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Catherine Cawley
Lytes Cary Manor #Somerset Romantic #medieval and #tudor mansion, mysterious old doors and windows… https://t.co/dW4ISHnGp3
12 Oct, 08:09 AM UTC
#FolkloreThursday In Estonian mythology Suur Tõll is a great giant hero who, according to legend, lives on the Balt… https://t.co/QIMvL2uStz
12 Oct, 12:05 PM UTC
#FolkloreThursday Avalon: "Isle of the Blessed"; first mentioned in 1136 by Geoffrey of Monmouth. Home to: 'Excalib… https://t.co/3hXoI7D6Al
12 Oct, 12:01 PM UTC
#FolkloreThursday - landing on the island of Colossa, Sinbad battles the Cyclops in; 'The 7th Voyage of Sinbad' (19… https://t.co/EwLY4xB97H
12 Oct, 05:28 PM UTC
Liza Frank
If you hear singing in your ears, it is a sign that the dead are asking for food… #folklorethursday
12 Oct, 04:59 PM UTC
Icy Sedgwick
Broomsticks in folklore for #folklorethursday today...swing one above your head to bring rain!… https://t.co/xFoZkKPL8O
12 Oct, 01:30 PM UTC
The Calvert Journal
Ward off evil winter spirits with the Kukeri of Bulgaria for #FolkloreThursday https://t.co/Y8sgcDzPcg
12 Oct, 02:00 PM UTC
Happy #FolkloreThursday, Twitter! [Fairy Islands, Ida Rentoul Outhwaite]
12 Oct, 11:53 AM UTC
Selkies - mythological creatures found in Scottish, Icelandic, Irish, and Faroe folklore. #folklorethursday
12 Oct, 01:08 PM UTC
Terri Windling
For #folklorethursday's island theme, mystics on the northern isles: https://t.co/lfljQCb0Mr
12 Oct, 08:06 AM UTC
Nifty Buckles
#folklorethursday Deadman's Island B.C. Island was a sacred Squamish tribe tree burial ground. Lore cites ghosts &… https://t.co/FsPqfE6cu6
12 Oct, 01:27 PM UTC
Hy Breasal, Irish Atlantis, account of Morogh O'Ley who said he was there & song from our site #folklorethursdayhttps://t.co/f7sjwiPn3x
12 Oct, 09:06 AM UTC
Ben Gazur
A Norse dragon from a Viking horn for #FolkloreThursday
12 Oct, 04:03 PM UTC
Nourishing Death
Apple Lore: Death, Love and Magic 💀🍎 #folklorethursday https://t.co/npQwsnj9Ta
12 Oct, 06:53 PM UTC
Wild Atlantic Wisdom
Friday 13th October 1307 was the original Friday 13th when the Templars were rounded up. #folklorethursdayhttps://t.co/RWd67fWcp6
12 Oct, 01:18 PM UTC
Mark Rees
The "Welsh Atlantis" Cantre'r Gwaelod (The Lowland Hundred) is said to lie between Ramsey & Bardsey Island in Cardi… https://t.co/U0yFtT1J2U
12 Oct, 08:13 AM UTC
G. H. Finn
Some early examples of the “Green Man” motif #FolkloreThursday https://t.co/HPKF7yUaHS
12 Oct, 01:46 PM UTC
Tweeting again for those #folklorethursday witchcraft lovers! https://t.co/XJr5IqsrQ9
12 Oct, 12:57 PM UTC
Jack O'Lantern
#folklorethursday They do say if Long Meg is ever shattered, she shall run with blood. #LongMegandherDaughtershttps://t.co/IGi2VFRCfi
12 Oct, 01:03 PM UTC
Thomas Brown
Imram-journey to strange islands for #folklorethursday (art @Nimue_B and myself)
12 Oct, 01:40 PM UTC
Learn how encounters with real #cephalopods helped inspire the kraken legend: https://t.co/WGv5DLIrR4https://t.co/5pi48VnLph
12 Oct, 06:50 PM UTC
Jim Moon
#FolkloreThursday - The Black Lady of Bradley Woods, phantom hitchhikers and road ghosts https://t.co/CRThPHcKlT
12 Oct, 08:11 AM UTC
Dr Dimitra Fimi
Delighted to be sharing this on #folklorethursday! Send your abstracts to me and .@booksonthehill!… https://t.co/eZyK6eSx3R
12 Oct, 07:04 PM UTC
Glucksman Spec Coll
