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FOOTBALL SUNDAY: Week 13! 🏈 (by @Lowes) @NFL's photo on Football Sunday
01 Dec, 01:00 PM UTC
Michael Strahan
Happy Football Sunday! It was always a BLAST sacking the QB and having the opposing crowd “Booo” you! I LOVED IT! @NFLonFOX @Giants @michaelstrahan's photo on Football Sunday
01 Dec, 01:04 PM UTC
Del Reid
Feels good going into Football Sunday with my team already having notched its W for the week. #BillsMafia @DelReid's photo on Football Sunday
01 Dec, 03:05 AM UTC
Lionel BUTON
Week 13 #NFL100 🏈 Programme de dimanche @beinsports_FR : 🏈19h - beIN MAX 4, REDZONE Feat. 🔥49ERS-RAVENS à 19h 🔥RAIDERS-CHIEFS à 22h25 🏈2h15 - beIN 1, Sunday night 🏈PATRIOTS-TEXANS avec la team #NFLextra Football Sunday Baby 👶
01 Dec, 11:25 AM UTC
Leg day before football Sunday gluttony is a mood
01 Dec, 01:27 PM UTC
Roy Hoskins
@MaryTfan Good morning my beautiful, sweet friend 🤗 Have a blessed , restful, football Sunday 😄 Whoda gont beat my Bengals -- everybody 😂😭☕☕🌹😘♥️♥️
01 Dec, 01:43 PM UTC
Howie Handorf
Morning canes won last night. 2 days until they play again. Guess it’s football Sunday for me. If nachos is out for a while who do you want to see get called up?
01 Dec, 01:26 PM UTC
Mary Gabrione
@RoyHoskins13 Good morning Roy😊🤗awww thank you.mauh💋😘You too have a blessed,restful football Sunday,thanks so much😊☕️☕️🌹😘❤️❤️Awww your Bengals haven't won yet.oh no 😂kisses for them😘💋so maybe bring them luck win today lol I hoe they do👍🏈Awww so love the Gif😍
01 Dec, 01:58 PM UTC
Zack Jewett
That feeling when it's football Sunday and the @BuffaloBills already have their W.....which means a sunday filled with @ScottHanson and redzone! #GoBills
01 Dec, 01:56 PM UTC
Good morning world! It's that day! Football Sunday funday!! Hope it's a good one for everyone! #football #SundayMorning #SundayFunday #HTTR #NFL
01 Dec, 01:55 PM UTC
Happy Football Sunday...I'm planning a win for both the Steelers & Packers! 💚💛👍
01 Dec, 01:40 PM UTC
Domino's Canada
Happy Football Sunday! What match ups are you most looking forward to today? 🍕+🏉=💕
01 Dec, 01:40 PM UTC
Ben Little 🎙🏈⚾️🏀
It’s football Sunday. #TakeFlight #Jets #Spotify
01 Dec, 01:26 PM UTC
Good morning Aloha Dogs! After a 9-1 football Saturday... It’s time for a big football Sunday. Write-ups to come, good luck today everyone!
01 Dec, 01:20 PM UTC
Coming up on @WFAN660 with @davediehl66 ... Football Sunday from 9am-11:30am live from Redd’s....
01 Dec, 01:59 PM UTC
It’s football Sunday!!!
01 Dec, 01:51 PM UTC
Charlie Reeder
@HeartEyes4Brady Yes please 😊 Happy football Sunday, RK☕🥧🏈
01 Dec, 01:50 PM UTC
Scott W. #BillsMailman
The fact that I have to work on a Sunday and deliver packages should be illegal. Doesn’t the government know that it’s the LORDS DAY and not to mention it’s FOOTBALL SUNDAY! #BillsMailman
01 Dec, 01:48 PM UTC
@rube_lance @NAChristakis You are lost. The purpose of that has simply gone over your head. Either that or you’re so blinded by your need to argue, you ignore what I did in my tweet. Thanks for caring, though. Have an amazing Football Sunday. #skol
01 Dec, 01:48 PM UTC
01 Dec, 01:46 PM UTC
🦅Drip Armstrong🦅
Raining on football sunday easy reason to stay home
01 Dec, 01:45 PM UTC
Ballers pull up to BSC before football Sunday starts
01 Dec, 01:42 PM UTC
Au Jus Solutions
Football Sunday! What's you're favorite game day snack? We could go with more of friedmansnyc avocado smash with with tostones! #gameday #tailgate #football #snacks #avocado #plantains #tostones @ Friedman's
01 Dec, 01:40 PM UTC
Charlie Reeder
@jade78052492 Hey Marie.. Happy football Sunday, my friend 🏈👊
01 Dec, 01:39 PM UTC
John Kaywood 🥓
Good Morning, Happy Football Sunday. 🌇❄️
01 Dec, 01:38 PM UTC
Steph Kocher
Football Sunday! Stop into 163 Taproom and enjoy 16 craft drafts, tacos, burgers, wings, paninis and much more. Open 11-late night. Cheers!
01 Dec, 01:38 PM UTC
@JumboElliott76 Good morning. I know you have your DM's off on here, not sure if you can DM me or email me, had a quick question for ya. Happy Snowy Football Sunday
01 Dec, 01:32 PM UTC
01 Dec, 01:31 PM UTC

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