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Karoline Hjorth & Riitta Ikonen, 'Eyes as Big as Plates' photographic series based on Nordic folklore, humanity and nature #womensart #FolkloreThursday https://t.co/w33npq3tW3
17 Jan, 07:05 AM UTC
Maude Frome
#Wassailing the apple trees traditionally occurs on Old Twelfth Night, 17th Jan. The Queen of the Wassail (‘good health’) awakens the oldest trees in the orchards with cider-soaked bread. The crowd then bangs pots to drive out evil spirits & ensure a good crop. #FolkloreThursday https://t.co/OnOmTlHWkn
17 Jan, 07:02 AM UTC
Anne Louise Avery
The Basabasa 婆娑婆娑 is an enormous mythical chicken who lives in the lonely mountains of Ehime Prefecture. Known for breathing red ghost-fire from its mouth, it sometimes sneaks into villages at night, making an eerie rustling noise with its feathers. #FolkloreThursday @TheMERL Anne Louise Avery's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 10:12 AM UTC
Some local #SussexLore for #FolkloreThursday: At midnight, the ancient yews at Kingley Vale are said to come alive with the ghosts of Viking warriors. CreativeHistories's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 11:25 AM UTC
This is my ggg grandmother (1824-1911) in the doorway of her Norfolk cottage. She has an inverted horseshoe over the threshold. I have heard it said that this orientation - especially when held by three nails - is to ward off evil rather than to bring good luck? #folklorethursday MagpieintheMoonlight's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 09:00 AM UTC
My family had a cottage here,at Fairy Glen,in Rostrevor.Locals were careful not to walk through glen after https://t.co/cUCJ5QlyLD Glen was home to mischievous fairies, known as the Brooney’s. It was said that the fairies could be heard, at night, celebrating. #FolkloreThursday SelineSigil's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 09:20 AM UTC
Romantik Kurbağa
These are Wilis (spirits of women who died from broken hearts) with Myrtha, Queen of the Willis in the middle from Giselle. Men who get lost in the forest at night are trapped by the wilis and danced to death for doing wrong to women. #FolkloreThursday @FolkloreFilmFes Romantik Kurbağa's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:01 PM UTC
Liza Frank
So this is something my Nana taught me if I lost something: search high and low, then sit in a chair, stab the arm of the chair with a needle three times & say "I stab the Devil". You'll then find what you're looking for… It works, don't know how, but it does! #FolkloreThursday Liza Frank's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 12:12 PM UTC
Mark Rees
"There is a Glamorganshire ghost called the Green Lady of Caerphilly. She haunts the ruin of Caerphilly Castle at night wearing a green robe & has the power of turning herself into ivy and mingling with the ivy growing on the wall." British Goblins (1880) #FolkloreThursday #Wales Mark Rees's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 01:06 PM UTC
BBC Wildlife
#FolkloreThursday Also known as mountain ash, rowan was thought to be home to faeries due to its white flowers. Find out more about British trees and folklore: https://t.co/C8OyycuFQt 📷 Berndt Fischer/Getty BBC Wildlife's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 08:00 AM UTC
Folklore comes from many places - oppression, an absence of justice and a deep human need to deal with a sense of magic we encounter in the land. #CLNolan #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 09:21 AM UTC
Maude Frome
Wassailing the apple trees takes place in the West Country, where there is cider-making. Traditionally held on Old Twelfth Night, 17th Jan, it is the custom of drinking & singing to the health of the trees so they yield plenty in the autumn. Image: Cicely Barker #FolkloreThursday Maude Frome's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 07:03 AM UTC
The Shireman
