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What The F*** Facts
The first known vending machine dates back to the 1st century – You would insert a coin and it would give you holy water.
23 May, 04:04 AM UTC
Arch Enemy
#ICYMI: We announced our new album and first tour dates! \m/ 👉 #archenemy #willtopower
23 May, 08:04 PM UTC
Robert Boyd
Even in a dystopian RPG future, First Dates in Cosmic Star Heroine can be awkward. @ZacharyLevi
23 May, 05:20 PM UTC
「SALU WEBインタビュー曲解説WEEK」発売日の明日は @Qetic にて05. Dear My Friendと06. First Datesの曲解説になります!!読めば読むほどアルバムが楽しくなりますので必読です!
23 May, 01:21 PM UTC
「SALU WEBインタビュー曲解説WEEK」3日目!アルバム発売日の本日は @Qetic にて05. Dear My Friendと06. First Datesの曲解説を公開!曲をより理解できるので、是非お読み下さい!!…
24 May, 03:05 AM UTC
This is DOPE! Additional dates for #DayAndNightTOUR, the first headlining tour of @johnnyorlando & @kenzieziegler ❤…
24 May, 02:56 AM UTC
🎥 : 50 first dates 💓
24 May, 01:26 AM UTC
Hallie Peilet
Aloha, @LyndenBlake !! Who do you think wore it best? (That's tattoo face from 50 first dates). Hon. Mention to Mik…
24 May, 02:05 AM UTC
First dates are awkward. First kisses are heavenly. First love is irreplaceable. First heartbreaks are unforgettable. #ALDUBxDTBYInYourSleep
24 May, 01:42 AM UTC
autumn ✨
@_rosaab @thegreatkhalid True but he is human and he could of said fuck it when the first set of tickets sold out b…
24 May, 01:43 AM UTC
I'm so sorry for all the jokes I told on first dates.
24 May, 02:25 AM UTC
@SilchusNKOTB @Cande_DDUB Pone 50 first dates y empezar a buscar
24 May, 02:39 AM UTC
50 first dates is my absolute favorite movie 😭
24 May, 02:24 AM UTC
Paul Detillier
@501Broadway @MayorMeganBarry Sounds Stadium has open dates first two weeks of June if Nissan is not available.
24 May, 02:02 AM UTC
Irin Carmon
@emilynussbaum Ignoring the remake over here, remembering that rained out backyard screening where you,…
24 May, 01:55 AM UTC
Kelly Luce
@5redpandas @duchessgoldblat It was both of our first tinder dates. I'm ridic happy. This might be a record.
24 May, 01:47 AM UTC
angi :^|
im the girl, the first punch was harry releasing tour dates and the second punch was me not getting tickets
24 May, 02:47 AM UTC
My future wife will probably have to compete with Drew Barrymore in 50 first dates on the reg but can you blame me
24 May, 01:56 AM UTC
I deserve dates! Haha I also need a boo first so I can get these dates 🙄
24 May, 02:07 AM UTC
Rally by Eventbrite
11 SF Bars With Games, Perfect For First Dates or Birthdays:
24 May, 02:06 AM UTC
Alyssa Marie
Going to become the queen of first dates because I don't like anyone 🙆🏼
24 May, 01:58 AM UTC
Dylan 😛
Is @ReginAdeleRey actually Jacob from First Dates? If so... I just wanna say you looked sooo cute 🙈
24 May, 01:34 AM UTC

@kimothysteele awwww you're s'cute thank you for sayin that ❤ i always freak out b4 first dates lol
24 May, 03:15 AM UTC
Jennifer Bragg
Really, really happy I've only had to go on 3 first dates in the last 10 years #MasterOfNone
24 May, 03:14 AM UTC
i know every single person has at least 1 copy of 50 first dates in their house and i just need someone to drop one off at my house rn
24 May, 03:10 AM UTC
Siva S
@vegpuffs I really liked the "first dates" episode too. & the "NY I love you" n tht 3 min shot of him in the cab al…
24 May, 03:05 AM UTC
With our unique approach to #Dating #FirstDates have never been so easy! Grab a chance to make that first impressi…
24 May, 03:00 AM UTC
【インタビュー】SALU新作、友達に向けた“Dear My Friend”、“First Dates”を深掘り!【#SALU WEBインタビュー曲解説WEEK】 - Qetic #INTERVIEW #PICKUP
24 May, 03:00 AM UTC
First Dates
24 May, 02:49 AM UTC
NYC Dates Directory
With our unique approach to #Dating #FirstDates have never been so easy! Grab a chance to make that first impressi…
24 May, 02:40 AM UTC
Michael Clark
50 First Dates
24 May, 02:32 AM UTC
Woman shocked date on First Dates takes off wig to unveil bald head #DopeMusicGh Link | | via @DopeMusicGh
24 May, 02:31 AM UTC
🎬 50 first dates
24 May, 02:28 AM UTC
how have i just procrastinated watching first dates, its been ages since i last watched what am i doin
24 May, 02:25 AM UTC
沢村 逸希
24 May, 02:25 AM UTC
🍋 Princess Yum Yum
I'm going to have to be firm about my travel dates lol First of all, I don't even want a job. Second of all, I don't want a boss.
24 May, 02:18 AM UTC
angie miale 📿☕️🏈
Interviewing candidates is exactly like first dates.
24 May, 02:17 AM UTC
#NowPlaying SALU - first dates
24 May, 02:02 AM UTC
Villanova Dental
Straighter teeth resulting from #Invisalign treatments can help you make a great first impression!…
24 May, 02:00 AM UTC
Shamara Afia
@ezfmoney Nobody I actually sat to finally watch that episode of first dates that I was on
24 May, 01:58 AM UTC
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