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Sam Stein
if the next reporter who interviews Pompeo doesn't ask the exact same marie yovanovitch question that NPR did then they're falling down on the job.
26 Jan, 01:46 AM UTC
Ari Fleischer
If the next reporter who interviews Joe Biden doesn’t ask about the the role the Obama-Biden White House played in authorizing/knowing about the surveillance of Carter Page and the Trump campaign then they’re falling down on the job. https://t.co/Bxrlf39IrO
26 Jan, 03:10 AM UTC
frankie pangilinan
once i hydrate consistently and get enough sleep and finish my album and find the right haircut for my face shape and work out and finish my book and successfully go to bed without falling apart and eat correctly and get a 4.0 GPA and end the patriarchy it’s over for ya’ll
25 Jan, 07:10 PM UTC
James Felton
If my government was leading us off a cliff with nothing to show for it but a novelty 50p coin I'd avoid the "Gollum falling into a volcano whilst clutching happily onto precious" look but you do you @JimMFelton's photo on Falling
26 Jan, 10:15 AM UTC
queen quen
falling asleep while the ratatouille soundtrack plays in the background>>>
26 Jan, 08:21 AM UTC
1D Updates!
VIDEO || Harry filming a MV for 'Falling' via finelineangel @With1DNews's photo on Falling
26 Jan, 04:17 AM UTC
Horny Facts™
cuddling in bed and falling asleep together is probably the best feeling in a relationship
26 Jan, 03:00 AM UTC
anyway so here is beomgyu leaving and soobin not wanting to let him go which resulted in him falling off his chair. comedy @ssoogyu's photo on Falling
26 Jan, 09:15 AM UTC
The Kings Updates
#RUMOR| Apparently this is Harry filming a music video for Falling. https://t.co/TgYujpq9N3
26 Jan, 03:48 AM UTC
𝓑 loves louis ◟̽◞̽ |𝐖𝐌𝐈 𝟐𝟒/𝟏𝟎/𝟏𝟗|
aparentemente: falling vai ser o proximo single harry ja ta gravando o clipe vai ter ele tocando piano enquanto o “sol” entra pela janela PUTAMERDA EU TO- @paynosa's photo on Falling
26 Jan, 03:53 AM UTC
Harry Styles Brasil
Nós estamos caindo novamente! De acordo com fãs, Harry estaria em Los Angeles gravando um videoclipe para a canção ‘Falling’. Curtiram? @hstylesbr's photo on Falling
26 Jan, 09:29 AM UTC
Mike Cernovich
Warren falling like a lead balloon. https://t.co/q3iImqroDw
26 Jan, 06:17 AM UTC
Harry Styles Pics
Apparently Harry is filming music video for ‘Falling’ in LA tonight (Jan 25) via Molly Markestein @HStylesnapshots's photo on Falling
26 Jan, 04:09 AM UTC
People falling and dying in China like we in some apocalyptic movie. Lord help us 😥😷😢 #CoronaOutbreak #CoronavirusOutbreak @zeemlove's photo on Falling
26 Jan, 12:16 PM UTC
The Kings Updates
🚨| Más de Harry grabando Falling! ©️ A quién corresponda @UpdatesHL's photo on Falling
26 Jan, 04:28 AM UTC
karine is seeing harry
o fandom vai surtar quando acordar e souber que falling vai ser single kkkkkk
26 Jan, 04:12 AM UTC
if your favorite song from Fine Line is Watermelon Sugar, Lights Up, or Falling. you’re automatically a local in my eyes.
26 Jan, 08:56 AM UTC
isa quer o walls
o que eu mais acho engracado é que todo mundo ficou falando e fazendo teorias sobre walls ser uma música super parecida com falling, sobre tudo bater e tals e agora qual vai ser o proximo single do harry???? falling.
26 Jan, 04:37 AM UTC
Greta 🧜🏻‍♀️
"Sometimes, when you feel like you are falling behind, you are actually falling into a journey that is better suited for you, that will unfold in ways you never allowed yourself to dream of." Pray with hope, always. Alexandra Greta L. Quina, RPm https://t.co/jCm1N4teZq
26 Jan, 12:44 PM UTC

mnet employees making fun of the situation acting like they won't be the first ones getting kicked out once their agency starts sizing down because of the stocks falling and them going bankrupt
26 Jan, 02:24 AM UTC
𝗞 ☆ 𝗗
ok so jongin danced to 'jekyll' during 'falling for you' at exploration in kl in front of me and i only noticed this nowsudjsjjs https://t.co/JOXxTOcLw4
26 Jan, 12:42 PM UTC
𝐬 ❀ is seeing harry
not to say anything but i prefer sunflower vol.6 music video rather than falling because i wanna see flowers and happy harry not rain and crying harry https://t.co/h737gIexm9
26 Jan, 08:41 AM UTC
“harry styles foi visto em uma escola gravando o vídeo clipe de falling e tocando um piano” https://t.co/y0kvv6Ywaq
26 Jan, 12:40 PM UTC
“falling vai ser o próximo single do harry e ele vai tocar piano no clipe" eu: https://t.co/irVXJPhSYX
26 Jan, 01:19 PM UTC
@TaylormadeChamp @OmarTheGrey there are so many ways to discipline a child correctly without having to lay a hand on them. especially if they’re that small, what if she didn’t end up falling on her elbows? she would’ve smashed her head into the floor, that’s dangerous for a growing child
26 Jan, 07:44 AM UTC
lucie 189
falling mv gonna end up in a grave like the two ghosts mv did https://t.co/4yZZPOp1wz
26 Jan, 04:06 AM UTC
J (166)
Falling is such a beautiful song. This is my favorite part. The way he hits the high note and the close up with his smile at the end. https://t.co/5zAdh4cH0U
26 Jan, 06:12 AM UTC
quante pronte a rispondere a ogni storia dei locals che useranno falling per i/le loro fidanzati/e e che non capiranno che la canzone parla di un amore pieno di dolore e di una persona che non si sente bene con se stessa perché ha fatto del male alla persona che ama?
26 Jan, 09:42 AM UTC
TheSpicySpiritualist 🌶 🍯🔮
A message for Pisces and Pisces Placements: If you want something START TODAY HOE. yeah we can dream about it and imagine how it’s gonna be but we can expect shit to come falling from the sky! If you can dream it you can have it...bitch.
25 Jan, 03:59 PM UTC
Peachy Muffin
MewGulf will never stop falling in love everyday cuz they love to create new nickname depending on feelings, I stan the most romantic BL couple in histoey #ยัยบี๋ของพี่บู๋ https://t.co/40zPoy6c8z
26 Jan, 12:55 PM UTC