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🥅 🏒 Mark Fuller 🚀 🇺🇸
@RepSwalwell He probably said, “that’s the traitor 🇨🇳 who was bangin’ Fang Fang” https://t.co/tltMCZWijG
22 Jun, 11:21 PM UTC
🇺🇸Carson Krow 🇺🇸
No one wonders why Fang Fang targeted you— she just picked the dumbest politician in the room. https://t.co/KTR1nqnUV8
23 Jun, 12:01 AM UTC
Greg Pollowitz
And then the boy yelled, “WHERE’S FANG FANG?” and the whole family high-fived. https://t.co/kxbCqwVai2
22 Jun, 11:39 PM UTC
The worst part about the Fang Fang story is that she bundled money for Swalwell. A sitting member of Congress had assistance from a Chinese Communist Party spy to win an election. That alone should disqualify Swalwell from any public office.
23 Jun, 03:50 AM UTC
Not Ian Rapoport
@markfuller86 @RepSwalwell At least Fang Fang didn't bang a whole party. Imagine the info Marina Butina got at the NRA Convention alone! Is that a gun in your pocket comrade? https://t.co/69Rz9qWUxl
23 Jun, 12:46 AM UTC
Ned Ryun
Well on the bright side I bet he probably won’t bang Fang Fang. . . https://t.co/yE4Q73CYXa
23 Jun, 12:44 AM UTC
Rach 🇺🇸
Eric Swalwell seems like he would run in the opposite direction while screaming like a little girl at the sight of a spider. Fang Fang really could've done better.
23 Jun, 01:52 AM UTC
GratefulAmerican---MAGA all the way!!!
"Swalwell" Was Fang Fang shagalicious? Are you a puppet of Communist China now? https://t.co/wJQ5tm7CsW
23 Jun, 01:23 AM UTC
(((Aaron Walker)))
I feel sorry that someday your children will be asking who Fang Fang is. https://t.co/g56kWFT5kj
23 Jun, 12:38 AM UTC
Nathan Wurtzel
Here's a thought: You betrayed your own family (not to mention your country) with Fang Fang. Work on your own family and leave the rest of us alone. https://t.co/jfk8ohutNw
22 Jun, 11:03 PM UTC
Every time that @RepSwalwell sends a lame ass Tweet, the word "fang fang" trends. Swalwell is simply too discredited to continue to serve as an elected representative. He's destroying the legitimacy of the institution.
23 Jun, 03:25 AM UTC
GratefulAmerican---MAGA all the way!!!
@RepSwalwell Was Fang Fang shagalicious? Are you a puppet of Communist China now? https://t.co/jpKLs6d5px
23 Jun, 01:03 AM UTC
Carry On Navy Mom
I will never forget that time you threatened to nuke Americans that didn’t agree with you. You’re such a responsible congressman. Did Fang Fang teach you that? 🙄🤡 https://t.co/hq88PtkGkY
23 Jun, 05:04 AM UTC
@Stopmessingaro1 It’s not a lie. Fang Fang not only bundled for Swalwell, she helped staff his congressional office. https://t.co/g2OhP2LCM2
23 Jun, 04:21 AM UTC
Eric Swalwell and Fang Fang are trending so what should the movie of their illicit affair be called?
23 Jun, 10:55 AM UTC
@RepSwalwell I feel sorry for the Californians you represent, commuting adultery with a Chinese spy. [Fang Fang] I feel sorry for your constituents! The life one lives is their own, but a freaking SPY! Should have impeached you! https://t.co/e3glkd2CeE
23 Jun, 12:46 PM UTC
"Fang Fang" and "Fart Fart" A match made in a Chinese Bio Lab https://t.co/K3LKsiszvZ
23 Jun, 12:59 PM UTC
Hoosier Daddy!
@Chriskup2112 @RepSwalwell Fang Fang is very proud of him too.
23 Jun, 01:17 PM UTC
So @ericswalwell Mr. Fang Fang you are saying that anyone who does not support you is a cult member, you didn't try to talk to the father and his child you just want them locked up. Where do I sign up to join this cult
23 Jun, 01:43 PM UTC
Karen Doe
Agreed let me send this to Fang Fang. https://t.co/z1fcbEH12v
23 Jun, 02:00 PM UTC
Hobe Brunson
@RepSwalwell Good thing they didn’t ask you about Fang Fang.
23 Jun, 01:25 PM UTC
"Fang Fang" The grifted MAGAs have had the distract directive given. https://t.co/n4hJY1W3fJ
23 Jun, 02:18 PM UTC
Santiago Valdes
@funder Fang Fang love you long time https://t.co/PpeSlaAD7D
23 Jun, 02:08 PM UTC
Harmon Dash
Funny to see “Majorie” & “Marge” trending with “Fang Fang”, cuz Majorie Taylor Greene’s views are so outdated, it would not at ALL be surprising to learn, she once had her fang fangs surgically removed. #ThursdayVibes #ThursdayThoughts #IndictTrump #VoteBlueOrWeAreScrewed https://t.co/r5jQIZPtIG
23 Jun, 02:31 PM UTC
Jim Geyer
@RepSwalwell You bang bang, Fang Fang, a Chinese spy, and you're on the Intelligence Committee. Nothing intelligent in your dipping your wick into some Chinese nookie.
23 Jun, 02:29 PM UTC
Julie Adams
Love Your T-shirt...That's Just 🔥 🔥 Order Yours: https://t.co/8bAKSvFSu1 Joe Rogan #ThanksALotAntifa #BidenGasCrisis Keystone 14th BRICS Summit Dobbs #thursdayvibes #thursdaymorning #ThursdayMotivation Stacey Berger Ghislaine Maxwell Kagan Marjorie Marge Fang Fang Publix https://t.co/cI8jCDKSm9
23 Jun, 02:29 PM UTC
Tom Leary
@RepMTG Fang Fang will always vote for Eric just like the Idiot soccer moms in the Tri Valley in California…
23 Jun, 02:29 PM UTC
Bat Dog
@notianrapoport @markfuller86 @RepSwalwell I’m sure Maria got all these guys secret 30-06 recipe for reloading accurate hunting ammo - maybe their deer honey hole. Fang Fang apparently used hers to get valuable National defense information from Swalwell.
23 Jun, 02:28 PM UTC
Necronomicon_Mord 💀
@RepSwalwell Fang Fang?
23 Jun, 02:27 PM UTC
Stew...just Stew
@RepSwalwell You're a lying sack of shit, fang fang banger
23 Jun, 02:26 PM UTC