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Matt Viser
“Build that wall!” the crowd chants. Trump corrects them. “Finish that wall.” He claims much of it has already been built. The US-Mexico border is 1,954 miles. There’s 654 miles in existing barrier. And as of January, 0 miles of barriers had been added since he took office.
12 Feb, 02:51 AM UTC
Kimberly Guilfoyle
Finish the Wall because America deserves safe and secure borders. #FinishTheWall 🇺🇸
11 Feb, 10:35 PM UTC
Brian Tyler Cohen
Holy shit Trump is actually pretending that he’s even STARTED building the wall, going so far as to suggest that now he simply wants to “finish” it. Not a single mile of new wall has been built. Brian Tyler Cohen's photo on Finish the Wall
12 Feb, 01:13 AM UTC
President Trump debuts 'Finish the Wall' slogan, despite no new wall construction.
12 Feb, 04:29 AM UTC
Kimberly Guilfoyle
If you don’t think @realDonaldTrump is going to #FinishTheWall—you haven’t been paying attention. This is a promises made, promises kept Presidency!! Americans deserve secure borders! Finish the Wall and Crime Will Fall! #FinishTheWall🇺🇸
12 Feb, 03:25 PM UTC
"Finish the Wall" is the "We have defeated ISIS" of "Mexico Will Pay."
12 Feb, 01:44 PM UTC
Ann Coulter
GOP: PLEASE DROP THE LYING "FINISH THE WALL" SIGNS. Dems are the party of liars, not us.
12 Feb, 03:40 AM UTC
Leah McElrath
Trump has changed his rhetoric from “Build the Wall” to “Finish the Wall” — this falsely implies he has accomplished part of what he promised during his campaign. Fact check: he hasn’t.
12 Feb, 12:12 AM UTC
Bill Kristol
"Trump doesn’t need to finish a 'wall'... All he needs to do is to keep them convinced that construction is underway, they’re making good progress, and what he really needs from Congress is money to finish the wall...He just needs to run out the clock."
12 Feb, 02:02 PM UTC
The Resistance
Trump:”Mexico will pay for the wall” fans cheer “Taxpayers will pay for the wall” fans cheer “We are already building the wall” even though it’s another lie fans cheer “we will finish the wall” even though it never started fans cheer Hillary was right. They’re deplorables
12 Feb, 05:56 AM UTC
Aaron Rupar
The president's big theme is to "FINISH THE WALL" he's received 0 dollars to build. The Republican Party is off the rails. Aaron Rupar's photo on Finish the Wall
12 Feb, 04:09 AM UTC
Matt McDermott
Recognizing the massive failure of his presidency, Trump is trying to transition ‘Build the Wall’ into ‘Finish the Wall’. The reality: Since Trump took office, zero miles of new wall have been built. Zero.
12 Feb, 02:58 AM UTC
Joe Walsh
They fell for "let's build the wall." Will they fall for "let's finish the wall?"
12 Feb, 04:19 AM UTC
Igor Bobic
Trump’s going to speak in front of a banner that says... “Finish the wall,” referring to a wall that hasn’t started being built Igor Bobic's photo on Finish the Wall
12 Feb, 02:07 AM UTC
trump to America: BUILD THE WALL! trump to America: MEXICO WILL PAY! trump to America: STEEL SLATS! trump to America: FINISH THE WALL! America to Mueller: FINISH THE MF!
12 Feb, 03:57 PM UTC
You know how to spot a total failure who is completely incompetent at his job & has lied to his shit for brains supporters? He has to pathetically switch his failed campaign slogan from “Build the Wall” to the even more asinine “Finish the Wall.” trump is such a fucking loser.
12 Feb, 02:55 PM UTC
"Finish the Wall" Go ahead... Stilgar's photo on Finish the Wall
12 Feb, 11:14 AM UTC
Steven Beschloss
Producing banners that say “Finish the Wall” for a wall that hasn’t been started is sad, tired and desperate.
