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Josiah Johnson
How Belichick and Brady sending Forbath back to free agency @KingJosiah54's photo on Forbath
02 Dec, 03:45 AM UTC
Mike Reiss
Patriots kicker Kai Forbath just concluded his pre-game warmup by drilling a 53-yard field goal from between the hash marks. He had a few shaky moments, with a couple kicks from 40-plus hooking wide left, but he seemed to be striking the ball well overall.
02 Dec, 12:21 AM UTC
Doug Kyed
It's Patriots K Kai Forbath, P Jake Bailey, Texans LS Jon Weeks and K John Christian Ka'iminoeauloameka'ikeokekumupa'a "Ka'imi" Fairbairn. @DougKyed's photo on Forbath
01 Dec, 10:21 PM UTC
Mark Daniels
Kai Forbath good from 53 yards in warmups. Looked like he had one miss from 48 yards, but otherwise a solid warmup.
02 Dec, 12:20 AM UTC
Jeff Duncan
Kai Forbath will be a trivia answer one day: Who was the guy Sean Payton cut to clear a roster spot for Wil Lutz?
02 Dec, 03:47 AM UTC
Matthew Coller
Kai Forbath has the 10th best field goal percentage in NFL history and all these teams fumbled around in the dark with big-legged young kickers the the entire last two years... bizarre
02 Dec, 01:41 AM UTC
Dov Kleiman
I don't think Kai Forbath is going to have a long stay in New England. @NFL_DovKleiman's photo on Forbath
02 Dec, 03:47 AM UTC
Chad Baker
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick to Kai Forbath tomorrow.....#GoPats #NEvsHOU
02 Dec, 03:51 AM UTC
Zack Cox
Caught up with Kai Forbath after the game. He said he’s done the emergency signing thing before and had two tryouts earlier this week, so he felt prepared for tonight. Also said the snap and hold were perfect on his missed XP.
02 Dec, 05:39 AM UTC
Kai Forbath extra point is good 22-28
02 Dec, 04:32 AM UTC
Patriots Brasil (perfil de fãs)
Ótimo chute do Forbath e por pouco Bolden não recupera
02 Dec, 04:34 AM UTC
Aaron Wilson
Texans lead Patriots 28-22 after extra point by Kai Forbath
02 Dec, 04:32 AM UTC
NFL Touchdowns
NE: J.Edelman 20 yd. pass from T.Brady (K.Forbath kick is good) NE 22, HOU 28
02 Dec, 04:33 AM UTC
TB Times Subcriber
I’m just gonna hit you with some hard Patriots truths here... All these problems are all 1000% a Kai Forbath issue and his scraggly sad demeanor is toxic to the team’s morale. Everything else is fine.
02 Dec, 05:42 AM UTC
SDU Media
Patriots bringing Kai Forbath back to the waiver wire after the Texans game #SNFonNBC
02 Dec, 04:38 AM UTC
Rudy Jacinto
Kai Forbath, el kicker #4 de #Patriots este año, falla el punto extra. La mediocridad en esa posición ya es cotidiana.
02 Dec, 03:47 AM UTC
‘94 Fox Mulder
Damn if Simon actually finishes that sack and Forbath hits that FG we probably steal this game lol
02 Dec, 04:41 AM UTC
@jakesanghavi It was Bailey not Forbath.
02 Dec, 04:38 AM UTC
Alex Hayes
Hot take: @Patriots should let @jakebailey___ do it all. Kickoffs, punt and place kick. The man is a Swiss Army knife. Cut Forbath and with that extra roster spot sign @AB84 back. I think it’s just that simple. #GoPats #Patriots #PatsNation #StairwayToSeven @FitzyGFY
02 Dec, 05:08 AM UTC
😭 RT @KingJosiah54: How Belichick and Brady sending Forbath back to free agency
02 Dec, 04:58 AM UTC
Eric Rueb
Kai Forbath remains winless in Houston
02 Dec, 04:56 AM UTC
Alexander Paaske
@NFLming @SimonMathiesen2 Hørt! Kai "No Good" Forbath...
02 Dec, 04:49 AM UTC
Juan Arturo Recio
El problema de fallar jugadas. Si Forbath no hubiese fallado el XP y Dorsett la conversión, el juego estuviese de 3.
02 Dec, 04:34 AM UTC
Arthur Fu
@MichaelConochan Brady’s stylist didn’t go “shoe-polish” black for Dorsett to be jogging around like he has something better to do. And don’t even get me started on Kai Forbath, whatever that is
02 Dec, 06:08 AM UTC
Forbath had his NFL career end same day as Vinatieri so he has that as kicker.
02 Dec, 05:47 AM UTC
Rubén Barceinas
Mejor Kicker que Forbath
02 Dec, 04:51 AM UTC
Viking Horn
Patriots sign Kai Forbath #Skol #Vikings #NFL
02 Dec, 04:39 AM UTC
damn. TOUGH look for Kai Forbath tonight
02 Dec, 04:36 AM UTC

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