 Jan, 10:32 AM UTC
Arwel Parry
@RidgeOnSunday Good grief. #FailingGrayling - everything he touches turns to dross. For Gods’ sake retire from politics and never darken our doors again. To quote Cromwell: “I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible you may be mistaken.”
13 Jan, 09:20 AM UTC
Blocked by @Keir_Starmer #FBPE 💕🇪🇺
#FailingGrayling is only doing what he is paid to do More prisoners in jail & on longer terms = 1 more opporunmities for graft 2 More profit for the CORPS running prisons BEST: 1 All prisons to be run by Govt 2 Prisons to have enough staff AND 3 officers to be be paid well https://t.co/Vji45Ku9ZP
13 Jan, 10:54 AM UTC
Lizzy Kelly🌹
Unbelievable incompetence. #FailingGrayling https://t.co/np4b1LCNL2
13 Jan, 09:34 AM UTC
Paul Farnhill
#FailingGrayling is an utter waste of space who keeps getting Ministerial positions because he'll back anything any Tory PM says. #ridge
13 Jan, 09:31 AM UTC
George Eccles
Every time #FailingGrayling opens his mouth, he adds votes to the Labour party. His full range of soundbites cannot conceal the fact that he’s the worst Transport Secretary in history. May only keeps him to make her look, by comparison, good. #ridge
13 Jan, 09:17 AM UTC
Liz Clements
Chris Grayling on Pienaar's Politics says 'I am not attacking the office of Speaker' while attacking the office of Speaker. Dismaying shades of the Weimar Republic. #FailingGrayling #JPonPolitics #R5Live
13 Jan, 10:44 AM UTC
Kevin Turner
If only #FailingGrayling were to receive half the media attention #corbyn receives. #ToriesOut #justice https://t.co/cJTTZrC8zY
13 Jan, 09:06 AM UTC
Frances Hilton
@RidgeOnSunday The lights are on, but no one's home … #FailingGrayling Frances Hilton's photo on #FailingGrayling
13 Jan, 09:46 AM UTC
Philip Thompson 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧🇪🇺🌍 #FBPE
#FailingGrayling thinks that the way to defeat the far-right is to give them exactly what they want. Does he really think they’ll sit quietly taking responsibility once the country is in disarray and financial collapse post-#Brexit? No, they’ll blame minorities. #Fascism101.
13 Jan, 09:28 AM UTC
Philip C James [Schweize Ocean Ferries GmbH]
If in 2016 he'd been offered a bag of cheese & onion crisps, and not the sumptious banquet at the Ritz after a ride in a carriage drawn by unicorns that was offered instead of staying in the EU, he says now he'd have taken it. #FailingGrayling's thicker than we thought. #Ridge https://t.co/DIuIZbXmmc
13 Jan, 09:30 AM UTC
I see @SophyRidgeSky is very easily reminding @RidgeOnSunday 📺 #Ridge viewers & the @transportgovuk Sec #FailingGrayling himself, that he’s basically not very bright & a quite obviously inept politician. Till's photo on #FailingGrayling
13 Jan, 09:19 AM UTC
@RidgeOnSunday LOOK !! I was doing a mate a favour!! He funds me and my party, so I throw him and his brother a contract, we have loads of money, look how much wwaste on paying me!! #FailingGrayling #ridgeonsunday #Ridge
13 Jan, 10:49 AM UTC
Anna Kaminski
@scarlettpeach Also, #FailingGrayling is an absolute joke, full stop. And, as it turns out, an appeaser of the far right, in the worst tradition of Neville Chamberlain. Nice govt member, @Conservatives!
