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Donald J. Trump
We love the #CajunNavy - THANK YOU! #FlorenceHurricane2018 Donald J. Trump's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 09:40 PM UTC
Me: what are you doing? There is flying debris Half naked man: I went viral a few years ago doing this. #FlorenceHurricane2018 #viral #americanflag Partsinevelos's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 02:08 PM UTC
This morning, cameras outside the @Space_Station captured views of #FlorenceHurricane2018 minutes after the storm made landfall near Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina while packing winds of 90 miles an hour. Visit our @NASAHurricane blog for info: https://t.co/o6Ifm8XqYF. NASA's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 01:51 PM UTC
derek schwartz
Believe it or not, this is a shark on the freeway in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. #HurricaneFlorence #FlorenceHurricane2018 derek schwartz's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 01:28 PM UTC
Naomi Klein
Climate chaos is a justice issue. Economic justice. Racial justice. Migrant justice. Gender justice. Justice for the disabled and elderly. Justice for prisoners. These disasters drag into the light exactly who is already being thrown away. #FlorenceHurricane2018 https://t.co/4uF8lKYfIg
14 Sep, 02:33 PM UTC
Rob Stealey
This is hilarious! #FlorenceHurricane2018 #TheWeatherChannel Rob Stealey's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 07:10 PM UTC
Pastor Rescues Pets Left Behind By Evacuees In Jacksonville, NC - @adrianasdiaz. #FlorenceHurricane2018 Breaking911's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 10:23 PM UTC
Stump for Trump
President @realDonaldTrump is doing an incredible job leading the effort to keep Americans safe during #HurricaneFlorence, just like he did for #PuertoRico, Florida and Texas! #FlorenceHurricane2018 Stump for Trump's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 02:37 PM UTC
Super Mariota
Jacksonville keeping it classy during these trying times... #FlorenceHurricane2018 Super Mariota's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 04:09 PM UTC
David Begnaud
A mother & her baby in Wilmington, N.C., are confirmed dead after a tree fell on their home, according to local police. The father was taken to hospital. Separately, a woman died of a heart attacking. Also, a man was killed while plugging in generator. #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 07:49 PM UTC
U.S. Navy
JUST IN: #USNavy Region Mid-Atlantic lifts #FlorenceHurricane2018 evacuation for personnel residing in Virginia Zone A - https://t.co/SNb0LSLJN6 U.S. Navy's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 08:00 PM UTC
Good Clean Sports
FLORENCE UPDATE: stay safe everyone! #FlorenceHurricane2018 #DontDropTheMic #NCtitTV Good Clean Sports's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 08:52 PM UTC
As #FlorenceHurricane2018 advances on NC, let's remember the danger that the state faces due to the almost 10 billion gallons of pig manure in Florence's path. That's 500 times the waste produced by the entire population of D.C. https://t.co/EKuRo7UPL3 via @kendrawrites
14 Sep, 04:00 PM UTC
Hurricane Florence vs Florida Man #HurricanFlorence #HurricaneFlorence2018 #FlorenceHurricane2018 #HurricanceFlorence Mr.'s photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 06:43 PM UTC
Question Everything
🇵🇷PUERTO RICANS🇵🇷 Are you pissed off at trump's denial of the deaths of your loved ones? 👉If you now live on the Mainland, here's what you do: ➡️Register: Go to https://t.co/SONuyXARJb ☎️Spread the word 🗳️Vote Nov 6, 2018 #FlorenceHurricane2018 https://t.co/cIPKFUL7zx
14 Sep, 05:24 PM UTC
Philip Schuyler
.@CNN re #FlorenceHurricane2018 Will you be multiplying the actual death toll by one hundred and then blaming President Trump for it as you did in Puerto Rico?
14 Sep, 06:05 PM UTC
Clinton Michael
Weather Channel This is a war zone I'm about to be blown away..... wait who are those two guys walking in the background😂 #FlorenceHurricane2018 Clinton Michael's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
15 Sep, 01:27 AM UTC
Did #FlorenceHurricane2018 leave you without power? NEVER use a portable generator inside your home, garage, shed or enclosed area. Deadly levels of carbon monoxide can quickly build up in these areas. Be safe. https://t.co/iPbx8GsWy2 U.S. EPA's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 06:33 PM UTC
Hurricane Florence: I rode out the storm – this is what it was like when 90 mph winds were above my house #FlorenceHurricane2018 🌪 https://t.co/Hc9tAbfWaN
15 Sep, 01:12 AM UTC
This tree almost landed on our home. This storm is no joke! #FlorenceHurricane2018 GRED's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 11:49 AM UTC
Maria Martinez
Thinking of everyone affected by #FlorenceHurricane2018 and appreciative that Cisco is on call to connect first responders. https://t.co/UQjj2Pwvxg
14 Sep, 10:32 PM UTC
Paul Brown
Fox News is out here reporting that more than 500 million people in North Carolina are without power. #Math #FakeNews #FlorenceHurricane2018 Paul Brown's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 04:13 PM UTC
It seems that no matter what the President does or says, the liberal media is out to crucify him.  @NewRightNetwork @orumov8888 #FlorenceHurricane2018 https://t.co/H6UyQze0P7
14 Sep, 11:53 PM UTC
Press TV Breaking
Four people killed as Hurricane Florence swamps Carolinas #FlorenceHurricane2018 Press TV Breaking's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 08:11 PM UTC
Lorena Ⓟ 🎗
Hablan de Florence pero se olvidan de Mangkhut #FlorenceHurricane2018 #TyphoonMangkhut Lorena Ⓟ 🎗's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 09:22 PM UTC
SC Team Trump
RT @realDonaldTrump: We love the #CajunNavy - THANK YOU! #FlorenceHurricane2018 https://t.co/KrssAajEvk - https://t.co/YQc2p4FMm2
15 Sep, 01:01 AM UTC
William Gazzola
#FlorenceHurricane2018 William Gazzola's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
15 Sep, 12:03 AM UTC
#RT @realDonaldTrump: We love the #CajunNavy - THANK YOU! #FlorenceHurricane2018 jn17.20LoveHisWord's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
14 Sep, 11:19 PM UTC
Lady V
#HurricanFlorence #Florence #FlorenceHurricane2018 #FlorenceNC #Physicians @Physician4Peace @PCRM @AMA @MSF_USA https://t.co/u7D5gmZ2Vj
15 Sep, 01:44 AM UTC
Cassandra Payne
RT realDonaldTrump: We love the #CajunNavy - THANK YOU! #FlorenceHurricane2018 Cassandra Payne's photo on #FlorenceHurricane2018
15 Sep, 01:44 AM UTC
Stay safe #FlorenceHurricane2018 https://t.co/vNFjvVMgoM
15 Sep, 01:44 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from Mexico.

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