12 Feb, 12:58 PM UTC
Tony Stark 2020 💥
You can't "Finish the Wall" if nobody started your wall, nobody appropriated funds for your wall, and most Americans don't want your wall. - Since Trump took office, no new miles of barriers have been built. #TuesdayMorning #TuesdayThoughts #NoWallEver
12 Feb, 01:32 PM UTC
ɳαɳ૮ყ ن💄#Nationalist
History of Child Rape. Deported multiple times. Arrested again for Child RAPE Why is it difficult for Socialist Democrats to understand⁉️ A crime committed by an #IllegalAlien is 💯 a preventable crime. 🚧 Finish the Wall 🚧 #SecureOurBorders #Fixit ɳαɳ૮ყ ن💄#Nationalist's photo on Finish the Wall
12 Feb, 02:02 PM UTC
Penelope Maynard
#TrumpElPaso The deafening chant is #BUILDTHATWALL but, wow, Trump just said, "Ya mean finish that wall?" The crowd is confused. Don't gaslight us, Mr. President.
12 Feb, 02:48 AM UTC
Red Nation Rising
El Paso residents have seen first-hand how a border wall brings safety and security. Every town is a border community because the drugs, disease, crime, gangs, & ille*als effect every state. All Americans deserve safety and security. Finish the Wall Red Nation Rising's photo on Finish the Wall
12 Feb, 04:23 AM UTC
When asked what he thought of the slogan “Finish The Wall”, Former President George W. Bush replied “Mission Accomplished”.
12 Feb, 03:49 PM UTC
ɳαɳ૮ყ ن💄#Nationalist
They want you to think #Trump is lying and #BuildTheWall is merely a campaign promise A promise lying democrats & republicans made over and over But @realDonaldTrump is a promise keeper, the wall is being built, and @POTUS will "Finish the Wall" ɳαɳ૮ყ ن💄#Nationalist's photo on Finish the Wall
12 Feb, 01:40 PM UTC
Beta "Cuck" Soy Boy can blow as much smoke up everyone's A$$ that he wants... nothing negates the fact that there is a huge crisis at the southern border now!! Both Dems & Reps saw this crisis happening over a decade ago, when they started building the WALL!! Finish The WALL!🇺🇸 Maverick's photo on Finish the Wall
12 Feb, 07:03 AM UTC
Texas Monthly
.@realdonaldtrump didn’t back down from his false claims about crime in El Paso at his rally Monday night. He also several times repeated the false claim that new border wall construction is underway. More from @bobmoorenews + @CarlosASanchez:
12 Feb, 02:03 PM UTC
Marc Perrone
Finish The Wall? Did Mexico pay for it yet? "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." George Orwell 🇺🇸 #1u #Resist #Resistance #TuesdayThoughts Marc Perrone's photo on Finish the Wall
12 Feb, 03:39 PM UTC
@almostjingo 🤟🤟Looks like Trump is taking the Wall Deal. Look at the signage from tonight. FINISH the Wall VK's photo on Finish the Wall
12 Feb, 04:57 AM UTC
Trump has released his campaign slogan for 2020 – Finish The Wall.
12 Feb, 02:36 PM UTC
Bob Moore
The "finish the wall" theme is premised on Trump's oft-repeated claims that his wall construction is underway. He even talked about some new construction that began today on the Rio Grande. That isn't true. 2/
12 Feb, 07:44 AM UTC
Roger Tansey
”Trump is left with his cultlike followers, vague threats to “finish” the wall. . his mindless chants and his sycophantic right-wing media. As for the rest of the country, most Americans have little reason to pay attention. .he has become a bit of a bore.”
12 Feb, 03:53 PM UTC
We Support 45
Finish The Wall! Help #FinishThatWall Now at #RETWEET #TuesdayMotivation #TuesdayThoughts We Support 45's photo on Finish the Wall
12 Feb, 03:48 PM UTC
Does Finish the Wall mean trump wants to laminate it with pine plywood like an old basement?
