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harry styles playing opposite florence pugh in don’t worry darling is giving secondary school production where the female lead is the hottest most talented girl in your school and her romantic costar is the one guy the drama teacher could convince to audition
24 Sep, 11:15 AM UTC
Florence Pugh Daily
fans went to see ‘don’t worry darling’ and met florence pugh right after! @bestofpugh's photo on Florence Pugh
24 Sep, 08:59 AM UTC
Harry and Florence Pugh as Jack and Alice Chambers on the set of ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ (via nickkroll) @hsdaily's photo on Florence Pugh
24 Sep, 10:31 PM UTC
Florence Pugh Daily
florence pugh… ICON @bestofpugh's photo on Florence Pugh
24 Sep, 04:59 PM UTC
Florence Pugh Daily
florence pugh’s energy switching effortlessly while filming ‘don’t worry darling’ https://t.co/8tai6CSmjr
24 Sep, 10:31 PM UTC
HL Daily
Harry and Florence Pugh on the set of Don’t Worry Darling! 📸: nickkroll https://t.co/9rdH9UrD9h
24 Sep, 10:34 PM UTC
Florence Pugh Daily
florence pugh behind the scenes of ‘don’t worry darling’ https://t.co/8l6tlfwbld
24 Sep, 10:49 PM UTC
Florence Pugh Daily
florence pugh breaking the fourth wall… that’s cinema https://t.co/ppQdG3HZzr
24 Sep, 08:32 PM UTC
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florence pugh at the ‘don’t worry darling’ premiere in venice will forever be the moment https://t.co/GNxzJ7HVEc
24 Sep, 12:15 PM UTC
Don’t Worry Darling
“Florence Pugh is an absolute force onscreen.” #DontWorryDarling is NOW PLAYING, only in theaters. Get tickets now: https://t.co/pLbFmFdqKO @dontworrydarlin's photo on Florence Pugh
24 Sep, 09:09 PM UTC
Florence Pugh Daily
New photos of Florence Pugh on the set of ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ https://t.co/GRGpeLFiPh
24 Sep, 04:56 PM UTC
📸| Harry y Florence Pugh en el set de Don’t Worry Darling. ©️nickkroll https://t.co/ughvJe0lZi
24 Sep, 10:35 PM UTC
Carlos Cuevas
24 Sep, 10:05 PM UTC
Florence Pugh Daily
Florence Pugh behind the scenes of #DontWorryDarling! https://t.co/C6FnnjLIuC
24 Sep, 10:55 PM UTC
𝐌𝐫. 𝐏𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐭
Florence Pugh 🖤✨ . https://t.co/KMCqaDGNzP
24 Sep, 07:31 AM UTC
Florence Pugh Latam
Más de Florence Pugh filmando Don’t Worry Darling! ☺️ (esperen al final del video) https://t.co/wxc0DEWDRi
24 Sep, 10:22 PM UTC
florence pugh is 5’4 so i would look like that standing next to harry too https://t.co/ePBJNold1K
25 Sep, 01:47 AM UTC
Kayla Braxton
Did Olivia Wilde take an M. Night Shyamalan workshop before making this movie? Also - amazing performance by Florence Pugh. #DontWorryDarling I give it a 6.4/10. Points have been deducted because of runtime (2 hrs, 3 min)
25 Sep, 12:57 AM UTC
Harry Styles Italia🇮🇹
Harry e Florence Pugh nei panni di Jack e Alice sul set di #DontWorryDarling! https://t.co/r9DlKHifNp
25 Sep, 04:09 AM UTC
comfort for florries
25 Sep, 06:25 AM UTC
Owen Gleiberman
Has #DontWorryDarling been helped by its offscreen scandals? Of course! They made the movie sound like a high-school tiff turned soap opera, all somehow spinning around the most coveted pop star on the planet. https://t.co/QyjODy82cA
24 Sep, 07:38 PM UTC
Yenn 🪴🍒🍵
Una vez más, la REINOTA que es Florence Pugh demostró porque es uno de los nombres más reconocidos del cine actual. Ella cargo con todo el peso de #DontWorryDarling sin bronca. Diosa ❤️ https://t.co/seoMsUbzCJ
25 Sep, 03:54 AM UTC
Just watched #DontWorryDarling. This concept has been done before but with the incredible film design/directing, it makes it a very enjoyable watch, although I feel the film leaves you with more questions than answers at the end. Florence Pugh’s performance is phenomenal. https://t.co/8y4BQFJGVJ
24 Sep, 03:40 PM UTC
Leah Wilkie Donnally
I really hope the “drama” & critics don’t keep people from seeing #DontWorryDarling. It is a beautifully shot film. @Florence_Pugh steals every scene! @Harry_Styles was charming and very much held his own! @oliviawilde honestly made a great movie. In my opinion, it’s a must see!
25 Sep, 03:36 AM UTC
Tijuanense achilangada
Ya vimos “Don’t worry, darling” y estas son las conclusiones: 1. A Harry Styles le quedó grande su papel, pero no lo hizo nada mal. 2.Florence Pugh cargó con todo el peso de la película. 3. Olivia Wilde tiene buenas ideas, pero mal aterrizadas.
25 Sep, 07:11 AM UTC
thighs mcgilicutty
The things I would do just to get a whiff of Florence Pugh….
25 Sep, 07:13 AM UTC
Pgn nonton don't worry darling soale blm pernah liat florence pugh my luv di bioskop 🥺🥺🥺
25 Sep, 07:12 AM UTC
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25 Sep, 07:11 AM UTC
florence pugh is so fucking incredible
25 Sep, 07:07 AM UTC
I liked dwd and also Florence Pugh take my breath away in the gayest and most dramatic way possible
25 Sep, 07:04 AM UTC