Dogs of the Norsemen🦊 It was believed that Foxes were #dogs of the Norsemen Vikings who originally brought them to Ireland. The Celts admired Foxes, believing them to be shape-shifters, carriers of the magical pearl which brings good luck and spiritual insight. #FolkloreThursday The Shireman's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 02:37 PM UTC
My great grandfather in Rostrevor had a talking Jay. It would come and sit with him in the eve by the fire, stay overnight and head out at breakfast. It would talk to people from trees and bushes...prob helped with people believing in the little people! 😂 #Folklorethursday SelineSigil's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:14 PM UTC
P J Richards
🐾Black Shuck haunted my walk to school in Essex... All Saints Church in Maldon, was said to have a Black Dog in the graveyard - if you caught sight of it you'd be dead within the week! I always looked away when passing the church in fear of seeing that hound! #FolkloreThursday https://t.co/1x0hM9wDjP
17 Jan, 11:32 AM UTC
Tatiana Fajardo
#FolkloreThursday In the Victorian Era,it became customary to commission a "mourning doll" to lay at the grave of a deceased child. These became popular as a coping mechanism for families dealing with the death of a child. Grave dolls became a way to create an effigy of the child Tatiana Fajardo's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 07:22 AM UTC
As a child cooking with my grandmother (centre) I was told NEVER to stir anything 'widdershins' (anti-clockwise). If I did, my cakes wouldn't rise, jam wouldn't set, milk would curdle etc ... apparently it causes all manner of culinary disasters. Be warned! #folklorethursday MagpieintheMoonlight's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 09:29 AM UTC
Woodland Trust
#FolkloreThursday: #Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) are seen as a symbol of purity and hope, heralding winter's end and the start of #spring. However, decorating a house with snowdrops was thought to be unlucky, and a solitary snowdrop was an omen of death https://t.co/9x0XJEoAUE Woodland Trust's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 12:01 PM UTC
Seth Lakeman
#FolkloreThursday A west country legend that tells of a witch who takes the form of a white hare and goes out looking for prey at night. If she catches your eye she steals your soul away. https://t.co/KqHa9VRzeF
17 Jan, 11:23 AM UTC
Trees Have a way Of blessing life With divine views Pic: ancient olive tree #pareidolia #dendrolatry #tree #treelore #FolkloreThursday #ThursdayThoughts earthst⭕riez's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 01:57 PM UTC
When we visit megaliths Julia likes to stand close to them to "feel the vibes" as clearly people also did in the past especially at sites like the Geant du Menec at Carnac. She also often leaves a sprig of Gorse when we go to dolmens as an offering. #FolkloreThursday https://t.co/7kMwLkiJQq
17 Jan, 10:01 AM UTC
Old Weird Britain
Carry plantain in these difficult times. It will help you withstand "venom and vile things and all the loathly ones that through the land do roam." #FolkloreThursday Old Weird Britain's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 04:00 PM UTC
April 🍃
I’m from Greenwich. The Meridian Line ran (still runs) through the playground and halls of my old school. Kids escaping teacherly wrath would frequently hop across the line painted on the floor: “You can’t get me, Miss, I’m on the other side of the world!” #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:27 PM UTC
Icy Sedgwick
This Hand of Glory, found inside a wall, was donated to the Whitby Museum in 1935. Experts think it was used as late as 1820! More Hand of Glory goodies on the blog -> https://t.co/uRWX1giOJN #folklorethursday Icy Sedgwick's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 02:43 PM UTC
Arthur Butt
Travel to the past and watch a young girl be transformed into a woman through strife and hardship to become a goddess. GAIL IS GAEA https://t.co/XgKbRhLzoe #FolkLoreThursday #GoodReads Free with #KindleUnlimited @Solsticepublish Arthur Butt's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 10:57 AM UTC
