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The Recount
St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman (D) calls out Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R-FL) suspension of local COVID orders: “This act, this isn’t for the protection of Floridians. This is for politics.” @therecount's photo on Floridians
03 May, 05:20 PM UTC
419 Floridians died of COVID in the last week. https://t.co/IqS1t3Bpg9
03 May, 06:42 PM UTC
Remove Ron
Ron #DeathSantis cares more about his political ambitions than the lives of Floridians. We must Remove Ron in 2022.
03 May, 07:51 PM UTC
Floridians on their way to the new White Castle in Orlando at 6AM on a Monday. https://t.co/rLZoey85hN
03 May, 03:49 PM UTC
Exploding Space Pillow Singh, MD 🌊
What is wrong with the Floridians? Why did they elect DeSantis?
03 May, 08:42 PM UTC
Floridians: please get vaccinated. There are two ways we reach herd immunity in this country: vaccination or illness/death. You choose. In meantime, don’t listen to #DeathSantis wear a mask. Protect yourself and others. And get vaccinated. 😷💉 https://t.co/LFbtv3QBOn
03 May, 06:19 PM UTC
John Cardillo
Shorter @GovRonDeSantis to Floridians: "The tyrants' agenda is dead and our economy is alive!"
03 May, 10:15 PM UTC
Jennifer Cabrera 😀 #ForgetYourMask
We don't know yet how many Floridians died of COVID in the past week and won't know for months, but we know of 46 right now, not 419. See my pinned tweet (every day) for more info. https://t.co/ZMSlb8eevt
03 May, 07:12 PM UTC
Stacey H
Here's my confusion: I live in CA which currently has a Covid positivity rate of 1.2% & people want to recall Newsom (not me) Florida currently has a positivity rate of 5.87 & DeSantis is opening everything up w/ no restrictions & Floridians are celebrating. Make it make sense
03 May, 07:58 PM UTC
MRS HIG RN Karma is here for the GOP 🏳️‍🌈 🌊
Trump turned Covid a political talking point. And his minions carry on the legacy of lies. DeSantis is the biggest fool of them all. He wants to run for president and will do anything, including jeopardizing Floridians, for a vote. #wtpBLUE #ONEV1 https://t.co/cclmNtHH1y
03 May, 09:00 PM UTC
Vic Vega
Why I love Florida & traveled there 3 times for a total of 22 days in the past 4 months. While the totalitarian left wants you living in fear for eternity, @GovRonDeSantis & Floridians Says it’s way past time to move on. Best governor in America. #DeathSantis https://t.co/shupTKUP89
03 May, 08:24 PM UTC
@DWUhlfelderLaw So, in other words, #DeathSantis remains in a protective bubble, while he resigns thousands of Floridians to an early death?!
03 May, 05:58 PM UTC
No Name Jim
@CWDecember @staceyh1970 You are absolutely free to do that. You don’t get to force those actions on your fellow Floridians though. That’s what is so great about the gov’s actions today. It defaults back to personal responsibility which is where we should have been this whole time.
03 May, 10:24 PM UTC
@MistakenLatrans Floridians are too dumb to know what that is
03 May, 10:22 PM UTC
America is best united
@FloridaGOP @GovRonDeSantis More proof that DeSantis is putting business interests before the lives of Floridians. Over 36,000 Floridians are dead. DeSantis is taking control of local government just like a dictator has in the past. Vote him out.
03 May, 10:29 PM UTC
@GovRonDeSantis You really don’t give a fuck about the health or well being of Floridians. #POS
03 May, 10:28 PM UTC
Us Floridians are very committed people https://t.co/2DIFwN85Mo
03 May, 10:28 PM UTC
Geoff Fisher
@Michael75323440 @GovRonDeSantis Not as happy as Floridians are
03 May, 10:28 PM UTC
Donna Nurmi
@GovRonDeSantis You are not interested in doing what’s best for Floridians. This is pure politics.
03 May, 10:26 PM UTC
Vicki Stanbury
@DrJasonJohnson To be fair to us Southern Floridians, Orlando is up north and a different universe.
03 May, 10:23 PM UTC
Walt Irvine
.@GovRonDeSantis really doesn't give a rat's ass about Floridians and continues to violate CDC guidelines...he's trying to lift all covid-19 restrictions and open up businesses 100%...the .@GOP agenda only cares about $$ and not quality of life 🤬🤬🤬 https://t.co/cLJKq1ppee
03 May, 10:22 PM UTC