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St. Louis Cardinals
Jack Flaherty’s 16 strikeouts are the most by a Cardinal in a division series. 💪 @Cardinals's photo on Flaherty
09 Oct, 11:44 PM UTC
Total Cardinals Move
Dear Braves fans, Flaherty did not throw at Acuna on purpose. He had 2 strikes on him and a 12 run lead. Save your anger for your team. Love, Cardinals Fans
09 Oct, 11:15 PM UTC
David O'Brien
Pretty bush if you ask me. And if you don't ask me, I'll still say that was pretty bush of Flaherty. You're kicking the Braves asses and then you throw up and in at Acuna's shoulder like that? C'mon.
09 Oct, 11:08 PM UTC
Cards Nation
Imagine being a Braves fan and thinking that Flaherty hit Acuna on purpose on a 1-2 pitch in a 13-1 game.
09 Oct, 11:10 PM UTC
Cole Padawer
“Why did you hit Acuna?” Flaherty: @ColePadawer's photo on Flaherty
09 Oct, 11:34 PM UTC
FOX Sports Midwest
Flaherty on Yadi: "That's a living legend. I'm happy he's on our side." #TimeToFly @FSMidwest's photo on Flaherty
10 Oct, 01:10 AM UTC
Jack Flaherty received a text before today's game from the great Bob Gibson. He says the Hall of Famer told him, “Good luck. Go get them today.” #STLCards #TimeToFly https://t.co/PP7ZlnSh5j
10 Oct, 12:54 AM UTC
Jeff Jones
Here’s what Jack Flaherty had to say about the pitch that hit Ronald Acuña Jr. in the bottom of the fifth: #stlcards https://t.co/lw6C0i3JIw
10 Oct, 01:22 AM UTC
Zach Klein
The worst loss during 2019 season for Braves: May 14th at SunTrust Park St. Louis Cardinals 14 Braves 3 Winning Pitcher - Jack Flaherty Losing Pitcher - Mike Foltynewicz
09 Oct, 10:18 PM UTC
Daren Willman
Average 4 seam fastball velocity of game 5 starters: Gerrit Cole 97.1 MPH Tyler Glasnow 96.9 MPH Walker Buehler 96.5 MPH Mike Foltynewicz 94.8 MPH Jack Flaherty 94.3 MPH Stephen Strasburg 93.9 MPH
09 Oct, 03:39 PM UTC
Robert Cohen
Winning pitcher Jack Flaherty searched out his mother Eileen in the stands, finally finding her for a long hug after the #STLCards won the NLDS. Lots more photos from @pdpj and me here. https://t.co/kRPbkVgCRm @kodacohen's photo on Flaherty
10 Oct, 01:22 AM UTC
Red Sox Stats
Flaherty/Foltynewicz, Buehler/Strasburg, and Glasnow/Cole in the next three baseball games, all win or go home, is absolutely bonkers.
09 Oct, 01:52 PM UTC
Ryan M. Spaeder
#StLCards Jack Flaherty is the first pitcher in baseball history to come to bat in each of the first two innings of a #postseason game.
09 Oct, 09:55 PM UTC
Bob Nightengale
Absolutely stunning; The #STLCards are up 10-0 in the 1st inning before ace Jack Flaherty throws his 1st pitch
09 Oct, 09:31 PM UTC
Mark Saxon
Some in the #STLCards front office contemplated the idea of pulling Jack Flaherty early to use him in Game 1 of the NLCS. "I quickly put that to bed saying, 'Win the game,' John Mozeliak said."I think when you start getting cute and trying to manipulate things, it gets dangerous.
10 Oct, 01:32 AM UTC
buck belue
Weak...Newcomb didn’t drill Flaherty. @680TheFan
09 Oct, 11:17 PM UTC
Will Brinson
Letting Jack Flaherty throw 100 pitches in a 13-1 close out playoff game is managerial malpractice.
09 Oct, 11:11 PM UTC
Jon Heyman
Sending Flaherty to the plate also invited retaliation. Good for the Braves for playing it straight. But why take a chance?
09 Oct, 11:24 PM UTC
Rob Friedman
Jack Flaherty Overlay (from TBS). 🔥 https://t.co/ypbvvNuBXG
09 Oct, 10:43 PM UTC
FOX Sports Midwest
Hudson on Flaherty: "He doesn't give in. 10 runs, zero runs -- it doesn't matter. It's a tie ballgame, always, in that guy's head. That says a lot, especially how he came out and did it today." #TimeToFly @FSMidwest's photo on Flaherty
10 Oct, 01:39 AM UTC
they crucified me scoob (it is my bday month)
my wife left me scoob
10 Oct, 01:21 AM UTC
"I woke up from my nap and saw the text and that's all I needed," Flaherty said after allowing 1 run in six innings to secure a spot in the NLCS for the #STLCards today https://t.co/EY48upS7Pq
10 Oct, 01:54 AM UTC
Dan Buffa
Is there hope for the Atlanta Braves? Well, Jack Flaherty allowed 10 earned runs post All Star Break. 10 runs total in 99.1 innings. So...yeah. #STLCards
09 Oct, 09:35 PM UTC
Brenden Schaeffer
By the way, I totally agree with having Flaherty throw five innings today. He's your best pitcher, and no matter how in-hand this game is, there's no reason to tempt fate twice; once by assuming this game is won, again by bringing him back on super short rest.
09 Oct, 10:59 PM UTC
Juan Jose Ianni
Un nene de 7 años llama a votar por Alberto al enterarse que sus BISNIETOS van a tener que pagar la deuda que deja Macri #MacricidioDia1401 #ClientelismoM Braves Flaherty #STLvsATL #TrumpGenocide Alario Alemania https://t.co/JZMheTp70A
10 Oct, 12:36 AM UTC
Will Brinson
"He can talk all he wants" Clown car from Jack Flaherty. Between that and the manager's comments it was clearly an intentional shot to the shoulders in a 10+ run game. https://t.co/QG9sA9eFg9
10 Oct, 02:18 AM UTC
Mike Petriello
I can't believe Jack Flaherty is still pitching in *this* game, too.
10 Oct, 03:12 AM UTC
Bob Nightengale
Jack Flaherty can go 5 or 6 easy innings and be in great shape for Game 3 in St. Louis or Washington. The #Stlcards had no intention pitching him on short rest for Game 2
09 Oct, 10:27 PM UTC
eric sondheimer
What a week for SoCal pitchers. Tomorrow night, It's Gerrit Cole (Orange Lutheran, Astros) going against Tyler Glasnow (Hart, Rays) in game five of ALDS. Jack Flaherty (Harvard-Westlake) won it today for Cardinals. This is why I always enjoy watching the aces in prep baseball.
10 Oct, 12:44 AM UTC
Dollar Bill
Jack Flaherty is winning at life https://t.co/3SIgkEW2Sw
09 Oct, 11:23 PM UTC

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