Ailsa Craig in the Firth of Clyde is known colloquially as "Paddy's Milestone" and revered as Fairy Rock… https://t.co/eWmFMUPMJC
12 Oct, 10:53 AM UTC
Dr LJ Wright
This #folklorethursday I'm delighted to see my hats already on display @LymmHeritage Do check out the new exhibiti… https://t.co/hhIVAyjthN
12 Oct, 09:49 AM UTC
#FolkloreThursday #TBT Illustration for Grimms' 'The Goose Girl' (detail), OUP, 2016. Unofficial & retrospective… https://t.co/Xc2USesfSW
12 Oct, 08:26 PM UTC
So It Is Told
Farming folksayings: Never hammer after sundown, you will wake the tree gods. #folklorethursday #nationalfarmersday
12 Oct, 03:48 PM UTC
Viktoría Von Vamp
Lyngbakur "Men believed it to be an island covered w/heather..." https://t.co/tUVs5kT9OR #FolkloreThursday #Icelandhttps://t.co/Ws5CoZjHcj
12 Oct, 11:39 AM UTC
Geri Walton
French Folklore and Charles Perrault’s Tale of #Bluebeard https://t.co/YDBVppqsY5 #FolkloreThursday #folklore
12 Oct, 04:00 PM UTC
Blooming Theatricals
https://t.co/VmmBJqtHIG Come explore our fantastical fairy-tale island! #folklorethursday
12 Oct, 02:08 PM UTC
Simon Kövesi
"John Clare and Folksong" - fine essay by Claire Lamont in John Clare Society Journal, 1997 #folklorethursday https://t.co/Nm5gxPFstv
12 Oct, 07:09 PM UTC
Victorian Web
Here's Father Time on #FolkloreThursday—what does he see for us in his crystal ball? https://t.co/vVQ5q9Z2el
12 Oct, 07:16 PM UTC
Morgan Daimler
for #folklorethursday - a look at the lore behind the fairy stroke, an poc sí https://t.co/eCiUKdrLAq
12 Oct, 10:43 AM UTC
Dan O Hara Homestead
Enjoying #coast https://t.co/7Rv7YFAP6A plenty of #folklore on Scotland's #western isles #folklorethursday
12 Oct, 06:57 PM UTC
sheila jeffries
English folklore would know this as one of the sacred ways, the 'sunken roads of the elves'. #folklorethursdayhttps://t.co/6549P7cwim
12 Oct, 09:38 PM UTC
Alucard | LestatDead
It's almost Friday the 13th in October! Classic article on why it became an ominous day #FolkloreThursday https://t.co/HYjlTktIdP
12 Oct, 09:09 PM UTC
When in #Japan, stay clear of crows... and a good many other things! 👻https://t.co/OayF64CuRQ #folkloreThursday #halloween #superstitions
13 Oct, 01:35 AM UTC
#FolkloreThursday St Michael's Mount and Jack the Giant Killer: https://t.co/MuXV0TUv9X
12 Oct, 12:48 PM UTC
F. B. Marbhán
#Folklorethursday it's said that Ireland's Eye was created when Fionn Mac Cumhaill ripped the land from Glendalough and threw it in the sea!
12 Oct, 08:36 AM UTC
Cookies & Sarcasm
Folklorists deserve a better #BrothersGrimm movie #TCMParty #FolkloreThursday
13 Oct, 03:11 AM UTC
Rafil Al Ars
Poulnabrone Portal Tomb monument located in #Clare #Ireland #MonumentsForAll #History #folklorethursday
12 Oct, 07:05 PM UTC
Patricia Sawin
#folklorethursday #islands #PuertoRico Honoring the culture and compassion of PR with a classic Juan Bobo tale. https://t.co/vN5VTt5jki
13 Oct, 01:05 AM UTC
Sherborne Museum
Horn blown during the rough music procession preceding Sherborne's Pack Monday Fair, decorated with hexfoils… https://t.co/pVvZiJG5sw
13 Oct, 07:06 AM UTC
Kristi Israel
@Alrightpunk @FairyTalePapers My friend is telling this story in class next week...#MrFox #FolkloreThursday #storytelling
13 Oct, 06:09 AM UTC
Cookies & Sarcasm
Oh no! I turned #BrothersGrimm back on and there's a choir of terrifying children! #FolkloreThursday
13 Oct, 03:18 AM UTC
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