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Glenn Kirschner
Judge Pillard just said, “What self-respecting Article III judge would grant the motion to dismiss WITHOUT trying to understand what the heck is going on when Flynn pleaded guilty & all prior prosecutors (pre-Barr) assured Judge Sullivan the evidence CLEARLY proved he was guilty?
11 Aug, 03:18 PM UTC
Matthew Miller
My hot take on Michael Flynn in court again today: Remember when we didn't have years-long legal sagas over whether the president's top advisors would have to go to jail? Let's go back to that.
11 Aug, 01:25 PM UTC
Catherine Herridge
#FLYNN from ongoing oral arguments before full panel DC Court of Appeals @SidneyPowell1 says Flynn is a “defendant without a prosecutor” + Judge Sullivan has “no standing” in the case + taken on the “role of an active litigant” which has “disqualified” him @CBSNews
11 Aug, 01:54 PM UTC
Ryan Van Sickle
BIG day tomorrow for @SidneyPowell1 and @GenFlynn. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers as well as the whole Flynn family. May TRUTH and JUSTICE prevail! 🇺🇸 @Ryan_VanSickle's photo on Flynn
11 Aug, 12:16 AM UTC
Obama, Biden, and Comey framed General Flynn.
11 Aug, 04:56 PM UTC
Dan Bongino
Michael Flynn Judge Could Be Disqualified From Proceedings After Hearing Today
11 Aug, 03:11 PM UTC
Catherine Herridge
#FLYNN Get focused US code on “disqualification” of Judge. Full Appeals Court told parties in Flynn case to be prepared to address Tues morning. 20 minutes each side including Judge Sullivan, who critics say, took unusual step of essentially becoming a “party” with his own lawyer
10 Aug, 11:51 PM UTC
Catherine Herridge
#FLYNN @SidneyPowell1 rebuttal “This is a criminal case in which a man's liberty + entire life has been consumed by 4 years of litigation that the executive has now determined, within its sole discretion, should never brought against's very purpose is to...
11 Aug, 06:49 PM UTC
Techno Fog
Flynn Hearing - US Acting Solicitor General Jeff Wall discusses the decision to dismiss the charges: "The AG sees this in context of non-public information." "It may be possible that the AG had before him information that he was not able to share with the Court."
11 Aug, 03:10 PM UTC
Unrattled Poso 🇺🇸
SIDNEY POWELL: General Flynn is a defendant without a prosecutor
11 Aug, 01:33 PM UTC
Sara A. Carter
#BREAKING #NEW @SidneyPowell1 delivers powerful arguments for @GenFlynn and DOJ Lawyers Hint At Explosive News Of Possible Evidence That Led Justice Department To Drop Charges Against Michael Flynn - Sara Carter Do you believe Justice will be served?
11 Aug, 05:52 PM UTC
Barb McQuade
#Flynn argument ends, almost four hours after it began. Strong sense that the majority of judges will rule against Flynn and case will return to Judge Sullivan for hearing on motion to dismiss. Flynn could seek #SCOTUS review, but I can't see them taking it at this stage.
11 Aug, 05:20 PM UTC
Joyce Alene
The Flynn argument reduced to its essence: DOJ is afraid of what will come out if the judge inquires into the process that led it to dismiss charges against Flynn. This appeal is only about preventing that inquiry, as the Judge is highly likely to ultimately grant the motion.
11 Aug, 02:13 PM UTC
Catherine Herridge
#FLYNN From ongoing oral arguments at full panel DC Appeals Court. Acting Solicitor General Jeffrey Wall argues Judge Sullivan is not a party to the case, + further exploration of DOJ decision to drop the Flynn case (based in part on withheld evidence) causes harm to co-equal..
11 Aug, 03:20 PM UTC
Glenn Kirschner
Flynn arguments wrapping up now. Will be posting a YouTube video summarizing what we heard later today. Given the questions from the judges it seems very likely the court will decide the case against Flynn and Barr/DOJ and return it to Judge Sullivan for a further hearing.
11 Aug, 05:17 PM UTC
Glenn Kirschner
Both Flynn’s lawyer AND the DOJ lawyer are arguing, in substance, that Flynn and Barr are above the law in that the judge could know that there was unethical and/or criminal micdonduct prompting the motion to dismiss the case and the judge can’t even inquire about it. Absurd.
11 Aug, 03:06 PM UTC
Josh Gerstein
BREAKING: Acting SG Wall says Barr had secret, undisclosed reasons for dismissing Flynn case.
11 Aug, 02:54 PM UTC
General Flynn is still a political prisoner of the corrupt Obama administration.
11 Aug, 02:32 PM UTC
Catherine Herridge
#FLYNN After nearly 4 hours, oral arguments over at DC Appeals Court. Government + Flynn defense given 2 minute rebuttal after court heard from Judge Sullivan’s lawyer last. Acting Solicitor General Wall said “to be clear, none of this should be necessary. When Fokker (case law)
11 Aug, 06:33 PM UTC
General Flynn hearing adjourned until September 9th at 9:30am.... That is the EXACT date & time that Hillary will be in court testifying! 🧐
11 Aug, 05:22 PM UTC
Ted Lieu
While the details may be convoluted, the principal is simple. Michael Flynn committed a felony. He pled guilty, twice. The court accepted the guilty pleas. Case is now in the hands of the court. It’s the court that decides the outcome, not prosecutors. No one is above the law.
11 Aug, 06:57 PM UTC
GrrrGraphics Cartoons
Pray for General Flynn! We have his back! @GenFlynn #Flynn @GrrrGraphics's photo on Flynn
11 Aug, 02:49 PM UTC
Sara A. Carter
DOJ Lawyers Hint At Explosive New Evidence That Led Barr To Drop Charges Against Michael Flynn - Sara A. Carter What could it be?
11 Aug, 06:30 PM UTC
Catherine Herridge
branch of government. Several justices focusing on procedural questions + whether Sullivan should get limited probe of government motivation to drop Flynn case. Acting SG Wall emphasized Judge Sullivan appointed Judge Gleeson after his op-ed called for full fact finding inquiry.
11 Aug, 03:20 PM UTC
Jeff Wall: It Would Cause Attorney General Barr Irreparable Harm If He Had to Reveal His Secret Reason He Moved to Dismiss Flynn's Prosecution
11 Aug, 07:14 PM UTC
Mueller, She Wrote Podcast
Check yourself, @CNN. Flynn doesn’t have an uphill climb because of the balance of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals. He has an uphill climb because he lied to the FBI, pleaded guilty, and is on the wrong side of the law. @MuellerSheWrote's photo on Flynn
11 Aug, 06:27 PM UTC
Andrew Weissmann
Flynn: predictions from DC Circuit full court review: -Mandamus petition by Flynn denied -denial of reassignment to new judge -timeline given to Sullivan to hold hearing on motion to dismiss -Sullivan dismisses case but without prejudice so new prosecutors can reinstitute charges
11 Aug, 06:08 PM UTC
John M. Reeves
Wow--Judge Millett has just suddently gotten VERY aggressive with Judge Sullivan's attorney about how this process has affected Flynn's liberty interests, and that Flynn can raise the separation of powers issues just as much as the Government can.
11 Aug, 05:13 PM UTC
Glenn Kirschner
DOJ lawyer arguing now. Acting Solicitor General Wall just said the executive branch is worried about Judge Sullivan conducting an “intrusive inquiry” about why in the world Barr has joined forces w/Flynn’s defense team & is trying to dismiss Flynn’s case. Oh, I’ll but they are!
11 Aug, 02:34 PM UTC

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