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Goodbye summer, hello fall! #FirstDayOfFall @Snoopy's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 02:45 PM UTC
Gengar entering spooky season like: #FirstDayOfFall @Pokemon's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 07:45 PM UTC
Hello Kitty
Hello #FirstDayofFall! 🧑 Leave a 🍁 if it’s your favorite season! https://t.co/Q0GJDqduTe
22 Sep, 05:00 PM UTC
RT if you’re in the mood for something pumpkin spice today πŸŽƒ We might *fall* into your DMs and cover it #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 03:57 PM UTC
Today marks the September equinox – the #FirstDayOfFall in the Northern Hemisphere and the first day of spring in the Southern Hemisphere – which occurs when both hemispheres see equal amounts of daylight: https://t.co/tvxoSjONUf How do you mark the changing seasons? @NASA's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 09:06 PM UTC
Amazon Music is on tour with oklama
This is a state of grace (Taylor’s Version) 😌 πŸ‚ #FirstDayOfFall @taylorswift13 @amazonmusic's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 03:51 PM UTC
Bundled up for the #FirstDayofFall! 🍁🧑 https://t.co/mAStihu5Yr
22 Sep, 05:00 PM UTC
Anything but basic. Happy #FirstDayOfFall πŸ‚ @Dodge's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 01:00 PM UTC
Happy Fall! #FirstDayofFall #Autumn #Fall #Halloween #MichaelMyers https://t.co/oHkouSy37V
22 Sep, 01:10 PM UTC
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
And with these leaves it is thus deemed...AUTUMN πŸ‚ ⁣ Happy #FirstDayOfFall from the allegorical "Autumn Scattering Leaves"β€”a ca. 1900 watercolor originally created as a design for stained glass.⁣ ⁣ Learn more: https://t.co/yfKsE977W5 @metmuseum's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 01:18 PM UTC
Wishing you a phenomenally festive #FirstDayOfFall!!! I'm celebrating in my traditional manner: attempting to finally defy gravity and STOP falling and START flying! Look out below – or, hopefully, above!! @GonzotheGreat's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 07:00 PM UTC
Family Guy
it's peter psl szn #firstdayoffall @FamilyGuyonFOX's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 07:50 PM UTC
Happy #FirstDayOfFall, Pennsylvania! πŸ‚πŸ @PennsylvaniaGov's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 12:00 PM UTC
US Consumer Product Safety Commission
#FirstDayofFall CW: Large baby spider. @USCPSC's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 02:36 PM UTC
Walt Disney Studios
It's time to Fall.... into Halloween! πŸŽƒ #FirstDayOfFall #HocusPocus2, an Original movie event, streaming September 30 on @DisneyPlus. @DisneyStudios's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 06:01 PM UTC
Clemson University
Who is excited for these views? πŸ‚ #FirstDayofFall https://t.co/gI8DVoY0s2
22 Sep, 12:45 PM UTC
NC Museum of History
Happy #FirstDayofFall, y’all 🍁 #FallinNC @NCmuseumhistory's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 02:24 PM UTC
Can I rearrange your guts? #FirstDayOfFall https://t.co/bHny4vINTQ
22 Sep, 02:14 PM UTC
Princeton University
Happy #FirstDayOfFall from #PrincetonU! πŸ‚ 🍁 @Princeton's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 02:45 PM UTC
Pitt Panthers
Fall season has been in full swing for awhile, but now we can officially say... Happy #FirstDayOfFall, Panthers! πŸ‚πŸƒ #H2P @Pitt_ATHLETICS's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 06:16 PM UTC
Raiderette Daily
The Autumn wind is always a Raider!! πŸ‚βœ¨πŸ€ #RaiderNation | #FirstDayOfFall https://t.co/MOvF45qU1t
22 Sep, 10:01 PM UTC
City of New York
β€œLife starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” β€” F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby #FirstDayOfFall @nycgov's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 10:33 PM UTC
The Gentle Barn
When fall is your whole personality πŸ‚ #FirstDayOfFall https://t.co/u9ymU8DswJ
22 Sep, 04:32 PM UTC
Make like a tree and leaf. #FirstDayofFall 🍁 @JetBlue's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 01:00 PM UTC
Lassen Volcanic NP
The park highway is once again open to through traffic. Lake Helen received more than half an inch of rain and Lassen Peak turned white! πŸ“·: Lassen Peak with a fresh dusting of snow on 9/20/2022. NPS/Charles Hardy #FirstDayofFall #FallColors #FallInToAdventure @LassenNPS's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 09:49 PM UTC
The Andy Warhol Museum
Enjoy the first day of fall! Andy Warhol, "Girl Figures and Leaves", 1950s, Β© The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. #FirstDayOfFall #AndyWarhol #warhol @TheWarholMuseum's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 01:00 PM UTC
Deborah Sandidge
Happy #FirstDayOfFall my favorite season! Fall color a few seasons ago in Kyoto, Japan photographed with my @NikonUSA D810 and NIKKOR 28-300mm lens. I'm in Colorado at this moment, hoping for nice fall color this year. β˜€οΈπŸ‚πŸ #nikonnofilter #fallcolors https://t.co/qX5b3nHHaE
22 Sep, 02:03 PM UTC
NatureConservancy.ca | Conservationdelanature.ca
Like it or not, autumn is here! πŸ‚ Are you ready for sweater weather and fall colours? #FirstDayOfFall @NCC_CNC's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 01:00 PM UTC
Autumn starts today β€” make sure your fall wardrobe is one Cher would be proud of. #FirstDayOfFall πŸ‚πŸ @slashfilm's photo on #FirstDayOfFall
22 Sep, 05:23 PM UTC
The #FirstDayOfFall Is A Great Day To Watch #Portland's #DynamicDuo Of @emilyburrisTV & @KelleyKOIN Watch KOIN6 Now https://t.co/hmAVFs4d9w https://t.co/Hv8c9j3gbR
22 Sep, 01:34 PM UTC