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Starting 9
Cardinals running WILD in the 1st and Folty is done after getting just one out @Starting9's photo on Folty
09 Oct, 09:18 PM UTC
buck belue
Folty got one stinking out. One. And it was a sacrifice bunt. My barber could have gotten one out. @680TheFan
09 Oct, 09:59 PM UTC
David O'Brien
Duvall in left field and Folty on the bump for Game 5.
09 Oct, 03:43 PM UTC
Jeremy Johnson
Me if Freddie Freeman or Folty even speak this offseason......
09 Oct, 09:50 PM UTC
Hoodie Wentz aka Sean 🎃🙌 (Temporary Astros fan)
Folty rn:
09 Oct, 09:19 PM UTC
That will hopefully not happen again, otherwise we are going to the NLCS. Secondly, Folty’s emergence was legit, forget about tonight. And Mike Soroka. HOLY ****, plus Fried and other youngsters Acuña is a star, so is Ozzie, Freddie and Donaldson should still be resigned.
09 Oct, 10:43 PM UTC
Shoutout to guys that showed up for us in this short playoff season: Acuna jr Swanson Duvall Soroka Fried (in a dumb role) Folty (for game 2) A few bullpen pieces You guys alone almost won us a series while everybody else sucked on snail cocks.
10 Oct, 01:13 AM UTC
hannah 🦋
ugh I want to give folty a hug
10 Oct, 01:35 AM UTC
Ozzie's Chainz🌟⛓️🌴🌟
@EndorphinSauce We signed DK specifically for the postseason and he was below average in two starts. Teheran is under contract already so there's that... Folty is up for arbitration but he has a "change of scenery" stench all over him after getting booed tonight.
10 Oct, 01:55 AM UTC
Corey Lester
@OzziesChainz Would really like to see folty back. Really showed that he can be a starter. We shall see
10 Oct, 01:51 AM UTC
#RevengeSZN 🌏🧀🏈
@FOXSportsBraves Happens to the best of em, Folty!! Keep your head up, brotha! We’ll get em next time!! #ChopOn
10 Oct, 01:48 AM UTC
@FOXSportsBraves Yo Braves fans.. yes we got smoked today, but damn I can wait til Spring Training. will Josh stay, will Braves pick up Rendon, ..will Pache and Waters make the team.. who will be our 4/5 Horseman? Soroka, Fried, Folty ..Keuchel, Andersen? ...Braves 2020!!
10 Oct, 01:45 AM UTC
Tony Hayes
@italiantiger95 @Braves Folty, Terheran, half of our starters and all the bullpen need to go, Not only does our offense have to battle opposing pitching, they have to alwaya battle ours, to lose is one thing, what happened today was a disgrace, @Braves
10 Oct, 01:25 AM UTC
Nuclear Dave
@RobProvince @Braves And whoever decided to start Folty twice and Soroka once.
10 Oct, 01:22 AM UTC
Thomas Evans
Folty killed BMac. RIPIP sweet prince. Hell of a career
10 Oct, 01:12 AM UTC
Marinara Sauce
@OzziesChainz You think Keuchel is more likely to not be here than Teheran? Also why is Folty even on this list? He performed well down the stretch and is young and I doubt he’ll be expensive and he’s coming off of injury when last year he was an all star.
10 Oct, 01:53 AM UTC
Chris Wilkerson
@OzziesChainz Bye Nick Keep Dallas for the right price BYE TYLER Keep Chris Keep Julio, he's worth 12.5 for 33 starts Keep Folty DEF keep Josh Bye Ender I'd like to see a real Center Fielder so Ronald can play RF where he belongs. A catcher, and hopefully keep Josh. Bumgardner?
10 Oct, 01:52 AM UTC
Mark Knudson
First Verlander, then Folty. Now Strasburg. What in the name of Cy Young is going on here?
10 Oct, 01:40 AM UTC
Grant Mehlhoff
@marveltrooper @MLBRandomStats Except they roll in games 2 and 3 and were up in game 4. I know Acuna not hustling once must have rattled the Braves pen to cough up two games Lolz. And Folty must have been beside himself seething about it still today I guess.
10 Oct, 01:28 AM UTC
MC Mercer
@OzziesChainz Non tendering Folty is a real thought?
10 Oct, 01:56 AM UTC
Love you Folty. Shouldn’t have had to put you in that situation if half our lineup could hit the ball
10 Oct, 01:54 AM UTC
@FOXSportsBraves Not all your fault Folty. I was your worst critic in early summer & wanted you sent to AAA but props to you for taking your medicine and coming back in Aug & pitching great with better maturity. Series should have never gone to game 5. P.s “you” need to give props to AAA coaches.
10 Oct, 01:53 AM UTC
I can't help to think what happens if Freddie turns a double play instead of an error. Come back stronger than ever next year folty
10 Oct, 01:53 AM UTC
Craig Gordon
@finsupJRU @MatthewCullifer @DOBrienATL @Braves Yes, on Friday Folty pitched awesome..but even before the nlds wouldn’t you want to line up your most consistent pitcher (soroka) to be the 5th game starter if it had come to it
10 Oct, 01:52 AM UTC
At the end of the day, as a Braves fan, the loss sucks but my life is no different than prior to the game. This loss, though, will affect Folty for the rest of his life and I feel bad for him. It’s just a game after all.
10 Oct, 01:50 AM UTC
Brandon Tuttle
@jcraighead13 Ready to move on from folty. Been burnt too many times. He will@never be consistent. Bring up Ian Anderson and build around him, fried, and Soroka. Completely rebuild the bull pen, and for the love of god find a reliable closer that throws over 93.
10 Oct, 01:48 AM UTC
@DOBrienATL Need Freddie to make routine plays. That boot was a killer. Folty was done after that knife in his side.
10 Oct, 01:46 AM UTC
@hannahhnicole54 Dansby talking about Folty. I want to hug him, too!
10 Oct, 01:38 AM UTC
@OldiesWithRudy The first inning from Hades, Folty faltered and it was 10-0 by the time the Braves came to bat the first time. Never seen anything like it.
10 Oct, 01:24 AM UTC

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