12 Feb, 03:51 PM UTC
Herman Munster
El Paso Fire Department Finish the Wall #TuesdayThoughts #TuesdayMotivation Trump rally Americans and American flag/ playing God bless America Beto rally IllegalAliens flying Mexican flag and Playing Spanish music Who again is for America
12 Feb, 03:47 PM UTC
@TalbertSwan @kolo20 @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @BetoORourke So let me get this straight. Trump came thousands of miles to El Paso. Spent thousands of dollars of tax payer money. For: Finish the wall/Mexicans are bad, Fake News, and Lock her up. Oh, and Jr.: Teachers are losers.
12 Feb, 03:18 PM UTC
Jeremy Newberger
Finish the Wall? So Tump shut down the government for a construction project that was almost completed?
12 Feb, 04:15 PM UTC
Tennessee Jed
"Finish the wall"?? That crazy orange bastard hasn't dug a fencepost hole or stacked one brick on top of another brick. What wall is he finishing?
12 Feb, 04:04 PM UTC
I Am Neecha
We've gone from "Mexico's going to pay for the wall", to "a steel barrier, a fence, or whatever you want to call it", to a U.S. #GovernmentShutdown, to a threat of another shutdown, and now to 'Finish The Wall'. #AnyQuestions ?? I Am Neecha's photo on Finish the Wall
12 Feb, 04:15 PM UTC
Also can we acknowledge the “Finish the Wall” banners? Bitch hasn’t even started on it djfkdkskd
12 Feb, 04:17 PM UTC
Niko Croston
Also, let me get this straight: @realDonaldTrump is asking for money to FINISH the wall. Which he has already been building. The same wall he whined about the Dems not giving him money for. Is that accurate? #Trump #TrumpWall #TrumpWhine
12 Feb, 04:17 PM UTC
Jolene K
Finish the Wall! Beto and Trump Spar in El Paso via @YouTube
12 Feb, 04:17 PM UTC
@DonaldJTrumpJr @deedsnotwords80 @realDonaldTrump Quick question, if your dad says the new slogan is finish the wall (despite any evidence that it has even started)..why are the people all holding the old slogans? Weird that, isn't it, no doubt this is a pic before the people were allowed into the Coliseum. Metadata will reveal!
12 Feb, 04:17 PM UTC
John McDermott
@StevenBeschloss Should read Finish The Wall Lies!
12 Feb, 04:17 PM UTC
@realDonaldTrump, Sign the f’ing deal! Your ego and narcissism needs to take a back seat to the thousands that will be out of work, AGAIN! Don’t be a selfish dick! #TuesdayThoughts “Finish The Wall”
12 Feb, 04:16 PM UTC
Opie M
#tRUMPutin will raise taxes on Mexico's wealthiest to finish the wall. MAGATs don't want higher taxes. MAGATs call for tRUMP's resignation.
12 Feb, 04:16 PM UTC
John AZ04
"Finish the Wall" @realDonaldTrump @CBP @CBPArizona @RepGosar @RepAndyBiggsAZ @SenMcSallyAZ @DHSgov @SecNielsen @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @DNC $5.7B for more than 200 miles. $1.375 billion for 55 miles of fences along the border not good enough.
12 Feb, 04:16 PM UTC
American Independent
Abraham Lincoln dealt with the Trump far-right, the fascist GOP, and traitors to America back in his time. He called them THE KNOW-NOTHINGS #TrumpRally #Trump #MAGA #TrumpKnowNothing Finish the Wall of HATE and XENOPHOBIA? American Independent's photo on Finish the Wall
12 Feb, 04:16 PM UTC
Reverse the Polarity
The best part of this who "Finish the Wall" debacle? These idiots voted in the people who are screwing them over #MAGA #KAG
12 Feb, 04:16 PM UTC
Lord high Commander
Finish the Wall! Beto and Trump Spar in El Paso via @YouTube
12 Feb, 04:15 PM UTC
I Bert. Preparing for Blastoff.
Finish the Wall? Fvkc that. What are ya, morans? There's at least one too many syllables in that shit. Here: "🇺🇸Wall IS Built!1!🇺🇸" Free of charge. Take that, Luntz. You miserable little prick.
12 Feb, 04:15 PM UTC

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