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Lady Gaga
The newest reimagined #BornThisWay track, #MarryTheNight by warrior queen @KylieMinogue, is out now! 😍🌙   “Born This Way The Tenth Anniversary” will be available on its new release date of June 25 ❤️ Pre-order the CD at @ladygaga's photo on finch
11 Jun, 04:02 AM UTC
Watch Kids Around KIDS ❗️Some Kids Are Exposed To Way More Than Others 🤕💯.
10 Jun, 06:31 PM UTC
Gonna be streaming tonight, and all the money we make either through donos, subs, bits, whatever it may be, will be going to the charities in Finch’s honor. I’ll start it off with 500$ at the start. Hope to see you guys there!
11 Jun, 01:22 AM UTC
if finch becomes alpha im deactivating and crying myself to sleep. im not joking.
10 Jun, 08:13 PM UTC
josie neglecting finch, josie worried about hope, josie chose to be with hope instead of finch AGAIN, she had to make a choice and she chose hope #Legacies
11 Jun, 01:42 AM UTC
Jeff Daniels and @celiakb will reprise their roles as Atticus and Scout Finch when @mockingbirdbway resumes performances this October.
10 Jun, 11:33 AM UTC
Alaric Funeral Planner
11 Jun, 01:39 AM UTC
Mads Mikkelsen Fan Japan 💐
Finch + Partnersさんが、カンヌ映画祭でのマッツの写真をインスタに投稿してくれました✨☺️ #MadsMikkelsen #マッツ・ミケルセン 2016年の審査員のときかな?
10 Jun, 10:45 AM UTC
I know she's probably sleeping bc NZ but I got too excited to drop my first GAN collab bird with @NFTtori! Dream Finch is live @onhicetnunc and uses a photograph of mine and a painting of Tori's to create this most dreamlike quality 10eds. at 2 tez ea:
10 Jun, 03:26 PM UTC
To Kill a Mockingbird on Broadway
"All rise for Aaron Sorkin’s great play. One of the best in history.” (NPR). Harper Lee’s spellbinding To Kill a Mockingbird is back on Broadway October 5 with Jeff Daniels returning as Atticus Finch, and Celia Keenan-Bolger reprising her Tony Award®-winning performance as Scout. @mockingbirdbway's photo on finch
10 Jun, 10:58 AM UTC
Dr. Kristina Killgrove
Girl buried with finch in her mouth puzzles archaeologists
11 Jun, 02:12 AM UTC
Bella ♡ | Handon star crossed lovers era
Who hates finch again?? She’s absolutely gorgeous and pretty cool #Legacies
11 Jun, 01:27 AM UTC
the fact in 3x07 finch was mad at josie for being high and in 3x08 she was simply mad at hope’s existence. so now in 3x14 josie was high with hope that’s just really funny to me.
11 Jun, 03:33 AM UTC
Rajan Venkateswaran (സ്വാമി)
The book that left a lasting impression on me is Harper Lee's 'To Kill a Mocking Bird'. The story of Atticus Finch, Jem and Scout in a society that is divided racially is etched in memory. 10/n
11 Jun, 03:05 AM UTC
Red munia or strawberry finch or red avadavat, photographed by Krishna Kumari. #repost #birds #redmunia #munia #strawberryfinch #finch #redavadavat #avian #wildlife #fauna #nature #beauty #life #earth #ourplanet #lifeonearth #lifeonourplanet #indianwildlife
11 Jun, 04:14 AM UTC
You guys! This new project looks amazing!! Covers by Finch! Poor! Porter!Tan! #SlowCityBlues @ScbComics
11 Jun, 02:36 AM UTC
panda!hope enthusiast
i need hosie to have a scene like this where they're being super vulnerable and its really tense and they head touch while looking at each others lips but josie knows she can't betray finch and hope doesn't want josie to regret their first kiss BOOM HOSIE ANGST
11 Jun, 03:56 AM UTC
Bella ♡ | Handon star crossed lovers era
Aww love these finch and jed scenes #Legacies
11 Jun, 01:39 AM UTC
all i learned was that jed is a feminist! but bring back misogyny if finch tries to pull that shit again! #hosietalks
11 Jun, 04:06 AM UTC
International Neuroethics Society
Our environmental #neuroethics webinar, moderated by @JudyIlles, is next Thursday! Hear from Caleb Finch, Laura Cabrera (@NeuroethCabrera), Louise Harding (@LHarding_) + Thomas Albright about implications to brain and #mentalhealth. Register for free.
10 Jun, 08:40 PM UTC
Sally face Life is strange What Remains of Edith Finch Yakuza The wolf among us ความจริงมีอีกหลายเกมเลยที่นุอยากแนะนำ อยากให้ทุกคนไปลองดู ;__;
11 Jun, 01:21 AM UTC
Galilee Blockade
Black Throated Finch population DOWN 82% at Adani's mine site. @Siemens @BuschRo don't care about this or their promise. Do @GermanChamberOz @jens_goennemann care they represent a company that lied to the Aus people? Brisbane GB delivering feathers👇 #DumpAdani #StopAdani
11 Jun, 03:15 AM UTC
two of the things i loved tonight: lizzie/josie/hope laughing together even though they were drugged 😅 some light moments with the trio was nice!!! and finch getting development outside of just being a love interest for josie #Legacies
11 Jun, 03:57 AM UTC
@Easy_Branches #guestpostingservices DA 66
Automotive Showreel 2021 [Barnaby Finch]: A collection of the shots I have acquired from visiting Caffeine and Machine over the past 6 months. Music Used - Suffer With Me by líue. #hypercars #megacars #supercars
11 Jun, 04:29 AM UTC
TTC Service Alerts
Line 1: There is no subway service between Finch and Eglinton stations due to tunnel remediation. Shuttle buses are running @TTCnotices's photo on finch
11 Jun, 04:00 AM UTC
methan angst era!
um finch, that wink was kinda hot hmu
11 Jun, 04:28 AM UTC
the wink finch gave 💀 i screamed #legashit
11 Jun, 04:19 AM UTC
Love Jones Really My Shit lol
11 Jun, 04:16 AM UTC
Melvin Hesper cousin
11 Jun, 04:27 AM UTC
11 Jun, 04:26 AM UTC