Karen Lee Street
Moravian Tile Works, a working folk art monument in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Built by Henry Chapman Mercer (1856-1930) a folk object collector & proponent of the Arts & Crafts movement, it still produces tiles using original designs & moulds. #FolkloreThursday #hometown https://t.co/BjN8KBoXtZ
17 Jan, 10:44 AM UTC
curious ordinary
It turns out that I have a cat ancestor too. Along with the old family photographs I discovered this handsome chap who was the cat of my great great grandparents. Oddly, some family members failed to understand my excitement about it. #FolkloreThursday #familyfolklore #catlover curious ordinary's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 10:01 AM UTC
Katharine Tree
It's Old Twelvey Night so tonight we'll wassail our apple tree. We'll pour wassail cup at its roots, put toast sops in its branches, and yell WASSAIL! to scare away demons. If it doesn't rain too hard we'll hang lanterns, too. #FolkloreThursday https://t.co/s8fXJUQpAg
17 Jan, 04:33 PM UTC
Neil McRobert
My granddad said 'white rabbits' before noon on the first day of the month. This is a tradition common to northern England and the northern states of New England. Sources vary but the earliest recorded mention seems to come from 1909. #FolkloreThursday Neil McRobert's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:06 PM UTC
The British Academy
"The storyteller and storytelling doesn't give us information, it gives us wisdom" – listen to this discussion on fairy tales, folklore, and identity in modern culture: #folklorethursday https://t.co/mBE89IFBLH
17 Jan, 04:00 PM UTC
Amanda Edmiston, Botanica Fabula
This Hawthorn tree is always the first to bud into leaf on my regular walking routes+opened her first leaf of 2019 this week! My Gran always told me how she used the leaves as a sandwich filling on her way to school as they are said to taste like bread+cheese! #folklorethursday Amanda Edmiston, Botanica Fabula's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:23 PM UTC
Penwith Landscape Partnership
Did you know that when walking the #Penwith landscape, you are walking in the footsteps of #giants? It is thought that many large stones in our landscape are here because giants used to throw them at each other for fun! #Cornwall #folklore #Cornishmyths #myths #FolkloreThursday Penwith Landscape Partnership's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 09:35 AM UTC
Yokai Parade
Once certain families were ostracized due to the belief that they owned yokai foxes and made use of their supernatural powers. As late as the 1950s a couple reportedly committed suicide when their marriage was forbidden because the girl's family owned foxes. #FolkloreThursday Yokai Parade's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 04:32 PM UTC
Claire Cock-Starkey
In Cambridge it was thought that the two lions outside the Fitzwilliam Museum jumped down from their pedestals at night to take a sip from Hobson's Conduit. #FolkloreThursday Read more about waking statues on my blog: https://t.co/LRWV9FcKVH
17 Jan, 02:44 PM UTC
When an upwards-failing prince joins forces with a local cryptid, the results are legendary! (Granted, it does take everyone three tries to get anything done, but we’ll get to that. Repeatedly.) It’s a #folklorethursday story thread called IRON JOHN Or ‘Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto” Vengeful_Doe's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:19 PM UTC
E.K. Reisinger
Soon it will be Imbolc (2/2), celebrating the coming spring & sacred to the goddess Brigid. Brigid fulfills all traditionally female roles of the family: daughter, spouse & mother. She is often invoked to protect a household. {Wiki, 1st C AD statute of Brigid} #FolkloreThursday E.K. Reisinger's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 02:08 PM UTC
Emma ♡🌬⛄️❄️💕🌨☃️
The inhabitants of the North York Moors believed every dale had it’s own Hobgoblin. Legend says that for a jug of cream they would work an entire day for the household but if unrewarded could be bad tempered, bring bad luck and turn the milk sour. 🥛👹 #FOlkloreTHursday https://t.co/cI20rUTOm5