13 Jan, 10:44 AM UTC
@RidgeOnSunday "Did you come by train Mr Grayling?" "No, they are awful on a Sunday, someone needs to take charge of public transport" #FailingGrayling
13 Jan, 10:44 AM UTC
Simon Bye
Steven Wotsit, like #FailingGrayling, avoiding #PlanB answers. Politics today is all questions and no answers. Nothing unusual there then.#marr #Ridge
13 Jan, 10:28 AM UTC
Robert Blackwood
Walls into kitchen. @transportgovuk #ChrisGraylingJarOfTruth on @bbc5live. Walks out of kitchen to inhale the fresh air of truth. #brexit #FailingGrayling
13 Jan, 10:24 AM UTC
L30n@ ♿🍒🌹🇪🇺#GTTO
Ask #FailingGrayling what happens if this mythical ferry company we're depending on doesn't deliver goods, medicines etc we are depending on? We may not part with a penny but we'd be without goods we need. #pienarspolitics #5live
13 Jan, 10:17 AM UTC
Kevin Anthony
@SophyRidgeSky @RidgeOnSunday @MattLavenderSky Very weak interview of #FailingGrayling again not as tough as you can be.
13 Jan, 10:15 AM UTC
Old Newtownabbeian
Once again we’re hearing #FailingGrayling’s bizarre otherworldly take on Brexit - Magritte might have enjoyed this interview #pienaar #radio5live Old Newtownabbeian's photo on #FailingGrayling
13 Jan, 10:13 AM UTC
Wayne O'Brien
#failingGrayling - the man in charge of keeping open our lines of transport with Europe #facepalm #CluelessConservatives > Grayling under fire as serious crimes committed on parole soar by 50% https://t.co/eVFjI0DYsy
13 Jan, 10:12 AM UTC
Kay 🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈💜
Just seen a clip of #FailingGrayling on the news saying "if someone had said to me you can either stay in the EU or have [May's Brexit deal] I’d have this and say 'thank you very much'". Chris Grayling is an imbecile.
13 Jan, 10:07 AM UTC
#FailingGrayling Chris Grayling instead of talking about #brexit please make sure trains run properly.
13 Jan, 10:04 AM UTC
Pete Cureton
Civil engineers do this through mathematical modelling. You don’t need to run the exercise with actual lorries. #idiot #FailingGrayling https://t.co/8xrK6s8TjU
13 Jan, 10:04 AM UTC
boo lee
I've seen Alan Carr do more in depth interviews. #FailingGrayling was let off the hook again. #Ridge
13 Jan, 10:03 AM UTC
Mamoona Shah
#FailingGrayling under fire as serious crimes committed on parole soar by 50%. How is he still a minister! https://t.co/ndCq6Jro9B
13 Jan, 09:55 AM UTC
Mr. Dan Johnson
The fact that someone as inadequate and incompetent as #FailingGrayling serves as a Senior Minister in H.M. Govt. is the clearest evidence of the disaffection with #British #Politics. How broken does a system have to be for his constituents to elect him? https://t.co/EZYSy0Bva9
13 Jan, 09:49 AM UTC
Ex-PM David Cameron
Chris Grayling... The Poster Boy for Tory Smugness. The Face of this mediocre @Conservatives government under @theresa_may #FailingGrayling Ex-PM David Cameron's photo on #FailingGrayling
13 Jan, 09:48 AM UTC
What a soft interview with idiot in chief #FailingGrayling. @RidgeOnSunday
13 Jan, 09:36 AM UTC
@seabournefreig1 Is this a parody account, its hillarious! I particularly like how you turn #FailingGrayling car crash interview into a robust sterling performance. #ComedyGold #seabournefreight #ToriesOut
13 Jan, 09:36 AM UTC
George Eccles
Another #FailingGrayling howler! What planet is he living on? #ridge #marr https://t.co/m0wx9DMk03
13 Jan, 09:24 AM UTC
William Brown 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
@RidgeOnSunday You would hope that this idiot would have nothing to do with plan A, never mind B. #FailingGrayling
13 Jan, 09:22 AM UTC
@GuyKilty Not come across the Crap controller yet? Aka C Grayling. Unfortunately in charge of more than Sodor #FailingGrayling
13 Jan, 09:16 AM UTC
Pete Clarke
Hahaha!!!!🤣🤣🤣 if I wasn’t comfy in bed I’d switch this on just for kicks!! #FailingGrayling https://t.co/FbpYghlPpl
13 Jan, 09:15 AM UTC

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