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Stray Kids Streams 🎪
"NO PROBLEM" by #NAYEON feat. #FELIX Official Audio has surpassed 1,0000,000 (1M) views on YouTube. It's the fastest audio track by Korean Female Solo to achieve this mark released in 2022 (25 hours)! 🎉 FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 https://t.co/DCIgAwOYeR
25 Jun, 05:15 AM UTC
Felix 필릭스 Central NO PROBLEM💛
Just in case you want it, here's the felix's cut 💜 our baby boy we are so proud of you! FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 #필릭스 https://t.co/kGztj88NlA
25 Jun, 06:22 AM UTC
Felix 필릭스 Central NO PROBLEM💛
[220625] "NO PROBLEM" Feat. FELIX  oficial audio has surpassed 1 MILLION views on YouTube! 🥳🤍 it only took 25 hours, one extra from the goal! CONGRATS NAYEON AND FELIX! ❤️ FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 https://t.co/G0iWNnilH7
25 Jun, 05:24 AM UTC
Estoy totalmente fascinada con la voz de Félix, que orgullosa me siento 🤍🤍 FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 https://t.co/9oP8M3yrbn
24 Jun, 10:03 PM UTC
Felix 필릭스 Central NO PROBLEM💛
📣 MASS PURCHASE NOW! STAYs buy "NO PROBLEM" ft. FELIX now! encourage other STAYs to buy it too! 💿:https://t.co/z90MqI6sDl #️⃣Share SS and use the tags: #BuyNOPROBLEM_OniTunes #FELIX #StrayKids @Stray_Kids FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 https://t.co/HiP0jx7hHI
25 Jun, 04:00 AM UTC
No puedo estar más orgullosa por Félix y por Nayeon, la canción está increíble 🥰 FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE @Stray_Kids @StrayKidsCityMx #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 https://t.co/IzUjbcrpqO
25 Jun, 04:12 AM UTC
Stray Kids Spain
📹 [VÍDEO - 25062022] Vídeo de #Felix y #Nayeon de Twice en TikTok (@/twice_tiktok_official) por la colaboración de #NoProblemFeat_FELIX 🔗 https://t.co/My1tLEyXaP FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 https://t.co/e3SlODpZET
25 Jun, 06:30 AM UTC
Stay TikTok 🎪
Twice (@JYPETWICE) Official TikTok account posted a #NOPROBLEM Duet ver. with #Felix! Make sure to leave a like, comment, and share the link to boost it! 🔥 🔗: https://t.co/fR8GRrWJmo FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 https://t.co/emf973v32N
25 Jun, 06:26 AM UTC
Stray Kids México 🎪🇲🇽
📣 COMPRA MASIVA AHORA! STAYs compren "NO PROBLEM" ft. FELIX ahora! Y dile a más STAYS! 💿:https://t.co/o2Ojj7olVG #️⃣Comparte SS y usa los tags: #BuyNOPROBLEM_OniTunes #FELIX #StrayKids @Stray_Kids FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 https://t.co/VZHB2QwsKn
25 Jun, 04:05 AM UTC
Felix 필릭스 Central NO PROBLEM💛
📣 1 HOUR BEFORE MASS PURCHASE! NO PROBLEM ft. #FELIX STAY, prepare your iTunes accounts now and let’s get over 25x iTunes #1’s! ⏰ June 25, 1PM KST ✅ Full Guide: https://t.co/ntawBeR4LB FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 @Stray_Kids https://t.co/JTKhFzAug3
25 Jun, 03:00 AM UTC
Felix 필릭스 Central NO PROBLEM💛
LAST HOUR TO REACH OUR 1M GOAL WE ARE SO CLOSE! STREAM #NoProblemFeat_FELIX RIGHT NOW‼️ Youtube 951K views 🔜 1M!! 🔗https://t.co/TAirJkBMdJ Spotify 🔜 800k plays 🔗https://t.co/N5le8udd0R… FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #FELIX #필릭스 #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 https://t.co/GoTSelzWvQ
25 Jun, 03:10 AM UTC
Felix 필릭스 Central NO PROBLEM💛
#NOPROBLEM by #NAYEON FT. #FELIX Debuts at #147 on TOP SONGS GLOBAL with almost 1M streams... 🥳 This is nuts! STAYs, thank you for supporting Felix a lot, they're probably super happy 😭 THE POWER🔥 FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 https://t.co/Z8TOiDokGn
25 Jun, 03:13 PM UTC
jenn 🎪
he estado tan enferma q no he podido escuchar a gusto esta rola hasta apenas ahora y AHHH😭 amé te amo felix @Stray_Kids #FELIX #필릭스 FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 https://t.co/vxibCAd78D
24 Jun, 07:44 PM UTC
📲| O #Felix agora tem um perfil oficial no spotify! Não se esqueçam de seguir e fazer stream em “NO PROBLEM”. 🖇️ https://t.co/Gv7W1HHCXD… cr. LIXBRAND FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 https://t.co/HdLzYUIq9H
25 Jun, 01:32 PM UTC
@chartdata YEEEES FELIX 🔥🔥🔥🔥 FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 @Stray_Kids
25 Jun, 02:10 PM UTC
messi lali wade emilia EEUU #DisciplinaTour villa #BuenViernes #LeftandRight #aborto duki ulises recoleta BRICS nayeon dross gardel trump san juan taylor scotus cristina FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE rodrigo nouis fangio biden https://t.co/tXVW7Jmdts
24 Jun, 05:48 PM UTC
CLEO🎪 hyunlix eternals🖤❤
Ayooooo 🎉🎉🎉 Felicidades felix FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 @Stray_Kids https://t.co/OzOIhIPUF1
25 Jun, 02:19 PM UTC
fer | NO PROBLEM 🐣
@FLXCentral SO HAPPY FOR OUR KING 🐣 FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 @Stray_Kids
25 Jun, 03:15 PM UTC
@kchartsmaster @Stray_Kids @JYPETWICE if its not bc of felix she wouldnt chart any bside at all FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보
25 Jun, 03:06 PM UTC
@skzchartdata My boy😭 FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 @Stray_Kids
25 Jun, 02:42 PM UTC
Melina González
FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE 👑🐥🌟☀️ https://t.co/GPk8MJ6DnH
25 Jun, 02:38 PM UTC
@TWICE_Charts FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE 🔥 #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 @Stray_Kids
25 Jun, 02:27 PM UTC
@chartdata @JYPETWICE @Stray_Kids Felicidades stayss, muy buen trabajo👏 FELIX 1ST SOLO FEATURE #NoProblemFeat_FELIX #필릭스_첫_솔로_콜라보 @Stray_Kids
25 Jun, 02:26 PM UTC
25 Jun, 02:15 PM UTC