17 Jan, 11:47 AM UTC
Lauren Field
Science question - what is a half owl, half cow (or maybe horse) creature called? Because I think @Hull_Museums holds some very rare photographic evidence in the lantern slide collection of such a beast... 🤭 #FolkloreThursday https://t.co/rBH9YVOf9c
17 Jan, 03:13 PM UTC
The Story of Mad Dr. Baker: To be clear, Norman Baker was not a doctor. He was an anti-semitic charlatan who started his career in a traveling vaudeville magic show. Later he would turn to radio broadcastig to peddle various cheap goods—and the cure to cancer. #folklorethursday https://t.co/f9c9sJcikV
17 Jan, 03:00 PM UTC
Randi SamuelsonBrown
#FolkloreThursday - The #DarkHedges #NI A lady in gray haunts the road at dusk - no one is sure who she is. Some believe a long-lost graveyard is nearby. https://t.co/OHScxh7zwo
17 Jan, 03:17 PM UTC
B&W Thornton
#FolkloreThursday St Benedict was tempted by the devil in the form of a blackbird fluttering in front of him, he drove it off by making the sign of the cross, but a woman from his past distracted his thoughts, so he disrobed and rolled in a bed of nettles. https://t.co/p0hLTiSSK8
17 Jan, 03:09 PM UTC
Alys West
#FolkloreThursday This statue of a knight is on Hob Moor in #York (also down the road from where I work). The knight was 'Long Hob' of the de Ros family who gave the common of Hob Moor to the poor of York. #hobmooryork #folklore Alys West's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:17 PM UTC
Tom Hughes
Delighted to see that wassailing is alive and well from all the pictures on #FolkloreThursday today. 🍏🌳🍎Here are a couple of pics of a #wassail @NortonPriory last week,& details of one at @Burns_Ellisland near #Dumfries coming up on Sat. 26 Jan if you fancy experiencing it. https://t.co/E1xXVNh1fU
17 Jan, 03:49 PM UTC
NC Music Hall Of Fam
What if we told you about a man who recorded a song overseas about his homesickness. Here is 2009 @NCMHOF inductee @JamesTaylor_com with the 1969 hit “Carolina In My Mind on #folklorethursday @OCNCarts @NCArtsCouncil @ComeHearNC @VisitCabarrus @VisitNC NC Music Hall Of Fam's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:53 PM UTC
Norse Mythology
#Librarians are best. #FolkloreThursday @FolkloreThurs https://t.co/3yMwkEvYDO
17 Jan, 03:28 PM UTC
Mark Rees
It's Art's Birthday, an annual event first proposed by French artist Robert Filliou in 1963. To celebrate, here's some nightmarish visions from the Gothic imagination of Swiss romantic painter Henry Fuseli. Happy birthday, Art! #Artsbirthday #FolkloreThursday #ThursdayThoughts https://t.co/VCJbYudEwN
17 Jan, 08:15 AM UTC
Therese Taylor
The royal house of Stuart lost their kingdom, but lived on as an inspiration for the arts, narratives, secret societies and revolutionary brotherhoods. They were a family with a treasure house of memories and martyrs. @flutterbyfjl #FolkloreThursday https://t.co/7yEKa3FRyv Therese Taylor's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 02:47 PM UTC
Lyon & Turnbull
Richard Wagner's 'The Rhinegold & The Valkyrie' with beautiful illustrations by Arthur Rackham, signed by Rackham & publisher William Heinemann, feats 34 tipped-in plates & original vellum gilt. Learn more: https://t.co/o4fb5O8mWj 31 Jan | Rare Books | Edinburgh #FolkloreThursday https://t.co/j2vgx7d91b
17 Jan, 03:21 PM UTC
Daniel Faria
My hometown name is "Pedralva" which stands for "Pedra Alva" (White Rock). Around the town, there are two huge rocks known as "Pedrão" (Big Rock) and "Pedra Branca" (White Rock). There is a legend which states that, before the Portuguese arrival, there were 1/3 #FolkloreThursday https://t.co/12T1Dcu8rG
17 Jan, 03:10 PM UTC
HAUNT Manchester
Manchester Folk Horror Festival is back Feb 2nd! Inc. performances, artistry, music & a panel organised by Julian Holloway @ManMetUni @MMUHG, feat. @dclizardking of @folk_horror, @thelrm, @JCThurgill + more at @The_Peer_Hat + @AatmaVenue: https://t.co/OzBZbaG5rI #FolkloreThursday https://t.co/x743JFLxwn
