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Beau Bennett
Marc-Andre Fleury is the best goalie/teammate I have ever played with. A lot of people would agree. Treats everyone like gold. It’s crazy how he gets treated in the hockey world. #1stballlot
27 Jul, 04:32 PM UTC
Allan Walsh
While Marc-Andre Fleury still hasn’t heard from anybody with the Vegas Golden Knights, he has apparently been traded to Chicago. Marc-Andre will be taking time to discuss his situation with his family and seriously evaluate his hockey future at this time.
27 Jul, 04:05 PM UTC
Vegas Golden Knights
This organization, this city and this fanbase will forever be grateful to Marc-Andre Fleury for the impact he’s made on and off the ice in just four years. We wish Marc-Andre and his family the best in this new chapter of their lives. #VegasBorn 🌸 @GoldenKnights's photo on Fleury
27 Jul, 05:18 PM UTC
Jesse Granger
A source close to Marc-Andre Fleury says that the trade is done, and that the Vezina Trophy winner found out through Twitter. #VegasBorn
27 Jul, 03:41 PM UTC
Matt Larkin
Hard to think of an NHL player more universally beloved yet more repeatedly disrespected than Marc-Andre Fleury. Inversely proportional
27 Jul, 03:56 PM UTC
Linda Cohn
And you thought Aaron Rodgers had a reason to complain. No future Hall of Famer has been more disrespected and under appreciated by team management than Marc Andre Fleury. #Fleury
27 Jul, 05:30 PM UTC
Allan Walsh
Statement from Marc-Andre Fleury: @walsha's photo on Fleury
28 Jul, 12:23 AM UTC
Mark Lazerus
The Blackhawks acquired Marc-Andre Fleury, Tyler Johnson and a second-round pick today for... nothing. Absolutely nothing. Literally nothing.
28 Jul, 02:19 AM UTC
Eric Engels
1. Fleury was the best goaltender in Vegas. 2. He won the Vezina. 3. They traded him for no return. 4. I hope he shuts them out every time he plays them for the rest of his Hall of Fame career.
27 Jul, 03:37 PM UTC
Marc-Andre Fleury on the Chicago Blackhawks @TicTacTOmar's photo on Fleury
27 Jul, 06:07 PM UTC
Ray Ferraro
Just chiming in on the Fleury trade…if it’s so, it just isn’t right that he wouldn’t have had advance notice before this hit social media…he deserves better than this
27 Jul, 06:23 PM UTC
Sid Seixeiro
Marc-Andre Fleury finished top-5 in Vezina voting in three of his four seasons with Vegas. He gave that team relevancy. Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.
27 Jul, 04:57 PM UTC
Frank Seravalli
Statement from Marc-Andre Fleury: @frank_seravalli's photo on Fleury
28 Jul, 12:19 AM UTC
Penguins Jesus
RT if you’d do this deal: PIT receives: Marc Andre Fleury (Salary 50% retained) CHI receives: Tristan Jarry Mid-round pick or two
27 Jul, 05:25 PM UTC
Mike Nicastro
If the #Penguins find a way to give Marc-Andre Fleury one last ride.. While the #Steelers are on their last ride with Big Ben.. The city of Pittsburgh may literally burn to the ground.
27 Jul, 06:47 PM UTC
i can’t wait for fleury to refuse to report to chicago & they can ship him back to pittsburgh
27 Jul, 03:58 PM UTC
McCrimmon confirms that the player VGK acquired for Fleury will not come to Vegas. His contract is now owned by VGK but he will likely play in the AHL for Rockford. Thus confirming, they literally traded the Vezina-winning goalie... for nothing.
27 Jul, 07:25 PM UTC
Marc Andre Fleury to the Chicago Blackhawks for absolutely nothing. It’s a very sad day for Vegas Golden Knights fans. 😞 #VegasBorn
27 Jul, 03:37 PM UTC
x - Bark-André Furry
Thank you Mr. Fleury! ~ Bark🐾 https://t.co/hqmu2gchMr
28 Jul, 05:42 AM UTC
Greg Wyshynski
VGK GM Kelly McCrimmon says that Mikael Hakkarainen, who was acquired for Vezina Trophy winner Marc-Andre Fleury, will continue to play in Chicago's organization despite the @GoldenKnights owning his contract.
27 Jul, 07:25 PM UTC
Jack Manning
Even if trading Fleury is the smart move, it feels a bit like putting down your dog because you want to get a puppy. #VegasBorn
27 Jul, 08:35 PM UTC
NHL Network
.@KevinWeekes was one of the first people to speak to Marc-Andre Fleury after news broke of his trade to Chicago. He explains their conversation on #NHLTonight. @NHLNetwork's photo on Fleury
27 Jul, 10:30 PM UTC
Elliotte Friedman
Kelly McCrimmon: Conversations with Fleury began at exit meetings June 29. Said they weren't sure what they would do next season...told Fleury he wanted him to be fully aware of any discussions...and that if Fleury heard anything, he was free to call McCrimmon...
27 Jul, 07:06 PM UTC
Valarie Kuschel
Marc Andre Fleury is more than a goalie, he's the embodiment of what the Golden Knights mean to Las Vegas. Trading him feels disrespectful, not only to the donut king, but to our community.
27 Jul, 04:14 PM UTC
Hockey Twitter trying to save Fleury from Chicago https://t.co/GkwcmPLfse
27 Jul, 05:48 PM UTC
Michelle DiTondo
I haven’t seen people in Vegas this upset since Tarkanian left UNLV. And that was 1992. @GoldenKnights better have something up their sleeve. #Fleury #NotaTrade
27 Jul, 05:18 PM UTC
Some of LVSB photographer Tyge O'Donnell's photos of Fleury through the VGK years: https://t.co/tWszYDQXmt https://t.co/hPbDV7mVtE
27 Jul, 08:53 PM UTC
Robert Lehner reveals he was attacked online for his mental illness following Fleury trade. MORE: https://t.co/O7I9ge0pLb @BarDown's photo on Fleury
28 Jul, 12:10 PM UTC
Vegas Golden Knights UK 🇬🇧
The man singlehandedly put Vegas on the map. Won us games that not many other goaltenders would’ve won us. Marc-Andre Fleury deserves better. Thank you for everything 🌸
27 Jul, 05:32 PM UTC
Rob Fai
Terrible that Marc-Andre Fleury found out about his trade via twitter... The guy has been a fixture in the Las Vegas community, played his ass off and repped that city the fullest. Deserved better. #VGK https://t.co/xQE1pW11lY
27 Jul, 09:43 PM UTC