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volere una paura di ottenere relazione un cuore spezzato ( •_•) (•_• ) ( ง )ง ୧( ୧ ) /︶\ /︶\
06 May, 09:08 PM UTC
I don’t know who needs to hear this but stop cyber stalking people who are no longer a part of your life. 1) Your focus should be on examining why you haven’t healed. 2) You stifle your ability to move forward when you’re obsessed with the past.
07 May, 03:52 PM UTC
Olaf Stando
👏 @NicolaSturgeon: "The far-right thug who lead the confrontation got 46 votes - and I'm proud that once again, Glasgow Southside has shown the racists and fascists that they're not welcome in Glasgow, or anywhere in Scotland. Let that be the note of unity." #FascistsOut @olafdoesstuff's photo on Fiona
07 May, 03:46 PM UTC
tom kerr
John Bercow. What a refreshing addition to QT. Get this guy back on. Actually, Sorry Fiona. Put him in the chair on the show. This guy needs an audience. He is the best I’ve heard since Robin Day. 😷😷 #bbcqt
06 May, 11:09 PM UTC
Fiona Hyslop
A big thank you to all those who voted to re-elect me with an increase in SNP vote of over 3000 and an over 9% increase in majority - Linlithgow Constituency Fiona Hyslop (SNP) - 22,693 Charles Kennedy (CON) 9,472 Sally Pattle (LD) – 2,126 Kirsteen Sullivan (LAB) – 12,588
07 May, 05:44 PM UTC
⁷Ash¡🇻🇪| lesbian protector
07 May, 07:30 AM UTC
Diego Maradona Pin Out next Wednesday at 7.30pm
07 May, 05:08 PM UTC
Fiona Finlayson Art
Evening! I’m Fiona and I make 3D needle felted pet portraits - like these #bizbubble #SmallBusiness
07 May, 06:04 PM UTC
AUDIO ▶ "Ça te dit un tour du monde en camping-car ?" : Fiona Lauriol raconte comment elle a emmené sa grand-mère en vadrouille à 101 ans, c'est l'Etoile du jour, à réécouter librement 🔊 👇 @franceinfo's photo on Fiona
07 May, 09:32 AM UTC
Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru
Ry’n ni’n falch iawn o groesawu pum aelod newydd i ymuno â Bwrdd yr Ymddiriedolwyr. Dr Nia Edwards-Behi Jacob Dafydd Ellis Siôn Fôn Rhys Miles Thomas Fiona Phillips
07 May, 02:19 PM UTC
Our music tours are up and running! Get in the mood by checking out our lead guide Fiona in conversation with Keith @scottishmusic for their #InTune podcast: And walk this way with us: @peoplemakeGLA @rabjourno @Glasgow_Live
07 May, 05:30 PM UTC
Áine O Connor (Tierney)
SUN, SAND, SPACE AND ME! Fiona has moved to the Emirates where she is attending a STEM school that trains the astronauts of the future. With earth feeling like the wrong planet, maybe it's worth shooting for Mars! #ADHD #teen #Own #WMPitch
07 May, 04:20 PM UTC
Action on Postpartum Psychosis
"When the incident happened I hadn't slept in four days". Fiona's #PostpartumPsychosis story > (Note - this story talks about attempted suicide. Please look after yourself if this is a difficult topic for you)
07 May, 10:20 AM UTC
Active Schools East Renfrewshire
Thank you @BraidbarPS @StJosephsERC and @HillviewERC for taking part in our #ERSportsHour this week with Fiona, Matthew and Kira. Your Q's and A's were great! 👍 @WoodfarmHigh @stninianshighpe @Barrheadpe @anthony_mcreavy @SDS_sport @sportscotland @FiWaddell_YPSP @KiraHenry01
07 May, 02:54 PM UTC
Je préfère voir les autres et fiona que julie est son eniéme coup de coeur. #lvdcb6
07 May, 05:40 PM UTC
Claire Whitehouse (#WhyWeDoResearch) 🌈💙
Travel the world celebrating #IND2021 with international clinical research nurses & midwives at our virtual visits👇 #iacrn21 To join via zoom: Meeting ID: 864 6942 0192   Passcode: IACRN21 Delighted to host UK & Ireland with the fab @GordonHill1
07 May, 06:39 PM UTC
retaining the stoner vibes always
Fiona was always shamelessly herself. She was proud of who she was, and wasn't going to let anyone else tell her who to be
07 May, 06:57 PM UTC
fiona is trending...shrek
07 May, 06:54 PM UTC
Sky lola_games Official
Doing a little art photo shoot for GCSE art! I'm in year 10 but it's really fun and experimental. I'm doing a Fiona Rae And Sarah Graham art work with my own art work. And my art teacher, suggested this :D #Art #GCSEart
07 May, 06:57 PM UTC
Camas The Collie
It's hard work this home working. Fiona needs constant supervision. 🐾🐾👓😏 #BorderCollie #Supervising #Helpful #WorkingDog #FridayThoughts
07 May, 06:55 PM UTC
TCAF The Toronto Comic Arts Festival
🎉#TCAF2021 kicks off tonight with our first panel. This is Serious, a conversation between @jollmann1, Hartley Lin, Fiona Smyth, and @kostiukwilliams, premieres tonight at 7 PM ET on YouTube! ➡️ #TCAF @TorontoComics's photo on Fiona
07 May, 07:01 PM UTC
@CQEdinburgh Thankfully for the sake of my TV I was out getting my mumma fully jabbed up 💗
07 May, 07:00 PM UTC
@CQEdinburgh Gotta keep the Uni folk not posh enough for Stockbridge in their imaginary working class land
07 May, 06:58 PM UTC
lvdcb6 Fiona est hypé touchante comment ont n'a pu en cours lui coupé ces cheveux.😮😟😢 C'est fou comme elle du ramasser. Après tu as l'a Julie😤🙄🤮
07 May, 06:57 PM UTC
@yanmiish 👍بله باید موضع مشخص شه
07 May, 06:56 PM UTC
₣ⱤɆĐɆⱤł₵₳ ɮɨʍʍɛʟ 😝👹🐑 🦹‍♂️🚨
Is it true that Fiona Apple actually founded Apple but she let Steve Jobs have it instead bc she was feeling nice that day
07 May, 06:54 PM UTC
Fiona Gill 🏳️‍🌈🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿⚜💙💚❤🤍💜
@bigbadshewolf Thank you. Xxx
07 May, 06:53 PM UTC