17 Jan, 03:53 PM UTC
Evie Gold
#FolkloreThursday re-visited .... https://t.co/otWt29dH86
17 Jan, 04:05 PM UTC
Maeve Bruce
Local legend that King Henry ll hid his mistress Rosamund the Fair in a bower in a maze at #woodstock Oxfordshire. His wife Eleanor found a silk thread attached to Henry's foot and followed it through the maze, where she found poor Rosamund and had her killed #folklorethursday Maeve Bruce's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:35 PM UTC
Maeve Bruce
By the Chapel of St Blaan on the Isle of Bute, there was an ash #tree. Young lovers would climb into its branches to gather its leaves to evoke dreams of the future and the face of the one you were destined to marry. It is still remembered as the Dreamin’ Tree #FolkloreThursday Maeve Bruce's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:59 PM UTC
Rebekah Fox
Rudston, Yorks folklore says the Gypsey Race in flood (Woe Waters) brings bad fortune. The stream was in flood before Great Plague (1664) Restoration of Charles II (1660) landing of William of Orange (1688) before two world wars and bad winters of 1947 and 1962 #FolkloreThursday Rebekah Fox's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:20 PM UTC
Thomas Brown
Welcome to Hopeless, Maine, a small island town which has been cut off from the rest of the world, where folkloric creatures of folklore walk among the people. (and the people mostly respond by locking their doors) #FolkloreThursday art-self Thomas  Brown's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:32 PM UTC
James Corck
For today's #FolkloreThursday here is The Garuda, a bird-like creature of legend that can be found in Hindu as the mount of Vishnu, a protector in Buddhism and the Yaksha (Spirit) of the Jain Tirthankara Shantinatha(King) in Jain mythology. https://t.co/JXUDkSDiBY
17 Jan, 12:23 PM UTC
Lobos Art Education
Local & regional folklore today: Las Cruces Teratorns? Residents of the southern New Mexico City have reported seeing monstrous (seemingly prehistoric) birds with 20-foot wingspans flying in the skies above. Sitings run from the 1800's to the 2000's. #FolkloreThursday #lobosarted Lobos Art Education's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:11 PM UTC
Historic Scotland
Have you ever celebrated "Big Porridge Day"? 'Superstitions of the Highlands & Islands' (1900) refers to an ancient practice in Iona of preparing a large dish of porridge and pouring it into the sea, in the hope of encouraging fish and "sea-ware" to wash ashore #FolkloreThursday Historic Scotland's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 05:00 PM UTC
Katharine Tree
Serpent-like monsters have been spotted in many bodies of water in the Pacific Northwest. We're pretty sure there's one in Crescent Lake on Washington's Olympic Peninsula. We call her Cressie. #FolkloreThursday Katharine Tree's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:33 PM UTC
Anna Soper
The Canadian author Farley Mowat is said to have quipped, "I never let the facts get in the way of the truth." His books (fiction and non-fiction alike) are peppered with #folklore. #FolkloreThursday #CanLit https://t.co/esAEX6cCOC
17 Jan, 03:53 PM UTC
Shaun Jex
Another family legend was the ghost of Rema Marsh. She died in the house my mom grew up in (before they moved in) & lay there several days before her body was found. After that, any mysterious sound or occurrence in the house was attributed to her ghost. #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:33 PM UTC
Dad used to tell us kids stories around the campfire. “Watch for Falling Rock” signs refer to a beautiful princess who ran away to marry her love and fell of the mountain, he still searches for her among the crevasses... #MyDadSaidSo #FamilyFolkTales #folklorethursday
17 Jan, 03:11 PM UTC
John Gray
For a dark but fun original spin on Celtic folklore, check out my book, Legend and Lore: In Human Skin: https://t.co/T2KtjCBgYD #folklorethursday #kindlebook #fantasy #horror #LegendandLore #indieauthor #selfpub #ebook #amwritingfantasy #booklovers #readers John Gray's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:07 PM UTC
