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Bob Sturm
Next time you have real issues with Dak Prescott, you should watch a full game of Joe Flacco vs Mitch Trubisky and get back to us.
15 Sep, 11:06 PM UTC
Jamison Hensley
Another record: Lamar Jackson set Ravens record for most consecutive passes without an interception: Lamar Jackson (2018-19): 178 Joe Flacco (2016): 176 Eric Zeier (1997-98): 175 Jackson has gone seven regular season games without throwing an interception.
15 Sep, 10:36 PM UTC
Colin Cowherd
Joe Flacco is just....bad. Wildly inaccurate from five yards away.
15 Sep, 10:56 PM UTC
Matthew McGovern
Super Bowl. Two minutes left. Down seven. Who would you rather have? RT for Joe Flacco Like for Patrick Mahomes https://t.co/qjWziSaxJ9
15 Sep, 11:34 PM UTC
Tyler Polumbus
People are going to hate on Flacco but he was making hay out of grass clippings. Yes the INT hurt but he had two huge 4th down conversions and showed unbelievable poise.
15 Sep, 11:57 PM UTC
Joe Rowles
Everyone knows I'm not saying this to defend Joe Flacco or Case Keenum, but thank god the #Broncos didn't blow $84 million on Kirk Cousins.
15 Sep, 08:02 PM UTC
Benjamin Allbright
It's popular to bag on Joe Flacco, but he's largely looked pretty good his first two games in Denver. 56 of 81 (69.1%) for 561 yards 2 TDs 1 int through two games isn't bad at all.
16 Sep, 01:48 AM UTC
Josh Eberley 🇨🇦
NFL experts want elite college QBs to play RB and WR so Eli and Flacco can keep hanging on and that should be a felony
15 Sep, 10:59 PM UTC
Mike Klis
Chris Harris Jr. was asked about fans leaving after Flacco threw a pick with 4:45 left. "I didn't see that. But it can be a frustrating game. We don’t score a lot of points. We’re not entertaining so I can understand.” #9sports
16 Sep, 12:58 AM UTC
Cousin Sal
I would say that last Joe Flacco pass was pathetic but that might upset the previous 10 Joe Flacco passes which were equally as horrific. Hate to show favoritism here.
15 Sep, 10:40 PM UTC
Robert Littal
Never forget John Elway said "Joe Flacco is just entering him prime."
15 Sep, 10:36 PM UTC
new-age analytical
ESPN's QBR is based on EPA, and just updated through afternoon games. Some notable QBs: 1. Dak 2. Mahomes 3. Lamar 12. Flacco 18. Minshew 21. Dalton 22. Eli 23. Rodgers 27. Mayfield https://t.co/AsjYCD7gDa
16 Sep, 12:59 AM UTC
Andrew K
My brain is still trying to process Flacco as the Broncos QB.
15 Sep, 08:30 PM UTC
Joe Flacco when Lamar lights it up: https://t.co/bbgXvLnr3F
15 Sep, 11:21 PM UTC
Big Blue Wave
@AryaKicksButt #septivus grievances: the entire russian sleeper agent club empty toilet paper rolls people who use the same spoon 4 mustard & mayo and? joe flacco killed the ravens due to his many injuries, became a bionic man & just won two games in Denver https://t.co/enKEOaoY27
16 Sep, 02:48 AM UTC
Denver Post Broncos
Emmanuel Sanders: #Broncos suffering from "lack of discipline right now" by @SeanKeeler #CHIvsDEN https://t.co/B2tlFAEhCs
16 Sep, 03:04 AM UTC
Get rid of the new coach and that weak QB flacco. https://t.co/op6IQ1QFrG
15 Sep, 11:34 PM UTC
@tairek5 Flacco hasn’t done that his whole career. Lol. Lamar is already a better QB than joe
16 Sep, 03:26 AM UTC
Go Royals! 2019
LMAO. Flacco an MVP. That weed in Denver is legit. https://t.co/2UMnaDIvGq
16 Sep, 03:18 AM UTC
Edgar Allan Hoe 💜
I cant believe my only QBs are Matt Ryan and Mariota. I'm fucked this year lol. Only Flacco is available that would be worth picking up. Everyone else is hot garbage 😭
16 Sep, 03:17 AM UTC
Youtube: Barbells & Burnouts
Matt Ryan has always been a watered down Joe Flacco, change my mind
16 Sep, 03:05 AM UTC
David Brown
@minakimes Matt Ryan without the star receivers is Joe Flacco.
16 Sep, 03:28 AM UTC
Steven Jacob
@Packers_szn3 @JordanB170 Vikings and Broncos offensive are relatively close. But the Bronco’s offense is better. Namely at QB position. Joe Flacco is overrated, but he’s better than Cousins.
16 Sep, 03:24 AM UTC
Brock Jennings
@MTVanHorn Flacco is trasho
16 Sep, 03:15 AM UTC
@sandyyman20 Having Flacco as a QB is something I don’t wish on my worst enemy lol
16 Sep, 03:13 AM UTC
Flacco keep trending cause he trash. So glad he not my qb anymore.
16 Sep, 03:29 AM UTC
Shawn b
@es712971 @MatthewMcGovern CLEAR difference on who actually did the work to win the superbowl. The defense carried trents ass HARD. Flacco actually did great with great talent.
16 Sep, 03:29 AM UTC
@RagingRedGaming @Visiondary Yep but 1 can hope that Lock becomes a successful QB behind someone like Flacco since he has been looking good so far
16 Sep, 03:28 AM UTC
Sandra Groth
We are at Flacco! Here... US
16 Sep, 03:27 AM UTC

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