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Matthew McConaughey
The Eyes of Texas are upon you #hookem #FallonAtUT @jimmyfallon @FallonTonight @McConaughey's photo on #FallonAtUT
08 Nov, 01:08 AM UTC
Fallon Tonight
When at UT Austin, do as the Longhorns do #FallonAtUT @FallonTonight's photo on #FallonAtUT
07 Nov, 04:47 PM UTC
jimmy fallon
I think I just got suspended. Watch the show tonight! #FallonAtUT https://t.co/Kn5M1569Oh
07 Nov, 02:10 PM UTC
Greg Fenves
Welcomed @jimmyfallon to the Forty Acres with a custom @TexasFootball jersey. Looking forward to tonight’s live taping of @FallonTonight on campus #FallonAtUT 🤘 @gregfenves's photo on #FallonAtUT
07 Nov, 02:27 PM UTC
jimmy fallon
Where’s all the Longhorns at? You guys ready??!?!?!?!?? #FallonAtUT 🤘#HookEm
07 Nov, 10:44 PM UTC
Alany Rodriguez
he said it, not me... #FallonAtUT @alany_rodriguez's photo on #FallonAtUT
08 Nov, 04:44 AM UTC
Fallon Tonight
The Tonight Show partners with @SamsungMobileUS to help surprise 3 UT Austin students with Samsung swag and... pay the remainder of their tuition! #FallonAtUT Captured #withGalaxy @FallonTonight's photo on #FallonAtUT
08 Nov, 04:52 AM UTC
Fallon Tonight
Gucci Mane (@gucci1017) performs a trap version of “The Eyes of Texas” #FallonAtUT @FallonTonight's photo on #FallonAtUT
08 Nov, 05:30 AM UTC
jimmy fallon
We are taking on college tonight! Describe your college experience in 3 emojis and tag #FallonAtUT!
08 Nov, 04:12 AM UTC
jimmy fallon
Austin stay Austin. Thanks for the trend! #FallonAtUT
08 Nov, 06:15 AM UTC
Longhorn Band
Meet the newest honorary member of the Longhorn Band! Tune in to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight for a special appearance from your friends in the fringe! #HookEm #FallonAtUT @FallonTonight @LonghornBand's photo on #FallonAtUT
08 Nov, 03:22 AM UTC
Fallon Tonight
Jimmy performs “Thank God I’m A Country Boy” throughout the UT Austin campus! https://t.co/PMqiyRG5fy #FallonAtUT @FallonTonight's photo on #FallonAtUT
08 Nov, 04:37 AM UTC
Texas Longhorns
Matthew @McConaughey is a national treasure. 🤘 #HookEm | #FallonAtUT https://t.co/MuaRKC01iP
08 Nov, 05:16 AM UTC
Fallon Tonight
.@McConaughey shares why he’s proud to live in Austin #FallonAtUT @FallonTonight's photo on #FallonAtUT
08 Nov, 04:53 AM UTC
jimmy fallon
Here’s mine: 😴☕️🍻 #FallonAtUT
08 Nov, 04:15 AM UTC
The Daily Texan
“This place has been a nonstop party…I think the food is awesome. The music scene is great. But the people are just the nicest, most welcoming community.” 🤠 #FallonAtUT https://t.co/H1WIgFjssA
08 Nov, 02:00 AM UTC
Fallon Tonight
Baylor grads @chipgaines & @joannagaines describe their school’s rivalry with UT #FallonAtUT @FallonTonight's photo on #FallonAtUT
08 Nov, 05:08 AM UTC
The Daily Texan
From Matthew McConaughey singing the “Eyes of Texas” to students getting free tuition, here’s everything that went down on @FallonTonight #FallonAtUT https://t.co/63Gu4fxd2v
08 Nov, 05:22 AM UTC
Cat Cardenas
.@FallonTonight’s production assistant said the #FallonAtUT show was the best one they’d ever done, and I’m p sure they don’t say that to all the other girls. Check out my recap for @TexasMonthly here: https://t.co/OBHGDDps54
08 Nov, 05:25 AM UTC
#FallonAtUT jimmy is officially a Longhorn 🤘🏽
08 Nov, 05:02 AM UTC
Chris Bennett (CB)
The #MinisterOfCulture Matthew @McConaughey & @jimmyfallon sing the #EyesOfTexas on @FallonTonight 🤘🏻@utaustin #FallonAtUT https://t.co/aJFYWnMSrO
08 Nov, 05:18 AM UTC
“If y’all wanted somewhere easy to get into y’all would be in Texas A&M right now” -Jimmy Fallon #FallonAtUT
08 Nov, 05:14 AM UTC
Hell to the yes play this at every game and event at Texas!! This is is IT!!!! #imgucci #eyesoftexas 🙌🏼🧡@gucci1017 @FallonTonight #FallonAtUT <—he slayed!!!! https://t.co/njJcU7sZIY
08 Nov, 11:38 AM UTC
Sally Mizell
@jimmyfallon 🧮📐💰 #FallonAtUT
08 Nov, 11:34 AM UTC
Follow 🎰👉👉 @xx18xx_18_Hotx 👈👈🎰 To Watch More Xx18xX Arati, Boga, Momo #FallonAtUT #DubaiRun https://t.co/04TjfcNMsu DkK3FA 🤐🏌
08 Nov, 11:31 AM UTC
Sam Chavez
I’m a little jealous that I never did this #FallonAtUT https://t.co/Nt0aLSK0IX
08 Nov, 11:30 AM UTC
@jimmyfallon 💃🏻📚🍺#FallonAtUT
08 Nov, 11:42 AM UTC
Courtney Love Jones
Follow 💺👉👉 @S3xclubxx18xx 👈👈💺 To Watch More Xx18xX Doha, Partizan, Добрый #İnsanOlanUtanır #FallonAtUT https://t.co/g5wgCCyDRR QdH8oV 🤤🤾
08 Nov, 11:42 AM UTC
Brian H
💯 🗑 of ⏰ #FallonAtUT
08 Nov, 11:41 AM UTC
Sara parente
@jimmyfallon 😴☕️🎧 #FallonAtUT
08 Nov, 11:41 AM UTC

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