Kimberly Collins
Fascinating #Folklore from @VenetiaJane's Garden on this #FolkloreThursday. 🌻🌺🌹🌼💐#flowers https://t.co/dpVmHUCNk6
17 Jan, 03:36 PM UTC
Dr Valentina Bold
#Local traditions from an #Eyemouth #fishing #family for today's theme @FolkloreThurs #FolkloreThursday -- the unluckiness of giving away salt, the time, or even bread... @EU_SSSA @ei_folklore @ScotHistNetwork @ScotOralHist @scotfishmuseum @eyemouthmuseum https://t.co/bEOdAjRp0g https://t.co/expeG2RaG2
17 Jan, 04:16 PM UTC
#Vintage #RogerDuVoisin cover. Lovely palette. #childrensbook #art #folktales #fairytales #folklorethursday Aimee's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:15 PM UTC
Myth Crafts
How to ensure your survival during the #BloodMoon #Eclipse that is just around the corner: Lunar Lunacies and Blood Moons. #FolkloreThursday https://t.co/5jTsNXSldx
17 Jan, 05:00 PM UTC
Spirit of the Wilds
The Celtic God of the Sea, Mananńan Mac Lir carried a magical sword named Fragrach "The Answerer". None wounded by it's blade would survive. #FolkloreThursday Spirit of the Wilds's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 04:48 PM UTC
Niffer 🌊
In our family to dream of your teeth falling out means someone close will die, its come true 3 time for immediate relatives! Another family with their own omen were the Oxenham family of Dartmoor,with a white bird foretelling the death of those who it appears to #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 03:29 PM UTC
Clare Farmer
Nyx is the Greek Goddess of the night. A shadowy figure, Nyx stood at or near the beginning of creation and mothered other deities such as Hypnos (Sleep) and Thanatos (Death) with Erebus (Darkness). She had exceptional power and beauty that even Zeus feared her. #FolkloreThursday Clare Farmer's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 04:42 PM UTC
R. M. Francis
This poem is part-inspired by Pokol. Hell in the myths of the Magyar cultures of Eastern Europe. It's a poem from my forthcoming collection, Lamella (Original Plus Press) #FolkloreThursday R. M. Francis's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 12:46 PM UTC
The lost City of the Ceasars in Patagonia was said to have been prosperous and rich, full of gold, silver and diamonds. At least one description says it was located in between two mountains, somewhere in the Andes mountains, one of gold and another of diamonds. #FolkloreThursday wistmore's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 04:41 PM UTC
Megan Wisdom
@FolkloreThurs In Wissett, Suffolk, there were Treacle Mines... Not as delicious as they sound, these were pits used to rot hemp so that the fibres could be used in weaving. The resulting sludge is what gave rise to the name. #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 04:43 PM UTC
Dr. Moudhy Al-Rashid
“If someone is disturbed and troubles beset him, he shall remove a brick from his threshold, put it in an oven, and his troubles will be removed.” A short Old Babylonian ritual for anxiety found at the end of a longer ritual to cleanse a bewitched house #FolkloreThursday https://t.co/fjVsRFCLbN
17 Jan, 05:14 PM UTC
Go Folk Yourself Podcast
Do you ever find yourself yelling about witches around the office on #FolkloreThursday? Then boy are you going to love our new Deep Folking episode tonight about #witches! We hope you find it...spellbinding!
17 Jan, 04:51 PM UTC
Barb Drummond
#primroses on #grave echoing tradition of #grave dressing at #Easter #FolkloreThursday #memorial Barb Drummond's photo on #FolkloreThursday
17 Jan, 05:09 PM UTC
Can't wait! Got myself a little #creation story involving #beer! Might qualify for a #BeerCatastrophe? #folklorethursday https://t.co/yz1Yqy2KHs
17 Jan, 05:08 PM UTC
Emma ♡🌬⛄️❄️💕🌨☃️
Mysterious moss-covered figures inspired by forest folklore https://t.co/CoVUv5sFkB #folklorethursday https://t.co/BueJkXdNQw
17 Jan, 05:05 PM UTC

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